Lottery grants awarded to Fenland, Eastern in 2001

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
19 Nov 2001 Queens School

School uses an award to develop links with local sports clubs in promoting after school coaching in various sports.

£360 Sport England
6 Nov 2001 Fenland District Council (on behalf of March Regeneration Pa


£19,020 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Oct 2001 Isle College

The project will enhance access to education and training opportunities across a sparsely populated and disadvantaged rural area. Using the loccal further education college as the administrative centre and hub learning centre, the plan is to set up a net

£159,000 New Opportunities Fund
17 Sep 2001 Cavalry School Playgroup

An award provides furniture and equipment to enable more children to benefit from playgroup facilities.

£3,080 Community Fund
17 Sep 2001 Chatteris Good Companions Meet

An Social Biography Of Fenland Life, Comprising 70 Odd Contributions By Members And Covering A Timespan Of 80 Years+ Recounting The Life And Times Of Local People, Printed And Published Through This Award.

£2,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Sep 2001 The Lions' Den

In response to growing demand for the out-of-school club and local playgroup this active club uses its award to pay for feasibility costs towards a larger, permanant new accommodation block.

£3,400 New Opportunities Fund
17 Sep 2001 SK8 WAY

Skateboarding Youth Have Formed This Group To Raise Funds To Regenerate Their Local Bmx/Skate Park And Use An Award To Implement Plans

£4,922 Sport England
17 Sep 2001 Peterborough & District Womens Football League

League uses their award to promote football and provide an introduction to the sport amongst a new group of girls with a 30 week coaching programme.

£1,638 Sport England
17 Sep 2001 Whittlesey Cricket Club

"An Award Enables Local Rural Cricket Club To Provide An All Weather Pitch To Extend Coaching Opportunities, Particularly Amongst Children And Juniors."

£5,000 Sport England
17 Sep 2001 Fenland Mini-Soccer League

Girls Across The District Of Fenland Will Be Encouraged To Participate In The Game Of Football As Club To Use Award To Establish 2 New U11 & 13 Girls Leagues With The Help Of An Award

£4,600 Sport England
20 Aug 2001 Cambridgeshire County Council (Neale-Wade Community College)

Construction of a Floodlit Artificial Turf Pitch.

£286,244 Sport England
25 Jul 2001 Chatteris Cricket Club

"This Award Helps Rural Cricket Club To Attract More Young People, Women And Girls To Take Up Develop Skills In And Enjoy The Sport."

£5,000 Sport England
25 Jul 2001 Neale Wade Gymnastics Club

Award Will Provide Young Gymnasts With Equipment And Coach Education To Strengthen Club Infrastructure.

£5,000 Sport England
23 Jul 2001 Fenland DC

Sports & Recreation Equity Officer

£61,000 Sport England
25 Jun 2001 Pre-School Learning Alliance

The grant will be used to create 50 before-school places and 156 after-school places by creating 1 new project and extending 5 existing schemes in the city of Peterborough. The places will cater for children aged 3 - 11 years old. 7 local schools will be

£70,806 New Opportunities Fund
8 Jun 2001 March Tattoo Festival Committee

A New Free Fenland Music Festival Of Marching Bands And Dancing - Helping To Bring Differing Styles Of Performance To The Public And To Develop Performance Skills Is Provided With The Help Of An Award

£3,921 Arts Council England
8 Jun 2001 A + J Productions

Newly Established Theatre Group Uses Award To Contribute To Their First Production Of 'Billy' Providing Opportunities For Members To Work With Professionals To Improve And Develop Skills.

£5,000 Arts Council England
8 Jun 2001 Whittlesey Scout & Guide Joint Committee

Scouts and Guides use an award to replace the roof and gutters of their headquarters.

£5,000 Community Fund
8 Jun 2001 Manea Youth Cricket Club

"An Award Will Mean That Local Youth, Women And Girls And Other Local Groups Will Have The Opportunity To Benefit From The Return Of Cricket Facilities Through The Provision Of An Artificial Pitch."

£4,309 Sport England
28 Mar 2001 North Cambridgeshire Schools Sports Development Assn

"An Award Promotes Sports Development Amongst Young People In Fenland Area And Provides Opportunities For Young People To Enjoy Coaching, Competition And Meeting Others"

£4,250 Sport England
28 Mar 2001 Wisbech St Mary Playing Field Association

"An Award Enables Playing Field Association To Extend Playing Facilities For Young People, Women And Girls By Installing An Artificial Cricket Wicket."

£4,944 Sport England
15 Feb 2001 Pre-School Learning Alliance

The grant will be used to provide 10 before- school places and 53 after-school places for children aged 3-5 years old in the urban city of Peterborough. It will serve 4 local schools.

£27,178 New Opportunities Fund