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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
2 Nov 2017 Kesha Raithatha


£15,000 Arts Council England
25 Oct 2017 HMP Leicester Library

Space is the Place

£69,504 Arts Council England
23 Oct 2017 Emma Fay

Butterfly RandD

£14,031 Arts Council England
23 Oct 2017 Gillian Adair McFarland


£5,800 Arts Council England
17 Oct 2017 CQA


£13,503 Arts Council England
17 Oct 2017 Interact Digital Arts

Rolinson+Clark: Collaborative and Solo Work

£8,200 Arts Council England
10 Oct 2017 David Parkin

The Nose That Nobody Picked (The Mucusical). Spring tour 2018

£14,765 Arts Council England
18 Sep 2017 Bamboozle Theatre Company


£49,792 Arts Council England
5 Sep 2017 Tyrone Haughton

Project 1

£7,282 Arts Council England
31 Aug 2017 Leicester Arts Centre Ltd

Leicester Arts Centre Ltd ? Capital Stage One

£177,802 Arts Council England
22 Aug 2017 Lewys Holt

Lewys Holt

£15,000 Arts Council England
22 Aug 2017 Tara Munroe

Sue Townsend

£7,491 Arts Council England
22 Aug 2017 Pedestrian Limited

Living Legacies

£9,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Aug 2017 Pink Lizard Developing Youth And Community

Find Your Passion For Sports

£9,398 Sport England
16 Aug 2017 Christopher Samuel

Career Options for a Disabled Artists in Leicester RandD

£17,409 Arts Council England
16 Aug 2017 FTM Dance

FTM Scrooge

£15,000 Arts Council England
15 Aug 2017 Home-Start UK

Home-Start UK

£897,263 Big Lottery Fund
10 Aug 2017 Strides!

The project will offer inter-generational peer support sessions for young people with mental ill-health to help them develop coping strategies and improve their social and life skills.

£8,149 Big Lottery Fund
9 Aug 2017 Mark Trounson

Bill McHenry Quintet Tour 2017

£4,948 Arts Council England
9 Aug 2017 Jack Britton


£10,266 Arts Council England
9 Aug 2017 Si Rawlinson


£14,992 Arts Council England
9 Aug 2017 Nupur Arts Dance Academy

Yuva Nartan

£14,500 Arts Council England
8 Aug 2017 Leicester LGBT Centre

The project aims to support transgender? s and tackle issues which result in reduced access to support, social isolation and increased risk of mental health problems. Social groups will be provided to develop peer support and a befriending service with accredited training. This will develop a feeling of community and improve engagement by involving participants in the planning and delivery the project, giving them a sense of ownership.

£199,164 Big Lottery Fund
1 Aug 2017 Leicester-LoFi

Lo-Fi Education

£15,000 Arts Council England
1 Aug 2017 Ashokkumar Mistry

Nature of Misunderstanding

£16,360 Arts Council England
31 Jul 2017 Iliffe Arts Ltd

The project will run a summer school for African and Caribbean children to improve their aspirations, confidence and self-belief.

£7,797 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jul 2017 Joseph Thomas

Leicester escape

£7,064 Arts Council England
24 Jul 2017 Highfields/Spinney Hill Homework Club

The project will deliver educational support sessions for young people who are socially disadvantage or for whom English is not their first language.

£6,400 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jul 2017 New Parks Community Panel

The project will offer open gardening sessions and provide new growing plots in the local community. This will improve the local environment and raise awareness of healthy life choices.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jul 2017 Elderly Men's Exercise Club

The project will provide exercise sessions and social activities for older men to help them improve their health and wellbeing and reduce isolation.

£5,200 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jul 2017 Leicester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

40 years of campaigning for peace by people in Leicester

£5,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Jul 2017 Leicester City Council

Swim Pilot Phase 3

£329,100 Sport England
18 Jul 2017 Fern Chubb

Do As I Say Not As I Do RandD

£4,988 Arts Council England
16 Jul 2017 Nupur Arts Dance Academy

The project will hold dance sessions for women over 45 to provide exercise opportunities and bring people together to reduce loneliness and isolation.

£9,986 Big Lottery Fund
13 Jul 2017 Cosmopolitan Arts

Highfields Youth Music Project

£26,342 Arts Council England
12 Jul 2017 New Harvest Community Advocacy Group

The project will provide activities and educational trips for young people who are experiencing multiple levels of disadvantage. This will help young people improve their confidence and self esteem, raise their expectations and encourage them to make a positive contribution to the community.

£9,880 Big Lottery Fund
11 Jul 2017 Leicester Dance Theatre Limited

#JeSuis English Touring and Diwali

£135,000 Arts Council England
10 Jul 2017 Mashi Theatre

Mashi Theatre Organisational Development

£13,739 Arts Council England
10 Jul 2017 Leicester Belgrave Mela

NoGaps: Native Rangoli Art

£14,985 Arts Council England
8 Jul 2017 Original Step Performers

The project will engage young people in arts to improve community relationships and help young people develop their social skills.

