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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
18 Nov 2015 All Change

Inspired By

£14,876 Arts Council England
11 Nov 2015 Melanie Abrahams

Mentoring Three Ways: Careers Signposts for Artists

£13,995 Arts Council England
10 Nov 2015 Sama Arts Network Ltd

Mystic Voices - Spirituality in words music poetry

£6,750 Arts Council England
5 Nov 2015 Live Music Now!

New Age Music

£70,856 Arts Council England
3 Nov 2015 Sound Four

London Contemporary Music Festival 2015

£14,900 Arts Council England
3 Nov 2015 Daryl Beeton

A Square World - R&D into Early Years Theatre

£6,070 Arts Council England
3 Nov 2015 Akiko Yanagisawa

Noh re-imagined - Inspiration to contemporary ...

£15,000 Arts Council England
2 Nov 2015 The Children's Society

This is a continuation and development of an existing project to provide support for separated asylum seeking and migrant young people, aged 16-21, who are destitute or at risk of destitution. The project will concentrate their support in Croydon, Newham, Ealing, Brent and Hounslow, allowing for that fact that destitute people cannot be defined to a particular borough.

£318,223 Big Lottery Fund
29 Oct 2015 Africans Unite Against Child Abuse (AFRUCA)

A project to promote increased child safeguarding practices among Black faith organisations across Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent and Solihull. The project will work to reduce abuse linked to religious practices in places of worship, including physical chastisement, female genital mutilation, branding children as witches, and neglect.

£304,181 Big Lottery Fund
27 Oct 2015 Idle Motion Theatre Company

Idle Motion s R&D of The State We re In

£9,307 Arts Council England
20 Oct 2015 BOOK Music & Lyrics

BOOK Music & Lyrics: Communications & Consolidation

£14,980 Arts Council England
20 Oct 2015 Nikki Rummer

Romantic Heights. Without the Romance.

£12,458 Arts Council England
20 Oct 2015 The Elufowoju Jr Ensemble

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi s Wives - R&D Phase

£15,000 Arts Council England
14 Oct 2015 Islington Community Theatre


£15,000 Arts Council England
12 Oct 2015 Uriel Orlow

Theatrum Botanicum

£27,000 Arts Council England
12 Oct 2015 Nimble Fish

Lost in Blue

£41,157 Arts Council England
7 Oct 2015 Ian Ritchie

Year Without a Summer (1816)

£10,000 Arts Council England
29 Sep 2015 The Spitz

Spitz Charitable Trust

£14,500 Arts Council England
23 Sep 2015 Choices Islington

The group will use the funding to refurbish their current facilities to be able to provide more services in the community. This will enable the organisation to better serve its beneficiaries.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
18 Sep 2015 First Story

Creative Writing in Schools

£600,000 Arts Council England
17 Sep 2015 Suki Chan


£11,791 Arts Council England
16 Sep 2015 Caroline Bergvall

R&D and composition of outdoors sunrise performance

£15,000 Arts Council England
9 Sep 2015 Gearbox Records Ltd

Jazz Archive from 1960's London Clubs

£79,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Sep 2015 Raz Shaw

Joybubbles August 2015

£9,652 Arts Council England
3 Sep 2015 The Garden Classroom

The group will use the funding to set up a bee learning centre. This will enable the group to run discovery days with families and teach them about the importance of bees in the ecosystem.

£9,957 Big Lottery Fund
2 Sep 2015 Scarabeus Theatre

The group will use the funding to deliver low-flying aerial workshops for children with complex needs who are unable to access outdoor activities. This will enable children to build confidence and self-esteem and enhance their social skills.

£9,980 Big Lottery Fund
1 Sep 2015 Idle Motion Theatre Company

Idle Motion - Organisational and Resilence Planning

£6,702 Arts Council England
1 Sep 2015 Islington Museum

Inspire Islington

£14,900 Arts Council England
24 Aug 2015 Amberliegh

The group will use the funding to engage disadvantaged young people from African and Caribbean families in a musical dance drama project. This will improve their communication and social skills, developing their confidence through positive and achievable accomplishments.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 Aug 2015 Read - The Reading Agency

The funding will be used to develop proposals for a reading scheme for older people, including those with dementia and carers, and those concerned about symptoms. The project will test different incentives and approaches, like groups, author events and book gifting. It will focus on supporting vulnerable people at risk of isolation through reading with friends, family and community networks, and be delivered with the support of the Society of Chief Librarians, with plans to expand across the UK.

