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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
12 Feb 2014 War On Want

War On Want

£395,022 Big Lottery Fund
29 Aug 2000 Action on Disability and Development

The project aims to increase participation of disabled people in disability movements in Ghana Mali Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire involve disabled people in the planning and development of mainstream development projects and involve them in wider society

£394,505 Community Fund
29 Aug 2000 Population Concern

The project aims to improve young people's knowledge of reproductive health issues and access to services in Mexico State and Hidalgo State Mexico. Drama programmes focusing on health will be written and broadcast on government radio. A telephone helpline

£393,824 Community Fund
10 May 2005 A P T Enterprise Development

A Quarter Of Kenya'S Population Live In Dry Land Areas, Which Are Now Under Pressure From Increasing Numbers Of People And Loss Of Forests Due To Logging And Clearing For Farming And Settlements. This Has Led To Water Shortages, Soil Erosion, Over Grazing

£393,444 Community Fund
19 Dec 2003 Health Limited

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in South East Asia, where more than one third of the population live on less than US$1 per day. Cambodia has been severely affected by civil war and political instability for the past 30 years and much of the count

£392,713 Community Fund
12 Oct 2016 Quark Films Limited


£392,625 British Film Institute
25 Aug 2004 The Rainforest Foundation UK

The majority of the extensive forest lands of Southern Cameroon have been allocated for logging concessions or conservation areas. Poor communities whose lives depend on the forest have been displaced to new roadside settlements with little or no access t

£392,610 Community Fund
29 Aug 2000 African Medical and Research Foundation Limited

The project will improve access to safe water in Mkuranga District Tanzania through the planning and construction of safe water facilities and training in their management and maintenance. The project will also improve the communities knowledge of latrine

£392,356 Community Fund
16 Apr 2004 Foundation For Women's Health Research and Development

In The Kano And Jigawa States Of Nigeria, Women Are Often Forced Into Early Marriages. Underage Pregnancies And The Practice Of Female Genital Mutilation Lead To Serious Gynacological Problems. Maternal Mortality Rates Are Very High At 800 Per 100,000 Liv

£391,992 Community Fund
16 Jun 2009 Samphire

Volunteers, mainly people who are less active due to disability, age or illness, will be recruited and trained in areas such as listening skills, cultural awareness, mental health and human rights. The project also plans to raise awareness and educate the

£391,591 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jun 1999 Iraqi Refugee Aid Council

The project aims to improve access to health care for Iraqi and Afghan refugees in Iran through provision of medical treatment, training of community health workers and women counsellors. The local partner is Iraqi Refugee Aid Council, Iran. The grant, ov

£391,392 Community Fund
28 Feb 2017 Institute of Fundraising

Institute of Fundraising

£390,755 Big Lottery Fund
10 May 2005 Sense International

Because 95% Of What We Learn Comes Through Sight And Hearing, Deaf Blind Children Are Amongst The Most Vulnerable In The World. In India, Little Has Been Done To Improve Their Situation And The Majority Lack Access To Education And Appropriate Support Wit

£390,553 Community Fund
1 Feb 2017 Various

UK Presence at Cannes Film Festival for 2017

£390,000 British Film Institute
4 Nov 2014 Fairtrade Foundation

This project aims to improve the livelihoods of 450 women farmers and their 2,250 dependents within the Kabngetuny and Kapkiyai cooperatives, which are part of Kipkelion Union (KU), a collection of 32 cooperatives in West Kenya.

£389,831 Big Lottery Fund
28 Feb 2007 Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council

£389,825 Sport Scotland
21 May 2015 Treating Autism

This project aims to help beneficiaries to reach their potential and achieve better health and wellbeing, with focus on many of the deficits and health problems associated with autism such as stress across England. The project aims to tackle these issues through three strands; community support; educating and enabling parents to advocate on behalf of their children; engaging with policy makers, service providers and advocating to bring about changes to services.

