Lottery grants awarded to Hartlepool, North East in 2001

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
28 Dec 2001 North Tees Womens Aid

The SEARCH project provides support and counselling to men and women who have suffered sexual abuse or rape. Services include face to face counselling, support in accessing services, advice and referral, awareness raising on issues of domestic violence an

£131,372 Community Fund
28 Dec 2001 North Tees Womens Aid

This project will provide supported accommodation in 7 self - contained flats with additional communal living areas for women and children experiencing domestic violence in Stockton. Support and resettlement advice will be provided by refuge workers. This

£12,816 Community Fund
21 Dec 2001 Hartlepool Borough Council

Hartlepool Borough Council will use this grant to sustain 24 before school places for children in Hartlepool, keeping costs to parents low and encourage children to attend.

£5,138 New Opportunities Fund
10 Dec 2001 North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust

New Multiviewer. The equipment is used for rapid viewing of large numbers of mammography films which enables women to be given the results of their breast screening in the shortest possible time.

£14,625 New Opportunities Fund
8 Dec 2001 Friends of Ward Jackson School

This group provides funding and support for the school's extra curricular activities. They wish to purchase disco equipment and fundraising equipment and to pay for a Summer outing for some of the children.

£2,000 Community Fund
8 Dec 2001 Burn Valley North Residents Association

This group have only recently come together. They want to improve the community in which they live, tackling crime, safety, housing and environmental issues. The award will be used to purchase ofice equipment and fund publicity.

£1,400 Community Fund
8 Dec 2001 West View Newsletter Group

This new group would like to produce a quarterly community newsletter for 2700 households. It will cover issues such as crime, community events, housing, education and leisure. The award will be used to purchase a computer, scanner, printer, CD-ROM, digit

£3,960 Community Fund
8 Dec 2001 All Our Yesterdays

This group want to reproduce part of a book (now out of print) creating a permanent record of Hartlepool from the time of the Norman Invasion to date. The book will then be distributed to schools, history groups and the local community.

£2,879 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Dec 2001 Summerhill (Hartlepool) Bird Club

This group provide facitilites and classes fo birdwatchers.They would like funds to extend their facilities to enable access by young children and those with physical disabilities. The award would be used to purchase a CCTV system, extra seating, educatio

£4,250 New Opportunities Fund
28 Sep 2001 The Friends of Ward Jackson Park

This group promotes the use of this urban park and provides a range of activities for the community, including a Music in the Park event and an Easter treasure hunt. The award will enable them to purchase shelters and pa equipment for use at future event

£4,805 Community Fund
28 Sep 2001 The Stranton Road Residents Association

This recently formed group promotes social activities for the local community and liases with official bodies to improve their environment. They would like funds for a range of activities and to purchase computer equipment.

£2,998 Community Fund
28 Sep 2001 Friends of Summerhill

The group aims to encourage access to and awareness of local environment through promoting Summerhills, a 100 acre nature and recreation area. They want to produce a promotional video and calendar as well as carrying out a horse cross-country event.

£5,000 Community Fund
28 Sep 2001 Hartlepool Rovers Junior Section

"This New Junior Rugby Group Would Like To Provide The Opportunity For People In The Hartlepool Area, Aged 8-18 Years, To Participate In Rugby. They Are Particularly Interested In Providing An After School Sporting Activity That Will Develop Links With L

£4,900 Sport England
28 Sep 2001 17th Hartlepool Scouts (St Aidans)

"This Group Provides A Wide Range Of Activities For The Spiritual, Cultural And Physical Development Of Young People. The Award Will Be Used To Purchase Canoeing And Climbing Equipment."

£3,557 Sport England
6 Sep 2001 Manor Residents' Association

Youth Music Collective

£7,850 Arts Council England
1 Aug 2001 Stotfold Area Residents Association

This newly formed group aim to provide facilities in the interest of social welfare and improve the conditions of life for people living in the local area. The award will help with the start up costs of their group and provide several childrens outings.

£1,600 Community Fund
1 Aug 2001 Bramley Court Aged Citizen Club

This group provides recreational and social activities chiefly, but not exclusively, for members of a sheltered housing complex. They would like funds for equipment and a to Skegness

£3,874 Community Fund
1 Aug 2001 Hartlepool Schoolwatch Partnership

This group aims to reduce the incidence of crime within Hartlepool's primary schools by encouraging pupils, parents, staff etc. to get actively involved. The award would allow them to promote their activities, provide stationary and organise a football to

£5,000 Community Fund
1 Aug 2001 Manor Residents Association

This group provides social, recreational and educational actvities for local residents. They would like funding for outings for residents and an adventure camping trip for local children.

£3,764 Community Fund
1 Aug 2001 The Pensioners Club

This older women's group meets weekly to engage in social and recreational activities. They would like to go on a short break and purchase a bingo machine.

£1,283 Community Fund
1 Aug 2001 Seaton Carew Juniors Football Club

"This Group Provides The Opportunity For Children To Take Part And Compete In The Sport Of Football. They Would Like Funds For Coach Development And Equipment.Coaching, First Aid And Prevention Of Injuries Training Courses, Small Sided Goals, Cones, Bibs

£2,041 Sport England
1 Aug 2001 Dyke House School

"This Comprehensive School Who Want To Provide A Week Of Outdoor Sport And Adventure Activities For A Group Students, Including Canoeing, Orienteering Archery Amd Team Building Exercises.Equipment, Transport, Instructor Hire, Generation Of Publicity Mater

£2,900 Sport England
20 Jul 2001 Hartlepool Library Service

The award has provided Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training for public librarians on basic and technical information handling competencies required by staff for their own use and to assist library users.

