Lottery grants awarded to Hatfield in 2017

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
29 Sep 2017 University Of Hertfordshire

Satellite Clubs

£60,643 Sport England
14 Sep 2017 Hatfield Lawn Tennis and Bowls Club Limited

Asbestos removal and new lighting for indoor bowls club

£15,000 Sport England
21 Jun 2017 Brookmans Park Primary School

The funding will be used by a school to create a performance area within the school grounds. The project aims to improve the general health, wellbeing and development of children living in a rurally isolated village through the provision of an outdoor performance and seating facility.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
19 Jun 2017 Friends of Acacia Mews

The funding will be used to run befriending services for people who are living with dementia and may be approaching the end of their life. The project aims to make people feel less lonely and scared during a difficult time in their lives.

£9,679 Big Lottery Fund
12 May 2017 University of Hertfordshire

Big HErts

£91,119 Sport England
4 Apr 2017 Groundwork Luton and Bedfordshire

The funding will be used by a charity to commission a study into an underused cycle and bridleway route including a condition assessment, route audit, asset inspection and community consultation. This will be used to support a future bid for improvement works to increase usage of the route.

£9,580 Big Lottery Fund
29 Mar 2017 Herts Young Homeless Group

This project will use mediation to help families resolve conflict, improve relationships and prevent children from being looked after by social services or made homeless at the age of 16. Conflict in the home can affect many areas of a child?s life including school attendance, educational attainment and antisocial behaviour. Activities will be tailored for each family, and will tackle some of these issues by encouraging listening, understanding each other?s perspectives and productive communication.

£307,885 Big Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2017 North Mymms Memorial Hall

This project will use funding to upgrade the village hall's kitchen facilities. This will replace the old and unhygienic kitchen and improve the facilities for greater use of the village hall by the local community.

£9,645 Big Lottery Fund
7 Mar 2017 FamilyLives

This group will work with Grandparents Plus through a combination of support provision, evaluation and awareness raising in order to increase the visibility of and support for kinship carers and children. The project will also explore how to bring about long term systems change at scale. The group aims to promote the benefits of peer support and show the benefits of kinship care.

£725,773 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jan 2017 University of Hertfordshire

CSP Funding 2014-17

£326,672 Sport England
4 Jan 2017 Hertfordshire Football Futures Community Interest Company

This project will provide a 10 month programme of football alongside health and fitness activities for young people aged 11-16 years of age. This will provide opportunities for young people to be more active and engage in positive activities which will improve their health and wellbeing.

£9,860 Big Lottery Fund
4 Jan 2017 Hertfordshire Tornadoes Women's American Football

Hertfordshire Tornadoes Women?s American Football Club

£9,764 Sport England