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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
24 May 2000 150 (City of Oxford) Squadron Air Training CORPS

This group encourages young people to take an active interest in avaition and they are purchasing radio, computer, photographic and sports equipment to further the education of group members. The award is for radio equipment, computer equipment, sports ki

£3,500 Community Fund
29 Aug 2000 1st Bradden Brownies

This Brownie group would like to purchase equipment for new activities. The award is for an outdoor cooking system, skills board, popup game centre, first aid kit and a variety of art and craft materials.

£663 Community Fund
12 Jan 2001 1st Bradden Brownies

This Brownie group would like to purchase new equipment to offer more activities during tehir weekly meetings and on pack holidays. The award is for a 'Big Little' theatre, laminator and dish draniers.

£1,337 Community Fund
10 Apr 2000 1st Middleton Cheney Scout Group

This scout group would like funding to purchase camping equipment to enable them to participate in the scout millennium camp in May 2000. The award is for the purchase of a range of camping equipment.

£5,000 Community Fund
3 Dec 2001 2nd Brackley Brownies (St Peter's Church)

Based In Brackley, South Northamptonshire This Group Would Like A Grant To Set Up Their Brownie Pack. The Group Aim To Raise Social Skills, Self Awareness, Self Respect And Self Confidence. The Pack Will Be A New Adventure And Challenge For Young Girls I

£1,634 Community Fund
5 Aug 1999 31st Northampton (Shipman Home) Scout Group

This group provides scouting activities for young people with special needs The award is for outdoor Games Equipment, Board Games and Jigsaws, Tent, Items to refit Kitchen Cooker, Water Heater, Work top and Cupboards, Replacement of broken heater, Burglar

£1,520 Community Fund
14 Jun 2000 Abington Vale Playschool

This Playgroup plan to provide an inviting and colourful book corner. The award is for a storage pocket and book display units; soft play chairs, tables and sofa, big books and puppets and cuddle toys.

£1,270 Community Fund
7 Oct 1997 Adoption UK (NI)

The project will design and publish a training programme for prospective adopters and long term foster parents. The grant, over two years, is for the cost of employing two full-time staff, a training programme and running costs.

£85,686 Community Fund
27 Jul 2000 Adoption UK (NI)

The project is to develop a support programme for the adoptive parents, and long-term foster carers of adopted children following the placement of a child or children. This will help to ease the settling-in process and help parents and families to cope w

£122,930 Community Fund
9 Sep 1999 Adstone Old School Hall

This group provides a 'social centre' which is available to all village residents, groups and organisations for the purpose of social, recreational and cultural activities. The group also organises events in order to improve and create a community spirit

£5,000 Community Fund
24 Jun 2002 Age Concern (Middleton Cheney)

Age Concern Middleton Cheney Provides A Monthly Social Club For Approximately 70 Members, Many With Mobility Difficulties. Activities They Offer Include Outings, Speakers, Bingo And Quizzes. The Group Would Like To Provide Accessible Transport For Older A

£1,478 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Oct 2014 An application from an individual

An application from an individual

£965 Big Lottery Fund
9 Dec 2002 Aynho Village Hall

The Organisation Manages The Village Hall On Behalf Of The Village Organisations Who Use It. The Project Is To Install An Induction Loop System For Use By Those Who Are Hearing Impaired. Microphones Linked To The System Will Be Available For All Users. Th

£1,217 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
12 Nov 2008 Azad Hill FC

This football club will use a grant to set up a new under 13s team. Funding will also allow the club to expand on its training and facilities for six new teams of 7 - 12 year olds.

£10,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 Nov 2001 Banbury Bulldogs Skater Hockey Club

The Club Is Purchasing More Youth And Junior Protective Equipment And Getting Referees Trained Up To League Standard So That The Teams Can Enter The Local League In January 2002.

£5,000 Sport England
14 Oct 1999 Banbury Cross Sailing Club

The grant would enable the group to provide qualified training to local children and disabled people and to provide a safe boat for use with disabled people. The award is for training for staff (6 instructor courses) specially adapted boat for disabled.

£5,000 Sport England
18 Jul 2001 Banbury District Woodcraft Folk

The project is to host a visit by Latvian people at an international camp using a Mongolian Ger as the meeting place. This will illustrate low impact living and will help develop co operative activities between two distinct cultures.

