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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
11 Jun 1997 The Forum Trust Limited

This project links three primary facilities - a Millennium Library a Business and Learning Centre and a Heritage Attraction - around a new urban square creating a major new civic meeting place within the historic city centre of Norwich.

£32,490,730 Millennium Commission
22 Apr 2013 England Netball

NGB Funding 2013-17

£20,213,024 Sport England
24 Aug 1998 University Of East Anglia

East Anglian Sports Park

£14,559,000 Sport England
21 Mar 1995 University of Cambridge

Churchill Archive, Cambridge

£13,253,929 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Jun 2013 Exemplas Holdings Limited

A contract to improve the sustainability, capacity and scale of voluntary organisations in order to deliver greater social impact.The Contractor will be responsible for achieving the following outcomes for this initiative: 1) Supporting voluntary organisa

£11,000,570 Big Lottery Fund
25 Jul 2001 The Imperial War Museum at Duxford

Air Space, Duxford

£10,500,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Aug 2007 The Crime Concern Trust Limited

Under the Community Space Challenge (CSC) programme young people who are at risk of offending or anti-social behaviour will have the opportunity to re-engage with their local communities through environmental activities. These activities include allotment

£9,655,430 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jan 2002 Colchester Borough Council

To build a new visual arts facility that will form the hub of a vibrant, contemp

£9,172,300 Arts Council England
24 Jul 2007 The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northam

Restoring our Fenland Heritage - the purchase and restoration of the Holmewood Estate

£9,168,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Feb 1997 British Film Institute

British Film Institute - Twenty First Century Film And TV Archive

£9,149,560 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Jun 2006 England Netball

Netball (Whole Sport Plan)

£8,100,452 Sport England
11 Sep 1998 Norfolk County Council/Norwich City Council

Norwich Castle Museum

£8,000,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Jul 1997 Cambridge City Council

Parkside Pool Redevelopment

£7,432,958 Sport England
17 May 1995 Cambridge Arts Theatre Trust

Creation of cinematheque, performance space, refurb. Fest.Theatre

£7,187,408 Arts Council England
23 May 1995 Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum, Duxford

£6,500,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Sep 1996 Waltham Abbey Royal Gunpowder Mills Charitable Trust Foundat

Waltham Abbey Royal Gunpowder Mills, Essex

£6,500,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
18 Jul 2007 North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The aim of this portfolio is to deliver a range of projects that will improve mental health, encourage healthier eating and increase levels of physical activity. The portfolio is made up of 25 projects which include activity classes for teenage mums (Bugg

£6,450,582 Big Lottery Fund
30 Sep 2000 Natural England

Wildspace! aims to involve local communities in the improvement, care and enjoyment of Local Nature Reserves (LNRs). Grants will help people establish new LNRs, take action for wildlife and improve their local environment, discover and learn about the wil

£6,185,120 New Opportunities Fund
11 Dec 2001 Junction Cdc

Building extension to amalgate the club and drama venues to one site

£5,951,921 Arts Council England
24 Mar 2000 University of Cambridge

Fitzwilliam Museum Courtyard Development

£5,928,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Nov 1997 Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St James

This project will complete the North transept cloisters link chapel and tower at St Edmundsbury Cathedral.

£5,552,335 Millennium Commission
21 Feb 1996 Peterborough Environment City Trust

A landscaped ecologically sustainable cycle route around Peterborough with radiating spokes connected to the city centre. The project includes cycleways footpaths and a heritage centre at the historic Flag Fen.

£5,408,246 Millennium Commission
1 Oct 1999 All England Netball Association

Netball: Performance

£5,331,722 Sport England
26 Mar 2002 Palace Theatre Watford Ltd

Stage 3 Application

£5,272,568 Arts Council England
19 Jun 2007 The City of London

Branching Out: Epping Forest

£4,987,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Sep 2015 Royal Gunpowder Mills

The Royal Gunpowder Mills ‘«Ű A sustainable and viable future

£4,984,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jun 2012 Watford Borough Council

Cassiobury Park

£4,953,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Jul 2000 University of Cambridge

Newton papers- Acquisition

£4,792,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
18 Aug 1997 Dacorum Borough Council

Dacorum Sports Centre Modernisation

£4,629,000 Sport England
17 Nov 2015 Natural England

Back from the Brink: Saving England‘«÷s most threatened species

£4,560,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Aug 1999 The Football Association Youth Trust

Implementation of Mini-Soccer

£4,500,000 Sport England
1 Sep 1999 Essex

The award has provided training to ensure that teachers and school librarians are equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to make sound decisions about when and how to use ICT effectively in teaching.