£50,000 Big Lottery Fund
19 Aug 2015 The Reading Agency

Quick Reads 2015 - 2017

£95,000 Arts Council England
14 Aug 2015 Royal Mencap Society

The charity supports people with learning disabilities and their families. They are using the ?9,348 to supply equipment for their new Children and Families Centre in Newtownbreda, south Belfast.

£9,348 Big Lottery Fund
4 Aug 2015 Clarke Agency (Electric Voice Theatre)

Minerva Scientifica 2015

£40,000 Arts Council England
28 Jul 2015 Eventbox

Software for live music audiences, venues + artists

£14,640 Arts Council England
27 Jul 2015 Caxton House Settlement

Fitness classes for adults currently not undertaking physical activity to help improve their health and fitness.

£9,672 Big Lottery Fund
27 Jul 2015 National Migraine Centre

New information and support for people living with migraines and headaches will be made avaialable through GP surgeries, newsletters and a local support network.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 Jul 2015 The Axis Educational Trust

Children transitioning from primary to secondary school will be supported through family-orientated learning including reading and acting together.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 Jul 2015 Africans Unite Against Child Abuse (AFRUCA)

The funding will be used to train young people to become anti female genital mutilation (FGM) champions. This will involve the young people in delivering presentations at schools and at events to help prevent FGM, raising awareness of the impact it has on young girls and the laws in place to protect victims and punish those carrying out the practice.

£9,990 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jul 2015 Freedom From Torture

This project is developing its existing work to help adults who have experienced and survived torture and to overcome severe trauma. This will enable them to become healthy and to successfully integrate with society. They will overcome practical barriers to meeting their basic needs such as destitution and poverty. Support will be provided over a longer period of time to address practical issues that impact on beneficiaries? mental health.

£405,704 Big Lottery Fund
17 Jul 2015 King Square Community Nursery Ltd

Yoga classes for children to help encourage them to take part in physical activities, promoting a more active lifestyle.

£8,862 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jul 2015 Prison Reform Trust

This is a UK-wide project to expand the group?s work looking at effective interventions for women at risk of offending. It will develop and share evidence to reduce the number of women sent to prison and look at alternatives to custody to help those at risk of offending address issues such as domestic violence, debt and addiction. It brings together experts across the criminal justice sector, government, local and national partners to roll out early intervention, police diversion and community sentencing.

£1,204,588 Big Lottery Fund

Re-Imagine India

£19,189 Arts Council England
15 Jul 2015 Crafts Council

International Showcasing

£200,000 Arts Council England
15 Jul 2015 The 'Who Cares?' Trust

The group will use the funding to organise an activity day which will include an interactive session to gather ideas on how the care system could be changed for the benefit of children in care and their carers. This will provide beneficiaries with the opportunity to voice their opinions, helping boost their confidence, self esteem and encouraging social interaction.

£4,848 Big Lottery Fund
15 Jul 2015 The Children's Society

This new project aims to reduce the risk and impact of child sexual exploitation by developing better responses and support across Essex, Southend and Thurrock. It will provide specialist support to help young people manage risks as well as the emotional, psychological and environmental influence of abuse.

£300,000 Big Lottery Fund
15 Jul 2015 The Children's Society

This new project will provide therapeutic services including cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling to children and young people who are being exploited and abused or are at significant risk. Working with partners, including the police and children?s services, intensive support and a care plan intervention will be developed for each young person. The project will also engage with the child?s family to help them understand their needs and to provide additional support.

£300,000 Big Lottery Fund
14 Jul 2015 St John Ambulance

The group will use the funding to purchase 2 new response bicycles. These will then be used by volunteers to continue to provide a fast response service to injured members of the public during community events where a normal average ambulance response time would be too slow. This will ensure that members if the public are kept safe and volunteers are trained to provide a much needed service to the community.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
14 Jul 2015 English PEN

This funding will be used to run creative writing classes in two Durham prisons, provuding creative writing sessions for prisoners who are serving indeterminate or life sentences. The project will provide support, social interaction and opportunities to build self-esteem and confidence and reduce isolation amongst those with little self-worth.

