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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
2 Oct 2012 Northamptonshire County Council

Chester Farm

£4,103,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Apr 2010 Borough Council of Wellingborough

Wellingborough Heritage Regeneration Scheme

£1,475,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Sep 2003 Winifred Wharton Trust

The Wellingborough Museum

£1,026,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Dec 2016 Family Support Link

The project will aim to address the needs identified by children and young people affected by a family member?s substance misuse, and support them through the school holidays and evenings. They will work with young people and children as young as five, who will gain respite from their chaotic lifestyles and give them the opportunity to rebuild family relationships, reduce isolation and empower them to reach their full potential and reintegrate back into their community.

£485,075 Big Lottery Fund
28 Nov 2016 Service Six

The project aims to help young people who are involved in, or at risk of internet child sexual abuse and exploitation. One to one guidance and group support will be tailored to each individual. Mentoring, tutoring and training will be provided to develop skills and enable young people to volunteer in areas that interest them. This includes delivering workshops, development of a safety app and working on a new helpline.

£401,432 Big Lottery Fund
6 Sep 2001 Wellingborough District Racial Equality Council

Northamptonshire Black History Project

£365,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Aug 2013 Wellingborough Homes Ltd

Wellingborough Homes Limited is the lead organisation in a new partnership called Support Wellingborough 1 which is a group of support services working together to help people tackle their problems and prevent them getting to crisis point. It is comprised

£351,475 Big Lottery Fund
28 Apr 2017 West Ham United Foundation

This group will deliver free youth activities and expand the services into Newham Arc, Newham Forest Gate, and Havering. The project will support young people aged 10 -18 years or up to 18 -21 years if the young person has a disability or special educational needs. The group plan to form partnerships to provide extended, improved and fully inclusive opportunities at each hub. A Youth Ambassador team will be established to help shape the project.

£325,000 Big Lottery Fund
2 Sep 2016 Service Six

The group will expand its work into Buckinghamshire, providing free life skills programmes for disadvantaged young people. These will include cooking, parenting, budgeting, anger management, sexual health and healthy relationships. There will also be one-to-one support, addressing issues such as sexual exploitation and self-harm. Football academies will run in the most deprived areas of the county focusing on coaching, communication and teamwork. Young people will also be involved in shaping the project.

£324,700 Big Lottery Fund
1 Sep 2002 Wellingborough

School Sport Coordinator Partnership

£312,015 Sport England
19 Mar 2013 Service Six

A new project to increase disadvantaged young people's access to healthy positive activities and transferable life skills enabling them to improve their wellbeing, achieve and go on to support other young people and inter-generational disadvantaged groups

£309,934 Big Lottery Fund
16 Dec 2002 Wellingborough Old Grammarians Association

New Changing Rooms

£300,423 Sport England
19 Mar 2001 Wrenn School

Upgrade to Changing Facilities

£300,000 Sport England
18 Oct 2011 Home-Start Wellingborough & District

The Northamptonshire branch will help to improve the life chances of children and improve parents' mental health and well-being through a home visiting service, providing hands on support and advice to young families. It will actively promote better stand

£296,912 Big Lottery Fund
20 Sep 2011 Family Support Link

This project in Northamptonshire will reduce physical and psychological harm caused to families living with, or caring for, individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol. The project will improve the likelihood of keeping the family unit intact and places emp

£273,909 Big Lottery Fund
17 Dec 1996 Teamwork Wellingborough

This project will enable the group to move to larger premises and provide job training to unemployed people with disabilities. The grant, over three years is for the cost of a new building, training and travel expenses for beneficiaries.

