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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
17 Jan 1997 New Millennium Experience Company

The Millennium Dome

£600,000,000 Millennium Commission
9 Dec 2014 Power to Change Trust

Power to Change Trust

£149,234,062 Big Lottery Fund
18 Jan 1999 Wembley National Stadium Ltd

"English National Stadium, Wembley"

£120,000,000 Sport England
20 Dec 2002 The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

This new -100m fund will enable people across the UK to apply for grants to undertake projects to benefit themselves and their community. The scheme will build upon the success of the Millennium Awards Scheme operated by the Millennium Commission between

£100,000,000 Millennium Commission
17 Jul 1995 Royal Opera House Covent Garden

Restoration, Refurbishment and Extension of Royal Opera House

£78,500,000 Arts Council England
21 Jul 2004 Sport England

Active England is a jointly funded programme between the New Opportunities Fund (?77.5millon) and Sport England (?31million) which aims to encourage creative approaches that will begin to drive up physical activity levels and sports participation rates in

£73,986,534 New Opportunities Fund
16 Mar 1996 Tate Gallery

Tate Gallery

£51,357,700 Millennium Commission
17 Sep 2002 South Bank Board Ltd

Restoration and refurbishment of the Royal Festival Hall

£49,026,162 Arts Council England
13 Nov 1996 Sadlers Wells

Redevelopment of Sadlers Wells Theatre

£46,984,207 Arts Council England
11 Jun 2003 UK Community Foundations

The Community Foundation Network will manage a single investment of ?50m to create a ten-year expendable annuity fund for areas across the UK which have been identified as Fair Share areas by the Fund. The Fair Share Trust will build capacity and sustaina

£38,650,000 New Opportunities Fund
25 Jun 2014 National Children's Bureau

National Children's Bureau

£36,035,060 Big Lottery Fund
13 Dec 2011 The Confederation of British Service and Ex-Service Organisa

The Forces in Mind Trust, led by the Confederation of British Service and Ex-service Organisations' (COBSEO), will provide UK-wide long-term support and advocacy for former forces personnel to make a successful transition to civilian life, including those

£34,808,423 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jun 2011 Olympic Delivery Authority

Olympic Aquatics Centre

£34,000,000 Sport England
2 Apr 1996 Royal National Theatre Board

Improvement of public spaces & plant modernisation

£32,090,000 Arts Council England
30 Sep 2000 Sport England

Playing Fields and Playing Pitch Strategies -22.3m. Investing in playing fields and the development of playing pitch strategies. The strategies will set out what exists, the demand and priorities for development of public, private and voluntary recreation

£31,551,479 New Opportunities Fund
21 May 1996 Gilbert Collection Trust

Gilbert Collection, Somerset House

£30,750,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Nov 1997 British Museum

British Museum

£30,000,000 Millennium Commission
7 Nov 2002 The Football Foundation

As part of the new opportunities for PE and sport programme, the Football Foundation will support the modernisation and new build of school football facilities in England. Grants of up to -1 million are available to over 20,000 primary and secondary schoo

£30,000,000 New Opportunities Fund
15 May 1996 Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art

To purchase and redevelop building

£26,146,851 Arts Council England
2 Jul 2013 The Football Association

NGB Funding 2013-17

£25,905,915 Sport England
25 Jan 2005 Cutty Sark Trust

Cutty Sark Conservation Project

£25,001,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
15 Oct 2014 ADDACTION

Addaction will manage a portfolio of older people projects which will deliver five projects, one each in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, and two in England. Each project will encompass a range of activities delivering targeted, community focused services to at-risk beneficiaries, led by the needs of the local community. The longer term goal of Drink Wise, Age Well is to inform and influence policy and improve practice in preventing alcohol misuse amongst people aged 50+.

£24,949,932 Big Lottery Fund
11 Mar 2015 Access - The Foundation for Social Investment

This wholesale fund will address the gap in the social investment market, enabling the provision of smaller scale finance (i.e. unsecured investment with affordable terms up to ?150,000 in size), via Social Investment Finance Intermediaries to frontline VCSE organisations attempting to make the transition from grant dependency to generating income from trading and be more self sustaining.