£9,800 Big Lottery Fund
13 Jul 2015 Islington Bangladesh Association

This project builds on existing work to tackle increasing mental health problems experienced by Bangladeshi women aged 30 and over in Islington and Camden. It will be delivered through outreach and home visits, with an advocacy service to raise awareness of health, welfare, education and employment issues, and practical mental health information will be disseminated through simple bilingual information materials.

£171,883 Big Lottery Fund
9 Jul 2015 Serious Events Ltd

Pass It On 2015

£30,000 Arts Council England
9 Jul 2015 Pre-School Learning Alliance

Growing Through music in the Rural North

£21,904 Arts Council England
8 Jul 2015 Cosprop

The John Bright Historic Costume Collection Revealed

£72,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Jul 2015 London Play

World War 1 Play Time - DORA Explorers

£53,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Jul 2015 UK Jewish Film Ltd

Lights, Chutzpah, Action! - London Jewish perspectives on film and cinema

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Jul 2015 Gareth Jones

City Club - Research & Development

£14,956 Arts Council England
25 Jun 2015 Tintype


£14,999 Arts Council England
25 Jun 2015 Nimble Fish

Words in Motion

£13,230 Arts Council England
25 Jun 2015 HopeRoad Publishing

HopeRoad 6 months publishing programme

£7,521 Arts Council England
24 Jun 2015 The Children's Society

This project aims to improve the life chances of the poorest families living in deprivation in Newcastle upon Tyne. The service will be open to all residents but have a specific focus on supporting BME families living in poverty.

£384,235 Big Lottery Fund
23 Jun 2015 Stroke Association

The group will use the funding to work with the local community library to create a piece of theatre to inform people about the effects of a stroke, stroke prevention and communication. This will help foster empathy for people living with the effects of a stroke, and encourage better communication to promote social inclusion in the community.

£9,996 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jun 2015 CYP

The group will use the funding to deliver an employment training programme for the benefit of young people living in the local area. This will provide beneficiaries with support and training to help improve their employment prospects.

£9,870 Big Lottery Fund
18 Jun 2015 Design Council

Design Council

£50,000 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jun 2015 Penny Pepper

Lost in Spaces tour

£12,472 Arts Council England
15 Jun 2015 Zosia Dowmunt

Ancient Modernity (AIDF)

£5,000 Arts Council England
11 Jun 2015 Shift Design CIC

King‘«÷s Cross Stories

£663,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Jun 2015 The Maya Centre

The group will use the funding to deliver story telling workshop activities, culminating in a public event for vulnerable women who are survivors of abuse or who have experienced trauma. This will improve the health and wellbeing for those accessing the project activities.

£6,581 Big Lottery Fund
10 Jun 2015 Bim Malcomson

R&D Perceptions (Mass Dance Participation)

£12,960 Arts Council England
9 Jun 2015 Market Playgroup Ltd

The group will use the funding to provide yoga classes through storytelling for young people who attend their playgroup. This will engage beneficiaries in activities designed to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

£5,379 Big Lottery Fund
2 Jun 2015 The Maytree Respite Centre

This project will support people in suicide crisis in the City of London, Hackney, Haringey and Islington. It aims to improve general mental and social health, reduce suicidal thoughts, feelings and suffering, and help them re-engage with a healthy proactive life in society. Expanding to reach out specifically to more hard-to-reach and high risk communities, it will seek referrals and engage local mental health teams, community groups and services representing high risk and hard-to-reach groups.