£3,696 Community Fund
3 Jul 2002 Banbury Folk Association

This Group Was Set Up In June 2000 To Promote Folk Music And Its Traditions. This Project Focuses Upon Developing Folk Music By A Series Of Workshops Including African Drum Music Workshops With Artists, Marketing Costs, Theatre Production.

£3,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
30 Aug 2004 Banbury Folk Association

The Banbury Folk Association Promotes Folk Music, Song And Dance Through Their Annual Festival And Workshops. This Year The Group Will Organise Workshops Targeted At Young People In Song Writing, Story Telling, Theatre, Dance, Guitar And Fiddle Playing. T

£4,390 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
23 Oct 2013 Banbury Gliding Club

Flying Safety

£4,305 Sport England
20 Dec 2005 Banbury Sub-Aqua Club

Banbury Sub-Aqua Club Will Be Able To Expand Its Snorkel Training Programme With Help From A Lottery Award. The Club Will Buy Additional Training Equipment Including Open Water Diving And Snorkelling Kits. It Will Also Be Able To Buy A Laptop And Projec

£4,900 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
30 Jul 2001 Big Des Productions

This Group, Who Formed In January 2001, Would Like To Produce A 5-Minute Community Film Which Explores The Story Of Young Woman Wih Mental Health Problems And How A Community Reacts To Her Situation. The Award Is For Equipment Hire, Design/Set Construct

£4,800 Arts Council England
13 Nov 2002 Bishopsgate Youth Club

This group operates within the Bangladeshi community to encourage young people to spend their leisure time away from the streets. Currently, provision of leisure activities excludes many girls from using the facilities due to pressure from religious paren

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
18 Sep 1997 Blakesley Pre School Playgroup

A project which will update its play and teaching resources and offer new training opportunities to staff and volunteers. The grant over one year will be used to purchase play equipment, soft furnishings and teaching equipment and will contribute towards

£3,300 Community Fund
17 Jun 1999 Blisworth Football Club

This group provides youth football in the village offering training and matches for all ages form 8 to 13 years adding one extra year per season (eg 8 to 14 year olds next season) The award will be used for the purchase of goal posts and nets footballs

£2,565 Sport England
10 Jun 2004 Blisworth Heritage Society


£15,785 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2006 Blisworth Heritage Society


£9,215 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Apr 2009 Blisworth Parish Council

This parish council will use an award to update existing play equipment at Eastfield Play Park. The current equipment is very old, and does not adhere to current health and safety legislation.

£9,691 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
5 Mar 2013 Blisworth Parish Council

This is a project by Blisworth Parish Council in Northamptonshire. The group will use the funding to install perimeter fencing and access gates at their play park. This will enable the beneficiaries to play in a safe environment.

£4,472 Big Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2003 Blisworth Ringers & Parochial Church Council

Bells of Blisworth

£34,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Apr 2002 Blisworth Village Hall and Playing Field Association

The aims of this group are to maintain the local Village Hall and Playing Field and raise funds for their upkeep. This project is to pay for the construction of a skateboard mini ramp. The award is for the costs of a skateboard mini ramp.

£4,000 Community Fund
11 Feb 2015 Blisworth Village Hall and Playing Field Association

The car park will be resurfaced with the provision of new disabled car parking spaces.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
17 Feb 2010 Boddington Church of England School

This school based in Daventry, Northhamptonshire will use an award to develop a piece of deralict land into a play area and outdoor classroom. The new facility will feature a plant area, a quiet reflection space and an area where food can be grown. It wil

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
9 Sep 1999 Boddington Millenium Group

This group provides an opportunity for the people of Boddington to determine the way they wish to commemorate the Millennium. The award is for the refurbishment of swings, and the purchase and installation of safety surfacing.

£4,643 Community Fund
4 Oct 2004 Boddington Parish Council

Boddington Parish Council Plan To Provide Play Equipment On The Sports Field For Children 0 - 16 Years. The Equipment Will Provide An Outdoor Recreational Activity Which Will Improve Dexterity And Co-Ordination. The Award Is For A Dome Climber And Safety

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
31 Oct 2005 Boddington Playgroup

This Village Playgroup Provides Care And Education For Pre-School Age Children Two Mornings A Week. The Playgroup Has Recently Moved Into New Premises And The Project Is To Purchase Portable Partitions To Create Separate Areas Within The Hall So The Child

£2,500 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Feb 2002 Boddington School PTA

The school's PTA are looking to provide increased access to information technology for people of the village. The award is for interactive whiteboard and projector.