£389,750 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jun 2017 British Deaf Association

British Deaf Association

£389,185 Big Lottery Fund
2 Feb 2012 The National Deaf Children's Society

This project in Karnataka, India, will work with deaf children, their teachers, parents, peers and communities to improve the quality of their primary education. A Community Based Rehabilitation Worker (CBRW), six of whom will be deaf themselves, will sup

£388,948 Big Lottery Fund
4 Jul 2017 Cornerstone Community Care

This grant will allow the organisation to build on its original Growing Together programme and enable it to further develop its work to support children with multiple and complex disabilities and their families. It will work with four SEN Schools in Glasgow. Support will include a sibling support group; information packs for parents / carers, workshops, respite care, children?s play clubs and transition support for children moving to secondary school.

£388,218 Big Lottery Fund
14 Apr 2003 Field Studies Council

The Tribal People Of Gujarat Are Among The Poorest In India. They Lack Access To Safe Drinking Water And Sanitation And Consequently Have Poor Levels Of Health. The Project Will Use Low Cost, Reliable Technology To Improve Water Supply And Quality In 24 V

£386,078 Community Fund
2 Jun 1998 Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture

The project aims to improve medical assistance and support for survivors of torture in Rwanda, Palestine, Israel, Guatemala and Northern Ireland. This will be carried out by providing training for local health workers, support and counselling. The grant,

£385,745 Community Fund
22 Jun 1999 Ethiopain Gemini Trust (UK)

The project aims to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people in Addis Ababa Ethiopia by providing health services family support and arts activities. Through three complementary strategies this project provide support for twins and triplets an

£385,740 Community Fund
8 Dec 2014 Kairos Women Working Together

This is the continuation of a current project that aims to tackle sexual exploitation of vulnerable women, often made worse by issues including substance misuse, homelessness, mental health issues, poor physical health, unemployment, debt, offending, coercion, violence and abuse. Ultimately they wish to support service-users towards enjoying improved life choices and opportunities.

£385,436 Big Lottery Fund
27 Jun 2012 Northern Ballet

Short Ballets for Small People

£385,407 Arts Council England
2 Jun 1998 British Council for Prevention of Blindness

The project aims to improve standards of eye care in South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, India, Pakistan and Colombia by training eye specialists and health professionals. The grant, over three years, is for training and travel costs for patients, accommodat

£384,920 Community Fund
22 Aug 2003 Allavida

Many members of the indigenous populations of the Kenyan coastal zone are without secure access to land which was historically under their control. Access to land by indigenous people is inhibited by existing legislation supporting non-indigenous and powe

£384,490 Community Fund
13 Apr 2015 Person to Person Citizen Advocacy

Person to Person Citizen Advocacy

£384,293 Big Lottery Fund
29 Nov 2006 Oldham Children and Youth Alliance

Community cohesion and partnerships will work for the benefit of all communities in Oldham. The project will bring together independent, faith, uniformed, statutory, voluntary and community based groups, agencies and organisations that provide services to

£383,580 Big Lottery Fund
2 May 2017 Sense International

This project will support deafblind adults and other people with disabilities in livelihoods skills to increase their levels of income and participation in their communities. They will also explore a number of new activities to address barriers that deafblind people experience when attempting to improve their economic status. Activities include larger scale testing of the new vocational syllabus for deafblind people and the development and dissemination of a new standardised tactile sign language method.

£382,941 Big Lottery Fund
26 Mar 2010 British Swimming

Performance Pathway

£382,824 UK Sport
27 Feb 2015 The Touring Consortium Theatre Company

TCTC Large scale touring programme

£381,000 Arts Council England
14 Jan 2015 The Royal London Society for Blind People

A London?wide project to provide a social and challenging environment for blind and partially sighted young people aged 18-25. The project will provide group led activities such as trips to museums and theme parks. It will also host activities with guest speakers, awareness raising, group discussions, community projects and making and learning to make music. The project aims to support 204 blind and partially sighted young people across the capital.

