was awarded to
Gamlingay Care Club

Monday 12 July 1999

New Opportunities Fund

The grant will be used to extend an existing provision to provide a further 8 before school places, 8 after school places and 16 integrated childcare and learning places, 8 during term time and 16 during holidays. The schools served will be Gamlington Fi

Disclaimer: The date shown here is the date that the decision was made to award the grant, not the date on which it was paid. Some grants may be paid in stages, and later payments may be conditional on completing earlier funded work. In some cases, grants for capital projects may be reduced or increased if the underlying project costs change. The value shown here should not, therefore, be considered immutable.

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Local Authority:

South Cambridgeshire



UK Constituency:

South Cambridgeshire

EU Constituency:


Location data may be missing or incomplete, especially for older grants, for multiple repeat grants or for grants which are not location specific.

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  • South Cambridgeshire
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Did you know?

In 1999, Sandy received £16,348 of lottery funding, of which £2,320 was for Health, Education, Environment projects like this one.

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