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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
8 Dec 2014 Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

The SAFER project is a community protection and empowerment programme, supporting older adults in Leeds and Bradford, providing residents with knowledge, skills and confidence to protect themselves against doorstep crime, scams and frauds. With continued funding they will widen the current coverage of two districts to include all five districts of West Yorkshire (Leeds, Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield).

£444,589 Big Lottery Fund
19 Feb 2014 The United Kingdom Committee for UNICEF

This project aims to provide access to livelihood support for 12,000 people from the most disadvantaged, unsupported households across 12 communities of the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

£443,857 Big Lottery Fund
19 May 2009 NFTS (National Film & Television School)

Screen Academy Course Enhancement & Outreach

£441,825 UK Film Council
4 Mar 2013 WaterAid

The project, based in the Koulikoro, Segou, and Mopti regions of Mali, aims to improve health as well as access to and use of safe water and sanitation for the most disadvantaged people in rural communities. This will lead to reduced incidences of water-b

£441,151 Big Lottery Fund
15 Apr 2015 The Percy Hedley Foundation

The project aims to increase employer's disability awareness and providing access to a range of employability options for disabled people. They do this through improving their employability skills while building confidence and self-esteem.

£441,132 Big Lottery Fund
12 Jan 2009 A P T Enterprise Development

This Tsunami project in the Hambantota district of Sri Lanka will work in 24 divisions to obtain sustainable livelihoods and improve health and living conditions for 2,500 families. It will organise and strengthen 24 Sustainable Livelihoods Committees at

£440,774 Big Lottery Fund
14 May 2008 Food & Agricultural Research Management Ltd

The project, in the Babati and Hanang districts of Northern Tanzania, will develop a school model of best practice that improves the delivery, quality and relevance of primary school education in 24 schools. This will be done by introducing Discovery Lea

£440,180 Big Lottery Fund
12 Mar 2013 British Volleyball Federation

Performance Pathway

£440,138 UK Sport
5 Jul 2007 Sport Tayside and Fife

Sports Partnerships

£440,000 Sport Scotland
10 May 2012 Save The Children Fund

This project, based in Sangaing Division, Myanmar, aims to improve maternal and newborn health in 130 villages in Kani Township.

£440,000 Big Lottery Fund
16 Mar 2015 Scottish Film Consortium (SFC)

5-19 Film Education Programme (Year Two)

£440,000 Creative Scotland
14 Apr 2003 Catholic Institute For International Relations

Andean Farming Communities In Ecuador And Peru Suffer From High Levels Of Poverty And Under Nourishment. This Project Will Improve The Diet, Income And Environment Of Those Communities By Reintroducing Traditional Andean Agricultural And Livestock Practic

£439,879 Community Fund
29 Aug 2000 Plan International UK

The project aims to achieve lasting improvements in the health of people in three districts of Bolivia through an educational programme providing information about the risks of the changa disease which will enable prevention or early detection and treatme

£439,227 Community Fund
31 Oct 2001 The Andrew Lees Trust

The project aims to develop the use of a simple fuel-efficient wood-burning stove to reduce time spent collecting firewood and cooking as well as conserving the forests of southern Madagascar. The grant, over three years, will fund refurbishment, office,

£436,272 Community Fund
22 Sep 2010 British Cycling Federation

Performance Pathway

£435,263 UK Sport
22 Jun 1999 Plan International UK

The project aims to improve the health status of children under five and mothers in Saint-Louis, Senegal, by training health care workers, increasing immunisation coverage, and the provision of primary health care services. The local partner is Plan Seneg

£435,185 Community Fund
31 Oct 2014 Manchester Action on Street Health

Project to provide support services to female sex workers in Greater Manchester who are severely disadvantaged, many with multiple and complex needs, such as health issues, drug addiction, housing and money problems. The scheme aims to provide vulnerable

£434,293 Big Lottery Fund
19 Dec 2003 Interact Worldwide

Iringa has one of the highest HIV infection rates in Tanzania (18.7%). Of all new infections, 60% occur in the 15-24 age group and many of the older pupils in primary school are sexually active. The project will work in 90 communities over 3 years, to del