£380,560 Big Lottery Fund
2 Jun 1998 Food & Agricultural Research Management Ltd

The project aims to improve economic opportunities of people living in rural areas, especially women, in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It will carry out participatory community studies, draw up plans to increase the productivity of natural re

£380,241 Community Fund
6 Jun 2016 LGBT Youth Scotland

This project will support young people through the youth work intervention approach with one to one support and group work. It will help them move toward positive destinations.

£380,200 Big Lottery Fund
11 Jan 2017 Leeds Gypsy and Traveller Exchange

The project will work with the local Gypsy Traveller community to help them become stronger and more resilient, and support them to address inequalities and make a difference to the issues they face. This will be done through outreach activities, semi-structured learning opportunities and engagement with Gypsy Travellers living on local authority sites. The project also seeks to influence societal attitudes and stereotypes, as well as improving relationships between Gypsy Travellers and the wider community.

£379,730 Big Lottery Fund
7 May 2015 National Rural Touring Forum

Rural Touring Dance Initiative

£379,560 Arts Council England
2 Jun 1998 International Family Health

The project will improve the sexual and reproductive health of disadvantaged people, and provide valuable data for sex education materials in Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Gambia. The beneficiaries will participate in developing learning packs, articles and m

£377,349 Community Fund
14 Apr 2003 Birdlife International

The Counties Of Zapotillo And Lancones On The Peru/Ecuador Border Have Very Low Agricultural Productivity And Consequently Its People Are Among The Poorest In The Region. The Project Will Work With Community Based Organisations To Formulate And Implement

£377,338 Community Fund
10 May 2012 WaterAid

The project, based in the Koyra Upazila of Khulna district in Bangladesh aims to respond to the need for climate resilient access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) services. The proposed interventions will address the three key issues that have exac

£376,930 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 2004 A P T Enterprise Development

Poverty And Aids Are Inextricably Linked, With Poor Education, Little Perception Of Rights And Limited Information Exacerbating Infection Rates. Limited Means For Care And Support And For Medicines And Nutrition Add To The Problems Faced By Plwha, Who Are

£376,602 Community Fund
31 Oct 2016 ChAPS

Cheshire Autism Practical Support Ltd (ChAPS) aims to expand their services through this project to support children, young people and adults on the autism spectrum, as well as families and agencies that support them. ChAPS is run by parents who have personal experience of autism, supporting people across the whole spectrum, whether diagnosed or not. Support workers will provide individual and group guidance for families and a range of specialist activities will also be offered.

£375,505 Big Lottery Fund
7 May 2008 British Orienteering Federation

Orienteering (WSP)

£375,000 Sport England
4 Feb 2014 Azafady

This three year project will work to improve hygiene practices within Fort Dauphin, the urban centre of the Anosy region in Madagascar.

£374,065 Big Lottery Fund
1 Dec 2016 Home-Start Bristol

The project aims to support families with children under five living among the most deprived areas in Bristol. By providing specifically tailored activities offering emotional and practical support, it aims to tackle issues including isolation, poor emotional health, single parenting, immigration, domestic abuse and family break-ups, whilst better connecting families with their local communities.

£373,336 Big Lottery Fund
26 Feb 2008 Handicap International UK

The aim of this project is to increase access to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment for people with disabilities in Burundi. The project will be delivered across the whole country, working directly with individual beneficiaries who have disabilities. It wi

£373,062 Big Lottery Fund
31 Oct 2001 VETAID

The project aims to improve the welfare and livelihoods of poor and disadvantaged farmers in Somaliland by increasing their income from animal husbandry. The grant, over three years, will pay for salaries, a vehicle and project equipment and income gener

£372,907 Community Fund
2 Jun 1998 The British Red Cross Society

The project will support people living in the 38 most disaster prone districts of Bangladesh by establishing a community based disaster preparedness programme. It will involve building flood-proof tube wells and latrines, developing disaster preparedness

£372,814 Community Fund
25 Aug 2004 S O S Sahel International (UK)

