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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
2 Nov 2017 William Steele

Personal Professional Development in Puppetry

£6,050 Arts Council England
1 Nov 2017 Moving Art Management

Moving Art Management

£14,998 Arts Council England
25 Oct 2017 Esen Kaya


£15,000 Arts Council England
20 Oct 2017 Luca Rutherford

None Of The Above

£14,995 Arts Council England
28 Sep 2017 Cap-a-Pie Engagements

The Important Man - Education Programme

£9,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Sep 2017 Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

Paul Nash: WW1 Life, Letters and Art

£9,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Sep 2017 ISIS Arts

Forage, pilot project supporting access to heritage landscapes for migrant and refugee groups

£7,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Sep 2017 Fertile Ground Dance Ltd

Double Bill R and D and building capacity

£14,860 Arts Council England
13 Sep 2017 Tyneside Irish Cultural Society

Tyneside Irish Festival

£6,000 Arts Council England
12 Sep 2017 Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

Hub Exhibition and Associated Programme for the Great Exhibition of the North

£813,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Sep 2017 Northumbria Sport Foundation

Active Ageing Project

£5,355 Sport England
7 Sep 2017 Unfolding Theatre

In Your Hands

£15,000 Arts Council England
31 Aug 2017 Dan Holdsworth

Solo exhibition

£34,500 Arts Council England
31 Aug 2017 Tusk Music

TUSK Festival 2018

£49,550 Arts Council England
30 Aug 2017 Newcastle and Gatehead Art Studio

Heads & Tales

£65,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Aug 2017 Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

Reimagining Fundraising at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

£122,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Aug 2017 Ballet Lorent Limited

Rumpelstiltskin Tour & Cross-Generational Participation Programme

£45,000 Creative Scotland
17 Aug 2017 sean burn

joey s/he RandD 2017

£16,967 Arts Council England
9 Aug 2017 Paddy Killer

Paddy Killer

£5,100 Arts Council England
7 Aug 2017 Sunrise

The project will provide educational workshops for local refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, including talks from local support services. This will provide support and help remove language barriers to enable people to tackle and report instances of antisocial behaviour, noise nuisances and petty crime, and encourage young people to make positive lifestyle choices.

£9,926 Big Lottery Fund
5 Aug 2017 Kilimanjaro Association North East

The project will deliver workshops for refugee women from Newcastle and Gateshead which focus on budgeting and debt management. The women will be able to access information and advice about safer lending and borrowing to help them manage their finances, improve their lives and aid their integration.

£9,980 Big Lottery Fund
4 Aug 2017 Northern Childrens Book Festival

Northern Childrens Book festival 2017

£14,915 Arts Council England
1 Aug 2017 Northumbria University

Northumbria Sport Wheelchair Basketball

£9,935 Sport England
28 Jul 2017 Taryn Edmonds

Place to place

£3,927 Arts Council England
27 Jul 2017 Nunsmoor Centre Trust

The project will deliver English conversation classes for members of their multicultural community to help reduce isolation and enable them to develop skills to become independent active members of the community.

£7,095 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jul 2017 Northern Cultural Projects CIC

Haltwhistle Great War Project

£9,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Jul 2017 LGBT Federation North East

The project will recruit and train volunteers to provide advocacy support for LGBT victims of hate crime throughout Northumberland. This will enable local LGBT people to report instances of hate crime, navigate the criminal justice pathways, and access signposting to professional support agencies.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
12 Jul 2017 Stepney Bank Stables Ltd

Young Peoples Project

£5,040 Sport England
11 Jul 2017 Amber Film and Photography Collective

Integrating the Platform

£49,000 Arts Council England
10 Jul 2017 UTSAB

The project will organise two events to celebrate major Bangladeshi cultural festivals and deliver regular music, Bangla language and cultural sessions for children born to Bangladeshi migrant families. They will provide health awareness workshops and two educational trips for the local Bangladeshi community to help reduce segregation.

£9,860 Big Lottery Fund
6 Jul 2017 Eagles Community Foundation

Eagles Community Sports Arena Project

£1,250,000 Sport England
30 Jun 2017 Foundation Futures CIC

The project will provide employment skills training, a character building residential course, and voluntary and intergenerational activities for young people who have been excluded from school. The project will engage young people to create a film with Northumbria Police about the effects of antisocial behaviour to help improve community relations.

