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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
23 Dec 2002 Churchway Estate Tenants and Residents Association

Winsham House and Seymour House are two residential blocks on the Churchway Estate in the London Borough Of Camden built in the early 1900-+s. Together they are home to over 80 people covering a diverse range of ages (families with young children to elderl

£7,406 New Opportunities Fund
20 Dec 2002 Cancer Research UK

The project aim and methodology is unaltered from the application presented in 1998.Research project to establish the prevalence of specific mutations in DNA mismatch-repair genes and to correlate the possession of specific mutations with the risk of pati

£59,390 Community Fund
20 Dec 2002 Cancer Research UK

The project aim and methodology is unaltered from the application presented in 1998.There is evidence that susceptibility to certain cancers can be inherited and that a history of cancer in close relatives can indicate that an individual has an increased

£164,762 Community Fund
20 Dec 2002 Sport England

The school aim to extend the range of team sports provision on site and to improve the quality and security for all users. They hope to improve the hard play area for school, youth club and community use and to extend the range of athletics and cross cou

£10,000 New Opportunities Fund
20 Dec 2002 Sport England

The school need more robust outdoor equipment; permanent features added to the area and enhancement our existing provision. A stimulating environment enabling children to develop a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding which encompasses and e

£10,000 New Opportunities Fund
20 Dec 2002 Sport England

As part of our next phase we should like to provide an adventure trail with fixed play equipment and provide some shelter/shade . There will be a greater physical challenge for pupils, the opportunity to practice balance agility etc. More equipment will

£10,000 New Opportunities Fund
18 Dec 2002 October Films Ltd

Slate Funding Application Year 2

£75,000 UK Film Council
17 Dec 2002 University of London

The Subject in Question: Developing the UK Archival Thesaurus

£49,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Dec 2002 Bend It Films

Slate Funding Application

£115,000 UK Film Council
11 Dec 2002 Shona Productions

Slate Funding Application

£53,050 UK Film Council
11 Dec 2002 Stink Ltd

A Changed Man

£25,000 UK Film Council
29 Nov 2002 Serious Events Ltd

New Music, New Audiences

£30,000 Arts Council England
29 Nov 2002 National Council For Drama Training

NCDT constitutional and organisational development project

£30,000 Arts Council England
29 Nov 2002 Child Psychotherapy Trust

This organisation works to promote the understanding and treatment of emotional or psychological disturbances and personality development in children and young people. It does this by producing information leaflets for parents and professionals, has an

£125,685 Community Fund
26 Nov 2002 Rewind Recycling Services Ltd

The Green Space Waste Action project is a 12 month pilot recycling and waste minimisation scheme for three parks in London Borough of Camden. It will see the development of specially designed recycling bins; coordinate awareness raising activities, educa

£49,949 New Opportunities Fund
25 Nov 2002 Presteigne Festival of Music and the Arts Ltd

Presteigne Festival Education Project 2002

£1,895 Arts Council of Wales
22 Nov 2002 Bosnian Refugee Information Centre Kosovar Support

The Project Aims To Address The Needs Of Refugees And Asylum Seekers From The Former Yugoslavia By Offering Them Advice On A Range Of Issues. The Grant, Over 3 Years, Is For The Salaries Of An Existing Part-Time Co-Ordinator (15 Hours), A New, Part-Time A

£173,184 Community Fund
22 Nov 2002 London Irish Centre Charity

The Project Will Provide Support, Advice And Information Services To Vulnerable Elderly Irish People Through A Full Outreach Casework Service To Help 195 Main Beneficiaries, Who Are Particularly Isolated And Impoverished, With Support Focusing On Housing,

£107,584 Community Fund
22 Nov 2002 Swiss Cottage Community Centre

The project aims to establish suitable activities for isolated older people that do not take part in the regular activities run by the organisation. The grant, over 3 years, is for the salary of a new, part-time (21 Hours) Outreach Worker, recruitment, ge

£57,628 Community Fund
18 Nov 2002 Sound Uk Ltd

Gilad Atzmon / Mactwo

£12,000 Arts Council England
18 Nov 2002 British Library

Metcalfe Album

£46,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
15 Nov 2002 The Association For Contemporary Jewellery Conferences Ltd

Eye of the Beholder

£20,425 Arts Council England
13 Nov 2002 Kemagee Ethnic Multi-Cultural Movement

This Project Will Allow The Group To Run An It Training Programme Which Will Help People Develop Their Skills And Raise Their Employment Prospects. It Training (-˙5,000)

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
13 Nov 2002 Lissenden Gardens Tenants Association

This tenant's association will commemorate the Golden Jubilee by producing plaques detailing the achievements of three former residents who have made a significant contribution to the national way of life and culture. These persons have been selected from

£4,305 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
13 Nov 2002 Camden Black Parents & Teachers Association