£433,309 Community Fund
29 Apr 2015 Feed the Minds

Feed the Minds

£433,176 Big Lottery Fund
3 Nov 2011 Scottish Rugby Union Plc

Scottish Rugby Union Plc

£431,500 Sport Scotland
3 Nov 2011 Scottish Rugby Union Plc

Scottish Rugby Union Plc

£431,500 Sport Scotland
19 Sep 2012 JHP 3 Limited


£430,194 British Film Institute
24 Jun 2009 Cat Villiers Films

Circus Columbia

£430,000 UK Film Council
31 Oct 2001 Hamlet Trust

The Pathways into Policy project will allow users of mental health services and their NGOs to have a voice in the development of mental health policy in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This will be achieved by training the NGOs to lobby poli

£429,827 Community Fund
16 Apr 1997 International Alert

To strengthen the contribution of women to the development of peace in the Great Lakes region of Africa by establishing a group of women as trainiers in conflict resolution, organising training and strengthening links with other organisations. The grant,

£429,660 Community Fund
14 Apr 2003 Womankind Worldwide

Young impoverished women in the Eastern part of Africa are vulnerable to violence, the practice of female genital mutilation and abduction for forced marriage. In conjunction with women's organisations in Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland and Egypt the

£429,304 Community Fund
22 Jun 1999 Book Aid International

The project aims to increase access to books and information for poor and disadvantaged communities in a number of countries in Africa through the provision of caseloads of books and by improving communication systems between Southern partners. The local

£428,827 Community Fund
2 Jul 2008 WaterAid

This project will help 99,421 people in the Achefer and Legambo districts of Amhara Region, Ethiopia, through increasing their access to clean water and sanitation facilities. The project will build spring developments and hand-dug wells to supply safe wa

£428,269 Big Lottery Fund
10 Aug 2011 Last Passenger Ltd

Last Passenger

£428,000 British Film Institute
15 Mar 2012 Act 4 Africa

This project, based in the Kasese district, Uganda, aims to reduce the spread and effects of HIV/AIDS by improving access to health services and health education, improving knowledge of the human and sexual rights of women and reducing the stigmatisation

£427,702 Big Lottery Fund
2 Jun 1998 Medical Emergency Relief International

The project aims to improve understanding of what it is like to work overseas and improve training for humanitarian relief field workers. The training courses will cover health care, project management and project support. The grant, over three years, is

£427,326 Community Fund
17 Feb 2014 Disability and Development Partners

Disability and Development Partners

£426,432 Big Lottery Fund
18 Jan 2016 Active Northumberland

CSP Funding 2014-17

£426,132 Sport England
27 Jun 2007 EveryChild

Families living in poverty in Azerbaijan are vulnerable to family breakdown because of a poor understanding of children's rights. The legacy of Soviet rule often means that children, especially those with disabilities, are automatically placed in state in

£425,761 Big Lottery Fund
23 Dec 2015 MMU

The funding will be used for a study to improve services for people with substance use problems, including alcohol, drugs and prescribed medication, who are receiving, or in need of, end of life care. Working with service providers, the study will begin to develop an evidence base in an area where currently none exists. The ultimate goal is to develop, roll out and evaluate new models of practice and care pathways for people and their families, friends and carers, grounded in good quality evidence.

£425,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 Apr 2015 International Tree Foundation

This project, based in Malawi, aims to transform beneficiary livelihoods through carefully designed and targeted training, capacity building and financing for integrated conservation, agro-forestry and income generation activities.

£424,466 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 1997 Westminster Foundation for Democracy

To improve provision for human rights cases in Africa and increase public awareness, by providing free legal assistance, resources for teachers, workshops, publicity campaigns and establishing human rights groups. The grant, over three years, is for offic

£424,149 Community Fund
14 Apr 2003 The Cusichaca Trust

The project will help peasant communities in two of the poorest areas of rural Peru to improve their agricultural yields and achieve food security. Land will be rehabilitated and a skills centre established in each district to train farmers in best agricu

£423,672 Community Fund
5 Feb 2014 Christian Outreach

Christian Outreach

£422,696 Big Lottery Fund
6 Sep 2010 British Bob Skeleton Association

Performance Pathway

£422,063 UK Sport
22 Jun 1999 Charities Aid Foundation

The project aims to support the development and increase the capacity of NGOs in the Russian regions of Togliatti and Arkhangelsk by providing training technical assistance and equipment and through supporting the development of communications networks. T

£422,018 Community Fund
30 Jul 2010 Ealing Institute of Media

Skillset Craft & Technical Academy

£422,000 UK Film Council
2 Jun 1998 One World Action

The project aims to establish a preventative and curative health care system in Dhaka, Bangladesh, through developing community organisations in slum areas, recruiting and training medical staff, establishing a health insurance scheme. The grant, over fiv