£7,550 Big Lottery Fund
6 Jul 2017 Leicester Dance Theatre Ltd

The project will provide healthy lifestyle activities focusing on dance, nutrition and cooking. This will help people improve their health by increasing their physical activity and knowledge of healthy living.

£9,930 Big Lottery Fund
5 Jul 2017 Jamaal Burkmar

Greatest Hits (Double Bill)

£22,094 Arts Council England
4 Jul 2017 Hazel Community Primary School

The school will develop their outdoor space with a green area and natural habitat for wildlife where children, families and the wider community can enjoy activities to improve their health and wellbeing.

£7,915 Big Lottery Fund
28 Jun 2017 Leicester YMCA

Y heritage - Heritage Sector Young People Engagement Project

£707,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Jun 2017 FTM Dance

Leicester Carnival 2017

£8,000 Arts Council England
27 Jun 2017 The Monday Club Leicestershire Limited

The project will provide health and wellbeing workshops to help people with conditions including Autism and Aspergers Syndrome to manage their mental and physical health.

£9,540 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jun 2017 nigel gideon

freedom Reigns

£6,810 Arts Council England
21 Jun 2017 Emma Fay

Rethinkyourmind collaboration

£14,352 Arts Council England
21 Jun 2017 Pedestrian Limited

Bridging the Gap

£6,860 Arts Council England
21 Jun 2017 Buglife - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust

Urban Buzz Leicester

£37,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Jun 2017 Platform Thirty1 Limited

Our Cultural Exchange Through The Arts

£14,975 Arts Council England
13 Jun 2017 Overdale Junior School

The school will install play equipment and safety surfacing so that children can take part in physical and creative play, improving their social, emotional and motor development.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 Jun 2017 Willowbrook Primary Academy

The school will improve the surface of their playground to give children a safe place to play.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
9 Jun 2017 Leicestershire County Council

Improving the Disability Sport Offer

£73,450 Sport England
8 Jun 2017 Saffron Resource Centre

The aim of the project is to develop and improve the lives of the most vulnerable to reduce social isolation and bring the community together. The project will provide activities for people with learning and physical disabilities three days/week, including therapeutic gardening sessions, confidence and teamwork skill building, social activities, and environmental tasks. Volunteering opportunities will also be provided for the wider community to assist in maintaining and managing the site.

£378,806 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jun 2017 Mayflower Primary School

The school will create a mindfulness garden to increase the amount of outdoor space available for children and improve their health and wellbeing.

£9,977 Big Lottery Fund
6 Jun 2017 The Emerald Centre

The project will deliver activity sessions for older people living with physical and mental ill-health. This will help improve their wellbeing and reduce social isolation.

£9,580 Big Lottery Fund
5 Jun 2017 Cosmopolitan Arts CIC

The project will run arts workshops, culminating in a cultural event. This will enable local people from different ethnic backgrounds to work together, encouraging tolerance of other cultures and diffusing racial tensions within the community.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
5 Jun 2017 Malawi Association (UK)

The project will hold a major event and a series of workshops showcase the achievements of the Malawian community. This will help integrate local communities with the Malawian community and help to reduce social isolation.

£9,750 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2017 Drum and Brass C.I.C.

The project will provide artist-led workshops for ex-offenders to help them reintegrate and support their wellbeing.

£8,820 Big Lottery Fund
25 May 2017 ArtReach (Events)

Night of Festivals South Asia

£95,000 Arts Council England
18 May 2017 St Andrews Tenants and Residents Association

The project will improve an outdoor community area for local people to use and enjoy.

£5,294 Big Lottery Fund
18 May 2017 Candy Arts CIC

Leicestershire Herstory: Women's Voices

£38,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 May 2017 LPW or Leicester Print Workshop

The project will run a series of engagement workshops for refugees and asylum seekers. This will help them gain confidence, develop friendships, and reduce social isolation.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 May 2017 Willow Bank School

The school will refurbish their dining area to improve the physical and social environment for pupils.

£9,050 Big Lottery Fund
10 May 2017 2Funky Arts

Project: LIVE

£48,664 Arts Council England
10 May 2017 SHARP

The project will deliver a housing advice and support outreach service in two areas of high deprivation to support people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

£9,608 Big Lottery Fund
4 May 2017 Voluntary Action Leicestershire

New Participation Partners - SG pilot

£32,237 Sport England
3 May 2017 Folville Junior School

The school will provide a sensory hub for children and families living with special educational needs, Autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and memory/dementia issues. This will help children and families to develop and give them better chances in life.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
25 Apr 2017 Nanette Thomas