The association works towards enhancing the life skills and chances of African-Caribbean children through providing educational, social and cultural services for both children and parents.The grant will be used to hold a one day conference for parents fro

£3,050 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
13 Nov 2002 Netley Primary School

This School Plans To Start Up A Breakfast Club For Pupils And Siblings, Providing A Positive Start To The Day With A Nutritious, Affordable Breakfast, And Personal And Social Learning Opportunities Before Lessons Begin. The Award Is For Staffing, Training

£4,550 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
13 Nov 2002 African Francophone Women Forum

The Award Will Be Used To Hold A Community Festival For 300 French-Speaking African Women. There Will Be Traditional Dances, Cuisine, Poetry Reading And 5 African Women Bands. This New Group Exists To Provide Advice And Support To African Women. African F

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
13 Nov 2002 Watermark Films

Man and the Mysteries of the Female Orgasm

£10,607 UK Film Council
12 Nov 2002 Camden Music Service

From there to here

£4,650 Arts Council England
8 Nov 2002 West Hampstead Women's Centre

Asian, Somali and Irish women will get the chance to access a range of health services offered at this healthy living centre project. Counselling and therapeutic massage, a work experience support network and a drop - in crisis and advice service will be

£779,391 New Opportunities Fund
8 Nov 2002 London Borough of Camden

Young people aged 11- 18 years old, the Bangladeshi community, and people aged over 60 years will be targeted by this project. It will provide a raft of activities including peer education, the creation of a youth forum and parenting, anger control and st

£988,650 New Opportunities Fund
8 Nov 2002 The London Irish Centre

A Day centre for Irish elders will be one of the services provided by this project. It will offer an array of activities including a luncheon club to address healthy eating issues, exercise classes, counselling sessions and support groups for disadvantage

£240,982 New Opportunities Fund
5 Nov 2002 New End Theatre

Computerised box office

£21,068 Arts Council England
5 Nov 2002 Central Ymca T/A Y Touring Theatre Company

Cyberlab Capital Proposal

£5,000 Arts Council England
31 Oct 2002 Montego Films Ltd

One Love

£459,827 UK Film Council
30 Oct 2002 Jamperswang Ltd

You Don't Know My Kids

£1,000 UK Film Council
28 Oct 2002 London Borough of Camden

The grant will be used to create 25 before school, 8 holiday and 8 wraparound places, for children aged 3 to 11 years old in Camden, London. The project will create 2 new clubs.

£26,826 New Opportunities Fund
22 Oct 2002 Rosetta Life

Rosetta Life South West

£21,060 Arts Council England
21 Oct 2002 World Book Day

World Book Day

£80,000 Arts Council England
8 Oct 2002 Recorded Picture Company Ltd

Slate Funding Application Year 2

£150,000 UK Film Council
7 Oct 2002 Rosetta Life


£23,280 Arts Council England
7 Oct 2002 People First (Self Advocacy)

People First Is A National Campaigning And Self Advocacy Organisation Run By And For People With Learning Difficulties. It Campaigns To Influence Government Policy And To Create A Fairer Society For People With Learning Difficulties. Support, Informatio

£200,000 Community Fund
7 Oct 2002 UK Youth

This Project Will Expand Opportunities For Young People, Focussing Of Those With Physical And Or Learning Disabilities To Access Youth Work Based Programmes That Promote Personal And Social Skills Development And To Gain Accredited Recognition For Their A

£197,396 Community Fund
2 Oct 2002 One Love (Films) Ltd

One Love

£22,000 UK Film Council
27 Sep 2002 Spare Tyre Theatre Company

Other People's Shoes and Thinking Pink

£25,000 Arts Council England
27 Sep 2002 Chinese Cultural Centre

China on screen

£19,500 Arts Council England
26 Sep 2002 Jewish Music Institute

Jewish Music Library

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Sep 2002 Montego Films Ltd

One Love

£40,000 UK Film Council
25 Sep 2002 Congolese And Francophone Cultural Forum

This Group Is Established To Provide Educational Courses And Activities To Enhance The Cultural Heritage (Identity) Of Congolese And French Speaking Refugees. They Will Use An Award To Set Up And Launch Their Group. Pc And Printer (-˙1,200), Cultural Day -

£4,522 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Sep 2002 Family Support Advocates

This Project Is To Hold A Conference Where Black And Minority Ethnic Women And Girls Can Discuss Issues Affecting Their Lives. It Will Give Them An Opportunity To Find Solutions To Problems They Have Which Will Help Them Improve Their Quality Of Life. Pub

£4,800 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Sep 2002 Medical Women's Federation

This Registered Charity Promote Women In Medicine And Women'S Health Needs. They Want Funds To Help Towards The Costs Of A Humanitarian Meeting On 8th November 2002. This Will Increase The Doctors Understanding Of The Needs Of Refugees. -˙1180 Contribution