£211,935 Community Fund
31 Mar 2004 All Saints PCC

Church of All Saints

£196,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
18 Dec 2007 Borough Council of Wellingborough

The Borough Council of Wellingborough will improve and develop the quality and quantity of free play opportunities available to children and young people in Wellingborough. The portfolio contains two projects which will focus on the provision of physical

£191,371 Big Lottery Fund
16 Sep 2000 Wellingborough Afro-Caribbean Association

This three year grant will allow the Wellingborough Afro-Caribbean Association to offer a variety of training courses to members of the African-Caribbean community. The grant will pay for office and training equipment, three staff salaries, running and tr

£187,241 Community Fund
5 Jul 2000 Wellingborough Volunteer Bureau

The project will enable the group to develop the Sunflower project, already funded by NLCB, which helps people with disabilities carry out gardening, decorating, basic DIY and befriending with further training in horticulture and other appropriate subjec

£176,290 Community Fund
14 Mar 2003 Northamptonshire County Council

The grant will create 42 new pre-school nursery places for children aged 0-4 years old in Croyland.

£175,000 New Opportunities Fund
7 Jan 1999 Pravasi Mandal

The project is to build a day centre to meet the needs of Asian elders in Northampton by providing a range of activities for them to get involved in. The grant over one year is for building construction.

£166,000 Community Fund
11 Jun 1996 Wellingborough District Hindu Association

The development of a range of activities for young people meeting the specific cultural needs of the group. The grant, over three years, will fund one full-time and two part-time workers and running costs.

£165,320 Community Fund
18 Sep 1997 Wellingborough Volunteer Bureau

The project will extend volunteering opportunities and voluntary home care provision in order to meet increasing demand. The three year grant will pay for a vehicle, three staff salaries, running costs and computer equipment.

£143,135 Community Fund
2 Dec 2004 Daylight Centre Fellowship

This grant will enable the group to continue providing a drop in centre and help for vulnerable people in Wellingborough. The group plans to help people secure and maintain accommodation, manage daily tasks and provide a place where homeless people, peopl

£135,325 Community Fund
21 Aug 1995 Wellingborough Rugby Football Club

Clubhouse redevelopment including female changing provision

£131,690 Sport England
12 Oct 2006 Service Six

This three year project will develop three new initiatives to be run by young people for young people. These initiatives have been identified by young people as peer mentoring, drama, and group work, and will allow young people to share their life experi

£125,175 Big Lottery Fund
25 Nov 1999 Service Six

The organisation will recruit, train and support volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds to work on their outreach programme. This offers a wide range of services, including drug awareness and sexual health, to young people living in Wellingborough. T

£113,432 Community Fund
19 Dec 1995 The Stanley Mews Community Trust

Provision Of Housing For People With Some Learning Difficulties

£110,000 Community Fund
14 May 2013 Nene Valley Citizens Advice Bureau

The aim of this new project is for Nene Valley Citizens Advice Bureau (NVCAB) to improve the access to services for those clients most in need, through the setting up of access points, utilising existing community and workplace venues in the Wellingboroug

£103,694 Big Lottery Fund
18 Sep 1997 Home-Start Wellingborough and District

The project will provide recruitment and training for volunteers helping families in need of support. The grant, over three years, will pay for two salaries, running costs, training, transport and rent.

£98,153 Community Fund
19 Mar 2014 Northamptonshire County Council

Irchester Country Park: Protecting and interpreting a real Jurassic Park

£89,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Jun 1996 Oakfield Limited

To complete a craft annex and provide single room accommodation for disturbed youngsters with learning difficulties from disadvantaged backgrounds. The grant, over two years, is for the adaptation of existing double bedrooms into singles, the building of

£81,200 Community Fund
20 Jan 1997 Finedon Town Bowls Club

"Clubhouse extension to provide changing facilities, toilets and disabled access."

£74,092 Sport England
11 Jun 1996 Service Six

Extend an information and counselling service to more isolated young people in housing estates and rural areas of Wellingborough. The grant, over three years, will employ an outreach project organiser and fund operational costs.

£69,271 Community Fund
18 Oct 2012 East Midlands Jazz CIC

Miles ahead

£69,190 Arts Council England
23 Nov 2004 Wollaston Heritage Society

Curiosity Cottage and Community Heritage Centre (2nd app)

£65,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Mar 2007 Kyreme Arts

Implementation of our Development Plan

£59,780 Arts Council England
23 Nov 2006 The Hope Project

The project will purchase an existing community building and refurbish it to provide a multi-functional community facility for local residents.