£420,775 Community Fund
19 Aug 2002 Badminton Association of England

World Class Programme

£420,000 Sport England
28 May 2015 Community Forest Trust

This is a new project to be delivered by Community Forest Trust (CFT) in Liverpool and Sefton, with activities either based on learning from previous work or having been delivered during previous projects and initiatives. The aim of the project is to reduce local health inequalities with a range of beneficiaries. In particular, it will address the needs of people with poor mental health and illness related to or exacerbated by low levels of physical activity

£419,597 Big Lottery Fund
10 Jan 2008 Lead International

The Tsunami project in Indonesia aims to train local young leaders to be responsible, democratically minded and environmentally conscious to ensure that future development processes will be in the hands of leaders within the Tsunami affected communities.

£419,508 Big Lottery Fund
25 May 2007 London Film School

2007/2008 Bursary Funding for the London Film School Screen Academy

£416,609 UK Film Council
16 Dec 2014 The Children's Society

This combines two existing projects delivered in Birmingham and Coventry that works with young people aged 10-18 who go missing from home and/or are at risk of child sexual exploitation. The project will bring together learning and knowledge from work with runaways, recognising the link and associated risk of trafficking across local authority boundaries. The aim of the project is to increase awareness of the risks of running away and enable young people to live safer and more resilient lives.

£415,976 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2017 Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham

This project will improve the quality of life of people with mental health. It will provide opportunities for those supported to become Community Peer Leaders to then facilitate and develop social community groups. A Peer Champion Training Programme will train Leaders in group facilitation, first aid, mentoring, befriending, confidentiality, and safeguarding vulnerable adults. This will enable group members to share their experiences in activities such as sports, gardening, arts, crafts, and film clubs.

£415,900 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jun 1999 Intermediate Technology Development Group

The project aims to improve the lives of 90 000 marginalised men and women by helping them to develop effective and lasting solutions to their transport problems by improvement of transport infrastructure and by exploring and adapting affordable modes of

£414,607 Community Fund
22 Jun 1999 British Overseas NGOs For Development (BOND)

The project aims to enable BOND to change its current role to one of a motivator and facilitator of relationships a representative and information disseminator for UK NGOs. This will be carried out by encouraging co-operation between organisations holding

£413,910 Community Fund
28 Apr 2015 Home-Start Camden

Home-Start Camden will use the funding to develop its project which provides support to vulnerable families through regular home visits and outreach work. New elements of the project will include increased support for new mothers, extension of support services for BAME families, additional training for volunteers supporting families affected by mental health issues and learning disabilities. More drop-in sessions and group outings to enable families to build support networks will be offered too.

£413,696 Big Lottery Fund
5 Aug 2009 British Cycling Federation

Performance Pathway

£413,248 UK Sport
16 Apr 1997 Abantu for Development

The project will develop women's non-governmental organisations in Africa in order to help establish equal participation in policy decision making. The grant, over five years, is for refurbishment costs, three full-time salaries and staff fees, running co

£413,043 Community Fund
17 Jun 2015 Dorset Blind Association

The funding will be used to expand this project which provides a range of practical and emotional support for visually impaired people across Dorset, helping with the adjustment to living with sight loss. Continuous and person-centred support will be provided, with the aim of assisting people to live full, healthy, independent lives in their local communities. The charity will work with a range of partners and will offer services including home visits, advocacy support, social and activity clubs.

£411,751 Big Lottery Fund
4 Nov 2014 Health Poverty Action

This project, based in the Tsumkwe area of Namibia will reduce maternal and neonatal mortality among 16,600 marginalised indigenous San and their neighbours in 75 villages.

£411,472 Big Lottery Fund
19 Feb 2007 Portsmouth City Council

This portfolio consists of four projects to enhance open access play across Portsmouth, particularly in areas associated with high levels of poverty and deprivation. The portfolio concentrates on inner city areas lacking in open or green space. Two portfo

£411,014 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 2004 Learning For Life

The Project Will Work In The 3 Poorest Regions Of Northern Pakistan Where Women'S Literacy Rates Are Below 19% Due To Gender Disparities That Arose From Patriarchal Structures. Currently The Targeted Communities Have No Access To Schools And And Education

£410,789 Community Fund
24 Oct 2016 Crisis

Funding will be used to develop a project that aims to build skills and increase motivation and resilience of vulnerable homeless people through the delivery of education, training and employment support in practical and creative workshops across Merseyside.