£1,180 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Sep 2002 B'nai B'rith Youth Organisation

This registered charity is a Jewish organisation offering weekly social and educational activities for young people as well as running national residential events to bring together the whole community from all over the country. They want funds to set up

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Sep 2002 London Development Education Centre

The group runs art, theatre and film workshops for young Asians in schools, youth group's etc. in London and Birmingham. They're seeking funds to run a three day conference (7-9 March 2003) for young Asian women. The conference will be a forum to celebr

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Sep 2002 Ambitious about Autism

This school was founded in 1997 by a group of parents of children with severe autism, the school is pioneering a nwe technique of child-centred teaching known as Applied Behavioural Analysis which is attracting widespread interest. They plan to use an awa

£4,487 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
20 Sep 2002 Tall Stories

Something Else

£5,320 Arts Council England
19 Sep 2002 Kings Cross Homelessness Project

This Project Aims To Contact Homeless Families Living In Temporary Accommodation In The Kings Cross, Euston And Camden Area And Link Them Into Advice And Services That They Need. The Project Will Specifically Target Those That Have So Far Not Received Adv

£59,239 Community Fund
19 Sep 2002 The Roundhouse Trust

The grant is to continue the Roundhouse's Creative Education programme to run music and arts activities with young people in Camden who face disadvantage.

£250,000 Community Fund
12 Sep 2002 London College of Printing

Scholarships for MA in Screenwriting

£6,458 UK Film Council
11 Sep 2002 Clean Break Theatre Company

Clean Break Theatre Company Provide Basic Skills, Training Such As Numeracy, Ict, Interpersonal Skills, Confidence Building, Personal And Social Development Etc, Through Drama And Arts. It Is Aimed At Unemployed And Socially Excluded Women Ex-Offenders An

£225,063 Community Fund
6 Sep 2002 Philharmonia Orchestra

Frontiers Club

£10,890 Arts Council England
4 Sep 2002 Concert Clinic Ltd

The Big Session

£25,000 Arts Council England
4 Sep 2002 English Concert

English Concert

£40,000 Arts Council England
4 Sep 2002 Parallax Independent Ltd

Blind Flight

£450,000 UK Film Council
4 Sep 2002 Jamperswang Ltd

You Don't Know My Kids

£5,500 UK Film Council
4 Sep 2002 Named Individual

bursary to attend Arista ADEPT

£500 UK Film Council
1 Sep 2002 Camdem Local Education Authority

School Sport Coordinator Partnership

£428,590 Sport England
27 Aug 2002 London Borough Of Camden

Playing Cards

£19,346 Arts Council England
19 Aug 2002 The Street Football League

National Street Football League

£150,000 Sport England
16 Aug 2002 London Borough of Camden

The grant will be used to sustain 12 after-school places for children aged 5-12 in Camden.

£7,059 New Opportunities Fund
15 Aug 2002 Philharmonia Ltd

The Philharmonia Orchestra

£1,035,000 Arts Council England
14 Aug 2002 Montego Films Ltd

One Love

£55,000 UK Film Council
13 Aug 2002 Kentish Town City Farm

Barnardo-+s and the Children-+s Play Council work in partnership to deliver Better Play, a -˙10.8 million England-wide grant programme for distinctive and innovative children's play projects. The project will employ a play development worker to maximise the

£93,035 New Opportunities Fund
12 Aug 2002 Royal Holloway

Scholarships for MA in Feature Film Screenwriting 2002/04

£12,739 UK Film Council
7 Aug 2002 Performing Arts Labs Ltd

PAL Screenwriters Labs 2002-2004

£136,525 UK Film Council
7 Aug 2002 Trademark Films


£49,500 UK Film Council
6 Aug 2002 Graeae Theatre Company

Graeae Capital for Access

£84,107 Arts Council England
2 Aug 2002 Camden Cypriot Women's Organisation

The group provides advice and support services to the Cypriot community, especially women and their families. The award will be used to carry out an oral history project, recording and exhibiting the memories of older Cypriot women describing their exper

£4,850 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
2 Aug 2002 West Euston Community Association

This new organisation aims to foster a sense of commitment and pride in local community, develop local groups, further educational and regeneration initiatives, to unite diversity and reduce conflict in an area of racial conflict. They would like to hold

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
2 Aug 2002 Bosnian Resource Information Centre Kosovar Support

The Award Will Be Used To Organise And Perform A 20minute Mime Act To Music Preformed By 5 Children Aged 8-11. The Performance Will Be Held At The School And Recorded To Be Distributed To Other Local Primary Schools.The Group Are Set Up To Support Refugee

£4,900 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
2 Aug 2002 Theatro Technis Company Limited

The groups runs a programme of drama, music and dance workshops throughout the year as well as performances. They're seeking funds to organise and run their International/European Theatre and Arts Festival which will run throughout November. It's an oppor

