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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
11 Nov 2015 Tyler Woolcott

Artistic programme and development funding

£12,000 Arts Council England
27 Oct 2015 The Charles Dickens Museum

The Other Dickens

£8,000 Arts Council England
20 Oct 2015 3FF (Three Faiths Forum)

What Women Believe

£15,000 Arts Council England
8 Oct 2015 Pan Intercultural Arts

World Play London - games, stories and toys shared in London from across the world

£35,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Oct 2015 Rhum and Clay Theatre Company

Testosterone and 64 SQUARES London run

£14,575 Arts Council England
7 Oct 2015 SHM Foundation

Icon of Freedom Festival

£15,000 Arts Council England
7 Oct 2015 Shiamak Davar International Ltd (UK)

Shiamak s Confidance

£5,300 Arts Council England
23 Sep 2015 Chasney Maturine

Lightspeed Poets

£7,595 Arts Council England
22 Sep 2015 Icon Dance Limited

Museums Tour R n D

£15,000 Arts Council England
22 Sep 2015 Age UK

Age UK receives ?326,136 for a project using digital champions to support at least 2,000 older people in Oxfordshire, Leicestershire and Rutland to develop their digital skills. Local Age UKs will work with local organisations and businesses including health and social services, care homes, clubs, hairdressers and taxi drivers.

£326,145 Big Lottery Fund
17 Sep 2015 Jacquie Pepall

Then Dance Phase Three: How the Light Gets In

£15,000 Arts Council England
17 Sep 2015 Cocoon Family Support

The group will use the funding to deliver support groups for families affected by perinatal mental health issues. This will provide befriending, advice and support to beneficiaries, enabling wider awareness of available services.

£9,974 Big Lottery Fund
11 Sep 2015 British Shooting

NGB Funding 2013-17

£130,000 Sport England
3 Sep 2015 Baithak UK

Bengal Popular Art: Kalighat Patachitra

£15,000 Arts Council England
3 Sep 2015 The Camden Psychotherapy Unit

The group will use the funding to raise awareness within the local BME community about psychoanalytic psychotherapy and its benefits, as well as conduct outreach to understand the needs of these beneficiaries and their perception of mental health. This will enable beneficiaries to be informed about mental health provision and voice their needs and opinions.

£9,750 Big Lottery Fund
2 Sep 2015 Castlehaven Community Association

The group will use the funding to recruit residents, partners and young people at schools to engage in fact finding, clean up and gardening activities to improve the urban environment. This will train participants to improve the appearance of a nature park and social housing areas through increased planting and maintenance.

£9,949 Big Lottery Fund
1 Sep 2015 Katy Lipson

From Page To Stage - Season of New Musical Theatre

£25,819 Arts Council England
1 Sep 2015 Wendy Houstoun

R&D for Everything I do is STUPID

£35,000 Arts Council England
27 Aug 2015 AoC Sport Limited

AoC Development

£350,000 Sport England
25 Aug 2015 Revolting Productions

The group will use the funding to run a series of workshops to discuss core values, integration and Islamophobia for young people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, who will then create their own media piece to be shared within the community. This will encourage greater understanding of different cultures and provide an opportunity for beneficiaries to gain media skills to voice their opinions.

£9,602 Big Lottery Fund
19 Aug 2015 Lola Maury

Lola Maury: Figurines and Two to tune Redevelopment

£14,185 Arts Council England
16 Aug 2015 SOC4L - Somali Organisation Change 4 Life

The group will use the funding to deliver an after school club for the benefit of the children who are educationally disadvantaged. This will develop beneficiaries? mathematics and literacy skills, helping improve their educational attainment.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
14 Aug 2015 Essential Training School

Employment training for NEET single mothers to help prepare them for employment and help increase their prospects through an accredited qualification.

£9,177 Big Lottery Fund
13 Aug 2015 Jewish Music Institute

Drawing Life: UK Tour

£44,000 Arts Council England
12 Aug 2015 Bloomsbury Festival


£14,950 Arts Council England
12 Aug 2015 Uchenna Dance Company

R&D The Head Wrap Diaries-Dance theatre production

£14,875 Arts Council England
6 Aug 2015 Rikki Beadle-Blair

Elemental Research & Development

£14,920 Arts Council England
5 Aug 2015 Something Human

Interfaces: From East to the Barbican

£8,000 Arts Council England
4 Aug 2015 Power To The Pixel Ltd

Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum 2015

£30,000 Arts Council England
4 Aug 2015 Phil Vasili

Walter Tull Heritage and Legacy Project

£19,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Jul 2015 The Camden Society

An area will be landscaped to create a community growing project to bring together people with learning disabilities, complex needs and autism and the local community.