£9,938 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jun 2017 Hotspur Primary School, Newcastle Upon Tyne

The German Spring Offensive: When Britain Almost Lost the Great War

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Jun 2017 Newcastle University

Hadrian‘«÷s Wall community landscape archaeology project

£1,303,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Jun 2017 Multicultural Organisation Challenger

The project will provide a safe environment and play activities, games and crafts for disadvantaged families. This will help children to develop through active play, and provide opportunities for families to access advice and information from support services.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 Jun 2017 Friday Friends

The project will provide events and trips for local people throughout the year. They will bring different community groups together for fun, social and health based activities to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing.

£3,715 Big Lottery Fund
9 Jun 2017 Jobes Boxing And Fitness Gym CIC

Active Benwell

£9,470 Sport England
8 Jun 2017 Katie Tranter

Production of Canary

£14,910 Arts Council England
8 Jun 2017 Farne Enterprises

Lindisfarne Festival 2017

£15,000 Arts Council England
8 Jun 2017 ISIS Arts

Arts and Refugee Development Programme

£15,692 Arts Council England
8 Jun 2017 Isabel Lima

Broken Chords Can Sing A Little

£14,950 Arts Council England
8 Jun 2017 ISIS Arts Limited

The project will use the medium of art to deliver bespoke training workshops and sessions for local young unemployed people. This will help the young people to develop practical, media, planning, event management and communications skills and improve their volunteering and employment opportunities.

£9,960 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jun 2017 Newburn Manor Primary School

The school will deliver traditional outdoor activities for pupils and their grandparents, including wood fired oven building, outdoor cooking, and hen handling sessions. This will provide mentoring support, outdoor and creative activities to help children develop their confidence and self-esteem. Activities will also provide dementia awareness training and intergenerational learning to help improve the wellbeing of older people.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
5 Jun 2017 Throckley Primary School

The school will transform their early years outdoor play area, with a wooden climbing frame, balance beams, ropewalks, learning boards and planters. This will provide challenging, creative play and gardening activities for young children and the wider community to access and enjoy.

£9,865 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2017 Friends Action North East

The project will recruit 10 people with different needs and support them to create and deliver training workshops for managers and staff at community and cultural venues and businesses in the North East. The group will develop a training resource pack to encourage and enable community venues and businesses to be more inclusive and accessible for people with additional needs.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
31 May 2017 Greyscale Theatre Company

VANYA - RandD (new version of Uncle Vanya)

£14,868 Arts Council England
31 May 2017 Little Inventors Worldwide Ltd

Little Inventors UK

£15,000 Arts Council England
29 May 2017 Triangular

The project will deliver culturally sensitive workshops and drop in sessions to local communities affected by female genital mutilation (FGM). They will explore the negative problems it causes and the UK laws prohibiting it. Workshops will be provided for professionals and members of the public on the prevalence of FGM issues within Northumberland, to help prevent instances occurring and enable victims to access support.

£9,720 Big Lottery Fund
26 May 2017 St Lawrence's RC Primary School

The school will install outdoor gym equipment and provide fitness sessions and healthy eating advice to encourage children and families to be more physically active and reduce levels of obesity.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
25 May 2017 Festival of Thrift

Festival of Thrift Redcar 2

£160,000 Arts Council England
25 May 2017 The Letter Room

No Miracles Here Production 2017

£32,500 Arts Council England
25 May 2017 Slow Shopping Ltd

This is a project based in North Tyneside, serving people in Newcastle upon Tyne. The project will purchase IT equipment and deliver training, information videos and start up packs for retail stores in Newcastle so they can deliver a ?slow shopping project?. This aims to improve the shopping experience of people with visible, invisible or intellectual disabilities, to improve their independence and reduce their isolation. The Newcastle project will act as a training hub for further stores nationwide.

£8,950 Big Lottery Fund
23 May 2017 Gosforth Sports Association

Gosforth Sports Association purchase of grass cutter

£10,000 Sport England
19 May 2017 Family Gateway

The project will carry out a feasibility study and community consultation to develop their newly acquired community centre into a Family and Community Enterprise Hub. Community engagement sessions and focus groups will help identify the needs and issues of vulnerable families and residents, with a view to upgrading the building and providing services and activities to address them.