£58,750 Big Lottery Fund
28 Jan 1999 Borough Council of Wellingborough

From Weandelburg to Wellingborough - A Community Play

£56,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jul 2006 Victoria Centre

Advice and support to help refugees integrate into the Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, community will be provided by a range of service providers in the Victoria Centre.

£55,489 Big Lottery Fund
8 Dec 2009 Rowan Gate Primary School

This project will provide better changing and showering facilities for the school's physiotherapy pool. Additionally, a ceiling mounted track hoist will also be installed to enable more disabled people to access the pool. These changes will enable a great

£50,000 Big Lottery Fund
22 Apr 2014 Wellingborough Old Grammarians Association

Target 81

£50,000 Sport England
10 May 2005 Step by Step

Step-By-Step Was Established In 2002 To Provide Culturally Sensitive Activities For Asian Women In Wellingborough. Its Core Activity Is The Provision Of A Sewing Club, But They Also Run: Keep Fit Classes, Swimming, Self-Defence, English Classes And It. Al

£46,178 Community Fund
17 Apr 2002 Northamptonshire Heartlands Primary Care Trust

A two year scheme starting April 2002 will provide free fruit every school day to children aged four, five and six in LEA-maintained infant schools in Corby. Every school will have volunteer staff to implement the activity. An area co-ordinator will recru

£44,395 New Opportunities Fund
24 Nov 2005 Nene Valley Citizens Advice Bureau

This project is to continue the Home Visiting Service that helps older people, disabled people and carers complete benefit forms. With the help of this grant, people will also be able to access the full services of the CAB such as debt management and bene

£43,561 Community Fund
19 Jun 2013 St Mary the Virgin, Finedon

Restoration of the organ at St Mary the Virgin, Finedon

£43,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Jul 2005 Bozeat Playing Field and Village Hall Association

This organisation provides facilities for people within the village of Bozeat, Wellingborough, to enable them to participate in community activities. This project will replace an existing 30 year old play area with modern and safe equipment for use by ch

£43,196 Community Fund
14 Oct 2009 The Castle (Wellingborough) Limited

Project to secure quality programming

£42,921 Arts Council England
11 Jan 2005 The Castle Wellingborough Ltd

Development of resources

£40,000 Arts Council England
28 Oct 2002 W.A.S.P

The project will create 24 before school places, 24 after school places and 50 holiday places for 4 to 14 year olds in Wellingborough.

£35,960 New Opportunities Fund
5 Jul 2000 Teamwork Wellingborough

Teamwork Wellingborough enables those with a mental health problem to gain practical work experience. The aim of this project is to extend the rural transport service (previously funded by NLCB) into the more isolated villages. This will be achieved by pu

£35,545 Community Fund
11 Jun 1996 Society of St Vincent de Paul

To run a social services type ambulance/minibus to transport disabled and wheelchair bound, deaf and partially sighted, to churches, hospitals, clubs and clinics. The grant, over three years, is for purchase of a new ambulance/minibus and associated runni

£35,030 Community Fund
4 Jan 2001 Pravasi Mandal

The grant, over one year, will pay for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle to transport people with mobility problems to the Pravasi Mandal day centre. It will also be available for hire by other groups when not in use by the organisation.

£33,755 Community Fund
19 Dec 1995 Community Help And Training (C H A T)

To Maintain The First And Develop The Second Chat Shops

£31,918 Community Fund
23 Jul 2007 The Alliance for Black Children

The Slave Trade and Our Legacy

£31,910 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Jun 2014 Wellingborough Rugby Football Club Limited