£4,876 New Opportunities Fund
4 Apr 2005 Boddington Village Hall

The Village Hall Has Recently Been Rebuilt On A New Piece Of Land In The Village. The Project Is To Purchase Staging And Seating. A Touring Arts Group Will Then Be Invited To Give A Live Theatre Performance. The Award Is For Staging, Chairs, Dollies And N

£4,255 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
30 Apr 2014 Bowmen Of Salcey

Providing new field archery facilities & kit for new members

£9,997 Sport England
26 Dec 2005 Bracken Leas School

This primary school will use the award to work with Brackley Cricket Club to provide after school cricket opportunities for pupils at the school. Equipment will be provided to allow sessions to be held at the school. The pupils will also attend sessions a

£3,470 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
5 Jul 2010 Brackley & District Angling Club

Building a positive future for angling at St James's Lake

£1,017 Sport England
14 Oct 1999 Brackley & District Bowling Club

This group wishes to purchase a range of bowling equipment to help develop the facilities they offer. The award is for 10 sets of bowls 12 outdoor stance mats 10 indoor stance mats 2 sets of 6 jacks.

£1,211 Sport England
1 Oct 2009 Brackley & District Bowls CLub

Replacement of Indoor Bowling Green surface carpet

£10,000 Sport England
17 Jun 1999 Brackley 50+ Club

This group provides weekly meetings for older people. They arrange visiting speakers, outings, theatre visits, luncheons, and run an annual holiday. The award will subsidise theatre trips for this group.

£500 Community Fund
10 Apr 2000 Brackley 50+ Club

This group provides recreational activities for older people, including weekly meetings, lunches, speakers and annual holidays. They would like to run a day trip to Stratford Upon Avon. The award is for the costs of 50 members to travel to Stratford to se

£1,000 Community Fund
7 Apr 2008 Brackley 50+ Club

A project by this group in Brackley, Northamptonshire to take some of their members to the British Museum to see ' The last Emperor ' Terracotta Warriors exhibition. The grant will pay for the coach and entry fees.

£1,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
14 Oct 1999 Brackley Age Concern Craft Club

This group provides crafts activities for older people. This award will be used to purchase arts and craft materials to help the group stage an exhibition. The award is for arts and craft materials.

£500 Community Fund
9 Sep 1999 Brackley and District History Society

This group promotes the study of local history in the area. The groups activities includes promotion or carrying out research, surveys & investigations and publishing results thereof; arranging exhibitions meetings, lectures and training courses. Produc

£3,133 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Dec 2011 Brackley Church of England Junior School

This is a project by a primary school in Brackley, Northamptonshire. The school will use the funding to install an outdoor learning space for children and the wider community.

£4,950 Big Lottery Fund
21 Nov 2007 Brackley Cricket Club

This cricket club will improve facilities for present and future members through the installation of a full length artificial pitch and the purchase of cricket equipment.

£9,100 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
10 Jul 2006 Brackley Players

This Amateur Dramatic Group Brings Theatre To The Rural Area. The Project Is To Perform In Village And School Halls With The Use Of A Travelling Stage And Lighting. The Award Is For A Travelling Light Pack And Travelling Stage.

£4,999 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
18 Jun 2014 Brackley Rugby Union Football Club Limited

Drainage improvements

£64,603 Sport England
18 May 2016 Brackley Rugby Union Football Club Limited

Drainage improvements

£7,060 Sport England
9 Sep 1999 Brackley Squash Club

This group provides squash facilities. The award is for coaching courses professional coaching sessions publicity balls and court lights.

£1,298 Sport England
17 Jun 1996 Brackley Tennis Club

New clubhouse and an additional outdoor tennis court

£91,000 Sport England
20 Feb 2004 Brackley Town Council

This Project Will Help To Encourage Wildlife (Water Voles) And More People To Visit The Pocket Park By De-Silting The Existing Pond And Creating Smaller Ponds Around The Stream Course Which Goes Through The Park. Interpretation Signs Will Also Help To Wid

£3,700 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Mar 2014 Brackley Town Council

Brackley Town Hall restoration project

£2,299,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 May 2005 Brackley Womens Institute and Girl Guide Hall

This Well Used Hall, Which Is Based Within Brackley, Northamptonshire Wishes To Upgrade Its Facilities To Ensure That They Can Continue To Provide For The Many Groups Who Use The Hall And To New Groups Which Have Been Identified. The Hall Provides Facili

£20,000 Community Fund
29 Aug 2000 Brafield Parish Charity

This group provides support to all organisations within the village and also offers play and recreational facilities. The award is for play equipment and a safety surface.