£9,600 Big Lottery Fund
19 May 2017 The Ideas Mine Community Interest Company

This is a project by a community interest company in Newcastle upon Tyne, serving beneficiaries UK wide based in Aylesbury Vale and Swale. The organisation will support prisoners to establish a cooperative trading in horticulture, garden products and cleaning services, which will be co-owned by prisoners, prison officers and eventually the wider community.

£9,800 Big Lottery Fund
18 May 2017 Centre West (Newcastle)

The project will deliver tennis training sessions for children at 12 local schools, including dodge-tennis, foot-tennis, and grand slam events. The project will provide volunteering opportunities for young people who will be able to complete accredited training to help deliver the activities. Sessions will be delivered in community venues and aim to bring the community together through inclusive physical activity and healthy eating education.

£8,845 Big Lottery Fund
17 May 2017 Greshauna Hannabiell Sanders

Harambee Pasadia Afro Fusion Music and Dance Festival 2017

£14,895 Arts Council England
17 May 2017 Byker Community Association

The project will run summer holiday activities for children under 12 years old to help them improve their knowledge, skills and opportunities. Activities will include a breakfast club, arts classes, gardening and drama, as well as healthy cooking sessions for families to encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

£9,200 Big Lottery Fund
11 May 2017 The Friends of Summerhill Limited

The project will restore the boundary walls at their club. This will improve safety, and enable children, families and residents to continue to enjoy the facilities and activities of the community venue.

£5,730 Big Lottery Fund
8 May 2017 Liberdade


£49,983 Big Lottery Fund
8 May 2017 Carers Cultural Adventures

This is a project by an organisation in Newcastle serving people in Gateshead. The project will provide a range of activities for their members, including gardening, cultural and creative sessions, visits to community venues and learning activities that bring different generations together. This will provide respite, peer support, recreational and social activities for carers and former carers to help them to become active in their communities and to reduce isolation.

£9,990 Big Lottery Fund
8 May 2017 Liberdade

The group will expand its work giving people with learning disabilities the opportunity to take part in theatre performances and get more involved in their local community. The funding will be used to help refurbish the group's community space and run workshops and performances to enable people with learning disabilities to be more visible and shape people?s attitudes towards them.

£49,983 Big Lottery Fund
5 May 2017 Beacon Hill Arts Community Interest Company

BHA Berwick

£15,000 Arts Council England
5 May 2017 Henna Asikainen

forage project for Platforma festival

£14,945 Arts Council England
4 May 2017 Selma Dimitrijevic

Canada - Shaw Festival

£4,793 Arts Council England
4 May 2017 Helen Collard


£2,629 Arts Council England
4 May 2017 Grainne Sweeney

Grainne Sweeney

£4,786 Arts Council England
4 May 2017 Bright Red

The project will develop a mindfulness meditation app for people who are going through treatment for blood cancer. This will provide people at risk of isolation, with short information sessions and guided meditations to help reduce their anxiety and improve their wellbeing.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
3 May 2017 Silverline Memories

Silverline Memories

£48,640 Big Lottery Fund
3 May 2017 Silverline Memories

The group will provide services for older people living with mild to moderate stage dementia. This will include two weekly dementia cafe groups, a monthly carer support group, two monthly tea dances and a dementia garden, as well as day trips and local visits. The funding will allow the group to purchase a mini bus to reach more isolated and lonely people, allowing them to take part in activities they otherwise would not be able to access.

£48,640 Big Lottery Fund
3 May 2017 Newcastle City Council

This Girl Can - local activation

£30,000 Sport England
27 Apr 2017 Ross Millard

Summer Streets Festival 2017

£15,000 Arts Council England
27 Apr 2017 Lets Circus

Circus. In a Field! 2017

£14,950 Arts Council England
25 Apr 2017 Benfield School

The school will deliver a programme of activities during the summer holidays for disadvantaged children in the East of Newcastle. This will include multi-sports, playground games, outdoor adventure activities, a trip to the beach, cooking and dance sessions. The project will provide support for families, healthy meals for children, and activities to help children grow in confidence and develop.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
24 Apr 2017 Wunderbar

Art as Thought Bubbles: 3 projects

£65,178 Arts Council England
19 Apr 2017 John Kippin

Based on a True Story: solo exhibition

£13,730 Arts Council England
19 Apr 2017 Oliver Doe

Queering Minimalism

£7,499 Arts Council England
17 Apr 2017 Creativity, Culture and Education

ACEnet Website Development

£2,320 Creative Scotland
12 Apr 2017 Wesley Stephenson

Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music 2017

£2,983 Arts Council England
12 Apr 2017 David Lisser

Meal Plans

£12,660 Arts Council England
8 Apr 2017 DS Entertainment

The project will purchase entertainment and safety equipment and improve their online presence. They will provide a safe central meeting point and social and entertainment events for young people at risk of antisocial behaviour, and enable volunteers to access learning in organising events and supporting other voluntary and charitable events.