New Match and Replacement Outdoor Training Floodlight System

£31,215 Sport England
24 Mar 2009 Kevin Burke

The True and Terrible History of John Babbicombe

£26,278 Arts Council England
8 Aug 2003 Wollaston Parish Council

Pitch replacement and purchase of maintenance equipment

£25,116 Sport England
16 Nov 2004 Wellingborough Afro Caribbean Association

Studio Technician Training, Drama and Arts Project

£24,394 Arts Council England
7 Jan 1999 Victoria Centre

Project to convert an outside parking area into a play area and car park. The grant will be used to resurface the whole area and improve the surface of the adjoining walls of the centre. A children's mural will also be created on an outside wall. The gran

£22,675 Community Fund
9 Jul 2014 Wilby CEVA Primary School

Primary Spaces

£22,350 Sport England
16 Jul 2014 Great Doddington Primary School

Primary Spaces

£22,250 Sport England
27 Feb 2001 Ruskin Wrap Around

The grant will be used to provide 16 after school, 16 before school and 16 holiday places for children aged 3-11 years old in Wellingborough.

£21,775 New Opportunities Fund
9 Feb 1999 Victoria Centre

This project is to compile a history of the centre and to host a series of events throughout the year to reflect age and culturally diversity. This one year grant will pay for video and editing equipment, fees for freelance staff, information costs, consu

£17,425 Community Fund
20 Dec 2007 Easton Maudit Parochial Church Council

Church of St Peter and St Paul

£15,255 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Mar 2016 Florence O Mahony

Developing new touring work with regional partners

£14,987 Arts Council England
4 Jun 2001 Bright Horizons Family Solutions Ltd

The grant will be used to create 244 before-school places, 516 after-school places, 166 holiday places and 40 weekend places, for children aged 4-11 years old in the Lancashire area. 35 local schools will be served.

£14,600 New Opportunities Fund
8 Sep 2003 The FaST Learning Centre

Developing Key Skills - Foundation Stage Music Programme

£13,257 Arts Council England
12 Jul 2004 Wollaston Heritage Society

Beacon Hill Public Access

£12,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Sep 2005 Kyreme Arts

Nyankonton (Rainbow)

£10,625 Arts Council England
7 Jun 2003 Finedon Local History Society


£10,521 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Jun 2002 Littlestones Pre-School

The grant will be used to create 24 holiday places for children aged 5-11 years in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

£10,486 New Opportunities Fund
19 Dec 1995 Rock Street Playgroup

Improve And Upgrade Facilities To Benefit The Children

£10,000 Community Fund
17 Jun 2002 Wrenn School

Learning through Landscsapes

£10,000 Sport England
2 Oct 2002 Wrenn School

At present there are few hard areas to enable quality experiences and the current area for development is muddy and barren. The School Council have made a request to transform this area into a multi-use hard surface area.

£10,000 New Opportunities Fund
27 Nov 2006 Northamptonshire Smallbore Shooting Association

This Group Provides Firing Ranges Which Attract Competitors From The Midlands And East Anglia. The Project Is To Build A New Club Room For The Group. The Group Participates In Activities All Year Round And A Dry And Heated Area Is Essential For Competit

£10,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
16 May 2007 All Saints Primary School

A project to provide after school sports and multi skills activities by this primary school in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The grant will pay for equipment and coaching fees.

£10,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
11 Aug 2008 Pravasi Mandal (Asian Group)

A project for a new seven seat vehicle to transport older people to the day centre, deliver evening meals for the housebound, and provide shopping and day trips to places of interest. The grant will contribute towards a seven seater MPG type vehicle.

£10,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
23 Jun 2009 Bozeat Parish Council

This parish council will use an award to research village life between 1914 and 1945, and the contribution made by villagers during World War I and World War II. Interviews will be held with villagers and a collection of photographs of the village during

£10,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Oct 2009 378 (Mannock) Squadron, Air Training Corps

This group will use an award to enhance the range of training offered to their members. They will improve their IT facilities and extend access to the outdoor training that is offered as part of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. The project will offer young p

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
17 Feb 2010 Wellingborough Integrated Social Enterprises

This charity in Wellingborough, Northampton, will use an award to purchase a new high top van for use by the groups in its activities. They collect and deliver unwanted furniture and redistribute it to those most in need. The group's current van is over t

