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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
15 Nov 2017 Chloe France

RandD The Witches and the Singing Mice 2018

£7,573 Arts Council England
7 Jun 2017 ASSET Education

The group will install a trim trail on the school grounds to provide physical activity opportunities for children.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
10 Feb 2017 Bungay High School

14Up Fitness

£10,000 Sport England
6 Jan 2017 Bungay High School

This project will convert a disused lecture theatre into a small performance space for student and community group performances. This will provide an opportunity for pupils who are lacking in confidence to participate in community performances which will increase their self-esteem.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
17 Sep 2016 Black Dog Judo Club

This project will use funding to conduct an extensive feasibility study to help re-shape services and ensure they are suitable for addressing local health needs.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
15 Jan 2016 Luke Wright

What I Learned From Johnny Bevan, London run & tour

£12,774 Arts Council England
26 Sep 2014 Luke Wright

What I learned from Johnny Bevan

£14,887 Arts Council England
15 Jan 2014 Bungay Black Dog Running Club

"Additional coaches, training equipment and portable lighting"

£5,290 Sport England
20 Dec 2013 Bungay Camera Club

This is a project by a voluntary organisation in Bungay, Suffolk. The organisation will use the funding to update their digital projector. This will enable the organisation to continue to expand their activities and those of other community groups who bor

£2,458 Big Lottery Fund
18 Jun 2013 Roger Eno

The St Swithun s Project

£10,000 Arts Council England
14 Oct 2011 Waveney and Blyth Arts

Songs of the River - Waveney & Blyth Choral Projec

£9,750 Arts Council England
6 Jul 2011 Waveney & Blyth Arts

This is a project by a voluntary and community organisation in Suffolk. The group will use the funding to celebrate the character of the local area by encouraging people to participate in daily Blyth Navigation Walks. The group will also create a website

£9,349 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2011 Heroes Return Award to an individual

A Second World War veteran from Suffolk has been awarded a grant towards travel costs for a commemorative visit to Normany in October 2011. Funding has been provided for one Second World War veteran and one carer.

£875 Big Lottery Fund
13 Apr 2011 Luke Wright

Luke Wright s Cynical Ballads

£2,000 Arts Council England
2 Jun 2010 Luke Wright

Luke Wright - Development Grant

£39,424 Arts Council England
16 Dec 2009 Bungay Black Dog Running Club

Bungay Community Running Recruitment

£7,500 Sport England
17 Aug 2009 Bungay Film Club

Bungay Film Club

£500 UK Film Council
26 Mar 2009 Luke Wright

How I discovered leisure wear

£8,000 Arts Council England
12 Mar 2008 Luke Wright

Who writes this crap? East to Edinburgh

£9,497 Arts Council England
14 Dec 2007 Mettingham PCC


£24,229 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Aug 2007 Flixton Village Hall

Flixton Village Hall will install a disabled toilet in an existing hallway, construct a new main entrance and disabled parking bays.

£4,386 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
22 Jan 2007 Bungay Arts & Theatre Society

Bungay Arts And Theatre Society Provide Facilities For Recreational, Educational, Cultural And Artistic Activities For The Benefit Of The People Of Bungay And The Surrounding Areas. Following A Recent Refurbishment Of The Theatre This Project Will Provide

£9,424 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
20 Dec 2006 Bungay & District Sports Association Ltd

This Sports Association Aims To Install An Irrigation System Suitable For Their Sports Field. This Will Allow More Sporting Activities To Take Place During The Summer Months, As The System Will Help The Grass To Repair Itself.

£9,400 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Oct 2006 Bungay Youth Association

This Group Provides Recreation Facilities For The Youth Of The Area Of Bungay In Suffolk. Their Project Is To Extend Their Existing Skate Park By Providing An Additional Piece Of Equipment For More Experienced Skaters. This Will Benefit The Youngsters By

£8,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
9 May 2006 The Mettingham Village Hall Association

The Award Will Fund A Major Refurbishment Of The Kitchen And Toilets In Mettingham Village Hall. The Current Kitchen Is Unusable So A New Kitchen Is To Be Built At The Far End Of The Building. The Old Kitchen And Toilet Will Be Converted Into A New Toilet

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
16 Dec 2005 Mettingham PCC

All Saints Church

£24,127 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Aug 2005 Bungay High School

The School Will Provide Further Equipment And Resources In Order To Extend Duke Of Edinburgh Award Activities For Existing Participants And To Meet Demand From Newcomers Who Would Like To Take Part In This Broad-Based Extra Curricular Activity. The Nation

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 Jun 2005 Bungay Town Festival

An award has been made to the Bungay Town Festival to allow them to hold a street party style event in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of WW2.

