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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
17 Dec 2001 Making Music - National Federation of Music Societies

Towards conducting fvoluntary groups, offering opportunities for professional conductors to work with amateur musicians

£27,163 Scottish Arts Council
17 Dec 2001 Save The Children Fund

This project, known as the Catalyst, aims to enable disadvantaged young people to be active agents of positive change within their own communities, harnessing their vision, skills, commitment and energies .The grant, over three years, is a contribution to

£475,815 Community Fund
17 Dec 2001 Carers UK

The project aims to make available to carers in all parts of the UK a source of good quality information and advice on all matters relating to their own welfare and the people for whom they care. The grant, over three years, is for recruitment of staff U

£386,867 Community Fund
14 Dec 2001 Royal Mencap Society

The project will provide welfare benefits advice and support to young people with a learning disability aged 16 to 20 and their families. The project will be Wales wide, but based in Wrexham.

£254,221 Community Fund
14 Dec 2001 Sense


£880 Arts Council England
11 Dec 2001 Ec1 Music Project

Rhythm for Life - Inner City Music Network

£47,227 Arts Council England
7 Dec 2001 Making Music

Making Music Happen by Developing our Organisation

£70,217 Arts Council England
7 Dec 2001 Making Music - National Federation Of Music Societies

Northern Networking

£29,630 Arts Council England
7 Dec 2001 Making Music (Nfms)

Northern Networking

£2,000 Arts Council England
6 Dec 2001 Powerstation


£899 Arts Council England
5 Dec 2001 NCVO

Ncvo Provides Support And Development For The Voluntary Sector. This Project Is To Continue The Work Of The Quality Standards Task Group Previously Funded By Community Fund. It Will Encourage The Development Of Organisations Through The Implementation Of

£250,000 Community Fund
5 Dec 2001 Ruby Films Ltd

DJ Plumm

£36,000 UK Film Council
30 Nov 2001 Incontact (Action on Incontinence)

InContact provides information and support to people with bladder and bowel problems and supports small local groups around the country. This project is to expand the work of their group support by developing a nation-wide network of local groups. A Proje

£84,746 Community Fund
28 Nov 2001 The Touring British Theatre Company

This Group Provide A Touring Theatre Which Is Educational. The Award Will Pay For A Project With Children Aged 6-18 Devising Their Own Piece Using Dance, Drama And Singing. Creative Fees (-2,450), Materials (-1,100), Admin (-500), Publicity (-500), Hire O

£4,950 Arts Council England
28 Nov 2001 Turning Worlds

This Group Produces New, Contemporary Dance Works/Performances. They Will Use An Award To Put On A Series Of Workshops On Emergence - Where Order Comes From Chaos, Structure From Unchoreographed Dance, Science From Art. A Scientist Will Work Alongside A D

£4,940 Arts Council England
28 Nov 2001 Blue Camel Projects

The Applicant Is Hoping To Stage A Number Of Free Music Concerts Played By A Collaboration Of London Based Turkish, Kurdish And Other Experimental/Improvising Musicians. Half Of The Artists Fees (-2000); Half Of The Venue Hire (-800); Half Of The Equipmen

£5,000 Arts Council England
28 Nov 2001 Action for Black Communities

The group is set up to increase understanding and awareness of black and minority ethnic communities and to improve their quality of life. The project will allow the group to carry out a drugs misuse needs assessment of the BME communities in Islington. r

£5,000 Community Fund
28 Nov 2001 Algerian Welfare Association

This group provides information and advice to Algerians living in London, aswell as ESOL and Arabic classes, sports, outings and craft activities for women. They will use an award to set up a community centre where they can base all their services/activit

£4,726 Community Fund
28 Nov 2001 African Women and Children Support Organisation

The group provides advocacy, information and advice to women and young people on a range of subjects. The project is to fund start up costs and support community events. computer, scanner and printer (-1,600), fax/phone (-400), hall hire and skeakers (-1,

£4,760 Community Fund
28 Nov 2001 African Swahili Community Project in the UK

The group provide information and advice on housing, employment and education to Africans in London. The award will allow the group to purchase a photocopier and fund the production of a newsletter for one year. professional fees (-1,800), printing (-200)

£4,920 Community Fund
28 Nov 2001 Islington Turkish Womens Welfare Group

This group provides computer courses and english classes, as well as welfare advice and information to Turkish women. The award will be used to continue paying ongoing costs such as salaries.

