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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
1 Nov 2017 Jennet Thomas

Animal Condensed>Animal Expanded#2

£7,271 Arts Council England
18 Oct 2017 Hannah Rowan

Atacama Desert Research and Devlopment

£1,800 Arts Council England
10 Oct 2017 Artists Research Centre

ARC: Experiments Workshop

£14,000 Arts Council England
9 Oct 2017 Stuart Hall Foundation

Youth Programme

£29,750 Arts Council England
9 Oct 2017 Tai Shani

Dark Continent: City On The edge Of Time

£28,955 Arts Council England
4 Oct 2017 Hannah Perry

Performance sketch

£13,830 Arts Council England
3 Oct 2017 Miranda Prag

This Is Just Who I Am

£1,783 Arts Council England
26 Sep 2017 The Mental Health Foundation

This project will enable the group to deliver a six week programme in Renfrewshire and North Lanarkshire to raise awareness of mental health issues within the refugee community.

£9,989 Big Lottery Fund
25 Sep 2017 Como No Promotions Ltd

La Linea - The London Latin Music Festival 2018

£35,000 Arts Council England
14 Sep 2017 Thames Festival Trust

Rivers of the World

£128,730 Arts Council England
12 Sep 2017 Social Enterprise UK

Social Enterprise UK

£75,000 Big Lottery Fund
24 Aug 2017 Somali Integration And Development Association

Healthy Living Project

£9,990 Sport England
23 Aug 2017 Bastard Assignments

Bastard Assignments 2017/18 event series

£27,974 Arts Council England
22 Aug 2017 Public Health England

Change4Life 10 minute Shake Up

£1,000,000 Sport England
16 Aug 2017 Lauren Barri Holstein

Final RandD and Touring of Notorious Resubmission

£59,874 Arts Council England
9 Aug 2017 Mime Action Group (Total Theatre)

The Exchange

£6,533 Creative Scotland
7 Aug 2017 Eritrean Community Centre (Southwark)

This group will use the funding to undertake a full building conditions survey, helping them to understand the true condition of the building. This will ensure better customer service is delivered and allow the group to extend their current range of activities such as literacy sessions, sports and cultural events, exercise sessions and music and dance activities.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
2 Aug 2017 Asylum

Asylum - Caroline Garden's Chapel Heritage Phase 1

£9,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Jul 2017 Active Communities Network Limited

This group aims to expand their project which aims to provide youth sports and personal development opportunities to young people aged 12-25 who are living in areas of high gang related crime, low income households or who are experiencing poor mental health. The project will provide sporting activities such as football, boxing, cricket and dance. Issue based workshops which will focus on locally important issues such as gangs and weapons, drug and substance misuse and rivalry issues.

£398,232 Big Lottery Fund
28 Jul 2017 JO LEWIS

mountain river

£4,700 Arts Council England
20 Jul 2017 Bosse and Baum

MicroSocial Cultures

£14,706 Arts Council England
20 Jul 2017 Matt Parker

Sonic stories: digital memory and the sonic anarchitecture of Mercury

£6,860 Arts Council England
15 Jul 2017 The Ernest Foundation

This project will extend the group's service for people living with HIV, providing weekly support meetings, outreach services and training. This will provide support, advice and counselling for people living with HIV and improve their confidence and wellbeing.

£9,530 Big Lottery Fund
11 Jul 2017 fig-1 2000 Ltd


£90,000 Arts Council England
10 Jul 2017 The Salmon Youth Centre In Bermondsey

This group will develop their project to provide Young Leaders roles and Apprenticeships for young people aged 14-25 to support other young people in the community facing challenges with complex needs. Young people will receive support to overcome multiple challenges, increase their aspirations, and learn the skills they need to succeed in education, training and employment to develop confidence, communication skills, anger management, team working, leadership and other life skills.

£499,000 Big Lottery Fund

This project will deliver a health awareness campaign that will support women from the African community to adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

£7,600 Big Lottery Fund
5 Jul 2017 James Balmforth


£15,000 Arts Council England
5 Jul 2017 Synergy Theatre Project

Blackout: Young Peoples Tour

£15,000 Arts Council England
4 Jul 2017 Herne Hill Society

Remembering Herne Hill 1914ΤΗτ18

£5,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Jul 2017 Friends of Burgess Park

Zeppelin 1917: Burgess Park in World War I

£9,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Jun 2017 Peckham BMX Club CIC

Peckham BMX After School Club

£8,111 Sport England
26 Jun 2017 Pillar of Fire Ministries

This project will use funding to run a series of musical activities and awareness workshops for young people. This will help to bring young people in the community together.