£4,750 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
2 Aug 2002 Jubilee Waterside Centre

This new registered charity is an outdoor pursuits and youth centre for young people mainly living in Kings Cross and Camden offering a range of indoor and outdoor programmes. They want funds to help pay for their open day which they will be inviting the

£4,500 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
1 Aug 2002 Community Justice NTO

The Community Justice Nto Draws Together Organisations Working To Build Safer Communities And Reduce Crime, Across The Statutory And Voluntarty Sectors. They Work With Employers And Staff On The Development Of Work Based Learning, Occupational Standards

£146,000 Community Fund
1 Aug 2002 Terrence Higgins Trust

The Terrence Higgins Trust Woks With Over 75% Of People That Are Diagnosed With Hiv In The Uk. They Provide A Wide Range Of Direct Services To People Living With, At Risk Of And Infected By Hiv Including: Advice Services, Buddy Services, Counselling Heal

£218,585 Community Fund
31 Jul 2002 Brook Advisory Centres

To develop health promotion messages promoting effective condom use among young people as a strategy to reduce number of teenage pregnancies and STI transmission.

£118,439 Community Fund
25 Jul 2002 Ethiopian Community In Britain

The project will provide support to elderly Somali refugees and asylum seekers through the provision of advice, counselling, advocacy and referral services on immigration, welfare, housing and health. It will also provide outreach home help services to

£59,724 Community Fund
25 Jul 2002 PAN Centre for Intercultural Arts Limited

This group provides dance, music and drama workshops and stage performances to celebrate the cultural diversity of the area. The group will produce a workshop called 'South Camden Interface 2000' that will begin in September 2000. The award will pay for f

£36,283 Community Fund
24 Jul 2002 Little Bird (U.K.)

Slate Funding Application

£150,000 UK Film Council
18 Jul 2002 Ethiopian Health Support Association

This Project Aims To Build The Capacity Of The Organisation, To Enable Them To Develop Their Infrastructure And Services. They Want To Employ A Project Co-Ordinator To Oversee The Work Of The Organisation And To Supervise And Develop The Work Of 2 Part-Ti

£59,820 Community Fund
18 Jul 2002 Somali Community Centre

This Project Will Provide Advice To Somali Refugees On Housing And Welfare Benefits In A Culturally Sensitive Manner. A Welfare And Benefits Solicitor Will Provide Specialised Advice To Urgent Cases, Representation For Users In Court, Advocacy, And Outre

£149,987 Community Fund
17 Jul 2002 Recorded Picture Company Ltd

Slate Funding Application

£150,000 UK Film Council
17 Jul 2002 The Bureau Film Company

N+Ži The Albino

£5,872 UK Film Council
15 Jul 2002 Twenty Jackies

The Twenty Jackies

£750 Arts Council England
3 Jul 2002 Gospel Oak Action Link

The award will pay for a multi-cultural Jubilee festival in St. Martins Church on 22/9/02. There will be puppet-making and music workshops leading up to the event and a procession on the day. The grant will also pay for a Jubilee garden where they will pl

£4,855 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
3 Jul 2002 N W 5 Community Play Project

This Group Provide An After School Club, 50 Weeks Of The Year And Also Offer Holiday And Playscheme Activities. They Want Funds To Employ An Architect To Carry Out A Feasibility Study For The Complete Renovation Or Replacement Of The Group'S Existing Play

£4,933 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
3 Jul 2002 Maidenhead Play Ball! League

This New Group Will Work With Local Schools, Providing Coaching In Softball And Baseball, And Developing A Local League.

£4,840 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
3 Jul 2002 London Borough of Camden

SCHOOL: RICHARD COBDEN PRIMARY SCHOOL A block of changing rooms will be built on site to increase the use of an existing floodlit four-court sports area at the school. The facility will enable the school to provide a good range of after school activities

£195,000 New Opportunities Fund
2 Jul 2002 The Ben Uri, The London Jewish Museum of Art

Acquisition of Rabbi & Rabbitzin by Mark Gertler

£15,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Jul 2002 Calthorpe Project

To create a greenhouse that can be used as a training facility and environmental education space for people with learning disabilities, volunteers, local residents and children.

£7,142 New Opportunities Fund
2 Jul 2002 Action Space

The project will give people with learning disabilities the opportunity to get involved in the regeneration of the Finsbury Park area, the area in which they live. It will enable them to design and create a sculpture trail, improving the appearance and us

£9,261 New Opportunities Fund
1 Jul 2002 Camden Black Parents & Teachers Association

Its to transform the small grass area adjacent to the Caraf centre, and Cheriton Housing estate, into a highly visual and functional play area and a garden. This will benefit the children and young people who attend the centre as well as improve the qual

£9,666 New Opportunities Fund