£409,463 Big Lottery Fund
29 Aug 2000 Trax Programme Support

The Project Aims To Increase Crop Output And Income For Poor Farmers In Rural Areas Of Ghana And Togo Which Have Suffered Environmental Degradation And Consequent Rural Poverty. Project Activities Will Include Training In Low External Input Sustainable A

£408,457 Community Fund
15 Mar 2012 Lifeline Network International

This project, based in the Wellington and East Freetown areas of Sierra Leone, will equip unemployed young adults to create sustainable livelihoods for themselves. Each beneficiary will spend eleven months on the programme and after this period they will

£407,988 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 1997 Marlborough Brandt Group

To improve livelihoods and health in The Gambia through the provision of business education and a health programme. The grant, over five years, is for salaries, equipment and running costs.

£407,689 Community Fund
19 May 2017 The Big Red Food Shed Ltd

The project will provide services to the long-term unemployed, people on Probation, ex-offenders, people with learning disabilities and people with mental ill health to develop their confidence and improve health and well-being through gardening and growing food for the community. A Community Food and Sensory Garden will be built to help users contribute ideas, share skills and help to grow produce. Other site activities will include installing fences, clearing rubbish and planting trees, hedging and crops.

£407,621 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jul 1999 Glasgow City Council

School Sports Co-ordinator Programme

£406,200 Sport Scotland

This project will build on the successes of the Community Shares Scotland (CSS) programme, which was set up to raise the awareness and promote the use of community shares in Scotland, empowering communities through community involvement and ownership. An extension of the programme will meet the existing demand, allowing continuation of direct support to local communities and capacity development in infrastructure bodies.

£406,051 Big Lottery Fund
1 May 2016 Faith Matters Community Interest Company

This project supports victims of anti-Muslim hate crime in London, Manchester and Birmingham, with new services in Sheffield and Rotherham, Dudley, Batley, Leeds, Wakefield and Oxford. It will provide victims with practical help and advice to rebuild their confidence, with referrals to other support and pro-bono legal services. Staff will act as advocates and intermediaries, staying in regular contact with victims. The project will also focus on engaging women and raising awareness of discrimination.

£405,778 Big Lottery Fund
31 Oct 2001 People's Palace Projects

This project aims to promote human rights of young people in the state of Rio de Janeiro who have recently left the juvenile justice system as well as those who are at risk of entering it. The grant, over three years, will cover equipment, salaries, info

£405,378 Community Fund
5 Jul 2007 Sport Central

Sports Partnerships

£405,000 Sport Scotland
1 Jun 2016 Quarriers

This project will work with young people aged 16-25 who are in care, leaving care or with previous experience of care in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Renfrewshire and Falkirk. Using professional life coaches the project will provide practical knowledge, advocacy, emotional support, and developmental group work to build self-confidence.

£403,741 Big Lottery Fund
6 Mar 2006 Mercy Corps Scotland

Rural communities in the Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe have suffered from the effects of high rates of HIV/AIDS and almost a decade of deteriorating infrastructure, droughts and the impacts of land reform policies. There are many families headed by wome

£403,463 Community Fund
1 Jun 2016 BDA

This new project is for children and young people who are deaf, and aged 8 years to 20 years old from Glasgow, Falkirk and Edinburgh. It will support children and families to develop socialising skills, and develop support around bullying and personal safety.

£400,423 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2016 British Deaf Association

This new project is for children and young people who are deaf, and aged 8 years to 20 years old from Glasgow, Falkirk and Edinburgh. It will support children and families to develop socialising skills, and develop support around bullying and personal safety.

£400,423 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 1997 Traidcraft Exchange

To improve opportunities for enterprises in developing countries by organising trade fairs, sales visits to buyers, test marketing of products, and producing market and trends awareness reports. The grant, over four years, is for salaries, running costs,

£400,000 Community Fund
26 Oct 2000 The Illuminated Film Company Limited

War Game

£400,000 UK Film Council
19 Mar 2001 Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association

World Class Performance

£400,000 UK Sport
10 Mar 2003 Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association

World Class Performance

£400,000 UK Sport
14 Apr 2003 Action on Disability and Development

People With Disabilities Are Some Of The Poorest And Most Disadvantaged In Bangladesh. This Project Aims To Work With Disabled People To Form An Effective Disability Movement Which Will Work To Ensure That The Implementation Of The Disability Welfare Act

£400,000 Community Fund
7 Oct 2008 Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Ltd

Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Ltd

£400,000 Sport Scotland
22 Apr 2009 Plum Films Ltd

The Cellar - After a wedding at a beautiful Scottish castle, seven friends become accidently trapped in an old wine cellar. As any hope of escape dims, they realise that their greatest danger isn't starvation or thirst, but each other.