£9,995 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jun 2017 School for Social Entrepreneurs

School for Social Entrepreneurs

£350,000 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jun 2017 School for Social Entrepreneurs

School for Social Entrepreneurs

£2,200,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jun 2017 Greater London Authority

Liberty Festival 2017

£45,200 Arts Council England
20 Jun 2017 Eritrean Community Centre (Southwark)

This project will deliver engagement and advisory support sessions that will focus on the needs of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers. This will create opportunities for people to integrate into the community.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jun 2017 Public Health England

Moving healthcare professionals

£1,290,000 Sport England
14 Jun 2017 Making Music, The National Federation of Music Societies Ltd

Adopt a Composer ? Scotland pairing 2017-18

£4,732 Creative Scotland
13 Jun 2017 School for Social Entrepreneurs

Building Resilience programme

£373,313 Arts Council England
7 Jun 2017 Dog Kennel Hill School

This project will use funding to redevelop a play area by installing climbing equipment. This will provide opportunities for local children to play.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jun 2017 Dulwich Picture Gallery

Past Stories, Future Voices: Sharing 200 years of Dulwich Picture Gallery

£71,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Jun 2017 Kids in Museums

Kids in Museums: sustainable growth to work nationally, supporting more museums and heritage organisations

£80,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Jun 2017 The Charter School East Dulwich

This project will use funding to create a new multi-purpose facility to give pupils the chance to take part in outdoor activity. This will enhance resources at the school and create new avenues for physically active play and interactive learning.

£9,033 Big Lottery Fund
2 Jun 2017 Bede House Association

This project will run weekly football training sessions and monthly community festival events for people with learning disabilities. This will increase participation in physical activity and improve health and fitness levels.

£9,700 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2017 Woodcraft Folk Scotland

This group will establish three woodcraft activity groups in Camelon, Carmuirs and Tamfourhill. These groups will help children and young people develop positive peer relationships, feel safe and have fun while learning about themselves and the wider world.

£69,744 Big Lottery Fund
29 May 2017 Hidaya Women's Association

This project will run English Language classes which are designed to help parents access mainstream services and improve their communication skills..

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
25 May 2017 Chris Rawcliffe

pro numb 2017

£12,170 Arts Council England
25 May 2017 Aaina Women's Group

This project will run a series of activities and workshops to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the group, and allow members to increase their ability to integrate within the community. This will reduce isolation, improve skills and bring the community together.

£9,960 Big Lottery Fund
24 May 2017 Hannah Black

Hannah Black at Chiesenhale Gallery

£12,000 Arts Council England
24 May 2017 Spa School

This project will deliver an extra-curricular programme of sports activities that will focus upon supporting young people who have Autism or Asperger?s Syndrome. This will improve levels of wellbeing and encourage physical development.

£9,375 Big Lottery Fund
22 May 2017 Pilgrims Way Primary School

The funding will be used by a school to transform an outdoor space to allow children to access outdoor play in a safe environment.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
22 May 2017 Rotherhithe Primary School

This project will provide play and outdoor activity equipment for children, increasing opportunities for safe outdoor play.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
17 May 2017 Lethukuthula Ncube

Lethukuthula Ncube

£3,715 Arts Council England
17 May 2017 Eleesha Young-Drennan

Infinite Glimpse

£13,870 Arts Council England
16 May 2017 Teatro Vivo LTD


£40,000 Arts Council England
15 May 2017 Irene Taylor Trust Music in Prisons

Making Tracks

£100,000 Arts Council England
14 May 2017 Peculiar House Church

The funding will be used by a charity to run a programme of business enterprise sessions to support ex-offenders. The project aims to equip people with new skills and create pathways to employment.

£9,260 Big Lottery Fund
10 May 2017 Mat Collishaw


£35,000 Arts Council England
10 May 2017 Dulwich Picture Gallery

Choregraphing a Collection

£14,200 Arts Council England
10 May 2017 Thames Festival Trust

Back to the River

£9,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
9 May 2017 Bellenden Primary School

This project will provide outdoor play equipment and turf, improving safety, health and fitness levels for children.

£9,995 Big Lottery Fund
4 May 2017 Eddie Peake


£4,925 Arts Council England
4 May 2017 Will Kendrick

Will Kendrick (AM I Even Here)

£4,260 Arts Council England
4 May 2017 Alex Ressel

Nuclear Culture Australia

£4,550 Arts Council England
3 May 2017 Rebecca McCutcheon

Til We Meet in England Peckham

£14,185 Arts Council England
3 May 2017 Andrew McCormack

Andrew McCormack Commission Slaithwaite Philharmonic

£3,350 Arts Council England
3 May 2017 Luke Bateman

The Little Beasts

£14,000 Arts Council England
3 May 2017 Arcadia Missa

Maja Cule Early Modern Men

£12,000 Arts Council England
3 May 2017 KJAY Arts

The funding will be used to run a programme of workshops and activities that will support the needs of unemployed young parents. The project aims to equip those taking part with new skills that will create pathways to employment.

£9,807 Big Lottery Fund
28 Apr 2017 HIV i-Base

This project will provide a three-day residential retreat to support people who are living with HIV, in order to improve their skills in community representation and advocacy. This will develop their skills and raise their confidence, allowing them to be involved with the design and delivery of HIV services.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 Apr 2017 The Fawcett Society

This is a project by a community organisation in Southwark, serving beneficiaries across London, Manchester and Liverpool. The group will create a training pack and run training sessions for their volunteers.

