Lottery grants awarded to Gateshead in 2017

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
4 Oct 2017 Dynamix Extreme CIC

Afrikan Sheroes and Heroes

£14,195 Arts Council England
13 Sep 2017 Write On Tap

Bankers ? writers development programme

£12,650 Arts Council England
24 Aug 2017 Gateshead Council - Library Service

Illustrate 2017

£12,075 Arts Council England
9 Aug 2017 Sian Armstrong

Stupid - Final RandD

£11,238 Arts Council England
2 Aug 2017 Regal Respite Limited

The project will pilot countryside residential breaks for people of the Orthodox Jewish community who have disabilities, are suffering trauma or in crisis, have chronic or temporary illness, or are disadvantaged. This will provide respite and culturally sensitive support for people, their carers and family participants, to help reduce stress and improve their wellbeing.

£9,999 Big Lottery Fund
31 Jul 2017 The Nest Cafe and Community Rooms CIC

The project will run an after school family club for older children aged 5 to 10 years. This will provide a safe environment and additional support for families as well as fun activities such as family cooking sessions, family fitness and nutrition workshops.

£9,600 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jul 2017 Friends of St Marks, Gateshead

The Little Theatre: The legacy of The Dodds Sisters

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Jul 2017 Gateshead Council Culture Team

Enchanted Parks 2017

£79,000 Arts Council England
10 Jul 2017 North East Counties Athletics Association

Photofinish and timing Equipment

£10,000 Sport England
7 Jul 2017 Caedmon Primary School

The school will purchase fitness equipment and deliver coaching and mentoring classes for children. This will provide fun fitness games, physical activities and nutritional advice to help improve the health and welling of children.

£6,942 Big Lottery Fund
13 Jun 2017 Gateshead Council

Gateshead Local Studies Collection: Re-opening Access to Gateshead's Heritage

£546,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Jun 2017 2 Way Tenancy Solutions CIC

The project will deliver a pilot providing one to one support for under 25 year olds interested in rehousing to help them develop the skills needed to maintain and sustain a tenancy. The pilot will help the group to develop a model of support for young people, to help them manage budgets, access affordable loans and savings, make informed choices about moving home, and improve their economic and employment opportunities.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
25 May 2017 Northern Film and Media


£25,450 Arts Council England
25 May 2017 Philip Douglas

Curious LGBTQ Arts and Audience Development North East

£14,600 Arts Council England
23 May 2017 Angel Court and the Bungalows Residence Social Fund

The project will deliver creative and arts based activities for their residents. This will provide stimulating social and recreational activities to reduce isolation, help older people develop their skills, and improve the environment of the residential home.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
22 May 2017 Side by Side Tyne and Wear

This is a project based in Gateshead serving people in Newcastle. The project will organise monthly nutrition workshops for refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and their families in the east and west end of Newcastle. Sessions will focus on nutrition, healthy diets, gardening, and cooking skills, and provide signposting to health services to encourage people to make healthy lifestyle choices.

£9,675 Big Lottery Fund
12 May 2017 Gateshead Older People's Assembly

The project will carry out an independent external evaluation of their activities and services, and create a promotional film to demonstrate the impact of their work. This will provide an impartial analysis of the social and cost benefits of the group?s services, enable them to tender for larger contracts, and increase their capacity to provide more projects and activities for older people.

£9,690 Big Lottery Fund
10 May 2017 Roman Road Primary School

The school will install outdoor play equipment including a physical trail, all-weather surfacing, storytelling circle area, fine motor skills area, sand box and outdoor music equipment. This will improve outdoor facilities, provide imaginative and challenging activities for young children, and engage parents with their children?s learning.

£9,965 Big Lottery Fund
7 May 2017 Jumpin' Hot Club

The project will create performance opportunities for a local choir whose members are primarily African migrants. They will provide mentoring and learning support and workshops for the choir, build links with youth groups and schools trusts, and deliver school workshops to diverse communities.

£9,850 Big Lottery Fund
5 May 2017 Becci Sharrock

Letters to Myself - The Word Residency

£8,000 Arts Council England
4 May 2017 Hawksbury House Residents Social Fund

The project will deliver a programme of activities and workshops for residents, in gardening, textiles, spoken and written word, music and movement, dance and reminiscence. The group will develop networks with other organisations and provide visits to local community venues for residents to help reduce their social isolation and enable them to become active in their communities.