£1,712 Community Fund
28 Nov 2001 Prior Weston Primary School

This group is a school. The award will be used to enable the students to complete their Timeline Mural that depicts 7 key stages in the rich history of the East End of London.

£5,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Nov 2001 London Congolese Arts

This arts/cultural association promotes Congolese arts through educational activities for young people in London, particularly those from the Congolese refugee/asylum seeker community. They will use the award to run IT and mother tongue classes for Congol

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
28 Nov 2001 Lee Valley Junior Ice Hockey Club

"This Junior Ice Hockey Club Has Three Teams (U12s, U14s And U16s) Which Play In Competitive Leagues And An U10 Team Which Plays Freindlies. They Will Use The Award To Purchase New Team Kits."

£5,000 Sport England
27 Nov 2001 Kings Corner Project

Teenagers with a Camcorder

£2,800 UK Film Council
22 Nov 2001 CSV

A project to enable CSV to provide 2 full-time volunteers for AB+, a HIV organisation in Birmingham which provides information and support for people affected by HIV.

£37,072 Community Fund
22 Nov 2001 Congolese Community Council

This is a development project for the training of French speaking refugees/asylum seekers in IT and ESOL as well as basic job interview and presentation skills. The grant, over three years, is for the salaries of a new part time IT tutor, Employment/Care

£166,933 Community Fund
20 Nov 2001 British Deaf Association

The London Deaf Film & Television Festival

£23,640 Arts Council England
25 Oct 2001 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Street Classics

£180,187 Arts Council England
22 Oct 2001 Blessed Sacrament RC Primary School

Learning through Landscsapes

£10,000 Sport England
15 Oct 2001 Sadler'S Wells Trust Ltd

Nederlands Dance Theater 2 - Tour 2003

£99,978 Arts Council England
15 Oct 2001 Almeida Theatre Company Ltd

A Chaste Maid In Cheapside

£167,872 Arts Council England
11 Oct 2001 British Deaf Association

6th Deaf Film and Television Festival

£17,130 Arts Council England
5 Oct 2001 Making Music (National Federation Of Music Societies)

Contemporary Music for Voluntary Music Groups

£79,542 Arts Council England
5 Oct 2001 Sense, the National Deafblind and Rubella Association

The Community Grid for Learning will cater for the deafblind across the UK as well as providing a resource for tutors and carers of the target group. The grid relates to an information and communications technology (ICT) learning centre in Wakefield, Yor

£175,587 New Opportunities Fund
3 Oct 2001 Common Purpose UK

The organisation runs educational programmes to enable citizens to support community and voluntary organisations. The project aims to equip people with the skills and knowledge to become effective trustees and widen the range and background of persons bec

£23,886 Community Fund
3 Oct 2001 Scope

Scope Aims To Give Disabled Children And Adults, Especially Those With Cerebral Palsy, An Equal Chance In Life By Providing A Range Of Direct Services On A Local Level In England And Wales. This Project Is Part Of Scope'S Early Years Strategy. It Will P

£325,453 Community Fund
28 Sep 2001 Islington Play Association

This grant will be used to sustain existing places.

£53,413 New Opportunities Fund
27 Sep 2001 St Mary's Community Centre

The project will provide comprehensive resettlement support for people in housing need and set up a befriending scheme to reduce breakdowns in tenancies and help prevent future homlessness. For this project to achieve its aims the employment of the Indepe

£88,305 Community Fund
26 Sep 2001 Cultural Exchange Through Theatre In Education

Black October 2001

£8,000 Arts Council England
26 Sep 2001 Friends of Barnard Park

The Group Organise New And Ongoing Activities At Barnard Park Adventure Playground. The Project Is To Hold An Exhibition Of Artwork Made By Children And To Produce A Sculpture.

