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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
10 Nov 2015 VITRINE

VITRINE Bermondsey Square

£14,920 Arts Council England
4 Nov 2015 Greater London Authority

Celebrating 40 years of Punk in London

£99,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Nov 2015 Writers and Scholars Educational Trust (Index on Censorship)

What a Liberty

£36,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Nov 2015 Asta Lynge

Real state

£3,000 Arts Council England
27 Oct 2015 Tara d Arquian


£14,400 Arts Council England
27 Oct 2015 Eleni Edipidi

The Band

£13,288 Arts Council England
27 Oct 2015 Flora Parrott

Swallet (Swallow Hole)

£14,476 Arts Council England
20 Oct 2015 Cindy Claes

Growing the Dancehall / Afrobeats / Krumping scene

£14,425 Arts Council England
14 Oct 2015 Reuben Henry

This Building, This Breath

£7,980 Arts Council England
13 Oct 2015 London Bubble Theatre Company Ltd

After Hiroshima

£27,575 Arts Council England
13 Oct 2015 Como No

La Linea - The London Latin Music Festival 2016

£47,000 Arts Council England
7 Oct 2015 Sharon Virtue

The Mud Bus London

£2,825 Arts Council England
5 Oct 2015 Oliver Goldsmith Primary School

The group will use the funding to run an anti-bullying programme for beneficiaries within the school. Beneficiaries will attend workshops aimed at identifying what bullying is and when/how to report it. This will develop life skills, build confidence and encourage new friendships.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
29 Sep 2015 Arcadia_Missa

Arcadia Missa Curatorial Residencies

£30,000 Arts Council England
29 Sep 2015 Amy Ng

Acceptance - R&D leading to staged reading

£5,582 Arts Council England
22 Sep 2015 Jessica Walters

Life On Wheels - final development & tour

£10,183 Arts Council England
22 Sep 2015 Performance as Publishing

Take One / Take Two / Take Three

£14,945 Arts Council England
22 Sep 2015 Patrick Langley

The Brothers King

£6,000 Arts Council England
22 Sep 2015 Angelica Entertainments Ltd


£15,000 Arts Council England
22 Sep 2015 Wendy Hubbard


£4,540 Arts Council England
17 Sep 2015 London Wildlife Trust

Great North Wood

£771,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Sep 2015 Naomi Siderfin

Harnessing the Wind

£14,940 Arts Council England
11 Sep 2015 Tonic Theatre


£43,469 Arts Council England
9 Sep 2015 Pooja Ghai

Guess Who s Coming ? R&D

£14,545 Arts Council England
2 Sep 2015 Age Concern City Of London

The group will use the funding to coordinate volunteer led activities for isolated older residents in the community to support them to run their own self sustaining community groups. This will strengthen community sector capacity and reduce social isolation.

£9,900 Big Lottery Fund
28 Aug 2015 Drinking Ginger CIC

Drinking Ginger: 3-Year Strategic Plan

£16,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Aug 2015 Tangled Feet

Tour of Need A Little Help by Tangled Feet

£15,000 Arts Council England
26 Aug 2015 Synergy Theatre Project

A Raisin in the Sun at HMP Brixton

£15,000 Arts Council England
25 Aug 2015 St Thomas the Apostle College

The group will use the funding to provide extracurricular sports clubs. This will encourage children to improve their physical and mental well being.

£9,828 Big Lottery Fund
12 Aug 2015 Lontano Trust Ltd


£15,000 Arts Council England
12 Aug 2015 Mary Evans

Port Folio

£15,000 Arts Council England
12 Aug 2015 Tom Adams

Howl at the Moon

£3,990 Arts Council England
6 Aug 2015 Patrick Cash

The Clinic

£10,077 Arts Council England
5 Aug 2015 Sally Duncan

We Are Ethiopia

£8,001 Arts Council England
4 Aug 2015 Illuminate Productions

MERGE 2015

£49,672 Arts Council England
3 Aug 2015 St Giles Trust

This builds on existing work to develop the knowledge and employability skills of ex-service users in West Yorkshire. The project will recruit and train 120 support service users, including ex-offenders, to become qualified Peer Advisors. Recruitment will be targeted at agencies of volunteers who have multiple needs and face challenging barriers to employment including people with few or no qualifications, long term unemployment, disability or health problems and those from ethnic minority communities.?

£499,693 Big Lottery Fund
1 Aug 2015 Back Up

An England-wide project to help give people with a sustained spinal cord injury the practical and emotional tools to manage the difficult transition from hospital to home. The scheme will include a range of outreach services such as peer mentoring, rehabilitation courses and community skills training. It will also provide intensive wheelchair training and learning and skills courses for independent living.

