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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
18 Oct 2012 Sturmer Local History Group

Sturmer Steps - building village identity and knowledge with a railway trail

£8,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Oct 2011 Stanley Drapkin Primary School, Steeple Bumpstead

This is a project by a primary school in Essex. They will use the funding to deliver a programme of lunchtime and after school activities for pupils, including fencing and street dance. This will provide opportunities for young people to participate in va

£8,270 Big Lottery Fund
18 Jun 2007 Libra Theatre Company, Cambridge

This theatre group aims to stage a production showing highlights in the lives of English monarchs. They also intend to make a short film which will be shown as part of the performance. The main roles within the play will be performed by people with learni

£8,430 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
14 May 2007 St Mary the Virgin Parish Church - Steeple Bumpstead

This parochial church council will build two paths around the church to provide access for disabled people and also install an audio loop inside the building.

£9,886 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
2 May 2006 Libra Theatre Company

Beside the Seaside

£4,999 Arts Council England
28 Nov 2005 Helions Bumpstead Village Hall Management Committee

The Project Is To Improve Access To The Village Hall For People With A Disability, Young Children And Older People. The Entrance To The Hall And The Interior Will Be Modified. The Need For The Work Was Identified In A Recent Parish Plan. A Carpet Bowls Cl

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
10 May 2005 Heroes Return Award to an individual

A Second World War Veteran from Suffolk has been awarded a grant towards travel costs for a commemorative visit to Holland in May of this year. Funding has also been provided for a spouse and a carer to travel with the Veteran.

£780 New Opportunities Fund
25 Dec 2004 1st Haverhill Scout Troup

This Group Will Construct A Concrete Garage To Store Scout Equipment On-Site So That It Is Better Maintained And Is More Accessible To All Groups.

£3,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Dec 2004 Sturmer Village Hall

To Equip The Hall Which Has Undergone Extensive Refurbishment For The Use Of Many Community Groups, Including The Pre-School, Over 60s, Carpet Bowls Club, Parish Council And W.I. New Kitchen Cupboards Will Provide Storage For The New Equipment Needed To

£4,998 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
27 Sep 2004 Libra Theatre Company, Cambridge

Group Offers A Supportive Environment Adult Actors, Most Of Whom Have Disabilities. Their Project Is A New Production Called 'This Island'S Mine' Inspired By 'The Tempest'. Productions And Rehearsals Will Lead To A 'Work In Progress' Showing To Cam Mind I

£3,920 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
18 May 2004 Heroes Return Award to an individual

A Second World War Veteran from Haverhill has been awarded a grant towards travel costs for a commemorative visit to France in June of this year. Funding has also been provided for a carer to travel with the Veteran

£525 New Opportunities Fund
7 Jan 2004 Steeple Bumpstead Players

Rural Arts Group Uses Award To Run Technical Workshops To Developnecessary Skills In Young People And Therafter Using The Skills To Produce And Present A Short Film In Their Own Community

£2,900 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 Sep 2003 The Junior Section of Haverhill Golf Club

The Project Comprises: A Golf Development Plan Involving A 6 Week Coaching Programme Delivered To 6 Schools By A Professional Coach; Training And The Loan Of Equipment For 12 Primary Teachers To Enable Them To Guide And Support Pupils; Tri-Golf Sets To B

£3,099 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
21 Jan 2002 Sturmer Parish Council

Group want to turn a piece of reclaimed land into a pocket park serving all members of the community. Group would use award for play equipment, landscaping and other community facilities.

£3,932 New Opportunities Fund
21 Jan 2002 Steeple Bumpstead Parish Council

Is to provide for saftey improvements to modern standards with new safety surface surrounding fixed play equipment together with fencing to prevent risk to children and restrict spread of bark surface SCA IQL

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
4 Jan 2001 Steeple Bumpstead Pre-School Playgroup

The project will improve the playgroup teaching environment and enhance the children's learning opportunities by replacing ageing teaching equipment and books and providing mobile partitions to allow segregation of activities within the large village hall

£5,000 Community Fund
19 Dec 2000 Steeple Bumpstead Pre-School Playgroup

To enable the group to increase children participation in music and extend activites in science award will provide for relevant staff training.

£3,280 Community Fund
9 Feb 2000 Stansted Skater Hockey Club

Progressing from its initial success this club will develop its activities by increasing training sessions targeting league competitions. The award will help by providing protective kit.

£3,960 Sport England
18 Aug 1999 Sturmer Village Hall

This rural charity will use its award to ensure that its community groups have enhanced facilities and equipment available for the new Millennium. Tables & chairs for children and adults, chair trolley, storage facilities, carpet bowls equipment and displ

£4,996 Community Fund
21 Aug 1995 Haverhill Golf Club Limited (By Guarantee)

Development of aditional nine holes on existing nine hole course

£82,219 Sport England