£4,320 Arts Council England
26 Sep 2001 Caribbean Pensioners & Friends

The group support disabled and elderly Caribbean people. The award will allow the group to provide transport so that this group of people can enjoy the services the organisation has on offer. transport (-3,406) and volunteer expenses (-1,345) and other co

£4,991 Community Fund
26 Sep 2001 Asian Pensioners Group

This group run a vegetarian lunch club for Asian Elders with associated social activities. They will use the award to extend their service by starting a meals on wheels service as well as running sessions on how to cook a balanced meal on a budget..

£2,036 Community Fund
26 Sep 2001 Congolese Community Council

This group provide information, support and advice to African refugees. The award will pay for the launch of the open learning centre. publicity (-950), updating computers and software (-1,650), refreshments (-965), entertainment (-760), travel/childmindi

£5,000 Community Fund
26 Sep 2001 Islington Chinese Association

This Group Provides Social, Leisure And Educational Activities For The Chinese Community. The Award Will Pay For The Production Of A Book Documenting The Chinese Diaspora In The Uk. Research And Leading Articles (-500), Editing (-500), Printing (-4000)

£5,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Sep 2001 Shooting Stars Football Club

This Is A Football Club Who Have Training Sessions Weekly And Play In An Football League. The Players Are Encouraged To Develop Coaching Skills By Rotating Individuals To Lead Parts Of The Training Sessions. An Award Would Be Used To Buy Equipment For Tra

£1,879 Sport England
26 Sep 2001 London Heathside Athletic Club

"This Group Is A Junior Athletics Club. The Award Will Pay For Coaches For The Team To Compete Next Year. Field Coaches (+512), Track Coaches (+512)"

£1,024 Sport England
17 Sep 2001 Help the Aged

The project is to establish a programme which aims to enable older people to become actively involved in the decisions that affect their lives by encouraging the formation and development of older people's forums. The grant, over three years, will pay for

£666,979 Community Fund
10 Sep 2001 St Mary's Community Centre

The project is to provide a comprehensive resettlement support for people in housing need and to set up a befriending scheme to reduce brekdowns in tenancies and help prevent future homelesness. This part of the project is to transfer the remaining capit

£1,062 Community Fund
10 Sep 2001 British Water Ski Federation

World Class Performance

£28,286 UK Sport
5 Sep 2001 Music Box

The Childrens Journey

£19,000 Arts Council England
5 Sep 2001 Children's Music Workshop

Why Do You Sing?

£20,000 Arts Council England
28 Aug 2001 Mad About Mambo Ltd.

Just The Two Of Us

£33,000 UK Film Council
16 Aug 2001 London Voluntary Service Council

Through 2 members of staff, LVSC want to provide a new information project to enhance and support funding advice available to the voluntary sector in London, targeting small, new, and socially excluded communities.

£59,013 Community Fund
16 Aug 2001 London Voluntary Service Council

2 part-time workers will implement a London advcie strategy to provide information between LVS funding advisors, funders, policy makers and other specialists, to improve advice for small organisations.

£59,423 Community Fund
15 Aug 2001 Named Individual

"The Liar, the Bitch & The Wardrobe Mistress (aka Untitled Black Comedy)"

£5,000 UK Film Council
10 Aug 2001 Nitro


£13,943 Arts Council England
1 Aug 2001 Royal National Institute for Deaf People

This Project Plans, Through A Pilot Exercise, To Establish A Video Interpreting Service, Which Will Supply Bsl Interpreters To Approximately 250 Organisations, Through The Use Of Videophones. This Will Be Achieved By Identifying 5 Different Types Of Servi

£189,415 Community Fund
1 Aug 2001 National A I D S Trust

Tha National AIDS Trust works to increase knowledge and understanding of issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. It also advocates for the development of improved policies relevant to the epidemic. The project will provide the skills, knowledge and practical s

£146,036 Community Fund
1 Aug 2001 Named Individual

Bursary to attend Sources 2

£500 UK Film Council
30 Jul 2001 Film and Video Workshop

Tales From The City

£46,669 UK Film Council
27 Jul 2001 CASTLE (Communicative and Supportive Teaching/Learning Envir

The grant will support the needs of pupils with specific learning difficulties by establishing a learning club that will focus on increasing their literacy and numeracy skills. The pupils from three special schools and two primary schools will be provided