£468,826 Big Lottery Fund
27 May 2015 Jocelyn Pook

Hearing Voices

£14,998 Arts Council England
19 May 2015 Arvon Foundation

Research Grants

£159,188 Arts Council England
19 May 2015 Design and Artists Copyright Society


£250,000 Arts Council England
19 May 2015 Curious School of Puppetry

Curious School of Puppetry (CSP)

£14,855 Arts Council England
15 May 2015 Wayne McGregor - Random Dance

Wayne McGregor - Random Dance - Capital stage two

£988,154 Arts Council England
15 May 2015 Sophia Forum

The group will use the funding to continue raising awareness of how HIV affects women and this will be achieved through the delivery of workshops and advocacy activities. This will improve awareness of HIV and the impact it has upon women's well-being.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 May 2015 Little Angel Theatre

SUSPENSE Festival 2015 (29 October-8 November)

£15,000 Arts Council England
7 May 2015 PACE

The group will use the funding to provide an LBT event focusing on mental health and wellbeing specifically for women to understand why women are less likely to access LBT services then men. This will identify mental health and wellbeing issues which are specific to LBT women.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
29 Apr 2015 London Metropolitan Archives

Word on the Street artistic residency

£15,000 Arts Council England
29 Apr 2015 Billy Steven

Rambling Robin

£6,752 Arts Council England
27 Apr 2015 The Children's Society

This new project will use its funding to help unaccompanied asylum seeking, refugee and migrant children and young people aged 16-21 to have better life chances. The project will offer services including holistic advice and advocacy through one-to-one support and drop-in surgeries. The chance to build confidence and make new friends through social activities will be offered. Awareness raising sessions will be held with professionals who regularly work with this beneficiary group.

£347,105 Big Lottery Fund
22 Apr 2015 Islington Bangladesh Association

The group will use the funding to provide a free computer learning project to people over the age of fifty. This will empower older people to use online services and develop their self-esteem.

£9,670 Big Lottery Fund
21 Apr 2015 Arachne Greek Cypriot Women's Group

This project will use the funding to develop their activities to improve Greek and Greek Cypriot women's ability to become active citizens in their local community. The project will achieve this through outreach work, employability sessions, English lessons, health education, and advice and advocacy on benefits and accessing services. The project aims to reduce poverty and isolation, and to increase independence.

£363,997 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 2015 Sidmouth Folk Week Productions Ltd

Spotlight Scotland at Sidmouth Folk Week 2015

£8,000 Creative Scotland
15 Apr 2015 Yamina Bakiri

Razor Sharp: Arab Women Tell it Like it Is

£4,285 Arts Council England
15 Apr 2015 Martin Black

postcards from N7

£8,200 Arts Council England
10 Apr 2015 Singalong Songs CIC

Singalong Community Residency & Outreach Programme

£13,725 Arts Council England
10 Apr 2015 Sound Four

LCMF Research & Development Programme

£15,000 Arts Council England
8 Apr 2015 Marx Memorial Library

Socialist Opposition to World War One

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Apr 2015 Wesley's Chapel & Leysian Mission

Interpreting the history and diversity of global Methodism through a 'World Parish' museum display

£98,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Apr 2015 St Luke s Parochial Trust

Whitecross Street Party 2015

£14,500 Arts Council England
1 Apr 2015 Duwane Taylor

Charmed & Conform to Rebel, Rebel to Conform

£8,324 Arts Council England
1 Apr 2015 Yu-Chen Wang

Residency at Museum of Science and Industry

£4,886 Arts Council England
1 Apr 2015 Sophie Nuzel

The Little Ghost

£12,700 Arts Council England
1 Apr 2015 Aerowaves

Spring Forward - Live Stream

£15,000 Arts Council England
23 Mar 2015 Betknowmore UK

The group will use the funding to reduce the rate of gambling through providing outreach information services, workshops, events and mentoring to increase local knowledge and understanding of addiction. This will help develop consumer skills and improve health and well being issues that are linked to addiction.

£9,980 Big Lottery Fund
20 Mar 2015 London Voluntary Service Council

London Voluntary Service Council

£16,817 Big Lottery Fund
18 Mar 2015 Catch 22 Charity Limited

Catch 22 Charity Limited

£126,745 Big Lottery Fund
18 Mar 2015 Sam Faulkner

Unseen Waterloo- The Conflict Revisited

£8,000 Arts Council England
18 Mar 2015 Bitter Lemon Press Ltd

Translation of three novels 2015

£14,950 Arts Council England
18 Mar 2015 Ark

Live short story performances in libraries

£9,637 Arts Council England