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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
17 Dec 2003 The Islington South Of Sahara Refugee Community

This groups aim is to relieve poverty, financial and distress of the African people from South of Sahara region living in London Borough of Islington by setting up projects in the area such as leisure and recreational activities, health promotion, advice

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Sosola Sosola Group

This Aids/Hiv Awareness Group Want To Run Seminars Conferences And Workshops On Hiv And Aids Awareness For French Speaking Refugees In The Uk. The Group Also Want To Produce Information Leaflets In French For Its Beneficiaries. Hire Of Venues (-800), Volu

£4,990 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Innercity Films

This group is established to provide marginalized groups in London with a voice through mediums of media and technology. Local people will be invited to the group to produce a piece of art to tackle local issues, or to celebrate diversity through performa

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Ethiopian Refugee association in Islington

This Group Was Set Up To Provide Information & Advice On Immigration, Health Resources, Training & Employment. They Would Like Funds To Pay For A Co-Ordinator To Research, Implement, Create, Promote & Develop The Awareness Of Health, Education, Training,

£4,974 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Islington Pensioners Forum

This Group Organise General Monthly Meetings, Produce Newsletters, Arrange Outings, An Assortment Of Classes, Social Gathering And Support And Advice For The Pensioners Travel Cost For Pensioners With Mobility Problems Over The Year (-1500), Tutors Fees/W

£4,500 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 London Sports Forum for Disabled People

This Organisation Is Set Up To Provide Sport Opportunities To People With Different Disabilities. This Project Is To Run A London Sport Award Event Which Recognises The Outstanding Achievements Made By Individuals And Groups In The Field Of Disabled Peopl

£3,896 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Robert Blair Primary School

The school will purchase sports hall athletics equipment to be used for a sport development programme for Islington children, teachers and other community volunteers. There will be training and coaching sessions in Athletics skills and ability and underst

£3,844 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Africans Unite Against Child Abuse

This Group Aim To Raise Awareness And Educate The Public About All Forms Of Abuse And Cruelty Against African Children In The Uk And Africa. They Grant Will Pay For A Range Of Publicity Materials To Allow Them To Publicise Their Services And Further Raise

£4,960 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 The Testing Ground

To Enhance The Professional Development Of Performing Arts Practitioners, Provide Training And Development Opportunities That Are Accessible, Affordable And Relevant Sorkshops Leader Fees X 20 (-1000), Space Hire 20x2hrs (-1,400), Publicity, Printing, Pos

£4,900 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Ashmount Primary School

This School Will Use A Grant To Develop After School Clubs In Football, Basketball And Cricket, Working With Parents, Staff And Local Clubs To Encourage More Young People To Participate In Sports. Sports Equipment (-936), Coaching Programme In The Three S

£4,736 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Bantu Junior F.C.

This Football Group Is Established For The Welfare Of Young People In Disadvantaged Area'S. The Group Want To Run Football Training For Young People And Refugees And Hold An Day Out For Them To Lego Land Windsor. Travel Expenses (-540), Insurance (-305),

£4,910 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Newington Green School Parent Teacher Association

This Award Will Be A Contribution Towards The Designing And Building Of A Sensory Garden Which Will Be Used As An Exploration Area For Young Children. It Will Cater For Children With Disabilities As It Will Have A Route Suitable For Wheelchair Users, And

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Grafton Primary School

This project is to extend after school provision of football, cricket, basketball, athletics and Netball.

£3,976 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Pamodzi

This Registered Charity Works For The Protection Of Health And The Advancement Of Education Within The Zambian Families Affected By Hiv/Aids In The Uk.The Group Will Use A Grant To Pay Its Volunteers Costs. 5 Volunteers X 3 Days X 26 Wks X -10 Per Day (-3

£4,900 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Dec 2003 Congolese Family Crisis Aid Centre

Cfcac Is A Community Group Established To Provide Free, Culturally And Linguistially Appropriate/Sensitive Support Services That Would Strengthen Congolese Families Training Workshops For Volunteers (-890), Workshops (4x-250+ 4x-60= -240 Childcare (-1240)

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
16 Dec 2003 Project Phakama Uk