£404,894 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jul 2015 HIV i-Base

HIV training, focusing on advocacy and its health aspects for volunteers from different cultural backgrounds including those living with the virus. It will enable people to support and signpost people to relevant services whilst increasing their ability to support and represent those affected by HIV.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
29 Jul 2015 Fotosynthesis C.I.C.

A series of educational sessions for local children to help improve their literacy skills and give them better chances in life.

£9,984 Big Lottery Fund
29 Jul 2015 Safer London Foundation

This project complements existing work supporting young women aged 11 to 18 to address the emotional and physical harm caused by experiences of sexual violence and exploitation, primarily through gang activity, and help them make changes to stay safe and healthy. It will provide more intensive and comprehensive support, aiming to increase their safety and wellbeing by improving the ability of their parents or carers to recognise the signs of sexual exploitation and violence, and drive positive change.

£429,000 Big Lottery Fund
29 Jul 2015 Fusion Lifestyle

Together As One

£9,938 Sport England
28 Jul 2015 Teatro Vivo

Twistov -Stage Two Research and Development

£12,000 Arts Council England
24 Jul 2015 St Michael Associates

The Southwark group will refurbish areas of the building including installing a new disabled ramp, toilet facilities and interactive white boards. This will improve the organisations facilities and access to the building, enhancing the learning environment for all beneficiaries.

£9,998 Big Lottery Fund

Bold Tendencies

£35,000 Arts Council England
21 Jul 2015 Root Theatre

Script Club, Germ Free Adolescent

£9,000 Arts Council England
17 Jul 2015 Active Communities Network Limited

This new project will support young people at risk of committing or being victims of crime in the Miles Platting, Newton Heath, Ancoats and Clayton areas. The project aims to give young people pathways into employment and long-term success and increase confidence and self-esteem. Working with a range of partners, opportunities for young people will be led by their peers and include mentoring and skills development to become community leaders, vocational training and work placements with local businesses.

£316,626 Big Lottery Fund
15 Jul 2015 Independent Dance

Re-Imagine India

£15,000 Arts Council England
15 Jul 2015 Philharmonia Orchestra

Re-Imagine India

£30,000 Arts Council England
14 Jul 2015 Tara Finney

Land of Our Fathers - National Tour

£15,000 Arts Council England
14 Jul 2015 Tom Searle

Donald Robertson Is Not A Stand-up Comedian - Tour

£13,655 Arts Council England
9 Jul 2015 Reprezent

Reprezent 107.3FM - The Specialists - Leading their Musical Cultures.

£26,425 Arts Council England
8 Jul 2015 Friends of Burgess Park

The heart of Burgess Park: Passmore Edwards old library and bathhouse

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Jul 2015 Greater London Authority

This supports the development of a social impact bond (SIB) to improve outcomes for vulnerable young people at the edge of care, bringing together six London boroughs as co-commissioners. The funding will allow the organisation to identify needs, analyse cost savings, volumes and payment mechanisms, determine outcomes, develop the structures and governance required for a multi-borough SIB, choose the best interventions and delivery partners, and determine which of the six boroughs will be lead commissioner.

£150,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jul 2015 Angelica Entertainments Ltd


£15,000 Arts Council England
1 Jul 2015 The Cholmondeleys

Ladies & Gentlemen Performances/showcase

£15,000 Arts Council England
1 Jul 2015 Karen Ashton

Art Car Boot Fair / Margate Edition

£10,000 Arts Council England
25 Jun 2015 Brunswick Park Primary School

New outdoor play and learning equipment to help improve the pupils' physical fitness.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jun 2015 St Giles Trust

The group will use the funding to provide mindfulness and yoga sessions for ex-offenders, young offenders, victims of domestic violence and people who are homeless. This will engage beneficiaries in activities designed to improve their overall mental health and wellbeing enabling them to integrate into society.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jun 2015 Surrey Canal Allotment Society

The group will use the funding to install water butts and a new staging area in the allotments greenhouse to harvest water and make the space accessible to members with mobility needs.

£2,539 Big Lottery Fund
17 Jun 2015 Literary Kitchen Festival

Literary Kitchen Festival 2015

£15,000 Arts Council England
16 Jun 2015 Richard Whitby

Research trip to Korea with Seoul Museum of Art

£4,532 Arts Council England
16 Jun 2015 Sarah Dobai

Exhibition at Centre d art et photographie, Gers

£5,000 Arts Council England
16 Jun 2015 James Capper

Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island, Sydney

£5,000 Arts Council England
16 Jun 2015 Rachel Reupke

The tyranny of a sunny day

£5,000 Arts Council England
16 Jun 2015 Julian Arg?elles

Julian Arg?elles Tetra

£9,500 Arts Council England
15 Jun 2015 David Katz

Dub Me Always Central Honshu Collaboration (AIDF)

£2,871 Arts Council England
15 Jun 2015 Charlotte Prodger

Charlotte Prodger Solo Exhibition

£5,000 Arts Council England
15 Jun 2015 Carnaval del Pueblo Association

The group will use the funding to deliver healthy eating workshops to children who are living in an economically disadvantaged area. This will encourage children to eat more healthy diets.

