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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
30 Jul 2001 Reach

Reach is a self help group for families of children with hand or arm deficiency. They would like funding to subsidise the cost of going to Calvert Trust. The award is for full catered accommodation at the Calvert Trust in Barnstable.

£5,000 Community Fund
30 Jul 2001 Wildcatz Hockey Club

"The Wildcatz Hockey Club Formed In January 2001 And Would Like Start-Up Costs For Their First Season Of Playing As Ladies And Junior Teams. The Award Is For Equipment, Pitch Hire For Training And Matches, League Fees And Coaching Fees."

£4,839 Sport England
4 Jun 2001 Kinderquest Ltd

The Grant Would Be Used To Create 499 New Childcare Places Including 86 Breakfast, 213 After School, 170 Holiday And 30 Weekend Places For Children Aged 4-11 Years In The Lancashire Area. 25 Local Schools Would Be Served. Salaries - 41 New Posts Would Be

£500 New Opportunities Fund
4 Jun 2001 Bright Horizons Family Solutions Ltd

The grant will be used to create 244 before-school places, 516 after-school places, 166 holiday places and 40 weekend places, for children aged 4-11 years old in the Lancashire area. 35 local schools will be served.

£14,600 New Opportunities Fund
28 May 2001 Wellingborough Black Arts Consortium

This Organisation, Who Formed In June 2000, Aim To Develop The Profile Of The Arts In Wellingborough By Creating A Suppport Network And Creating Opportunities To Work Together. They Are Planning To Celebrate Black History Month In October With A Series Of

£4,750 Arts Council England
28 May 2001 Wellingborough Black Consortium

This Organisation Is Made Up Of 5 Minority Ethnic Groups In Wellingborough, Who Aim To Support And Develop The Black Community Through Work With Local Agencies. They Would Like To Set Up Websites For Each Of The Groups Involved And For The Consortium As A

£4,909 Community Fund
28 May 2001 4th Wellingborough (All Saints) Scout Group

This Scout Group would like to purchase new tents to improve their kitchen facilities when camping and also to offer more people the opportunity to particiapte on camps. The award is for a mess tent, 3 table and bench sets, a dining shelter and bags.

£1,778 Community Fund
19 Mar 2001 Wrenn School

Upgrade to Changing Facilities

£300,000 Sport England
27 Feb 2001 Ruskin Wrap Around

The grant will be used to provide 16 after school, 16 before school and 16 holiday places for children aged 3-11 years old in Wellingborough.

£21,775 New Opportunities Fund
12 Jan 2001 Finedon Infant School

This Project Aims To Create A Second Exhibition Of Archived Material Relating To The History Of The Town. The Group Are Hoping To Exhibit A Selection Of Their Archives At Special Events, And To Produce A Booklet About The Archives. The Award Is For A Stor

£2,524 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Jan 2001 Pravasi Mandal

The grant, over one year, will pay for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle to transport people with mobility problems to the Pravasi Mandal day centre. It will also be available for hire by other groups when not in use by the organisation.

£33,755 Community Fund
10 Nov 2000 Bozeat Parish Council

This Parish Council in the village of Bozeat, near Wellingborough, would like to produce a book showing life in the village in the year 2000. The award is for the costs of printing 800, 75 page booklets.

£4,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Sep 2000 Wellingborough Afro-Caribbean Association

This three year grant will allow the Wellingborough Afro-Caribbean Association to offer a variety of training courses to members of the African-Caribbean community. The grant will pay for office and training equipment, three staff salaries, running and tr

£187,241 Community Fund
29 Aug 2000 Wellingborough Shopmobility

This newly fomed Shopmobility Group would llike to purchase 2 three wheeled scooters, 2 whhelchairs and a computer. The award is for 2 3-wheeled scooters, 2 manual wheelchairs and a pc.

£4,649 Community Fund
29 Aug 2000 Nyankunton (Rainbow Project)

This group, which promotes the understanding and experience of alternative lifestyles between peoples of different race and nationalities, would like to stage a music production which brings together amateur performers from local ethnic minority communiti

£4,584 Millennium Commission
29 Aug 2000 Wilby Youth Football Club

This newly formed Club would like equipment and coaching costs to start their group for young players. The award is for 10 footballs training bibs cones FA coaching courses First Aid training and 2 medical kits.