Project Phakama, LYT, Horniman Museum Collaboration

£16,612 Arts Council England
16 Dec 2003 Muf Architecture/Art

The horse+s tail research phase for temporary art work

£5,000 Arts Council England
5 Dec 2003 Royal National Institute for Deaf People

Rnid Is The Largest Charity Representing The 9 Million Deaf And Hard Of Hearing People In The Uk. Their Aim Is To Achieve A Radically Better Quality Of Life For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing People. They Do This Through A Number Of Means Including Campaigning,

£250,000 Community Fund
5 Dec 2003 NCVO

Ncvo Is The Representative Body Of The Voluntary Sector In England, With A Membership Of Over 3,000 Voluntary Organisations. This Project Will Develop A Previously Funded Community Fund Project, Providing Voluntary Organisations With The Necessary Resourc

£259,000 Community Fund
5 Dec 2003 Sustain: The Alliance For Better Food & Farming

Sustain Was Established In 1999 And It Is The Alliance For Better Food And Farming. It Advocates Food And Agriculture Policies And Practices That Enhance The Health And Welfare Of People And Animals; Sustain Works To Improve The Working And Living Environ

£30,000 Community Fund
2 Dec 2003 Help the Aged

This research project aims to investigate how older people are affected by ageism and age discrimination, in order to develop tools that will challenge ageist behaviour and promote a more age-inclusive society. Little is known about how older people actu

£266,004 Community Fund
2 Dec 2003 Granta Publications

English tanslation of Gert Ledig+s The Stalin Organ

£3,588 Arts Council England
28 Nov 2003 Richmond Fellowship Employment and Training

The Organisation Provides Services For Adults With Mental Health Problems. This Three Year Project Will Develop And Extend An Office Services Bureau In Barnet And Establish A Print Bureau In Sutton & Merton By Providing Accredited Vocational Training, It

£236,257 Community Fund
28 Nov 2003 The Maya Centre

The Maya Centre Is A Charity Providing Counselling Services To Disadvantaged Women. Due To The High Number Of People From Black And Minority Ethnic Communities Living In The Borough, The Centre Will Now Provide A Free And Accessible Service To Turkish An

£122,473 Community Fund
27 Nov 2003 City & Islington College

Living It Here

£5,000 UK Film Council
26 Nov 2003 Thornhill Bridge Community Gardens

This project will open up a disused part of the canal with a new pathway. By opening this new pathway it will enable users to increase their appreciation of the canal and also by planting a woodland meadow that would increase the biodiversity of the canal

£9,078 New Opportunities Fund
21 Nov 2003 Education Action International

This project will build on the success of an existing programme providing education and employment opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers. By doing so, it will bring about a positive change in the lives of people who suffer from multiple disadvant

£256,684 Community Fund
21 Nov 2003 Royal Mencap Society

A pilot project to provide an enhanced model of day service delivery to people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. It will enhance users personal development through individual Person Centred Planning and their life skills through the Essent

£263,335 Community Fund
18 Nov 2003 Tam Tam Tales Trust

Multi-language storytelling

£29,000 Arts Council England
12 Nov 2003 Straightheads Ltd


£11,875 UK Film Council
10 Nov 2003 Greater London Archive Network

The Works

£43,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Nov 2003 Code 46 Films Ltd

Code 46

£10,799 UK Film Council
5 Nov 2003 British Deaf Association

8th BDA Deaf Film and Television Festival

£9,980 UK Film Council
5 Nov 2003 Kele Eshe Dance Theatre

This Dance Company Reformed In June 2003 And Will Use A Grant To Deliver A Series Of After School And Saturday Morning Dance Classes, Encouraging More Children And Young People To Take Part And Develop Skills Through Owkring With Professional Dancers. Ven

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
5 Nov 2003 Magosa turk Gucu F.C

This Organisation Is Set Up To Provide Competitive Football Opportunities For The Turkish Community. This Project Will Enable The Group To Hire A Training Pitch, A Qualified Coach And Purchase New Equipment. Football Equipment (-300), Coaching Fees (-1,92

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
4 Nov 2003 Southern African Book Development Education Trust

Reading Africa

£34,200 Arts Council England
21 Oct 2003 Deafinitely Theatre

Untitled Theatre Production

£7,750 Arts Council England
14 Oct 2003 Pure Poetry

Soho Writers Festival

£5,000 Arts Council England
13 Oct 2003 I Fagiolini

The Full Monteverdi

£20,650 Arts Council England
8 Oct 2003 Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground

The grant will be used to create 10 after school places for children aged 5 - 11 years old by in Islington.