£9,883 Big Lottery Fund
26 Apr 2017 Carnaval del Pueblo Association

Plaza Latina 2017

£37,000 Arts Council England
18 Apr 2017 Making Music the National Federation of Music Soc

Delivery and evaluation of Make Music Day UK 2017

£14,950 Arts Council England
12 Apr 2017 Maria Jose Arceo

Thames Memory and the Sands of Future Dust

£15,000 Arts Council England
11 Apr 2017 Touretteshero CIC

Not I The Neurodiverse Mouth

£35,210 Arts Council England
5 Apr 2017 Etta Ermini

Culinary Duel (resubmission)

£14,000 Arts Council England
5 Apr 2017 Katriona Beales

AWAAN at Furtherfield

£13,481 Arts Council England
5 Apr 2017 Krysia Osostowicz

Beethoven?s Quartet Journey: development of a concert/play and tour of 11 shows

£10,585 Arts Council England
5 Apr 2017 Southwark Council Arts Service


£13,900 Arts Council England
4 Apr 2017 Jerwood Charitable Foundation

Ambition for Excellence

£498,555 Arts Council England
4 Apr 2017 Woodcraft Folk

This project based in London, will continue to deliver existing youth services but will also establish new groups across Norfolk and Suffolk. The group will improve the quality and sustainability of existing groups through training and management of volunteers and will particularly focus on young people over 10 years old, who are transitioning from primary school to secondary school. Examples of activities are playing, singing and debating, but also citizenship, social action and building self-confidence.

£201,192 Big Lottery Fund
28 Mar 2017 Laura Moreton-Griffiths

Painting - Political Narrative

£5,852 Arts Council England

Found In Translation

£10,817 Arts Council England
28 Mar 2017 Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

SfSD - Community Champions

£206,555 Sport England
25 Mar 2017 Salem Academy of Music

This project will deliver two concerts and musical training for the local community, reducing isolation and enabling increased participation in community life.

£2,500 Big Lottery Fund
22 Mar 2017 AYA NAKAMURA


£9,500 Arts Council England
22 Mar 2017 Bare Lit

Bare Lit 2017

£11,000 Arts Council England
21 Mar 2017 Tom Ross-Williams

Give Me Your Skin - Production and Premiere

£15,000 Arts Council England
21 Mar 2017 George Johnston

Snapshot - Theatre Production

£1,200 Arts Council England
21 Mar 2017 Callum Hill


£11,800 Arts Council England
21 Mar 2017 St Faith's Community Association

This project will improve the way in which the group engages with and helps the community through improving its infrastructure and governance.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
16 Mar 2017 South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

The funding will be used to support people with common mental health conditions in the Central boroughs of London aged 25 and over to move into employment and to sustain that employment for a minimum of six months

£1,217,113 Big Lottery Fund
9 Mar 2017 London Community Boxing Limited

Community Boxing Facility Upgrade

£74,060 Sport England
8 Mar 2017 St Giles Trust

This Ipswich-based project supports offenders and ex-offenders whose convictions are holding them back from moving into employment. Peer mentoring, specialist advice and training will increase skills, confidence and employability, whilst reducing the likelihood of re-offending. Qualified peer advisors, the majority of whom will be ex-offenders previously engaged in the programme, are engaged in the project to offer advice, knowledge and understanding gained from their lived-experience.

£390,228 Big Lottery Fund
8 Mar 2017 Lloyds Bank Foundation

Lloyds Bank Foundation

£500,000 Big Lottery Fund
8 Mar 2017 Lloyds Bank Foundation

Lloyds Bank Foundation

£1,000,000 Big Lottery Fund
7 Mar 2017 Friends of One Tower Bridge Road

This project will use the funding to provide social activities for residents of their care home. This will enable people to take part in activities which benefit their health and wellbeing.

£9,314 Big Lottery Fund
6 Mar 2017 Rio Ferdinand Foundation

This project will work with marginalised young people aged 14 to 25 who are deemed at risk of entering the criminal justice system. These young people live in low income areas with high youth crime rate, and many suffer from an absence of positive role models. This project will mentor them to become youth leaders, equipping them with confidence, peer networks and accredited training, and then support them to find pathways to employment. It will operate in eleven areas of Greater Manchester.

£358,119 Big Lottery Fund
3 Mar 2017 Ripe Enterprises Limited

This project aims to improve the employment, career advancement and increased pay prospects of unemployed, under-employed and/or low paid migrants with no or limited English language skills. They will support those living in poverty, resulting in reduced isolation and poor physical and mental well-being. Through their existing employer networks it will provide access to workplace experiences, internship or apprenticeship opportunities to increase employability skills with a variety of employers.

£179,059 Big Lottery Fund
2 Mar 2017 Home-Start Southwark

This project will offer an early intervention service to tackle the impact of poverty and disadvantage in families with children under the age of five through the use of a trusted volunteer who has been through similar experiences. They group will upskill new and existing volunteers to support families with issues such as accessing local services, to needing more intensive parenting support because, for example, they have mental health problems or a disability or are experiencing domestic violence.

£367,983 Big Lottery Fund