£1,000 New Opportunities Fund
6 Jun 2005 Friends of St Marys Church Bungay

The 'Friends' Group - Of St Mary'S Bungay, Which Is Now Used As A Commmunity Resource To House Concerts, Exhibitions And Festivals, Will Use An Award To Provide An Embroidered Wall-Hanging, Under The Tuition Of A Skilled Artist. Creating The Embroidery, W

£3,281 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
26 May 2005 Bungay Museum

Bungay Museum in Suffolk will use an award to hold an exhibition commemorating life in their town during the War years. This will include a reconstructed air-raid shelter, an educational film, an exhibition of artefacts, photographs, etc, and family learn

£5,160 New Opportunities Fund
26 May 2005 Friends of Bungay Veterans VE-VJ Celebrations

The Friends of Bungay Veterans have been awarded a grant to hold a 1940's themed celebration to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of World War Two.

£700 New Opportunities Fund
25 Dec 2004 Cut Dance

New group, established to extend dance and visual arts opportunities to people with learning difficulties, are to run workshops and a residential course including an opportunity to work with nationally acclaimed dance organisation Blue Eyed Soul. After ru

£4,990 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
21 Aug 2004 Bungay Town Football Club

Responding To Demand From Women And Girls In The Locality To Provide Opportunities For Training And Playing Football - Setting Up New Teams, Improving Facilities And Providing Necessary Kit And Training Equipment As Well As Training 3 Team Managers To Fa

£4,910 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
27 Jul 2004 Orange Opera

Slices of Orange

£4,700 Arts Council England
24 Jul 2004 Bungay Youth Association

To Provide A Recreation Space For Local Young People Together With Sports And Play Equipment For Both Able Bodied And Disabled Users.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
7 Jul 2004 Bungay & District Sports Association

Bungay & District Sports Association: Youth Sport

£3,997 Sport England
18 May 2004 Heroes Return Award to an individual

A Second World War Veteran from Suffolk has been awarded a grant towards travel costs for a commemorative visit to France in June of this year. Funding has also been provided for a spouse and a carer to travel with the Veteran.

£780 New Opportunities Fund
21 Nov 2003 Bungay Arts & Theatre Society

Fisher Theatre Project

£334,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Jun 2003 Bungay & District Sports Association

Bungay & District Sports Association: Youth Sport

£79,375 Sport England
2 Jun 2003 Bungay High School

A New Stock Of Loan Equipment And Training Resources To Enable More Young People To Get Involved In The Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme And Take Part In A Range Of Outdoor Activities Including Expeditions, Climbing And Hill Walking.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
31 Mar 2003 Orange Opera Limited

Group To Organise An Inclusive Community Music Exploration Of The Evolution Of Opera Through Staged Excerpts, Workshops And Touring Through Norfolk And Suffolk

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
28 Feb 2003 Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum

Hangar Two, Flixton

£77,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Feb 2003 Bungay in Bloom

Environmental/Conservation Group Would Use An Award To Enhance The Local Environment By Planting The12c Castle Grounds With Native Species/Herbs/Flowers/Shrubs And Thereafter Maintaining Amenity For Enjoyment Of The Community And Visitors

£1,173 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
31 Jan 2003 Named Individual


£5,000 UK Film Council
29 Jul 2002 The Mettingham Village Hall Association

Bringing The Hall Up To Modern Standards With Improved Safety And Security To Extend The Community Events And Activities That Can Be Held In The Village Hall.

£4,835 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
10 Apr 2002 Bungay Arts & Theatre Society

Is To Run 4 Weeks Of Workshops For Children In Art, Pottery, Masks, Metal Art, Fabric Design, Puppets And Stained Glass To Enable Them To Develop Skills And Grow Through Their Learning. Also For The Children (Under Tutor Supervision) To Paint A Mural On

£3,120 Arts Council England
17 Sep 2001 Orange Opera Limited

An Award Enables This Charity To Hold Participative Singing Workshops In Primary Schools In Norwich And Kings Lynn And To Hold A Series Of Semi-Staged Concerts Entitled 'Slices Of Orange'.

£5,000 Arts Council England
11 Sep 2001 Bungay High School

The school will run a homework club, sports and outdoor activity programme, key skills development workshops and special interest workshops. The aim is to raise academic standards, improve basic skills and motivation and develop self-esteem.

£41,830 New Opportunities Fund
12 Apr 2000 Bungay Cherry Tree Angling Club

Provision of fishing positions to correct standard and deeping/reweeding of lake will enable increased participation and access to the sport for people with disabilities.

£4,959 Sport England
26 Mar 1998 Bungay Area Community Transport

This project will improve and expand the community transport services offered in this very rural area. This three year grant will pay for the salary of a full time Project Co-ordinator, office equipment and running costs.

£65,655 Community Fund
10 Dec 1997 Bungay Arts And Theatre Society

A Stage One Feasibility Study

£18,000 Arts Council England
11 Jun 1997 Contemporary Opera Group

A New Opera By William Drew-Batty-'The Black Dog'

£4,455 Arts Council England
20 May 1997 Bungay Castle Trust Ltd

Bungay Castle Orchard Purchase

£23,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Apr 1997 Waveney District Council

Bungay CAPS

£48,489 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Mar 1997 Bungay Arts And Theatre Society

Bungay Arts and Theatre Society - Arts Workshops for Children and Young People

£4,750 Arts Council England