People dependent on agriculture and livestock in Mali are extremely vulnerable to climatic changes. Those living on the least productive lands suffer even in years when the climate is favourable. In order to survive these people rely on accessing forests

£372,429 Community Fund
15 Jan 2008 Construction Industry Trust for Youth

Construction for Communities will take adapted mobile units into the community to deliver information on subjects such as CV writing, interview techniques, filling in application forms, presentation skills, and also taster sessions on various construction

£372,270 Big Lottery Fund
23 Apr 2015 International Tree Foundation

This project, based in Malawi, aims to transform beneficiary livelihoods through carefully designed and targeted training, capacity building and financing for integrated conservation, agro-forestry and income generation activities.

£370,202 Big Lottery Fund
28 Mar 2012 Headline Pictures (Invisible Woman) Ltd

Invisible Woman

£370,000 British Film Institute
22 Jun 1999 Opportunity International United Kingdom

The project aims to expand and develop the impact of twelve micro-enterprise organisations in Russia Poland Croatia Macedonia Bulgaria Romania Albania and Montenegro through provision of technical assistance forming linkages and establishing internships w

£369,981 Community Fund
15 Dec 2004 ActionAid

The loss of 34 million hectares of rainforest over the last twenty years has had a devastating affect on the livelihoods of the descendants of African slaves and indigenous people living in the State of Maranhao, Brazil. The level of environmental degrada

£369,763 Community Fund
7 May 2015 Stretch

This project will build upon pilot work previously delivered at HMP Peterborough and will aim to improve the digital skills of offenders and ex offenders. This will be conducted through the provision of a digital inclusion programme delivered to the offending community through workshops in prisons and in hostels for ex offenders in the community. This will increase technical skills, raise confidence and impart transferable skills that will help beneficiaries keep up with the outside world.

£369,000 Big Lottery Fund
29 Aug 2000 New Israel Fund

This project aims to address the position of women in the Bedouin community in the Negev in Israel. Project activities include the provision of practical information economic skills training and encouraging community involvement. By enhancing the self-est

£368,751 Community Fund
14 Apr 2003 Helpage International

The Political And Economic Changes In South East Europe Have Left Many Older People Impoverished And Discriminated Against. This Project Will Develop National Networks Of Organisations Working With And On Behalf Of Older People In Nine Countries In South

£368,633 Community Fund
31 Oct 2001 Sense International

The programme will address the exclusion of young deafblind adults in Latin America by working closely with three local partner organisations. It will give training in campaigning and lobbying and set up a centre of excellence. The grant, over three years

£368,470 Community Fund
22 Jun 1999 Scottish Education & Action For Development

The project aims to improve the economic conditions for subsistence farmers in the Zambrana-Chacuey region of the Dominican Republic using an agroforestry rehabilitation programme in response to Hurricane Georges. Activities will include the supply of see

£367,127 Community Fund
2 Jun 1998 A P T Enterprise Development

The project aims to promote more secure livelihoods in Kenya through improving the production and marketing skills of 400 existing small businesses. Suitable market structures and systems will be identified and business people will be trained. The grant,

£366,724 Community Fund
27 Apr 2016 Savera UK

As a result of Savera identifying an increase in the number of cases of domestic abuse reported to the police from within the Merseyside BAMER communities they will be expanding their support for women at crisis point. This will include 1-2-1 services to help deal with the immediate impact of domestic abuse or harmful practice along with continued support. Support teams will be trained on cultural awareness, understanding abuse and harmful practice to awareness among young people in schools and communities.

£366,426 Big Lottery Fund
30 Sep 2008 The Arts Institute at Bournemouth

Course Enhancement and Outreach

£366,413 UK Film Council
22 Jun 1999 Community Enterprise Limited

The project aims to create tourism social firms for the disabled in Lodz and Krakow Poland. The aim of the project is to achieve long term sustainability of the firms to disseminate information about the social firm model throughout Poland and for the two

£366,332 Community Fund
27 Apr 2016 Savera UK

As a result of Savera identifying an increase in the number of cases of domestic abuse reported to the police from within the Merseyside BAMER communities they will be expanding their support for women at crisis point. This will include 1-2-1 services to help deal with the immediate impact of domestic abuse or harmful practice along with continued support. Support teams will be trained on cultural awareness, understanding abuse and harmful practice to awareness among young people in schools and communities.