£4,304,500 New Opportunities Fund
25 Mar 2014 The Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban

Alban, Britain's first saint: Telling the whole story

£4,264,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 May 2011 National Horseracing Museum

Palace House & Stables: Home of Horseracing National Heritage Centre

£4,250,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Jul 1999 Norfolk County Council

Norfolk Record Office & East Anglian Film Archive Relocation

£4,186,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Mar 1997 Norwich City Council

Norwich, Sandys-Winsch Parks

£4,098,120 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Oct 2001 Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

London Active Partnership

£4,092,589 Sport England
27 Jan 2004 Aldeburgh Productions

Aldeburgh Campus

£4,080,000 Arts Council England
27 Mar 2002 The Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk

Restoration of the Walks, Kings Lynn Norfolk

£3,986,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Apr 2002 John Warner School

Dual Use Sports Centre

£3,978,390 Sport England
24 Jan 2002 Luton Carnival Arts Development Trust Ltd

Currently no single facility dedicated to supporting & developing carnival arts

£3,783,567 Arts Council England
13 Dec 2005 Luton Museums Service

Stockwood Discovery Centre

£3,783,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Sep 1999 Hertfordshire

The award has provided training to ensure that teachers and school librarians are equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to make sound decisions about when and how to use ICT effectively in teaching.

£3,756,535 New Opportunities Fund
20 Jul 2010 Suffolk Mind

St Mary at the Quay, Ipswich

£3,668,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Jun 1997 National Trust

Sutton Hoo Estate, Suffolk - Development

£3,600,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Nov 2009 Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service

Redevelopment of Colchester Castle

£3,532,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Feb 2015 Kettle s Yard Gallery

Kettle s Yard: Looking Ahead - Capital stage two

£3,500,000 Arts Council England
27 Jan 2004 Danceeast, National Dance Agency

Dance House

£3,470,000 Arts Council England
23 Jul 1996 Bute Street Arts And Media Trust

Refurbishment of premises

£3,469,043 Arts Council England
9 Oct 1996 Aldeburgh Foundation

Snape Maltings Concert Hall Improvements

£3,407,100 Arts Council England
18 Sep 2002 Ipswich Borough Council

Restoration of Christchurch Park - Ipswich

£3,341,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Sep 2015 Fusion

The restoration of Grade II listed Broomhill Pool to provide swimming, fitness and community facilities

£3,299,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Nov 2001 Chelmsford Borough Council

Hylands Park

£3,287,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Aug 2002 North Norfolk District Council

New Swimming & Diving Pool

£3,181,320 Sport England
2 Oct 2012 Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge

Acquisition of 'Extreme Unction' by Nicolas Poussin

£3,140,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Mar 2011 Shuttleworth Trust

Unveiling a Secret Garden

£3,102,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Dec 1997 Moggerhanger House Preservation Trust

Moggerhanger Park

£3,090,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Jul 2015 Great Yarmouth Borough Council

This project will aim to improve the life chances of 4,000 people by preventing or overcoming complex issues such as low self esteem, mental health, debt, drug and alcohol misuse, homelessness and long term unemployment.

£3,075,493 Big Lottery Fund
13 Dec 2011 Ipswich Borough Council

Holywells Park

£3,041,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Nov 2003 Norfolk & Norwich Film Theatre Ltd

Cinema City stage 3 grant

£3,024,373 Arts Council England
12 Oct 2005 Forest Heath District Council

New Facilities

£2,996,354 Sport England
19 Aug 1996 Hertsmere Borough Council

The Furzefield Leisure Centre

£2,994,000 Sport England
17 Sep 2001 Norwich City Council

New Swimming Complex

£2,840,792 Sport England
24 Jan 2012 Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough 900: Letting it speak for itself

£2,785,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Nov 2013 St Albans City and District Council

Town Hall Museum and Gallery: A Celebration of St Albans' Routes into History

£2,749,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Jan 2010 Kettle's Yard

Completing Kettle's Yard

£2,681,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Oct 2015 The Broads Authority

Water, Mills and Marshes: The Broads Landscape Partnership

£2,663,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2014 Writers Centre Norwich

National Centre for Writing - Capital Stage Two

£2,659,975 Arts Council England
30 May 2000 Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust

Tower Curing Works, Maritime Museum, Great Yarmouth

£2,594,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Apr 2005 England Netball