Carte Blanche

£7,851 Arts Council England
25 Apr 2017 Inspirate

An Indian Summer 2016 and 2017

£89,000 Arts Council England
24 Apr 2017 University of Leicester School of Arts

Joe Ortons Edna Welthorpe Letters Revisited

£13,963 Arts Council England
22 Apr 2017 FTM Dance

The project will expand its dance respite activities so it can reach more people with disabilities and specific educational needs.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Apr 2017 Business 2 Business (U.K.) Limited

Business 2 Business (U.K.) Limited

£50,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Apr 2017 City Retreat

The project will run open mic sessions and drug and knife crime awareness workshops. This will enable young people to meet with their peers and other individuals and receive guidance and advice about issues such as social isolation and extremism.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Apr 2017 Somali Development Services Ltd

The project will run conversational hub sessions for socially excluded Somali women who have experienced domestic violence or other forms of abuse. This will provide an opportunity for the women to access support, share experiences, learn new skills, develop new relationships, and build confidence.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Apr 2017 Pragati

The project will deliver volunteer training for its services that support older people from the Asian community who are socially isolated. This will build capacity for the group's activities.

£9,700 Big Lottery Fund
20 Apr 2017 Leicester Wheels For All

Leicester Wheels For All

£10,000 Sport England
12 Apr 2017 The Race Equality Centre

The project aims to assist asylum seekers who are given refugee status to secure and sustain tenancies and move from benefits to employment. A range of one to one and group activities and drop in sessions will be offered to enable people to access advice and coaching to develop their personal skills and abilities ? enabling them to access employment, training, volunteering or further education opportunities. Each person is individually assessed and given targets to ensure they access the right activities.

£285,806 Big Lottery Fund
12 Apr 2017 Highfields Centre

Highfields Centre

£50,000 Big Lottery Fund
11 Apr 2017 Leila Houston

Vulnerability and anxiety in today?s financial climate.

£15,339 Arts Council England
5 Apr 2017 Louise Katerega

Voice and Presence: Black Women in Participatory Dance

£14,500 Arts Council England
30 Mar 2017 Christ the King Catholic Primary School

Primary Spaces

£11,025 Sport England
28 Mar 2017 Interact Digital Arts

Cyberculture: The Beginning of the Modern World

£7,800 Arts Council England
23 Mar 2017 Leicestershire County Council

Access to Schools project

£25,000 Sport England
23 Mar 2017 Braunstone Community Primary School

The funding will be used by a school to install an outdoor sensory for extra-curricular activities. The project aims to provide children with the opportunity to explore the natural environment and support their personal development and wellbeing.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 Mar 2017 Live Cancer Free Ltd

The funding will be used by a community organisation to increase awareness of cancer symptoms. The project aims to highlight preventable lifestyle risk factors amongst the black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) community, giving them a better chance in life.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
21 Mar 2017 Leicester Cathedral

Leicester Cathedral Revealed

£3,325,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Mar 2017 Somali Community Parents Association (SOCOPA)

Leicester Young Ecology Adventurers

£49,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
15 Mar 2017 Cosmopolitan Arts

Cosmopolitan Carnival: Finale and Workshops

£15,000 Arts Council England
10 Mar 2017 Waterfront Boxing Academy CIC

Unity in Boxing

£32,620 Sport England
9 Mar 2017 Church of St Mary de Castro

St Mary de Castro, Leicester. Repairs to the Chancel Roof and improved heritage interpretation

£233,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
9 Mar 2017 Church of St Mary de Castro

St Mary de Castro, Leicester, repairs to the chancel roof and improved heritage interpretation

£233,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Mar 2017 Northfield House Primary Academy

This project will use the funding to transform an outdoor playing field by installing an all weather track, to enable disadvantaged children and the wider community to access outdoor play in a safe environment all year round. This will increase community use of local outdoor facilities.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
7 Mar 2017 Warriors Basketball Club

Girls in Basketball

£9,902 Sport England
1 Mar 2017 Leicester City Neighbourhood Services

Imaginative Neighbourhoods 2

£99,220 Arts Council England
28 Feb 2017 Brightsparks Arts in Mental Health Group

This project will use the funding to provide workshops specifically for young homeless people. This will help address social exclusion and mental health issues, giving them a better chance in life.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
28 Feb 2017 Glebelands Primary School

This project will use the funding to install a new all weather surfacing on school grounds to support the needs of children who live in an area that lacks safe outdoor play facilities. This will improve opportunities for play.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
24 Feb 2017 Education and Care Limited

This project will use the funding for academic and careers advice sessions for young people from the black and minority ethnic (BME) community. This will enable people to improve their skills and their future chances of finding employment.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 Feb 2017 Saffron Young Peoples Project

The project aims to engage with young people through a range of activities including informal learning to improve their life skills, confidence, resilience and wellbeing. Sexual health workshops and daily sexual health drop-ins will be set up to enable young people to learn about healthy relationships. Advice on job search, CV writing and applying for jobs will also be available at daily drop-ins.

£296,427 Big Lottery Fund