£30,815 New Opportunities Fund
2 Jul 2001 Hartlepool Borough Libraries

The project will digitise records and archival material relating to shipping, shipbuilding and marine engineering and incorporating documents illusrating the port development of Hartlepool and West Hartlepool during the 19th and 20 centuries. Material wil

£122,001 New Opportunities Fund
25 Jun 2001 Hartlepool Borough Council

The grant will be used to create 96 before school and 104 after school places for children aged between 4 - 11 year old in Hartlepool. 7 local schools will be served by the project. 6 new clubs will be created and 1 existing club expanded.

£69,575 New Opportunities Fund
9 Jun 2001 Miers Avenue Sequence Dance Club

This Group Provides Social And Recreational Activities For Elderly People In The Local Area. The Award Will Allow Them To Purchase Equipment That Will Amplify Their Sound System And Enable Them To Organise Trips And Celebrations.

£1,140 Arts Council England
9 Jun 2001 Hartlepool Asian Association

This new group wish to establish the first community centre for use by Asian people in the local community. They want to carry out some refurbishment work, and fund start up costs.installation of kitchen and toilet, carpeting, desk, chairs, rent, insuran

£5,000 Community Fund
9 Jun 2001 The Headland Community Publisher Group

This new group has been established to strenghten communication networks and extend the opportunity for residents of the local area to share information through the production of a quarterly newsletter and publicising events. They want to fund start up c

£4,700 Community Fund
7 Jun 2001 Hartlepool Borough Council

Summerhill Landscape Interpretation Project

£80,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2001 Foggy Furze Junior Bowling Club

"This Group Provides The Opportunity For Young People Up To The Age Of 18 To Train, Participate And Compete In The Sport Of Bowls. They Would Like Funds For Equipment And To Hold A Competition For The First Time.Bowls Shoes, Pushers, Jacks, Mats, Bowls B

£1,926 Sport England
1 Jun 2001 Hartlepool Boat Angling Club

"This Group Provides The Opportunity To Take Part And Compete In The Sport Of Angling. They Would Like Funds To Cover Start Up Costs And Their First Year Expenses.General Admin, Competition Costs Including Admin And Volunteer Expenses, And Independent Co

£1,266 Sport England
1 Jun 2001 Hartlepool Sportability Club

This Sports Club For Disabled People Provides Members With A Wide Range Of Activites From Trampolining To Basketball With The Aim Of Enabling Disabled People To Access Mainstream Activities. The Award Will Allow Them To Extend The Success Of Their Last Aw

£2,457 Sport England
10 Apr 2001 Hartlepool Borough Council

Hartlepool Borough Council

£168,783 New Opportunities Fund
6 Apr 2001 Headland Future Ltd

This community group was initially formed to organise events to promote the Headland Area and to perform a community needs survey. The project is to restore a derelict Edwardian Public House to provide a facility principally for young people. When resto

£441,557 Community Fund
6 Apr 2001 Hartlepool Citizens Advice Bureau

This project continues and builds on a pilot housing advice and bond scheme. Vulnerable clients who are either homeless or at risk of being homeless are made aware of all the housing options available to them . Practical advice and support is also availa

£91,670 Community Fund
4 Apr 2001 Hart Sequence Dance Club

This Group Wish To Purchase Their Own Sound Equipment And Cds To Improve The Skill Of Current Members And Increase Participation.The Award Is For An Amplifier, Cd Player, Speakers, Microphone And Cds.

£700 Arts Council England
4 Apr 2001 Northern Ambassador Jazz Band

This Group Offers Young Children The Opportunity To Develop Their Musical And Performance Skills. They Want To Purchase New Instruments To Allow Their Increased Membership To Put On Larger Displays.

£5,000 Arts Council England
4 Apr 2001 Hartlepool Operatic and Dramatic Association

This Group Encourage The Public Appreciation Of Music And Drama Through Productions And Performances. They Want To Stage A Musical Youth Production With The Aim To Launch A New Youth Theatre Group.Performing License, Scripts, Scores, Musical Director, Mus

£4,950 Arts Council England
4 Apr 2001 The Friends of the Horsley Centre

This group provides support to the development of the Horsley Centre as a community resource to provide recreational, social and educational activities. They want funds to help towards setting up their office.stationary, multi-media computer, insurance

£2,927 Community Fund
4 Apr 2001 Hartlepool St Francis 2000 FC

This group provides competitive football and coaching opportunities for children aged between 6 and 16 years. They want to expand their junior squad and aim to start up an U14's girls managers course, balls, bibs, cones, first aid kits, goals, n

£1,986 Sport England
4 Apr 2001 Hartlepool Crest FC

"This Group Provide The Opportunity For 6-13 Year Olds To Participate In Football. They Want To Provide Coaching Courses For Coaches And To Provide Additional Equipment For New, Special Needs Members. Coaching Courses, Equipment For New Members (Medical

£2,849 Sport England
15 Feb 2001 Hartlepool Borough Council

The grant will be used to create 134 before-school places and 8 after-school places by creating 5 new projects and extending 1 existing one. The places will be for children aged 4-11 years old. 6 local schools will be served.

£36,666 New Opportunities Fund
6 Feb 2001 Hartlepool Borough Council - Adult Education

A network of 18 local UK online centres includes eight community venues. The range of subjects offered covers music, art, literacy, numeracy and information and communications technology (ICT). Adults living in the most disadvantaged areas and people w

£249,973 New Opportunities Fund
2 Feb 2001 Friends of Shopmobility

This group's main objective is to raise awareness, through fundraising & recreational activities, of the Hartlepool Shopmobility Scheme. They want to buy 2 new wheelchairs & arrange a line dancing event.a large power chair, a small power chair and a line

£5,000 Community Fund
10 Jan 2001 Hartlepool Borough Council


£13,170 Heritage Lottery Fund