£8,545 Big Lottery Fund
11 Jun 2015 South London Gallery

Restoring Peckham Road Fire Station and opening SLG‘«÷s archives to the public

£1,737,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Jun 2015 Platform

Action Saro-Wiwa - Alfredo Jaar Commission

£15,000 Arts Council England
9 Jun 2015 Aya Nakamura


£13,500 Arts Council England
3 Jun 2015 Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery's Spotlight on Fashion

£34,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Jun 2015 TILTED AXIS


£10,000 Arts Council England
2 Jun 2015 Tangled Feet

Collective Endeavour (working title)

£15,000 Arts Council England
2 Jun 2015 Flat Time House

Summer Programme (June - October 2015)

£14,945 Arts Council England
2 Jun 2015 Vulpes Vulpes

The Blue 2015

£13,755 Arts Council England
28 May 2015 Star Youths Ltd

The group will use the funding to deliver employment and training support sessions for marginalised young people at risk of being involved in antisocial behaviour. This will equip those taking part with new transferrable skills that will enhance their opportunities for gaining employment.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 May 2015 The Arts and Culture Forum

Arts and Culture Forum for London - Phase Two

£12,785 Arts Council England
26 May 2015 Greater London Authority

Liberty Festival 2015

£58,645 Arts Council England
23 May 2015 Ainsdale Cricket Club

The organisation will use the funding to update their community facilities and create access to the building for people with disabilities. This will ensure that the facilities are fit for purpose for use by local community groups.

£9,989 Big Lottery Fund
21 May 2015 Inspire At St.Peters

The group will use the funding to provide community gardening projects and day trips to horticultural projects for adults with poor mental health needs and learning disabilities. This will provide therapeutic activities in the community and enable people to feel more a part of their community by contributing to the improvement of public spaces.

£9,980 Big Lottery Fund
20 May 2015 Tom Penn


£5,730 Arts Council England
20 May 2015 Camberwell Arts

The group will use the funding to deliver a series of food events as part of a community festival that will focus upon cutting food wastage and embracing cultural diversity. This will encourage residents to engage with the wider community and challenge issues surrounding social isolation.

£9,900 Big Lottery Fund
19 May 2015 Team London Bridge

London Bridge Live Arts

£14,500 Arts Council England
19 May 2015 Jade Shaw

Creation and Completion of Danger Risk of Falling

£7,136 Arts Council England
14 May 2015 British Universities and Colleges Sport

Hockey in Universities Pilot Project 2015

£137,000 Sport England
14 May 2015 Fusion Lifestyle

The group will use the funding to deliver a rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain. This will encourage beneficiaries to exercise to help manage and cope with pain, enabling them to live a more active lifestyle.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
6 May 2015 Eva Sajovic Crosland

An Audio-Visual Portrait of Elephant and Castle

£13,500 Arts Council England
29 Apr 2015 VITRINE

VITRINE Bermondsey Square

£14,949 Arts Council England
29 Apr 2015 Storme Toolis

Redefining Juliet

£16,330 Arts Council England
24 Apr 2015 Synergy Theatre Project

This project will use its funding to expand its support for prisoners and ex-prisoners through a theatre-based training programme that will improve communication skills, team working skills and help address behavioural issues. Ten theatre-based training courses led by an industry professional will be run annually with the option to gain a qualification. The project aims to improve life skills, increase confidence, employability and reduce re-offending and will offer work placements with theatres.

£500,000 Big Lottery Fund
24 Apr 2015 Golden Yew Project Community Interest Company

The group will use the funding to provide an outreach programme to deliver arts based counselling activities for people who have poor mental health. This will help create a positive change in individuals to improve mental health and overall wellbeing.

£9,830 Big Lottery Fund
22 Apr 2015 Adam James

The Truth Parade (Research and development)

£8,000 Arts Council England
20 Apr 2015 Ensemble Plus Ultra

Concert of Spanish Renaissance Vocal Music

£2,105 Arts Council of Northern Ireland
15 Apr 2015 Balin House Projects

My Home Is Your Home

£15,000 Arts Council England
15 Apr 2015 Yang-May Ooi

Bound Feet Blues - A Life Told In Shoes

£10,735 Arts Council England
10 Apr 2015 Ophelia Finke

group show

£2,500 Arts Council England
10 Apr 2015 RIVE Productions Ltd

KLIPPIES - production and participation programme

£9,656 Arts Council England
10 Apr 2015 NuMusic and Dance

Soul of Fado

£9,750 Arts Council England
1 Apr 2015 Siblings Together

Siblings Together s Young Writer s Project

£14,988 Arts Council England