£5,000 Community Fund
23 Apr 2013 British Racing Drivers Club

Silverstone Heritage Live

£9,110,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Feb 2007 Buckinghamshire Association for the Blind

Buckinghamshire Association for the Blind

£9,900 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
21 Aug 1995 Bugbrook Playing Fields Association

Construction of a sports and community hall

£292,100 Sport England
4 Jan 1999 Bugbrooke And Harpol Scout Group

This group provides training in life skills for young people. The grant is for the part funding of a new scout hut.

£5,000 Community Fund
9 Jun 2016 Bugbrooke Community Primary School

The school will use the funding to provide two outdoor shelters allowing protection from rain or intense sunlight and a quiet space for children, including those with SEND, during playtimes and extracurricular activities. This will give beneficiaries access to a safe multifunctional facility for healthy outdoor play, learning and socialising purposes.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
5 Aug 1999 Bugbrooke History Group

This group researches the history of the village, with the aim of producing a book. The award is to be used to scan to disc photographs and maps, plus a contribution towards a high quality production of history book.

£3,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Jun 1997 Bugbrooke Sports And Community Association

Community Arts Initiative

£5,000 Arts Council England
9 Sep 1999 Bugbrooke Sports And Community Association

This group provides a forum to the sports and recreational clubs within the Bugbrooke area. The award is for start up equipment - (tables nets bats balls) coaching room hire recruitment.

£3,926 Sport England
28 May 2001 Bugbrooke St Michaels Football Club

This Project Aims To Improve The Skill And Knowledge Of Team Managers Through Providing A First Aid And Sports Injury Course. By September 2001 Team Managers Will Require This Qualification To Enable Them To Work With Young Children. The Award Is For The

£540 Sport England
9 Sep 1999 Bugbrooke Women's Institute

This group provides monthly meetings with talks and demonstrations on a wide range of topics. The award is for the provision of working charts and materials, mounting and framing materials, tuition fees for a variety of techniques.

£500 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Aug 2017 Butterfly Conservation

Woodland Wings: Conserving the rare butterflies and moths of the East Midlands

£75,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2007 Byfield Barbershop Harmony Club

Byfield Barbershop Harmony Club will use an award to purchase stage equipment for rehearsals and performances.

£5,342 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
27 Jan 2017 C.E.T

The project will create information materials and referral pathways for women survivors of FGM. This will provide help and support in tackling a long standing issue in the community.

£8,744 Big Lottery Fund
28 Mar 2013 Canal & River Trust

Stoke Bruerne Canal interpretation project

£67,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Dec 1996 Caring And Sharing Trust

The 'Positive Images Project' will enable people with learning disabilities to assemble, design, and present information through photography, tape recordings and video. The grant, over one year, is for photograhic, video and office equipment, computer equ

£65,000 Community Fund
6 Mar 2006 Caroline Chisholm School

This School Is Part Of The 'Wooldale Centre For Learning', Along With The Local Secondary School, Library And Leisure And Community Facility. The Project Is To Run A Get Active Day In March To Which The Local Community Will Be Invited To Have A Go At A Va

£3,900 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Oct 2011 Caroline Chisholm School

This is a project by a school in Wooton, Northampton. The group will use funding to deliver training and purchase equipment that will enable it to develop a forest school activity for pupils who attend the school. This will improve the way in which it eng

£9,600 Big Lottery Fund
17 Jun 2009 Charlotte Ashman

Visual arts for rural communities

£5,000 Arts Council England
17 Jun 1999 Charlton and Newbottle History Society

This group encourages the study of local history, to raise awareness of and appreciation for local history and heritage. printing, distribution costs of a historical publication.

£3,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Jan 1999 Charlton Memorial Hall

This group provides a playgroup, a mums and tots group, Brownies and many other recreational activities. The grant is for the refurbishment of dry stone walling which is in urgent need of maintenance.

£2,855 Community Fund
28 Apr 2006 Charlton Memorial Hall

The Group Will Resurface The Hall'S Car Park And Install Lighting To Comply With Health And Safety Requirements. The Award Is For Resurfacing And Lighting.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Jul 2011 Charlton Memorial Hall

This is a project by a charity based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, serving beneficiaries in South Northamptonshire. The group will use the funding to improve the children's playground behind the village hall, to cater for the younger children. This will improv

£4,877 Big Lottery Fund
3 May 2004 Chenderit School

The School Will Set Up An After School Trampoline Club And A Trampolining Club/Course During One Of The Holidays. Children From Other Primary Schools Will Be Able To Use The Equipment. The Award Is For A Club Trampoline, 2 End Decks And An Agility Belt.