£4,550 New Opportunities Fund
3 Oct 2003 Church of England Children's Society

The Project Aims To Improve The Delivery Of And Access To Services For Young Refugees Living In Newcastle Upon Tyne. The Project Has Three Main Activities; Supporting Socially Excluded Young Refugees, Awareness Raising In Local Communities About Social Ex

£287,554 Community Fund
3 Oct 2003 CEA@Islington

Pooles Park

£35,000 Sport England
3 Oct 2003 CEA@Islington

Winton Primary

£90,655 Sport England
2 Oct 2003 The Canal Museum Trust

Education Development Officer

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Sep 2003 Incontact (Action on Incontinence)

This Three Year Grant Will Fully Fund The Purchase Of Office Equipment, Salary Costs For The New Full-Time Post Of Project Manager, Recruitment Costs, Freelance Workers' Fees, Rent, General Running Expenses, Producing Information, Training And Travel For

£162,831 Community Fund
26 Sep 2003 Help The Aged

The Village Voice Is A Project Set Up By Help The Aged To Improve The Quality Of Life For Older People In Areas Of Acute Rural Isolation. The Project Aims To Encourage Older People To Become More Engaged With Statutory And Voluntary Sector Providers So Th

£43,840 Community Fund
25 Sep 2003 Royal Mencap Society

This Project Will Raise The Profile And Empower The Voice Of People With Learning Difficulties From Ethnic Minority Communities In Ealing And Hounslow, Bringing About Progress In Identifying And Combating The Attitudes And Processes That Discriminate Agai

£143,812 Community Fund
25 Sep 2003 Winton and Co

The Parent House Operates As An Educational Training Centre And Drop-In Centre For Local Parents. This Project Will See Parent House Expand Its Services To Include Post-Course Information, Advice And Guidance Sessions On A One-To-One Basis. These Sessio

£83,525 Community Fund
25 Sep 2003 Latin American Elderly Project

The Organisation Was Founded 16 Years Ago To Help Latin American Older People Come Together, Socialise And To Share Their Culture And Language. This Project Will Help To Relieve The Isolation Of Latin American Elderly People By Providing A Venue For Them

£95,494 Community Fund
25 Sep 2003 Ethiopian Refugee association in Islington

The Organisation Was Established In April 2001 And Is A Registered Charity. They Provide A Number Of Services For The Ethiopian Community In Islington Including Advice, It Training And Mother-Tongue Classes For Young People. The Project Will Provide An

£18,768 Community Fund
24 Sep 2003 Kurdish Information & Advocacy Centre

Kiac Provides Information And Advice To Meembers Of The Kurdish Community, Particularly Those From Iraqin Areas Of Health, Training, Education, Employment And Homelessness. Prepare, Consult, Edit, Design Of Kurdish Leaflet (-2300), 3 Workshops, Presentati

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Sep 2003 Highbury Community Nursery

This Project Is To Provide Education To The Under Fives In Islington Especially Those Living In Highbury. This Award Will Fund Disability Access And Access To The Garden. Disability Access Ramp (-1,500), Ramp And Decking Of Garden (-1,500)

£1,980 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Sep 2003 African Women and Children Support Organisation

This Group Wants Funds To Conduct A Volunteers And Management Committee Training In Order To Build Their Capacity, For Them To Perform Various Tasks Required Within The Organisation. Actual Training Expenses(-1500), Trainers Fees(-1500), Publicity(-400),

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Sep 2003 Islington Chinese Association

This group has been runningfor over 15 years and in that time has provided a range of community services such as supplementary schooling and luncheon clubs to Chinese people in London. This project would involve the compilation of a healthy Chinese recip

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Sep 2003 LAACC

This community group would like a grant to fund stress management workshops to promote 'healthy living'. These would include weekly sessions on shiatsu, reflexology, indian head massage & tai chi. They would also pick up people from their homes and transp

£4,950 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Sep 2003 Woodgreen Health Programme

This Group Was Set Up To Provide Information, Support & Advice On Health Issues, Especially Hiv/Aids, That Affect African & Ethnic Minorities Living In The Uk. They Would Like Funds To Organise Seminars/Conferences That Will Provide Information & Knowledg

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Sep 2003 Kurdistan Refugee Women's Organisation in Britain

