Lottery grants awarded to Bromley in 1999

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
30 Dec 1999 London Borough of Bromley

A brand new tennis centre with six indoor and four outdoor floodlit courts, changing facilities, reception area, offices and parking will be built at Newstead Wood School for Girls. It will be the focal point of tennis development in Southeast London an

£522,700 New Opportunities Fund
30 Dec 1999 London Borough of Bromley

This development grant will fund strategic planning to assist the capital funding scheme.

£20,000 New Opportunities Fund
30 Dec 1999 London Borough of Bromley

St Mary Cray Primary School will build a multi-use games area surrounded by a two-metre high rebound fence. This facility will be used by the 330 pupils at the school and 6,000 annual community visits. The community use will come primarily from the local

£79,695 New Opportunities Fund
30 Dec 1999 London Borough of Bromley

This project is to provide Burwood School with an athletics facility, which will include a netted shot, putt, discuss circle, long Jump pit. New running equipment will be supplied which includes hurdles, batons and starting block and other equipment will

£54,451 New Opportunities Fund
30 Dec 1999 Harris Federation

Harris Federation

£267,396 New Opportunities Fund
30 Dec 1999 Harris Federation

Harris Federation

£335,623 New Opportunities Fund
30 Dec 1999 Charles Darwin Academy Trust

Charles Darwin Academy Trust

£191,170 New Opportunities Fund
30 Dec 1999 The Kemnal Academies Trust

The Kemnal Academies Trust

£143,500 New Opportunities Fund
30 Dec 1999 London Borough of Bromley

The London Borough of Bromley will modernise a playground with a tarmac surface marked for football, rounders and netball. They will also create a Trim Trail for adventurous activities at St George's Primary School. These facilities will increase the spor

£17,410 New Opportunities Fund
3 Dec 1999 Inner London County Schools' Football Association

This group provides football for schools and districts within the Inner London boundaries. They run inter-schools and inter-district competitions. They wish to carry out their normal day-to-day activities. The money is for travel expenses.

£1,000 Sport England
2 Dec 1999 Community Care Enterprises Limited

The project aims to offer basic skills training to young offenders to help them gain access to employment or further education. The grant, over three years, is for the salary of one member of staff, running costs and office equipment.

£129,747 Community Fund
11 Nov 1999 Longford Offshore Sailing Associates

This group advances the education of people with disabilities in the arts of sailing navigation and seamanship. They will purchase equipment such as extra lifejackets audio compasses and safety lines in order for blind deaf or physically disabled peopl

£2,996 Sport England
5 Nov 1999 Crystal Vision Trust

This group promotes the welfare, culture and health of Afro-Caribbean people and also runs a Saturday school for children in the Penge/Anerley area of Bromley. The award will be used to encourage and promote learning for people aged over 25 through train

£4,950 Community Fund
20 Oct 1999 South London Training and Enterprise Council

The grant will support the extension of an existing out of school project by 40 places to include a holiday scheme and the creation of a new club with 24 places, both catering for children between 5-11 years. The schemes will be aimed at working and lon

£19,094 New Opportunities Fund
3 Sep 1999 University of the Third Age Bromley

This is a self-help group of retired people who organise a wide range of activities. The project is to hold an open day to celebrate the group's 10th anniversary and the Millennium. The aim of the open day is to increase awareness and recruit new member

£5,000 Community Fund
3 Sep 1999 Hayes Millennium Committee

This group will provide Millennium celebrations in Hayes, including public concerts, a street parade and a carnival. This project will provide opportunities for the local youth and drama/dance groups in the Hayes area to perform in the Millennium festivit

£4,000 Millennium Commission
3 Sep 1999 Bromley Cricket Club

This group exists for the playing and enjoyment of cricket lawn tennis squash racketball hockey and other sports activities. The award will be used to convert 2 hard tennis courts to accommodate basketball and netball whilst retaining a durable surfac

£5,000 Sport England
1 Sep 1999 Bromley

The award has provided training to ensure that teachers and school librarians are equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to make sound decisions about when and how to use ICT effectively in teaching.

£848,616 New Opportunities Fund
12 Jul 1999 Apres HTC Ltd

The grant will be used to establish a 40 place after school club operating in term time only. There will be 40 integrated places. Schools served will be the prep school of Holy Trinity College, initially with a possible extension to other local schools an

£15,321 New Opportunities Fund
17 Jun 1999 Bromley & Downham Boys Club

This group provides facilities for the education and recreation of children, particularly those from a deprived background. It aims to improve the spiritual, mental and physical well being of the children. The grant will be used to pay for the conversion

£3,850 Community Fund
17 Jun 1999 Starts Hill Playgroup

This group is a pre-school playgroup providing a safe, stimulating environment for pre-school children and their carers. The grant will be used to purchase computer equipment, a photocopier, a storage shed, a cabinet and play equipment.

£3,536 Community Fund
19 May 1999 Cystic Fibrosis Trust

The aim of the project is to discover the most appropriate method of removing the inflammation blocking the airways and damaging the lung tissues by gene therapy. The grant will pay for staffing and equipment costs.

£554,937 Community Fund
20 Apr 1999 The London Magistrates Courts Support and Information Servic

The project is a volunteering programme to provide information and advice from a helpdesk at Bromley Magistrates Court. The grant, over three years, is for staff salaries and running costs.

£32,323 Community Fund
20 Apr 1999 Bromley Borough Forum of Older People

This group provides opportunities for older people to discuss issues of relevance to them and a representative voice to communicate their views to officials and local government. The grant will be used to purchase a laptop computer, printer and accessorie

£5,000 Community Fund
4 Mar 1999 Crystal Vision Trust

This group promotes the welfare, culture and health of Afro-Caribbeans and provides a Saturday school for children. The money will pay for computor equipment, volunteer expenses, television and video equipment, books and educational materials.

£4,050 Community Fund
4 Mar 1999 Bromley Borough Local History Society

The Society promotes the study of the history of Bromley through meetings, exhibitions, publications and the provision of advice and information. The money will pay for the costs of a local interest publication, a projector and stand, an overhead projecto

£3,631 Community Fund
9 Feb 1999 Bromley Arts Council

The project is to construct a sensory garden for people with a range of disabilities in the grounds of an arts centre. The grant, over one year, is for the construction and landscaping of a garden.

£30,700 Community Fund
26 Jan 1999 Forum For The Arts In Bromley For Learning In Education

Fable For the 21st Century

£20,000 Arts Council England
13 Jan 1999 London Borough of Bromley

A year-long programme of arts environmental and cultural events to celebrate the Millennium.

£30,000 Millennium Commission
7 Jan 1999 Beckenham Contact Centre

This group provides a neutral, comfortable and safe meeting place where children of separated families can enjoy contact with one or both parents. The grant will enable the group to be represented at a national meeting and at three seminars.

£640 Community Fund