£23,471,803 Big Lottery Fund
28 Jun 2002 Sport England

A three year programme to improve sports and arts facilities in 250-300 primary schools through new build/refurbishment.The programme is a collaboration between DfES, DCMS, Sport England, New Opportunities Fund and Arts Council of England. The main focus

£23,450,000 New Opportunities Fund
26 Mar 1996 Science Museum

Science Museum, Wellcome Wing, South Kensington, London

£23,000,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Jan 2003 South Bank Centre

Royal Festival Hall: Restoration and Renovation (Auditorium)

£22,176,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Sep 1995 English Stage Company

Completion of plan to restore & enhance fabric and facilities at the Royal Court Theatre

£21,159,031 Arts Council England
17 Jul 2001 Natural History Museum

Darwin Centre

£20,500,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Apr 1996 Corporation of the Hall of Arts & Sciences

Royal Albert Hall Development, London

£20,180,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
15 Jan 2001 English National Opera

Stage Three (part 2)Refurbishment of the Colesium

£20,167,012 Arts Council England
24 Jan 1996 Royal Albert Hall

Redevelopment of Albert Hall

£19,799,145 Arts Council England
15 Oct 1997 English National Opera

Pilot Stabilisation Programme,1 [Interim Award]

£19,650,000 Arts Council England
16 Mar 2015 English National Ballet

Application for NPO funding 2015-2018

£18,642,000 Arts Council England
12 Feb 1997 Tate Gallery

Centenary Development, Tate Gallery

£18,447,102 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Jan 2013 Royal National Theatre

National Theatre - Capital stage two

£17,500,000 Arts Council England
23 Apr 2013 Alexandra Park and Palace Charitable Trust

Alexandra Palace: Reclaiming the People's Palace

£16,799,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Jun 2013 Rugby Football Union

NGB Funding 2013-17

£16,750,000 Sport England
23 Apr 2013 Tate

Aspire (Constable 'Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows')

£15,800,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2011 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The Temperate House Project

£15,581,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Jul 2003 St Martin in the Fields

St Martin-in-the-Fields

£15,365,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Jul 1997 British Museum

British Museum - Education & Information Centre

£15,198,859 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Jun 1998 Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum British Galleries

£15,000,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Mar 2013 National Skills Academy

Creative employment programme

£15,000,000 Arts Council England
13 Aug 2013 England and Wales Cricket Board

NGB Funding 2013-17

£15,000,000 Sport England
10 Jun 1997 Ocean Music Trust

Development of a music venue

£14,943,567 Arts Council England
21 Feb 1996 London Borough of Tower Hamlets

The transformation of this segmented and under-utilised open space into a park for the 21st Century is set to provide a model for future urban park design. The park itself comprises distinct areas for play contemplation education and relaxation all connec

£14,722,009 Millennium Commission
19 Oct 1999 Laban Centre For Movement & Dance

Construction of Dance Centre

£14,701,538 Arts Council England
13 Nov 1996 British Film Institute

IMAX cinema

£14,579,639 Arts Council England
17 Feb 2006 National Children's Bureau

The charity will design and build a regionally based, sustainable play support & development infrastructure for England. It will work with existing regional play networks. The structure will support local agencies in the public, voluntary, community & soc

£14,494,368 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jul 1997 Council of the Museum of the Port of London & Docklands

Museum in Docklands, London

£14,246,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Jul 1996 London Borough Of Newham

Creation of the stratford cultural quarter

£13,828,599 Arts Council England
24 Aug 1998 London Borough Of Newham

New East Ham Leisure Centre

£13,494,534 Sport England
24 Apr 2012 Royal Academy of Arts

Revealing, celebrating and exploring the heritage of the Royal Academy of Arts

£12,733,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Oct 1999 Hampstead Theatre

Stage 3 application

£12,730,960 Arts Council England
19 Nov 1996 Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum, South West Infill Development

£12,624,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Jul 2003 Government Office London

Government Office London

£12,211,597 New Opportunities Fund
28 Mar 2012 Southbank Centre Limited

Annual project for 2011/2012 ( Lottery )

£12,118,454 Arts Council England
20 Feb 1996 National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum, Neptune Hall Project, Greenwich, London

£12,050,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Mar 2002 The Football Foundation

Football Association - The Football Foundation

£12,000,000 Sport England
12 Feb 1997 National Portrait Gallery

NPG Centenary Development

£11,900,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Apr 2012 National Army Museum

Building for the Future

£11,850,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Apr 2013 England Golf Partnership

NGB Funding 2013-17

£11,824,348 Sport England
18 Jul 2007 Greater London Authority

This portfolio will be delivered over five years with projects in 20 of the 33 boroughs of London. The portfolio includes 15 new projects and will have the greatest impact on mental health. It will also include a range of projects and activities aimed a

£11,746,000 Big Lottery Fund
19 Jul 2005 Museum of London

The Galleries of Modern London and Learning Centre Project

£11,565,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Jul 2003 The National Gallery

Raphael's Madonna of the Pinks

£11,500,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Apr 2015 Geffrye Museum Trust

Unlocking the Geffrye

£11,005,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jul 2000 English National Opera

Restoration of the London Coliseum

£10,980,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Oct 1995 Shakespeare Globe Trust

Reconstruction of Shakespeares Globe Theatre

£10,845,430 Arts Council England
25 May 2006 England and Wales Cricket Board

Cricket (Whole Sport Plan)