£6,946 Big Lottery Fund
28 Jul 2015 BMSD

Workshops and activities including career taster sessions, health and wellbeing and networking sessions will be provided for isolated women from Muslim backgrounds to help them gain knowledge and skills and to take part in community life.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jul 2015 Association of Colleges

Sports Development - Regional Coordination

£147,662 Sport England
23 Jul 2015 Sixty's Plus Arts and Crafts Klub

Art classes for older people to help them socialise and reduce the risk of isolation.

£4,162 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jul 2015 Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder

£9,980 Big Lottery Fund
15 Jul 2015 Friendship Works

The group will use the funding to create a friendship advisory group which will be led and managed by young people for the benefit of young people. This will help develop beneficiaries? employment and life skills, improving their future prospects.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
14 Jul 2015 Oreet Ashery

Revisiting Genesis

£14,900 Arts Council England
14 Jul 2015 Head for Heights

Spider Girls Workshop

£4,397 Arts Council England
13 Jul 2015 The Terrence Higgins Trust

This is a new project by the Terence Higgins Trust (THT) that will engage with people in African communities who are either infected with HIV or at risk of HIV/STIs. By engaging with local communities and also training local groups and organisations, the project will combat HIV stigma and break down barriers which prevent people living with HIV to be open about their condition.

£495,411 Big Lottery Fund
13 Jul 2015 One Housing Group

The group will use the funding to deliver a befriending scheme where isolated beneficiaries living with mental health issues will be encouraged to engage with the wider community and participate in positive social activities.

£9,925 Big Lottery Fund
10 Jul 2015 TSC

The group will use the funding to deliver various activities for people dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This will help promote a healthier lifestyle, encourage community engagement and help reduce social isolation.

£2,600 Big Lottery Fund
9 Jul 2015 Castlehaven Community Association


£22,607 Arts Council England
9 Jul 2015 London Youth Choir

Aspire - London Youth Choir s training and open access programme

£30,000 Arts Council England
8 Jul 2015 Richard Nodine

The Nodines

£6,513 Arts Council England
8 Jul 2015 Foundling Museum

The Fallen Woman

£9,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Jul 2015 Muenda Kamara

Tale of Two Cities

£8,200 Arts Council England
1 Jul 2015 Supporting Wall Ltd

OCTAGON by Kristiana Colon - World Premiere

£14,176 Arts Council England
1 Jul 2015 New Diorama Theatre

Captioned Access Performances for 2015/16 Season

£14,432 Arts Council England
30 Jun 2015 The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

This builds on a project to improve the mental health of children with complex emotional or behavioural needs in five primary schools, taking the total to seven. It will provide in-school, child-psychotherapeutic services for children and parents, linking them to statutory services. Support is flexible to the needs of the child, with interpreters, signers, flexible appointments and home visits available. This responds to growing demand for services linked to increasing levels of deprivation in the borough.

£173,000 Big Lottery Fund
29 Jun 2015 British ski and snowboard

Major Event

£150,000 UK Sport
23 Jun 2015 The Regency Training Foundation

The group will use the funding to provide interactive workshops to increase self esteem and reduce anxiety and stress to adults who experience learning difficulties, sensory disabilities and people who have had a head injury. This will assist beneficiaries to re-enter employment.

£9,509 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jun 2015 Corams Field's

New IT and learning equipment to help delivery of the organisation's services to the local community.

£9,705 Big Lottery Fund
17 Jun 2015 Baithak UK

Anant 2015

£15,000 Arts Council England
4 Jun 2015 Netley Primary School

The group will use the funding to work with a team of film makers to create a film that explores the stories from history from the area the children live in. These children lack confidence and self esteem due to language barriers. This will develop pupil?s confidence, teamwork skills, communication, friendships and emotional literacy skills as well as developing a sense of place within the community.

£7,236 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2015 Castlehaven Community Association


£9,762 Sport England
28 May 2015 kentish Town City Farm

The group will use the funding to host a school holiday scheme for disadvantaged young people that will incorporate life skills, healthy behaviours and aspects of farming and will culminate in community festival hosted by the young people and their families. This will engage beneficiaries in activities designed to improve their confidence and self esteem as well as their life skills.

£8,443 Big Lottery Fund
27 May 2015 Rosy Summerbell

Ask - a story of love and loss

£11,568 Arts Council England
27 May 2015 Yasmine Khan

Flash Fiction Five

£6,940 Arts Council England
27 May 2015 Mermaids

The organisation will use the funding to pay operator costs to extend the hours of their helpline for children and young people with gender identity issues and their families. This will enable the group to expand their helpline service and provide support for more children and young people in need.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 May 2015 NLTSG

The group will use the funding to provide residential weekends for people living with HIV. This will provide a safe place for people living with HIV can improve their self-esteem and general well-being.