£626 Sport England
29 Aug 2000 Westfield Table Tennis Club

This Club for all ages would like to purchase their own equipment to enable them to attain the status of the English Table Tennis Premier Club advanced level. The award is for 4 rollaway tables scoring machines and umpires tables a robot machine a vid

£4,961 Sport England
5 Jul 2000 Wellingborough Volunteer Bureau

The project will enable the group to develop the Sunflower project, already funded by NLCB, which helps people with disabilities carry out gardening, decorating, basic DIY and befriending with further training in horticulture and other appropriate subjec

£176,290 Community Fund
5 Jul 2000 Teamwork Wellingborough

Teamwork Wellingborough enables those with a mental health problem to gain practical work experience. The aim of this project is to extend the rural transport service (previously funded by NLCB) into the more isolated villages. This will be achieved by pu

£35,545 Community Fund
14 Jun 2000 Wrenn School

This school basketball club would like funding to purchase portable basketball nets in order that the group may utilise their school hall as well as the gym for basketball coaching. The award is for the purchase of portable basketball nets.

£600 Sport England
10 Apr 2000 Littlestones Pre-School

This group provides learning through play for children aged 2 to 5. They would like to improve their facilities by building an outdoor play area. The award is for the costs of replacing a garden area with a safe play surface.

£4,500 Community Fund
10 Apr 2000 Finedon Community Millennium Group

This recently formed village millennium group would like funding to hold a community celebration which will include a jazz band, morris dancers and street entertainers. The award is for marquee hire, insurance, entertainers, sound system, printing and a c

£2,588 Millennium Commission
18 Feb 2000 Irchester Youth Club

This project aims to improve access in and around the the club specifically for wheelchairs and people with prams. The group also aims to increase the activities it offers by developing one of its rooms. The award is for the payment of one-off repairs inc

£4,959 Community Fund
18 Feb 2000 1st Irchester Scout Group

This scout group aims to provide the neccessary equipment to send all its members to a millennium camp. The Scout Association is hoping to break the record for attendence at this camp. The award is for the purchase of a marquee, a mess tent, patrol and hi

£5,000 Community Fund
18 Feb 2000 Finedon Infant School

This Project Aims To Create An Exhibition Of Archived Material Relating To The History Of The Town. The Group Have Already Collected Their Archive Material But Are Now Looking For Ways To Effectively Present These To Residents In The Area, And To Store Th

£2,476 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Dec 1999 Wellingborough Hockey Club (Ladies)

This ladies hockey club would like funding for the hire of a venue for training and games and to purchase hockey equipment. The award is for the purchase of hockey equipment (to include goal keeping kit sticks balls and cones) and for venue hire for on

£2,404 Sport England
25 Nov 1999 Service Six

The organisation will recruit, train and support volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds to work on their outreach programme. This offers a wide range of services, including drug awareness and sexual health, to young people living in Wellingborough. T

£113,432 Community Fund
4 Nov 1999 Finedon Old Folks Treat Committee

This group provides a social function to be held on the Wednesday after Easter for which all residents of Finedon or those formerly resident who are now in residential homes who are aged 70 or over are eligible to attend. The award is for catering, transp

£2,000 Community Fund
5 Aug 1999 2nd Wollaston Scout Group

This Scout group provides personal development oportunities for young people. The award is for the purchase of one 5m by 4m base camp, three 5m by 2m base camp extension units, and one 5m by 4m base camp groundsheets.

£2,290 Community Fund
5 Aug 1999 Irchester Village Hall Trust Committee

This group provides finances for the maintenance and repairs to the Irchester Village Hall and also provides lettings to village organisations at a subsidised rate. The award is for decorating work (-1,674), wood panelling (-465) and the replacement of 20

£3,587 Community Fund
5 Aug 1999 Wellingborough Y.B.C.

This group provides promotion of the sport of ten pin bowling. The award is for transport to competitions instructors courses training aids and balls.

£2,975 Sport England
17 Jun 1999 Northamptonshire Youth Dance Group

This Group Provides Training And Development Of Creativity Through Choreography. They Perform In A Number Of Venues Throughout Northants, Touring Schools And Taking Part In Festival. They Have Also Been To Belarus Last Year. The Grant Is For The Cost Of T

£2,328 Arts Council England
17 Jun 1999 Our Lady's Pre-School

This group provides a Catholic pre-school for children aged 2 to 4 years. The award will enable the purchase of 2 round bikes for the physically disabled, 6 bikes, 2 platform trucks, 1 play parachute, a sand and water tray, and a portable play box.

£2,540 Community Fund
10 May 1999 Friends of Great Doddington School

This group runs out of school activities and fund raising to support the school. five computers, five printers, and five sets of software to support homework and small business applications.

£5,000 Community Fund
12 Apr 1999 Northamptonshire Film Archive Trust

This group aims to seek out and to preserve cinematograph films of historic, civic and educational interest, to copy such films onto alternative gauges and other media, to widen facilities for public showing and to organise the projection of such films to

£5,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
9 Feb 1999 Victoria Centre

This project is to compile a history of the centre and to host a series of events throughout the year to reflect age and culturally diversity. This one year grant will pay for video and editing equipment, fees for freelance staff, information costs, consu

£17,425 Community Fund
28 Jan 1999 Borough Council of Wellingborough

From Weandelburg to Wellingborough - A Community Play

£56,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Jan 1999 Pravasi Mandal

The project is to build a day centre to meet the needs of Asian elders in Northampton by providing a range of activities for them to get involved in. The grant over one year is for building construction.