£10,812,224 Sport England
30 Sep 2000 Barnardo's

Barnardo's and the Children's Play Council are working in partnership to deliver Better Play a four-year England-wide programme. The two organisations will produce opportunities for children to play safely within their neighbourhoods, to enhance the healt

£10,777,411 New Opportunities Fund
25 Feb 2011 Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

Olympic Velodrome

£10,500,000 Sport England
21 Nov 1997 Somerset House Ltd

Somerset House Restoration

£10,278,750 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Apr 2001 Royal Albert Dock Trust

Royal Albert Dock Watersports Centre

£10,205,000 Sport England
16 Jun 1997 London Borough Of Hackney

Clissold Leisure Centre

£10,028,979 Sport England
27 Mar 2009 Amateur Rowing Association

Performance Pathway

£10,017,374 UK Sport
19 Apr 2011 The British Museum

The British Museum World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre

£10,000,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Sep 2012 Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House - Capital stage two

£10,000,000 Arts Council England
13 Jun 2017 Rugby Football Union

NGB Funding 2017-21

£10,000,000 Sport England
26 Mar 2013 ADDACTION

This is a project led by Addaction, a charity and registered company based in London, serving the development of the Multiple and Complex Needs partnership in the Blackpool target area.

£9,997,458 Big Lottery Fund
13 Feb 2013 Federation of London Youth Clubs

Delivery will be based on methods that young people have identified would make the biggest difference including creative methods to reach those most in need, possibly including sport or arts led activities, one-to-one support to help meet young people's i

£9,975,912 Big Lottery Fund
23 May 2013 Shelter, The National Campaign for Homeless People Limited

This is a project led by Shelter, the National Campaign for Homeless People Limited a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee based in London serving the development of the Multiple and Complex Needs partnership in the Manchester target area

£9,944,466 Big Lottery Fund
25 Feb 2014 Social Investment Business Foundation

Social Investment Business Foundation

£9,931,994 Big Lottery Fund
23 Jul 1998 Horniman Public Museum & Public Park Trust

Horniman 2001, Forest Hill

£9,902,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Dec 2004 The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

This is an award scheme for 11 - 25 year olds which will be delivered by a consortium led by UnLtd with partners Prince's Trust, Scarman Trust and Changemakers. It will fund over 13,000 young people in England over 2.5 years. Its principal aims are to hel

£9,817,028 New Opportunities Fund
26 Mar 2013 Resolving Chaos C.I.C.

This is a project by Resolving Chaos, a community interest company based in London, serving the development of the Multiple and Complex Needs partnership in the Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham area.

£9,760,000 Big Lottery Fund
19 Jul 2005 Victoria and Albert Museum

V&A Medieval and Renaissance Galleries

£9,750,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Oct 2002 Westminster Primary Care Trust

The London Region will run a 18 month School Fruit Pilot scheme starting October 2002 to provide free fruit every school day to children aged four, five, and six in LEA-maintained infant schools. Every school will have volunteer staff to implement the ac

£9,737,119 New Opportunities Fund
9 Jan 2017 London Borough of Newham

London Borough of Newham

£9,708,355 Big Lottery Fund
28 Apr 2015 The British Library

Unlocking the UK's Sound Heritage

£9,568,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2016 Courtauld Institute of Art

Courtauld Connects

£9,500,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Jul 2003 London's Transport Museum

Covent Garden Project

£9,470,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Apr 2017 National Portrait Gallery

Inspiring People:Transforming Our National Portrait Gallery

£9,400,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Jun 2003 British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation ( BHF) will use the funding to provide community nurses for people with heart failure in England over the next five years. The scheme aims to improve the quality of life for patients and reduce hospital readmissions.

£9,302,733 New Opportunities Fund
19 Mar 2001 Hackney Empire

Restore and upgrade the Hackney Empire Theatre

£8,801,337 Arts Council England
22 Nov 1999 North Kensington Amenity Trust

Extension of facilities at Westway Sports Centre

£8,778,720 Sport England
8 Mar 2016 London Sport Limited

CSP Funding 2014-17

£8,686,611 Sport England
30 May 1998 Westminster City Council

Westminster City Council

£8,684,000 Millennium Commission
19 Jun 2009 Rugby Football Union

NGB Funding 2009-13

£8,551,226 Sport England
28 Nov 2012 The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

Building on Big Venture Challenge I?s success, a ?8,511,501 grant will help UnLtd to fund 100 social entrepreneurs. Selected from regions with underdeveloped social investment markets, experienced in tackling social issues and with potential to deliver o

£8,511,501 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jul 1997 National Gallery

Acquisition of 'Whistlejacket' by George Stubbs

£8,268,750 Heritage Lottery Fund