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
24 Aug 2010 Recycle and Grow (Northamptonshire) limited

This community group will use funding to expand its recycling capacity with the purchase of a new bailer. This will enable the group to offer a wider range of recycling services and thereby offer new opportunities for training and employment for volunteer

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
6 Jun 2012 Croyland Nursery School

This is a project by a nursery school in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The group will use the funding to erect a covered area, fence and re-surface part of their grounds for safety. This will improve the urban environment by making it safer for childr

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
12 Feb 2013 Clare Abbatt

War and Community, Waterloo Festival 2013

£10,000 Arts Council England
1 May 2013 Richard Leigh


£10,000 Arts Council England
19 Nov 2013 Wellingborough District Hindu Association

This is a project by a charity in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The group will use the funding to provide yoga and music based sessions for the local community. This will enable the participants to improve their health, increase life skills and increa

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 Apr 2014 Pravasi Mandal

This is a project by a charity in Northamptonshire. The group will use the funding to purchase a medium sized coach. This will enable to group to transport people with reduced mobility, increasing the groups' capacity to help isolated people live independ

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
12 May 2014 Victoria Centre

This is a project by a charity in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The group will use the funding to refurbish their centre which is in disrepair. This will create a safe and modernised facility for beneficiaries in this disadvantaged area.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund

This is a project by a charity in Northamptonshire. The group will use the funding to purchase a medium sized coach. This will enable to group to transport people with reduced mobility, increasing the groups' capacity to help isolated people live independent, fulfilling lives.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
30 Dec 2015 Shudan Community Interest Company

The group will use the funding to deliver volunteer training and life skills workshops for the benefit of young people not in education or employment. This will improve volunteers and participants employment skills, raising their confidence levels and aspirations for a better future.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
2 Jun 2016 Parochial Church Council of Wellingborough St Barnabas

The group will use the funding to create an accessible toilet and baby change in their church hall. This will improve facilities for existing user groups and encourage new users.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
11 Apr 2017 The Gathering Ground C.I.C.

The project will deliver creative training sessions to raise awareness and understanding of female genital mutilation (FGM), including storytelling and developing a website. This will raise awareness of an important local issue and lead to a stronger and more cohesive local community.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
5 Jun 2015 Sir Christopher Hatton Academy

The group will use the funding to purchase an online platform where students can feed back on any personal issues affecting them, allowing the school to identify trends and develop their pastoral care. This will enhance the school community and contribute towards the improved mental health and wellbeing of pupils.

£9,960 Big Lottery Fund
29 Aug 2013 Family Action In our Region Ltd

This is a project by a charity organisation in Rushden. The group will use the funding to bring in a Senior Family Support Worker to offer support to parents with learning or mental health difficulties or in need of support with parenting. This will allow

£9,950 Big Lottery Fund
10 Apr 2015 Wellingborough Black Consortium

The group will use the funding to support and advise disengaged children from the BME ethnic community who are at risk of school exclusion. This will improve family skills and develop life skills and so promote personal independence and interactions with others.

£9,926 Big Lottery Fund
3 Jul 2017 Shudan Community Interest Company

The project will provide a range of physical, arts and educational activities for children and young people during school holidays. It will train volunteers to help deliver the activities and aims to reduce antisocial behaviour and bring the community together.

£9,900 Big Lottery Fund
13 Jan 2014 Wellingborough Mind

This is a project by a charity in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The group will use the funding to hold a mental health conference where voluntary sector organisations can share best practice. This will develop procedures, policies and structures for d

£9,791 Big Lottery Fund
3 Feb 2014 Wise and Sofa Wise

This is a project by a charity in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The group will use the funding to set up a scheme which will provide people living with ill mental health and physical disabilities with a range of in home support services. This will ena

£9,770 Big Lottery Fund
22 Aug 2007 Wellingborough Phoenix Basketball Club

This is a project to develop after school basketball sessions for 7-14 year olds. The grant will enable children and volunteers to go on training courses. The grant will contribute towards basketball goals, coaching courses, training equipment, match game

£9,734 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme