Lottery grants awarded to Ipswich in 2015

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
27 Nov 2015 Ian Marshall Football Foundation

The organisation will use the funding to run a programme of physically and mentally challenging activities to promote healthier lifestyles and improve emotional wellbeing. This will enable the organisation to provide for young people and reduce the impact poverty is having on emotional and physical health in the area.

£9,990 Big Lottery Fund
24 Nov 2015 Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service

The Rendlesham Collection of Anglo-Saxon archaeology

£31,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Nov 2015 PHOEBE

This charity will use the funding to expand upon its domestic violence awareness programme by delivering additional workshops covering identifying abuse, help available and life skills such as English classes, welfare advice and legal support. These sessions will help to empower women who are experiencing or are at risk of domestic abuse to identify the signs and know where to go for help. They will also learn about their rights and develop the skills to become independent and seek local support.

£9,991 Big Lottery Fund
5 Nov 2015 Ipswich Community Media CIC

This organisation will use the funding to work with young people from a diverse range of backgrounds and communities to deliver training in media, IT and technical skills. The training will improve media skills and help the young people to work on social, communication and team working skills. The sessions will create routes to employment, volunteering and further training, reducing the risk of deprivation and isolation as well as encouraging greater aspirations and achievement.

£9,950 Big Lottery Fund
14 Oct 2015 Unscene Suffolk Limited

When I Grow Up

£10,001 Arts Council England
29 Sep 2015 Sidegate Primary School

Northgate Pyramid Project ? 6 Schools, 1 Town!

£15,000 Arts Council England
29 Sep 2015 Fusion

The restoration of Grade II listed Broomhill Pool to provide swimming, fitness and community facilities

£3,299,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Sep 2015 Headway Suffolk Ltd

The organisation will use the funding to purchase a new vehicle that will provide discreet transport and assistance to people with acquired brain injury or neurological conditions. This will enable service users to access local services and amenities in a plain vehicle that will not draw attention to their disability, improving their confidence and integration into the community, as well as supporting their recovery and rehabilitation.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
25 Aug 2015 Community Action Suffolk

The organisation will use the funding to carry out a pilot project with 15 local organisations in identifying and measuring social impact and develop a best practice model for the voluntary and community sector. This will enable the group to carry an up to date and relevant piece of research into current community activities and their impact, and provide local groups with feedback on how to improve impact as well as creating a model of best practice for all local advisory and support bodies.

£9,912 Big Lottery Fund
13 Aug 2015 Headway Suffolk Ltd

A project to extend across the whole of Suffolk to support adults with a traumatic brain injury and to further expand its service to support anyone suffering from any neurological condition, including children. It will offer physiotherapy, neurological and speech therapy, and counselling for informal groups or individual session therapies to support people with daily living skills, applying for employment, volunteering opportunities and accessing education or help with housing applications.

£383,238 Big Lottery Fund
19 Jul 2015 South Suffolk Low Carbon Food Community Interest Company

A project in Ipswich to carry out a feasibility study into creating a new community facility on its farm facility. This will enable the group to consult with the wider community and local organisations on facilities and services needed to create an effective community venue.

£9,927 Big Lottery Fund
13 Jul 2015 Outreach Youth

A project in Great Cornard, Suffolk to pilot a detached youth work project that will engage young people in positive activities, transform their lives and reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and gang-related activity.

£9,286 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jun 2015 Ipswich Rowing Club

Start-up facilities

£9,900 Sport England
16 Jun 2015 Bangladeshi Support Centre (BSC)

1 Big Multicultural Festival 2015

£9,930 Arts Council England
10 Jun 2015 St Elizabeth Hospice (Suffolk)

The organisation will use the funding to purchase tablet computers that will be used by nurses and specialists carrying out home health visits with service users. This will enable staff to carry out visits and health checks using IT equipment to look up patient information and advice quickly in order to provide support promptly, and enable staff to see more patients and provide support to a wider range of patients and families.

£9,782 Big Lottery Fund
4 Jun 2015 St Margaret's PCC, Ispwich

Ensuring the future of bell-ringing at St Margaret's Church, Ipswich and celebrating our heritage

£149,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Jun 2015 St Margaret's PCC, Ipswich

Ensuring the future of bell-ringing at St Margaret's Church, Ipswich and celebrating our heritage

£149,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
18 May 2015 24th Ipswich Scout Group

The organisation will use the funding to carry out repairs to its parquet flooring and repair the damp-proofing on its premises. This will enable the group to remove and replace rotten flooring and ensure the building is protected from damp so that it can provide a safe and hygienic facility for its members and local community groups.

£9,588 Big Lottery Fund
6 May 2015 Amy Mallett

Paperwork! The Physical Musical

£6,743 Arts Council England
17 Apr 2015 Friends of Ipswich Town FC

The organisation will use the funding to develop a programme encouraging pupils at Key Stage 2 to improve their literacy skills through interviewing local football players and acting as members of the press with visits to the football ground and resource packs. This will enable the group to use football and journalism to engage with pupils and assist them in developing and improving listening, speaking and writing skills to improve educational attainment and future opportunities.

£9,915 Big Lottery Fund
8 Apr 2015 Peppery Productions

Global Rhythm 2015 - The Peppery Stage

£11,125 Arts Council England
7 Apr 2015 The New Wolsey Theatre Company Limited

The organisation will use the funding to deliver workshops to young people at local venues, secondary schools and pupil referral units with activities designed to raise aspirations through discussions, creative exploration and self-expression. This will provide young people with low aspirations and low chances of educational attainment with support to give them a voice and opportunities.

£8,463 Big Lottery Fund
7 Apr 2015 Suffolk County Council

Suffolk Get Healthy Get into Sport Project

£148,981 Sport England
20 Mar 2015 Community Action Suffolk

Community Action Suffolk

£3,105 Big Lottery Fund
17 Mar 2015 Gecko Theatre Ltd

Application for NPO funding 2015-2018

£661,205 Arts Council England
11 Feb 2015 Association for Suffolk Museums

Creative Heritage in Mind

£39,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jan 2015 Beatrice Willey

The Lion, White Horse, and the Mermaid stories

£4,120 Arts Council England