£89,243 New Opportunities Fund
26 Jul 2001 Evelyn Oldfield Unit

The project aims to develop refugee community organisaitons capacity to deliver their services effectively. The grant, over three years will pay for the salary of an existing full time Training Manager, General running expenses, freelance workers and cons

£192,589 Community Fund
26 Jul 2001 Positively Women

The project will work with children and families affected by HIV, providing a range of support services delivered by appropriately qualified staff, such as therapeutic activities for children and young people, enabling them to take a break from caring re

£217,789 Community Fund
26 Jul 2001 South Sudanese Community Association (UK) Ltd

Ssca Ltd Are A Charity Based In Islington. They Provide Help To Refugees And Asylum Seekers From South Sudan. They Estimate There To Be 4000 South Sudanese Refugees In London And Beleive They Are The Only Organisation Providing Genral Advice To This Gro

£46,226 Community Fund
25 Jul 2001 H2Dance

This Group Is A Contemporary Dance Company Providing Performances, Workshops And Educational Events To Local Communities. The Award Will Be Used To Create And Perform A New Dance Piece In Conjunction With A Workshop And Technique Classes.

£4,960 Arts Council England
25 Jul 2001 Islington & Camden Community Integration Project

This group provides training in job hunting techniques for people from French speaking African countries. An award would be used to fund workshops in CV preparation and job search.

£5,000 Community Fund
25 Jul 2001 Talking Library For Indian Blind

This group circulates talking books on audio cassettes in Asian languages such as Gujurati, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Bengali. They will use the award to produce a talking newspaper for six months.

£4,968 Community Fund
25 Jul 2001 SIRI

The group provide a holistic counselling service, looking not only at individuals' mental health, but also at their support and social needs. The award will pay for the refurbishment of a portacabin in order to increase the number of people they help.

£5,000 Community Fund
25 Jul 2001 Womens Therapy Centre

This group provides psychoanalytic psychotherapy to women with mental health problems and an appointments and referrals line providing information and advice about services for women with mental health problems. An award would be used to hold a Twenty Fif

£4,800 Community Fund
25 Jul 2001 Crumbles Castle Adventure Playground

This group provides after school and holiday playschemes for children and young people. An award would be used to run an Under Fives Play Session on Friday mornings and to provide outings during school holidays.

£4,705 Community Fund
25 Jul 2001 Iranian Refugee Council

"This Group Provides Information, Advice And Referral In All Areas Of Refugee Needs. They Will Use An Award To Stage Social, Sporting And Entertainement Events For Refugees Who Are Currently On The Voucher System And Otherwise Would Have No Access To Even

£4,775 Sport England
25 Jul 2001 Winton Primary School

This Is A Primary School. An Award Would Be Used To Pay For After School Canoeing/Watersport Courses.

£1,700 Sport England
25 Jul 2001 VOD International

This group is set up to work for the overall development of the poor, downtrodden, marginalised and weaker sections of the people all over the world especially Dalits. They will use an award to buy office equipment and pay volunteers expenses for organisi

£4,477 Community Fund
25 Jul 2001 Cuba Solidarity Campaign

The Group Provides Education, Information And Resources On Cuba. The Project Will Be A History Event Organised For Black History Week. Also Literature Will Be Produced.

£1,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Jul 2001 Children'S Music Workshop

Introduction to Fidelio

£3,767 Arts Council England
20 Jul 2001 Islington Library Service

Islington Library Service

£83,125 New Opportunities Fund
20 Jul 2001 City of London Library Service

The award has provided Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training for public librarians on basic and technical information handling competencies required by staff for their own use and to assist library users.