£9,220 Big Lottery Fund
5 Apr 2017 Rebecca Frecknall

Bernarda Alba Development Phase 2

£3,150 Arts Council England


£9,875 Arts Council England
3 Apr 2017 Investing In People And Culture

Refugee/BME Football Programme

£7,700 Sport England
29 Mar 2017 Alphabetti Theatre

Engagement and Collaboration in Theatre

£14,950 Arts Council England
29 Mar 2017 Rosa Postlethwaite

PUG performance night

£14,906 Arts Council England
28 Mar 2017 Design Event

Northern Design Festival 2017

£39,000 Arts Council England
28 Mar 2017 CNE

The aim of the project is to reduce learning loss over the summer and provide opportunities for disadvantaged children to achieve the benefits that extra-curricular activities can bring. This includes health and nutrition, communication and team building skills. Activities will address food poverty and encourage the community to come together amongst primary and secondary school children who would otherwise struggle financially during this time.

£379,775 Big Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2017 CIRCA Projects

Giles Bailey and CIRCA Projects: Stage 2

£41,200 Arts Council England
27 Mar 2017 fanSHEN

Disaster Party/ Lists/ Organisational development

£38,991 Arts Council England
27 Mar 2017 African Community Organisation Living In North East of Engla

The project will train people to volunteer as hate crime community champions. The volunteers will then be able to plan and deliver community meetings and inform residents on the law regarding hate crime, how to report it and access support. This will help improve relationships with local authorities and the police and help reduce instances of hate crime.

£9,660 Big Lottery Fund
24 Mar 2017 Cap-a-Pie Engagements

Women and Leisure during the First World War

£9,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Mar 2017 New Writing North

Songwriting in Tyne and Wear

£29,975 Arts Council England
23 Mar 2017 St James Church, Benwell

The project will run a programme of taster sessions for local people, particularly targeting older people and newly arrived ethnic minority communities. The sessions, including gentle exercise, gardening, cooking, crafts, local history, singing and dance aim to reduce isolation and help people to integrate into the community. The fun, social and recreational activities will provide people with peer support, advice and information and signposting to other activities, groups and events.

£3,990 Big Lottery Fund
21 Mar 2017 Newcastle Cathedral Trust

Newcastle Cathedral: Common Ground in Sacred Space

£4,559,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Mar 2017 Ouseburn Community Centre

The project will carry out an engagement and involvement plan and options appraisal, and develop a trading and charging policy. This will improve the infrastructure and services of the organisation to ensure its sustainability as a community hub providing activities to meet the needs of local people.

£9,950 Big Lottery Fund
20 Mar 2017 Beacon Hill Arts

The project will provide a volunteering programme for young people with learning difficulties who use their services, providing opportunities in public communication, admin/coordination and creative work. This will include mentor sessions and training from industry professionals to help the young people develop social skills and confidence, and improve their volunteering and employment opportunities.

£9,883 Big Lottery Fund
15 Mar 2017 PopUp Initiative CIC (The NewBridge Project)

Moving on Up Moving on Out

£70,265 Arts Council England
15 Mar 2017 First Base North East C.I.C.

The funding will be used for a project coordinator to run tailored training programmes for local refugees, including English language sessions, office applications and social media training, soft skills, applying for jobs and personal development skills. The project aims to provide people with one to one support to develop their confidence and skills, enable them to access support services, and to aid their integration and employment opportunities.

£9,870 Big Lottery Fund
14 Mar 2017 Cruddas Park Early Years Centre

The funding will be used by a nursery school to create an outdoor exploration zone within their school grounds, to include a mud kitchen, creative role play area, music equipment and water wall and rope for investigative play. The project aims to improve outdoor play facilities and aid the communication and social skills and development of the children.

£9,935 Big Lottery Fund