£366,330 Big Lottery Fund
2 Jun 1998 Childline

The project will help street children in several cities in India by extending a successful national network of emergency helplines, training, providing advice and support, and working with hospitals, police, and local authorities. The grant, over four yea

£366,214 Community Fund
9 Dec 2014 Sobriety Project Limited(The)

The Sobriety Project (SP) will use their extensive and well established resources at the Yorkshire Waterways Museum, its boats, cafe, floating classrooms, nature trail, gardens, woodwork shop and community allotments to bring the community together while tackling mental health issues, stigmatism, lack of independence and dignity, high levels of disadvantage, behavioural problems, isolation and a lack of skills.

£365,321 Big Lottery Fund
17 Aug 2005 BBC World Service Trust

People Living With Disabilities, Particularly The Visually Impaired (Vi), Are Amongst The Most Disadvantaged People In China. They Often Lack Free Health Care, Access To Education And Employment Opportunities And Face Entrenched Social Prejudice. The Gov

£364,758 Community Fund
9 Sep 2015 Headway Cardiff

Headway Cardiff

£364,374 Big Lottery Fund
24 Sep 2012 Sigma Films Ltd

Eric is prematurely ?Starred Up? to adult prison where he meets his father for the first time.

£364,000 Creative Scotland
26 Jun 2016 iFeatures Ltd (uplift)

iFeatures4 Development Award

£363,650 British Film Institute
6 Mar 2006 Concern Universal

Only 16% Of Rural Communities In Cross River State - Southeastern Nigeria - Have Access To A Safe Water Source. Further, Only 10% Of The Population Uses Adequate Sanitation Facilities. As A Result Water Related Disease Is Rife, In Particular Typhoid A

£363,562 Community Fund
14 Jun 2017 HKY Ireland

Sporting Winners Programme (2017-2018)

£362,535 Sport Northern Ireland
27 Aug 2015 Tinder Foundation

Tinder Foundation

£362,233 Big Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2015 Disability Stockport Limited

A project to transform their information and signposting service to one that provides a range of practical support, helping those with a disability or long term limiting condition to live independently and become more active citizens. The project will offer a range of services including advice, advocacy and information; evening and weekend trips; daytime activities including cookery, gardening, drama, swimming, art classes, and computer courses; and a peer support group.

£362,031 Big Lottery Fund
19 Dec 2012 Brandnew-u Limited

Brand New-U

£362,000 British Film Institute
6 Jul 2016 Barnardo's

Over 1,500 young people in Lambeth, Southwark and Croydon will be given the opportunity to turn their lives around having been involved in serious youth crime. Over six months they will receive tailored support to help them be better able to manage their lives and be less influenced by risky peer groups. They aim to give them the skills to make more positive life choices and support them into sustainable employment and education.

£361,437 Big Lottery Fund
14 May 2009 Commonwealth Games Council for England

Revenue Funding 2006-10

£360,602 Sport England
19 Apr 2016 South Wales Association for the Prevention of Addiction Limi

South Wales Association for the Prevention of Addiction Limi

£360,503 Big Lottery Fund
20 Nov 2000 English Target Shooting Federation

World Class Programme

£360,242 Sport England
18 May 2000 W.O.W. Productions & Trijbits Productions

My Brother Tom (aka My Brother Rob)

£359,989 UK Film Council
18 Jun 1999 Highland Council

School Sports Co-ordinator Programme

£359,940 Sport Scotland
7 Dec 2015 CO3 Chief Officers Third Sector

This project aims to help VCSE groups across Scotland and Northern Ireland better understand their strengths and areas for development. Over three years it will pilot the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT), an online diagnostic tool developed in the United States, with 100 groups in NI and 100 in Scotland. There will also be follow up surveys 18 months later. This will build up a longitudinal dataset and inform and evaluate the impact of capacity building support from funders and other organisations.