Netball (Whole Sport Plan)

£2,578,673 Sport England
11 Dec 2012 Dacorum Borough Council

Hemel Water Gardens

£2,571,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Feb 1997 University Of Cambridge

Cambridge University Library Development

£2,500,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Dec 1995 Wodson Park Sports & Recreation Ass

"60..00./ATP, Athletics track and sports hall "

£2,484,705 Sport England
12 Nov 1997 Marston Vale Trust

A Country Park on 561 acres of land in the heart of Marston Vale. The project incorporates a forest centre providing an educational resource focusing on environmental issues. The 300 acre wetland park provides newly created wetland reserves with walking c

£2,466,716 Millennium Commission
1 Sep 1999 Norfolk

The award has provided training to ensure that teachers and school librarians are equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to make sound decisions about when and how to use ICT effectively in teaching.

£2,428,550 New Opportunities Fund
22 Mar 2011 The Churches Conservation Trust

New Life for St Nicholas' Chapel

£2,387,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Sep 2001 All England Netball Association

Netball: Performance

£2,362,578 Sport England
17 Sep 2001 Chelmsford Borough Council

New athletic centre for Melbourne Park

£2,351,597 Sport England
23 Jun 2009 Suffolk Coastal District Council

Felixstowe Seafront Gardens

£2,346,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Mar 2005 Norwich Cathedral

New Hostry Project

£2,303,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 May 1998 Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Norfolk Wildlife Trust Bid - securing the future

£2,293,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Oct 2004 Essex County Council (SOLICITED)

Mark Hall Comprehensive School - Multi Activity Centre

£2,275,849 Sport England
1 Sep 1999 Suffolk

The award has provided training to ensure that teachers and school librarians are equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to make sound decisions about when and how to use ICT effectively in teaching.

£2,239,656 New Opportunities Fund
28 Jun 1995 Borough Council Of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk

Conversion of the Corn Exchange into a Concert Venue

£2,236,000 Arts Council England
13 Mar 2008 Museum of East Anglian Life

A new Museum of East Anglian Life MEAL Phase 1

£2,167,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Mar 2013 The Papworth Trust

This project will establish a retreat for families who struggle to support a disabled family member, offering disadvantaged families the opportunity to remove themselves from the problems in their life and community. This purpose built site based near Bar

£2,120,103 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jun 2003 Chelmsford BC

New Swimming Pool

£2,083,274 Sport England
31 Mar 2009 The Council of the Borough of Broxbourne

Cheshunt, Cedars Park

£2,070,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Nov 1997 King's Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council

This project will re-focus King's Lynn towards its river and sea connections. It encompasses six interrelating components including an Interpretation Centre for Learning about the environment of the Wash and Fens and environmental improvements to the wate

£2,060,883 Millennium Commission
25 Jun 2013 Central Bedfordshire Council

Houghton Hall Park: Renaissance and renewal

£2,060,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Apr 2009 Great Yarmouth Borough Council

St Georges Chapel and King Street Regeneration Project

£2,043,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Dec 1999 Holbrook High School

The project will take place at Holbrook High School, Suffolk. It involves the construction of a four-court sports hall, fitness room, dance room with changing and storage, to provide a community sport facility, improved curricular and extra-curricular PE

£2,034,605 New Opportunities Fund
30 Dec 1999 St Albans Girls School

This project will provide a new four-court sports hall with changing facilities for theschool. The sports hall will dramatically improve sports provision at the school and is anideal site for community sports. The project will benefit 1,100 pupils from

£2,016,246 New Opportunities Fund
24 Sep 2001 Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Great Yarmouth, THI

£2,015,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Jul 2015 Central Bedfordshire Council

Flitwick Leisure Centre Redevelopment

£2,000,000 Sport England
11 Sep 2014 Natural England

Hoveton Wetlands Restoration Project

£1,999,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Sep 2003 Bury St Edmunds Theatre Management Ltd

Restoration & Development of the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

£1,999,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jan 2015 Fenland District Council

Wisbech High Street Project

£1,995,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Oct 2007 Cambridgeshire County Council

The project aims to extend the current library to provide improved learning opportunities, a community meeting venue and a range of spaces for people and organisations to make their own. The new library will offer an improved programme of learning activit

£1,992,925 Big Lottery Fund
5 Jun 2014 Luton Borough Council

Building a sustainable future for Wardown Park Museum

£1,989,900 Heritage Lottery Fund