£400,000 Scottish Screen
5 May 2009 Sigma Films Ltd

The Last Word. A couple begin to fall in love as the world begins to fall apart.

£400,000 Scottish Screen
7 May 2009 The Goodwin Development Trust Ltd

HSP Core Funding 2009-2012

£400,000 Sport England
6 Jun 2009 Wolverhampton City Council

Bilston Leisure Centre

£400,000 Sport England
22 Jan 2010 Crab Apple Films Ltd

Clever. A university student begins to suspect that his new friend is planning a campus massacre.

£400,000 Scottish Screen
16 Feb 2011 Brocken Spectre Ltd


£400,000 UK Film Council
19 Feb 2014 Wildgaze Films Ltd


£400,000 British Film Institute
27 Mar 2014 Creative Scotland

Creative Scotland - NET.WORK 2014-16

£400,000 British Film Institute
8 Dec 2014 BOA

Performance Pathway

£400,000 UK Sport
17 Aug 2015 Nesta

This is development funding for 11 projects that have the potential to be expanded, focused on supporting the challenges presented by an ageing population. Up to five organisations are expected to receive full grants next year. This is a new partnership approach which aims to develop a strong pipeline of high quality applications for ageing projects.

£400,000 Big Lottery Fund
15 Jun 2015 Tommy's Honor Productions Ltd

Tommy's Honour

£400,000 Creative Scotland
21 Dec 2016 Apocalypso Pictures Limited


£400,000 British Film Institute
22 May 2017 Sightsavers

The project will work with young people to improve their livelihoods through greater accessibility of Vocational Training Institute courses. They will also further develop capacity of disabled people?s organisations to carry out advocacy work and connections between national and local branches. Learning opportunities will be coordinated for key stakeholders from across the region.

£399,971 Big Lottery Fund
6 Mar 2006 Hospice of Hope Romania Limited

Adults and children with late stage HIV in Romania do not have access to holistic and appropriate end of life care. Many die in considerable pain and discomfort. This project will increase access to palliative care in 3 areas (Bucharest, Brasov, Bacau), i

£398,233 Community Fund
22 Aug 2003 Power International

In Mozambique, public services are limited and disabled people lack access to even these limited resources, face discrimination and are rarely heard in decision making processes. This project aims to improve access to public services for disabled adults a

£397,556 Community Fund
20 Dec 2005 The Haven Wolverhampton

Since 2002, Jurisdiction For Hearing Domestic Violence Cases In Sverdlovsk Region, Russia, Was Transferred To The Justice Of The Peace (Jps). Jps Have Never Received Training On Domestic Violence And The Majority Of Cases That Finally Make It Through The

£397,379 Community Fund
6 Aug 2003 Ex Nihilo

"Innocence (aka School, aka L'Ecole)"

£397,330 UK Film Council
12 Feb 2014 War On Want

War On Want

£397,322 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 2004 HMD International Response

Society In The Federally Administered Tribal Areas Of Pakistan Is Male-Dominated, With Women Subjected To Strict Purdah. Low Literacy Rates, Scarce Development Funds, Fallout Of The Instability In Neighbouring Afghanistan And Rigid Traditions Have Held Th

£397,221 Community Fund
25 Aug 2004 European Dialogue

In Bulgaria, Roma Communities Face Severe Poverty And Socio-Economic Disadvantage. There Are Low Education Levels With Only 7% Completing Secondary Education. This Project Aims To Develop The Best Of Bulgarian And Uk Policy For The Integration Of Minority

£396,850 Community Fund
6 May 2015 CBM UK

This project, based in Harare, Zimbabwe, will provide community based treatment, support and psychosocial rehabilitation for children with HIV and disabilities to improve their health and psychosocial wellbeing.

£396,323 Big Lottery Fund
27 Sep 2000 BBC World Service Trust

The Project Aims To Enhance And Strengthen The Capacity Of Russian Ngos Through Bridging The Gap Between The Third And Fourth Sectors In Russia. Journalists Will Work Together On Reports For A Radio Series And Three Ngo Internet Sites Which Will Provide

£395,929 Community Fund