£358,810 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 1997 International Institute for Energy Conservation

The project will improve housing in the Republic of South Africa by advising local community housing projects on energy efficent design. The grant, over three years, is for equipment, salaries and running costs.

£357,000 Community Fund
12 Sep 2012 Poisson Rouge Pictures France

Gone Too Far

£357,000 British Film Institute
22 Nov 2013 T.H.O.M.A.S. (Those on the Margins of a Society)

Through training and employment, the aim of the project is to enable unemployed adults who have overcome substance misuse and prolific, persistent offending but who remain excluded from the labour market, to gain practical work experience, qualifications

£357,000 Big Lottery Fund
17 Aug 2005 Camfed International

Tanzania has one of the poorest education systems in the world, with only 6% of children starting secondary school. The majority of girls fail to complete primary school with 39,000 leaving every year due to pregnancy. Parental sickness and death, often d

£355,829 Community Fund
27 Jun 2007 Concern Universal

This project is to empower the poorest women of the Upper West region of Ghana allowing them to assert their social and economic rights and encouraging them to exercise their political rights. This will be achieved through an holistic approach designed to

£355,749 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jan 2017 Zest-Health for Life Limited

The project aims to bring communities together and the social and physical wellbeing of isolated and disadvantaged people in inner East Leeds. Activities will include confidence-building groups, courses that meet specific needs of vulnerable men or women, and activities that will develop social links between the host community and immigrant families.

£355,046 Big Lottery Fund
27 Oct 2010 Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Ltd

Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Ltd

£355,000 Sport Scotland
26 Oct 2011 Nitrate London Ltd

This Is London

£355,000 British Film Institute
3 Nov 2011 Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Ltd

Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Ltd

£355,000 Sport Scotland
9 Jan 2015 Adverse Camber

Epic Storytelling and Music Tours 2015-17

£354,741 Arts Council England
25 Aug 2004 Children In Crisis

Sierra Leone, now recovering from a devastating civil war, may soon be fighting another battle, against HIV/AIDS. This project will help reduce the spread of HIV/ AIDS in two potential 'hotspots', Kissy on the outskirts of Freetown and Kambia, one of the

£354,527 Community Fund
22 Jun 1999 Mines Advisory Group

The project aims to undertake targeted landmine clearance and develop the capacity of Angolan staff in Cunene Province, Angola. The local partner is Mines Advisory Group, Angola. The grant, over one year, will fund salaries in the UK and abroad, mine cle

£354,232 Community Fund
27 Sep 2016 Phizzical

Bring on the Bollywood (BOTB)

£354,137 Arts Council England
26 Mar 2010 British Triathlon Federation

Performance Pathway

£353,595 UK Sport
4 May 2016 Debate Mate

A project to enable disadvantaged young people to develop vital communications skills to improve their chances in education, training or employment. The project will run debating clubs with students from top universities, such as Oxford and Manchester to provide young people with peer mentoring, engagement and inspiration to build confidence, self-control, leadership and resilience. The scheme will support 1,945 people.

£353,560 Big Lottery Fund
8 Oct 2009 Glasgow Grows Audiences Ltd

Towards the cost of project management and delivery of the Amb.IT.ion Scotland Programme.

£353,367 Scottish Arts Council
10 Jan 2008 HealthProm

The project in the Issuk Kul and Bishkek regions of Kyrgystan, aims to reach children living with mental health and physical disability issues and their families in order to provide information and support and to prevent the child from being signed to an

£352,767 Big Lottery Fund
14 Dec 2012 Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund

This project will reduce the poverty of indigenous communities in Cambodia by improving beneficiaries' ability to access protect and manage their land. It will also increase food security and household income, improve health, and reduce vulnerability to e

£351,905 Big Lottery Fund