This Self-Help Group Are Planning Two Workshops/Seminars On Integration, Offering Advice And Support For Families. They Will Also Take A Number Of Families On Two Outings For Places Of Interest As A Social Activity. Travel (-2,100), Volunteer Expenses (-8

£4,590 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Sep 2003 Middle East Centre for Womens Rights

This Group Provide Advice And Support To Women And Girls From Middle Eastern Backgrounds Throughout The Uk. They Would Like To Produce A Magazine To Raise Awareness Of Their Work And Services. The Grant Will Pay For Costs For Three Issues In The First Yea

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Sep 2003 Lingala Help Association

This organisation provides information, training and advice on IT issues. This project is to run a series of IT workshops for black and minority ethnic groups who do not have access to computers in their own homes. These workshops will provide training on

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
19 Sep 2003 Royal National Institute for Deaf People

The project is to develop and deliver outreach services and reduce social exclusion of newly assessed deaf, deafened or hard of hearing people around the Rotherham area by employing a Community Support Worker. Day seminars will also be set up to deal wit

£52,497 Community Fund
19 Sep 2003 ADDACTION

The project aims to identify and address the problems affecting individuals suffering the effects of drug and alcohol misuse by providing a dual diagnosis worker who will be able to provide psychiatric and substance misuse treatment in a single setting an

£46,714 Community Fund
19 Sep 2003 Help the Aged

The project will deliver welfare, benefit and advice service to the older Pakistani community, offer a HandyVan service installing security in the homes of older Pakistani people.The grant, over two years, will fund the salary of a new part-time Community

£37,242 Community Fund
17 Sep 2003 Named Individual

bursary to attend ADEPT

£500 UK Film Council
16 Sep 2003 Rugby House Project

Tower Hamlets Alcohol Services has merged with Rugby House Project. This application related to the transfer of the grant from THAS to Rugby House

£182,082 Community Fund
9 Sep 2003 Hubble Bubble

Hubble Bubble Grand Bazaar Festivals Project

£24,500 Arts Council England
9 Sep 2003 In Tandem Tc


£28,892 Arts Council England
4 Sep 2003 London Metropolitan Archives

London's Theatreland

£156,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Sep 2003 Named Individual

bursary to attend ADEPT II

£500 UK Film Council
2 Sep 2003 London International Festival of Theatre


£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Aug 2003 Copenhagen Youth Project

Art Flat

£30,960 Arts Council England
27 Aug 2003 Little Angel Theatre

Little Angel Theatre Production Series 2003/2004

£57,717 Arts Council England
20 Aug 2003 Named Individual

bursary to attend ADEPT

£500 UK Film Council
14 Aug 2003 Making Music North West

Making Music North West taining & Development Offi

£7,000 Arts Council England
12 Aug 2003 Serpentfs Tail Ltd

Translate "The Last Flight of the Flamingos"

£6,363 Arts Council England
8 Aug 2003 London Borough of Islington

This grant will create an additional 14 nursery places, taking the total number of places at the nursery to 56.

£26,124 New Opportunities Fund
6 Aug 2003 Scary Little Girls

This New Group Has Been Set Up To Provide Drama And Performance Opportunities For Children And Young People. This Award Will Fund Start Up Costs Of The Group - Allowing The Organisation To Purchase Props And Costumes, Hire Rehearsal Space And Publicise I

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 London Sports Forum for Disabled People

This Organisation Promotes Sports For People With A Variety Of Disabilities Across London. This Project Is To Promote Goal Ball Among Visually Impaired Children And Adults. This Will Be Done Through Two Taster Days, Running A Competition In Greater London

£1,104 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 Camden Secondary Schools Basketball Association

This group was formed in November 2002 to provide basketball leagues for people in years 10 & 11 in secondary schools throught Camden. This project involves developing after school cricket clubs for schools in the borough, with seperate clubs for boys an

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 St Marys Path Estate Tenants Association

This Organisation Is Set Up To Improve The Environemnt Social And Physical Environment For Tenants In The Area. This Project Aims To Provide A Range Of Sports Activities For Boys And Girls.These Activities Will Include Basketball, Netball, Cricket, Footba

£4,588 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 Ajowa Ebi

This Organisation Provides Day Care For Children Under The Age Of 16. Tis Project Is To Improve The Playing Area For The Children By Purchasing A Safe Playing Surface And Equipment. Contribution To Safety Surface (-5,000)

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 Andover Youth & Community Trust