£9,920 Big Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2017 Kate Sweeney

Moving In

£14,390 Arts Council England
15 Apr 2017 TEAM

The project will use the funding to deliver activities for pupils from local Jewish schools, including healthy eating, exercise and dealing with stress and anxiety. They will deliver parenting courses and train volunteers to help plan and run culturally sensitive sports based activities. This will help children and young people to improve their confidence and social skills and encourage them to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices.

£9,875 Big Lottery Fund
30 Mar 2017 Youth Focus: North East

The project aims to deliver flexible open access services, including direct delivery of open access youth work in communities as people do not currently use existing community assets such as church halls. They will also focus on training and youth empowerment with existing groups to enhance and expand their existing open access work with young people.

£232,294 Big Lottery Fund
28 Mar 2017 Emmaus North East

This is a project by a charity in Gateshead serving people in South Tyneside. The project will purchase IT equipment and develop an IT suite to provide training for homeless people and community groups in South Shields. Training will focus on internet access, film making, CV writing, job searches and information gathering. This will enable people to tell their stories through film, and develop confidence and transferable skills to help them towards employment.

£9,981 Big Lottery Fund
20 Mar 2017 GWK Woodshed CIC

The project will deliver a volunteer programme to provide people with practical work experience in customer service, woodwork, joinery and furniture restoration. This will help people develop skills and confidence, and improve their further education and employment opportunities.

£9,750 Big Lottery Fund
9 Mar 2017 Gateshead People

The project will provide poetry writing workshops for their group and the Twisting Ducks Theatre Company group, who also have service users with learning difficulties. They will help people with learning difficulties to showcase their creative skills, address issues that they are facing, and express their views and feelings to peers and the wider community. This will be done through film, performances, online, and at spoken word and poetry community events and school workshops.

£9,883 Big Lottery Fund
23 Feb 2017 Samosa Sisters

Seven stories: Recording hidden histories and stories of female BAME refugees to Tyneside and Hartlepool

£9,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Feb 2017 Samosa Sisters

Seven stories: Recording hidden histories and stories of female BAME refugees to Tyneside and Hartlepool

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Feb 2017 Interconnection

The funding will be used to run a series of mental health workshops for men from local black and minority ethnic (BME) communities. This will include monthly meetings to help dispel negative myths and taboos associated with mental health in the community, and provide signposting to health support services to help improve peoples? mental health and wellbeing.

£9,720 Big Lottery Fund
21 Feb 2017 Harlow Green Tenants & Residents Association

The project will hold a community festival day with entertainment, children?s activities, arts and craft stalls, and healthy eating areas. This will provide residents of Harlow Green Estate with advice and information on different organisations in Gateshead, and opportunities to build new relationships, reduce their social isolation and improve community spirit.

£2,835 Big Lottery Fund
17 Feb 2017 Changing Lives

The project will purchase laptops and deliver a weekly digital inclusion club for young people who are homeless. This will help the young people develop IT skills that will help them to access services online including housing, and improve their employment opportunities.

£1,200 Big Lottery Fund
13 Feb 2017 Borough Educational Foundation

The project will deliver a mentoring/learning programme for disadvantaged young men who are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour and crime. Mentors and trainers will offer support through group sessions and help the men develop skills, resilience and emotional wellbeing, and improve their further education and employment opportunities, so they can become active members of the community.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
6 Feb 2017 Grand Gestures

The project will continue to deliver weekly dance/movement sessions in Bensham. This will provide social and recreational activities and events to improve the physical and social wellbeing of vulnerable and isolated people.

£9,459 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jan 2017 St Oswalds RC Primary School

The school will install outdoor gym equipment to provide new fitness activities for pupils and children in the wider community. This will encourage children to become more active and make healthy lifestyle choices.

£9,795 Big Lottery Fund
4 Jan 2017 Paul Becker

Exhibition Project

£14,300 Arts Council England
4 Jan 2017 Windy Nook Primary School

The school will develop their outdoor play/nature area with a playground road track, den building posts, willow tepee, bug hotel and synthetic turf. Children will be able to access road safety awareness sessions, and play and nature based activities, to help keep them safe and encourage them to become more active.

£9,995 Big Lottery Fund