£4,473 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
23 Nov 2011 Chenderit School


£10,784 British Film Institute
28 Feb 2014 Chenderit School

The group will use the funding to run extracurricular, intergenerational digital workshops. This will improve community cohesion and reduce rural isolation. This will also improve the creative and digital skills of beneficiaries.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
25 Nov 2015 Chenderit School

This project will use the funding to purchase emotional support software. This will enable the organisation to build its capacity to provide assistance to children with emotional support needs.

£9,600 Big Lottery Fund
26 Sep 2001 Cherwell Youth Dance Group

This Dance Group Encourages Participation In Dance Activities From Young People Of 8 - 16. It Is Organising A Pilot Youth Dance Project, With Two Guest Choreographers, Which Will Tour Local Schools As An Extra-Curricular Activity And Culminate In A Chris

£4,915 Arts Council England
28 Apr 2006 Chipping Warden and Edgcote Women's Institute

This Group Will Use The Award To Send Members On Courses At The Women'S Institute Denman College. Members Will Then Be Able To Pass On Their New Skills To The Rest Of The Group And The Wider Community. The Award Is For The Following Courses, Internet Cook

£2,803 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
9 Sep 1999 Chipping Warden Garten

This group provides pre-school education to children aged two & half to four plus. They provide seven sessions per week, and aim to provide a happy stimulating and secure environment for children to develop confidence and independence and foster learning

£4,080 Community Fund
19 Aug 2000 Cogenhoe & Whiston Heritage Society


£9,282 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Aug 2000 Cogenhoe and Whiston Heritage Society

This newly formed local history group would like to purchase start-up equipment to enable them to undertake lectures, field trips and an adult education course. The award is for a computer and software, printer, camera, ohp, screen and projector.

£5,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 May 2005 Cogenhoe and Whiston Heritage Society

The Cogenhoe and Whiston Heritage Society will use an award to carry out a WW2 exhibition. The exhibition will consist of displays regarding the Home Guard, Women's Land Army, Wartime Vehicles, Army in Action and wartime music.

£1,200 New Opportunities Fund
5 Aug 1999 Cogenhoe And Whiston Village Hall

This group seeks to improve and expand on the present facilities either within the hall or on the playing field. The award is for replacement of 12 formica tables.

£1,128 Community Fund
31 Dec 2001 Cogenhoe And Whiston Village Hall

"This Management Committee Plan To Provide Recreational Facilities For The Young People Of The Village. The Award Is For Two 5 Feet High, 8 Feet Wide Quarter Pipe Skateboard Ramps And One 2 Feet High 8 Feet Wide Fun Box With A Raised Grind Box."

£4,982 Sport England
29 Aug 2000 Cogenhoe Playgroup

This PLA registered playgroup would like funding to purchase a computer and software in order to allow children to become familiar with a PC before starting school. The award is for the purchase of a computer, printer and software.

£1,015 Community Fund
12 May 2008 Cold Higham Parish Council

A project by this Northamptonshire parish council to pave a pathway through the churchyard around St Luke's Church in Cold Higham to provide safer access for disabled visitors. The grant will pay for paving of the pathway.

£3,250 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
4 Nov 1998 Cold Higham Parish Hall

The Parish Hall provides a meeting place for Community Activities in Cold Higham and the surrounding areas. The grant is for repairs to their tower and bell and will also pay for the conversion of toilets for use by people with disabilities and make the m

£5,000 Community Fund
1 Jun 2006 Community Landscape Archaeological Survey Project


£13,053 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Apr 2000 Cosgrove Village Hall

This group provides community facilities for local groups and organisations. The award is for the construction of an extension to the Hall.

£5,000 Community Fund
19 Aug 2002 Creations

This Organisation, Who Formed In October 2001, Provide Arts Related Projects To Disabled People, Giving Them The Opportunity To Experience And Develop Their Creative And Artistic Potential. They Are Planning A Series Of Arts Awareness Events For People Ag

£4,990 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
1 Mar 2016 Croughton All Saints CE Primary School

The group will use the funding to provide an inclusive extracurricular physical activity and healthy lifestyle club for parents and SEN children. This will promote family bonding, reduce obesity and improve confidence.

£9,996 Big Lottery Fund