This Group Is Set Up To Provide Recreational Activities Including The Provision Of A Youth Club That Carries Out Play, Music And Drama Activities. This Project Is To Give Children And Young People With Additional Tuition In Basic Skills Which Will Be Tail

£4,852 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 Friends of Edward Square

The Aims Of The Organisation Is To Stimulate Effective Community Participation In All Matters Concerming The Maintainance, Management And Future Development Of Edward Square.The Group Are Requesting A Grant To Put On A Number Of Events Throughout The Yea

£1,350 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 Central African Women Support Group

This new group are set up to empower women of central African origin living in London. They want funds to run a workshop on cervical and breast cancer, for an outing to Brighton, costs to help run the projects and volunteers expenses. workshop costs (-600

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 Church Of Worship

This Group Would Like To Provide Music Lessons To Young People From The Finsbury Park Area Of London. They Will Pay For The Musical Instruments And Transport Costs For The Beneficiaries As Part Of The Project As A Way Of Ensuring That Nobody Is Excluded

£3,945 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 Brayfield Art

This Group Wants Funds To Designed And Produced A Mosaic Mural, Which Will Be Situated On A Prominent Wall Currently Graf Fitted. Fee For Artist/ Facilitator (-500), Materials (-225), Installation (-25), Publicity And Documentation(-20), Event For Launch,

£900 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 Single Parents Holistic Project

This group provide training and support for single parents in the Southwark area, encouraging them to set up their own business or rejoin the employment market.This project will develop their work, started with an Awards for All grant in 2001, offering mo

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 Kerridge Court Tenants & Residents Association

This tenants association would like to run a video project for young people on the Kerridge Estate to access during the summer holidays. It will involve a series of workshops where the participants will work towards the production of a mini-season of sho

£4,310 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 Barnsbury Housing Association

This Housing Association Would Like To Improve The Play Facilities Available To Residents Of The Morland Mews Estate, Which Are Currently Derelict And Worn Out. The Project Would Involve The Installation Of Play Equipment And Refurbishment Of Current Spo

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Aug 2003 The Burder Close and Boleyn Road Tenants Association

This Tenants Association Want Funds To Run An Art Project For Children On The Estate To Create A Mural Along A Large Bare Wall. The Design Would Be Inspired By The Local Environment And The Chidren'S Cultural Heritage. Art Materials (-600), Publicity (-30

£3,100 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
4 Aug 2003 C7m World

"Radio Kaboul" tour with Ensemble Kaboul & Ustad Mahwash

£17,000 Arts Council England
1 Aug 2003 Islington Volunteer Centre

This Project Is A Volunteering Project For Ex-Offenders And People Who Are Recovering From Substance-Abuse. The Project Will Give The Volunteers Social And Work Skills And Improve Personal Confidence And Self Esteem. The Project Will Also Encourage Suitab

£171,130 Community Fund
29 Jul 2003 Independent Dance

Capacity Building for Independent Dance

£29,320 Arts Council England
22 Jul 2003 Sustain: The Alliance For Better Food And Farming

Bread Street

£3,565 Arts Council England
22 Jul 2003 Granta Publications

English Translation & Publication of Wolfgang Sofry+s Violence

£2,707 Arts Council England
18 Jul 2003 Royal Mencap Society

This project seeks to establish a quality service awards scheme, that identifies to disabled children and their carers theplay, leisure and childcare providers that meet set standards of childcare practice in Dudley. The grant, over three years, will pay

£176,587 Community Fund
18 Jul 2003 Carers UK

Carers National Association is the UK wide organisation for carers. the main aims of the organistaion are to support members, provide information and adivce to carers and those working with carers, deliver training to those working with carers and raising

£124,500 Community Fund
15 Jul 2003 English Pen

Securing Charitable Status

£13,750 Arts Council England
15 Jul 2003 The Clod Ensemble

Claremont - Strategy for the Arts

£10,045 Arts Council England
15 Jul 2003 The Clod Ensemble

Essential Improvements

£3,955 Arts Council England
11 Jul 2003 Royal National Institute for Deaf People

Royal National Institute For Deaf People (Ni) Represents Deaf And Hard Of Hearing People Living In Northern Ireland. They Offer A Range Of Services To Deaf, Hard Of Hearing, Deafened, Deafblind, Families And Friends And Professionals Working In The Field

£110,037 Community Fund