£9,750 Big Lottery Fund
26 May 2015 Cre8ing Vision

The Ultimate Experience

£24,000 Arts Council England
22 May 2015 SkillsActive

Active Colleges Training and Development Programme

£9,192 Sport England
20 May 2015 New Diorama Theatre

Down & Out in Paris and London - R&D and Rehearsals

£14,351 Arts Council England
20 May 2015 Hannah Anderson-Ricketts

Dance Film Festival UK

£9,890 Arts Council England
19 May 2015 The Philadelphia Association

The Philadelphia Association 50th Anniversary

£4,000 Arts Council England
19 May 2015 Supporting Wall Ltd

Tonight with Donny Stixx

£7,234 Arts Council England
15 May 2015 PRS for Music Foundation

New Music Biennial 2017

£99,800 Arts Council England
14 May 2015 Commonwealth Games England

Revenue Funding 2015-18

£250,000 Sport England
13 May 2015 GO Create!

Developing Music In Healthcare Practice at GOSH

£14,572 Arts Council England
12 May 2015 Katy Lipson

House Of Mirrors And Hearts

£33,587 Arts Council England
6 May 2015 Royal African Society

Africa Writes 2015

£14,000 Arts Council England
6 May 2015 Hagit Yakira

Free Falling - Research and Development

£14,950 Arts Council England
1 May 2015 William Ellis School

The group will use the funding to deliver a live event that raises awareness among young people of local homelessness. This will strengthen community cohesion and enhance positive relationships within the community.

£9,064 Big Lottery Fund
30 Apr 2015 Camden Arts Centre

Living Archive Project

£46,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Apr 2015 Alan Warburton

R&D Digital Simulations

£14,494 Arts Council England
29 Apr 2015 Warp Arts

Warp Arts Audio Visual Showcase Summer 2015

£12,000 Arts Council England
28 Apr 2015 The British Library

Unlocking the UK's Sound Heritage

£9,568,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Apr 2015 2nd Chance

So what about the war?

£9,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Apr 2015 Fitzrovia Youth in Action

This new project building on a successful pilot will use its funding to deliver an employability support programme tailored to the needs of disadvantaged young people with limited employment opportunities. Mentoring, work experience with local companies, CV support and networking opportunities will be offered through a tailored package of support depending on their individual needs.

£194,187 Big Lottery Fund
22 Apr 2015 Christopher McCormack

Rearranging the furniture while the building burns

£3,800 Arts Council England
22 Apr 2015 Aguinaldo Tavares


£14,750 Arts Council England
22 Apr 2015 Kizomba UK


£13,988 Arts Council England
10 Apr 2015 Mental Spaghetti

Mental Spaghetti

£8,840 Arts Council England
8 Apr 2015 Charles Dickens Museum

Building on Great Expectations

£65,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Apr 2015 Global Generation

Bees for a Better World

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Apr 2015 Age UK

Richmond Group Physical Activity capacity building

£100,000 Sport England
1 Apr 2015 Conway Collective

The Testing Ground part 2

£14,820 Arts Council England
18 Mar 2015 Javier Calderon

Mexican Art & Cultural Festival

£14,500 Arts Council England
18 Mar 2015 Dan Newell


£13,925 Arts Council England
18 Mar 2015 Liz Counsell

Finding Home

£13,150 Arts Council England
17 Mar 2015 Clean Break Theatre Company

Application for NPO funding 2015-2018

£648,585 Arts Council England
17 Mar 2015 Told by an Idiot Ltd

Application for NPO funding 2015-2018

£504,642 Arts Council England
17 Mar 2015 Yinka Ayinde

Oliva Tweest: An Afrobeats Musical

£26,360 Arts Council England
11 Mar 2015 London Borough of Camden

Democracy / Innovation - 50 years of Camden Council

£15,000 Arts Council England
11 Mar 2015 Academy Of St Martin In The Fields

Create, Cultivate, Orchestrate! (CCO!)

£12,650 Arts Council England
11 Mar 2015 London Festival of Contemporary Church Music

London Festival of Contemporary Church Music 2015

£8,000 Arts Council England
10 Mar 2015 Young Gamblers Education Trust

This community organisation in Camden serving beneficiaries in Kent and Medway will use the funding to design and develop gambling awareness educational resources aimed at young people aged between 16 -18. The project will educate young people about the potential dangers of gambling, helping them make better decisions if they do decide to gamble.

£8,858 Big Lottery Fund
4 Mar 2015 Action Space London Events

Leighton Stories

£20,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Mar 2015 Gyre & Gimble

Gyre & Gimble organisational development

£15,000 Arts Council England
4 Mar 2015 Big Broad Productions Limited


£14,038 Arts Council England