£166,000 Community Fund
7 Jan 1999 Victoria Centre

Project to convert an outside parking area into a play area and car park. The grant will be used to resurface the whole area and improve the surface of the adjoining walls of the centre. A children's mural will also be created on an outside wall. The gran

£22,675 Community Fund
20 Jul 1998 Finedon Dolben Cricket Club

Two Cricket Nets

£6,248 Sport England
18 Sep 1997 Wollaston And Strixton Pre School

A project to enable a number of subsidised places to be offered to children aged 2-4 years and offer wider learning and educational opportunities. This one year grant will be used for the purchase of new play equipment, and contribute towards subsidised p

£3,730 Community Fund
18 Sep 1997 Wellingborough Volunteer Bureau

The project will extend volunteering opportunities and voluntary home care provision in order to meet increasing demand. The three year grant will pay for a vehicle, three staff salaries, running costs and computer equipment.

£143,135 Community Fund
18 Sep 1997 Home-Start Wellingborough and District

The project will provide recruitment and training for volunteers helping families in need of support. The grant, over three years, will pay for two salaries, running costs, training, transport and rent.

£98,153 Community Fund
11 Jun 1997 Creative Glass Group

What's Glass

£4,224 Arts Council England
11 Jun 1997 Linden Arts

Ways of Escape

£3,490 Arts Council England
21 Apr 1997 Bozeat Playing Field Association

Multi Use Games Area

£9,155 Sport England
19 Mar 1997 Bungalow Boogaloo Band

The Bungalow Boogaloo Band Mosaic

£4,750 Arts Council England
19 Mar 1997 Mayday Trust

Mayday Trust Art/Craft Project

£3,674 Arts Council England
19 Mar 1997 Victoria Centre

VC Complementary Arts

£4,755 Arts Council England
19 Mar 1997 Wellingborough Youth Community Arts Programme

Wellingborough 'Summer Fun' 97

£4,500 Arts Council England
17 Feb 1997 Wellingborough Town Cricket Club

Double bay outdoor artificial practice pitches

£3,100 Sport England
20 Jan 1997 Finedon Town Bowls Club

"Clubhouse extension to provide changing facilities, toilets and disabled access."

£74,092 Sport England
17 Dec 1996 Teamwork Wellingborough

This project will enable the group to move to larger premises and provide job training to unemployed people with disabilities. The grant, over three years is for the cost of a new building, training and travel expenses for beneficiaries.

£211,935 Community Fund
11 Jun 1996 Service Six

Extend an information and counselling service to more isolated young people in housing estates and rural areas of Wellingborough. The grant, over three years, will employ an outreach project organiser and fund operational costs.

£69,271 Community Fund
11 Jun 1996 Oakfield Limited

To complete a craft annex and provide single room accommodation for disturbed youngsters with learning difficulties from disadvantaged backgrounds. The grant, over two years, is for the adaptation of existing double bedrooms into singles, the building of

£81,200 Community Fund
11 Jun 1996 Wellingborough District Hindu Association

The development of a range of activities for young people meeting the specific cultural needs of the group. The grant, over three years, will fund one full-time and two part-time workers and running costs.

£165,320 Community Fund
11 Jun 1996 Society of St Vincent de Paul

To run a social services type ambulance/minibus to transport disabled and wheelchair bound, deaf and partially sighted, to churches, hospitals, clubs and clinics. The grant, over three years, is for purchase of a new ambulance/minibus and associated runni

£35,030 Community Fund
11 Jun 1996 Wellingborough District Racial Equality Council

A support group that aims to increase its efficiency in communication for all its users. The grant, over one year, is to pay for a photocopier.

£5,000 Community Fund
19 Dec 1995 Community Help And Training (C H A T)

To Maintain The First And Develop The Second Chat Shops

£31,918 Community Fund
19 Dec 1995 The Stanley Mews Community Trust

Provision Of Housing For People With Some Learning Difficulties

£110,000 Community Fund
19 Dec 1995 Rock Street Playgroup

Improve And Upgrade Facilities To Benefit The Children

£10,000 Community Fund
30 Nov 1995 The British Institute Of Industrial Therapy

Improve Access To Services; Increased Learning & Earning Opportunities

£5,782 Community Fund
21 Aug 1995 Wellingborough Rugby Football Club

Clubhouse redevelopment including female changing provision

£131,690 Sport England