£74,760 New Opportunities Fund
17 Jul 2001 Ambache Chamber Orchestra

Ambache Chamber Ensemble Autumn Tour

£5,130 Arts Council England
15 Jul 2001 Akina Mama wa Afrika

The project is to develop support for smaller African women's organisations throughout the UK who are serving the diverse needs of a growing population of African women, many of whom are refugees. The aim of the project is to increase both the skills of

£253,956 Community Fund
9 Jul 2001 Loud Mouse Productions

Canteen Culture (aka The Factory)

£36,800 UK Film Council
6 Jul 2001 Hubble Bubble

Hubble Bubble Project

£12,650 Arts Council England
2 Jul 2001 Tiata Fahodzi Ltd


£64,501 Arts Council England
2 Jul 2001 Little Angel Theatre

A Commedia "Romeo and Juliet"

£24,543 Arts Council England
2 Jul 2001 Unicorn Theatre For Children

ACP Round 1 Stage 1

£5,865,000 Arts Council England
2 Jul 2001 (Y Touring) Central YMCA

Y Touring has toured throughout the UK and Northern Ireland creating popular ethical debates addressing major biomedical issues through award winning plays, post performance debates and online education materials. The user will be able engage in an inform

£128,310 New Opportunities Fund
2 Jul 2001 The "Who Cares?" Trust

This project will digitise and improve resources currently provided for children in care, their carers and intermediary organisations to help improve the children's long-term quality of life.

£114,500 New Opportunities Fund
2 Jul 2001 Voluntary Sector National Training Organisation

This project will provide guidance and learning material available to people working in the voluntary sector across the UK. It will an accessible, interactive, informative and easy to use digital environment, based upon Voluntary Sector NTO and Project20

£89,666 New Opportunities Fund
2 Jul 2001 London Metropolitan University

The project will create a web resource to improve access to heritage material in the TUC collections. This will involve the digitisation of documents and images and creation of text links. The content will result in a timeline from 1860-2000 illustrated b

£186,000 New Opportunities Fund
2 Jul 2001 Common Purpose U.K.

Skills for Citizens will help citizens gain the skills they need to get involved and to make an effective difference in the community. Key skills will be addressed such as: public speaking, being effective at public meetings and running them, media skill

£472,500 New Opportunities Fund
2 Jul 2001 National Council For Voluntary Organisation

NCVO-+s digitisation project will create an on-line, searchable knowledge base that will form a repository of information for individuals and organisations. The knowledge base will be the most complete source of information, guidance and good practice on t

£150,000 New Opportunities Fund
2 Jul 2001 Waste Watch

Recycle online will provide a range of materials about better resource use and waste management. Objectives include community capacity building, skills development, active citizenship, wider access to information, economic regeneration.

£159,901 New Opportunities Fund
2 Jul 2001 Islington Education Library Service

The project will provide a digital database for a selection of objects that reflect the background of people living in London through a number of ages. Periods covered will be Roman, Tudor, Victorian and the 20th Century.

£35,000 New Opportunities Fund
27 Jun 2001 London Studio Centre

Interim Funding Scheme

£5,679 Arts Council of Wales
22 Jun 2001 Islington Play & Youth Service

To expand Islington Summer University to raise achievement, widen participation, support the development of key skills and increase chances of potential employment. Activities will be targeted at specific groups and will include dance, video skills, cycli

£168,803 New Opportunities Fund
20 Jun 2001 Theatre Lab Company

This Is A Theatre Company Whose Main Aim Is To Promote Contemporary Greek Theatre In London. The Award Will Be Used To Stage Two Plays Focusing On Women And To Hold A Series Of Workshops With Women From Ethnic Minority Organisations Exploring Cultural Div

£2,050 Arts Council England
20 Jun 2001 Civil Service Retirement Fellowship Branch 26

This groups provides friendship and social activities for older people. The award will be used for a series of outings and special weekends.

£5,000 Community Fund
20 Jun 2001 LAACC

This group provides a range of services for unemployed, elderly and recently arrived ethnic minority groups, including ESOL classes, advice and information services, health seminars, lunch club etc. They will use the award to set up and run a 'health shop

£4,975 Community Fund
20 Jun 2001 African HIV Policy Network

This group provides support to voluntary organizations and statutory agencies who work with members of the African community suffering from HIV/Aids. The award will be used to secure their own office space by covering rent costs for one year.

£4,800 Community Fund
20 Jun 2001 Sebbon Street Exchange

This community arts group is establishing a dark-room and computer facility in order to offer training sessions in related subjects. August 2001.

£4,700 Community Fund