Lottery grants awarded to Hexham in 1999

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
21 Dec 1999 Theatre Sans Frontieres

Into Africa

£59,967 Arts Council England
8 Dec 1999 Humshaugh Playing Field Trust

Est: 1931. The trust was established to provide recreational facilities for the children of the parish. The group wish to provide a safe play facility for younger children by providing and installing a climbing frame/ slide. a contribution to a climbing

£5,000 Community Fund
8 Dec 1999 Catton Village Hall

Est. 1963. The group provides a venue for the local communities social and recreational activities. They want to improve the facilities they provide for the village. stone seating outside the hall (-1,800), 'Footpath' information panel (-1,468), crockery

£4,768 Community Fund
8 Dec 1999 Tynedale Victim Support

Est. 1989. The group provides practical and emotional support for victims of crime. They have recently moved to more accessible premises and need to refurbish the office. timber and electrical work (-300), decor (-133), carpets, curtains and furniture (

£1,466 Community Fund
8 Dec 1999 Birtley Village Hall Committee

Est. 1959. The group provides the village hall for the recreational and social activities of the local community. They want to refurbish their building. contribution towards decoration costs and purchase of tables, window blinds and curtains

£1,830 Community Fund
8 Dec 1999 School Common Action Team

Est 1998. A Group That Has Undertaken Environmental And Conservation Work On The Local Village Common Which Previously Had Been Derelict. They Now Want To Celebrate Their Achievement By Writing And Staging A Musical About The Common, The Work And Communi

£2,120 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Dec 1999 Tarset and Greystead Millennium Group

Est 1998 A millennium network that involves a remote rural community in Northumberland. A community of 120 houses aim to publish a photographic record of the houses and people. The children will record a diary over the millennium year.A Northumbrian nigh

£4,976 Millennium Commission
2 Nov 1999 The Millennium Window Group

This Group Has Been Set Up Specifically To Celebrate The Millennium By Involving Local Children In Designing New Stained Glass Windows For The Local Church. The Grant Will Fund An Artist To Work With Children, Workshops, Fees And Installation Of The Windo

£2,770 Arts Council England
2 Nov 1999 Wall Village Wall Hanging Association

A group that meets with the aim of creating a 3 panelled wall hanging depicting the history of Wall village. The group will involve local school children in the making of an accompanying art book. The grant will fund preparation of the wall hanging and a

£1,804 Millennium Commission
2 Nov 1999 Humshaugh 2000

The group was set up to promote, facilitate and support community activities in the millennium year. They are planning a range of activities and projects including book publications, sculpture workshops, an environmental maintenance course, a gala day, o

£3,528 Millennium Commission
2 Nov 1999 Bardon Mill Millennium Fund

The group plan to hold an event on New Years Eve involving performances from a professional singer and from local residents. The grant will enable them to hold the event and create a 'millennium album' with photographs of the whole community.

£650 Millennium Commission
13 Oct 1999 Hexham East County First School

This project aims to raise standards in literacy and numeracy and establish a closer link with parents over homework and create a one week club during the Easter & summer holiday.

£19,371 New Opportunities Fund
7 Sep 1999 Hexham Orpheus Choir

The Group Offers The Opportunity To Study, Practice And Perform Choral Works In The Interest Of Public Knowledge, Appreciation And Local Community Participation. The Grant Is For Hire Of Orchestra, Soloist Fees, Venue, Staging, Music Scores And Transporta

£2,870 Arts Council England
7 Sep 1999 Kielder Community Association

The group sporting, social and recreational activities for the local community. The grant is for comfortable chairs, a framed tapestry, a community and school reunion and photograph.

£2,450 Community Fund
28 Jul 1999 Langley Village Hall Management Committee

This project will undertake external and internal refurbishment of this village hall. The one year grant will contribute to the costs of bringing the building up to a good standard.

£14,933 Community Fund
18 Jun 1999 Tynedale Council

Hexham Parks Phase II

£243,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Jun 1999 Acomb Pre-School

The group provides pre-school education and support for parents. The grant is for table top toys, storage, role play and furniture.

£2,500 Community Fund
16 Jun 1999 Stonehaugh Village Greens

The group is responsible for the upkeep and insurance of the local playground. The grant is for a slide, spring toy, playframe and scramble net and twin balance beam.

£4,603 Community Fund
27 May 1999 Tynedale Voluntary Action

The project will provide a focal point for voluntary sector activity in Tynedale and support individual volunteers and voluntary organisations by providing training, publicity and information services, funding advice, administrative support, and promotion

£35,173 Community Fund
20 Apr 1999 Links Housing Advice Support For Young People

The project is to establish a Rent Guarantee Support Scheme in Tynedale and recruit, train and supervise volunteers who will befriend and act as mentors for vulnerable young people who are using the scheme across this rural area. The three year grant will

£145,050 Community Fund
20 Apr 1999 Bellingham Fun Club

The project will support the Fun Club, a childcare after school facility for children from 6 first schools. The three year grant will pay for salaries for 2 part time play leaders and play equipment.

£34,000 Community Fund
20 Apr 1999 Tynedale Care Centre

The organisation supports disabled and chronically ill people and their carers. The grant will fund travel, office costs, training and costs involved with a study into the possible expansion of the service.

£1,200 Community Fund
20 Apr 1999 Allendale Village Hall

The group provides a community meeting place used by many groups including Meals on Wheels, a disabled group, keep fit, playgroups, drama groups and club meetings. The grant will contribute towards the cost of electrical work in the hall.

£5,000 Community Fund
4 Mar 1999 Taskforce Dormice

A grant for equipment for use by volunteers undertaking environmental work in the North Pennines. A grant for equipment for use by volunteers undertaking environmental work in the North Pennines.

£4,025 Community Fund
4 Mar 1999 Humshaugh Playing Field Trust

A grant to purchase a swing and playframe for a local childrens play area. A grant to purchase a swing and playframe for a local childrens play area.

£4,749 Community Fund
26 Feb 1999 Riding Mill Village Hall

The project will demolish the existing village hall and build a new hall with greatly improved disabled access and better facilities. The one-year grant will contribute to the cost of demolition construction site works professional fees and furnishin

£18,000 Community Fund
26 Jan 1999 Bloodaxe Books

Poetry 2000

£25,000 Arts Council England
26 Jan 1999 Kielder Partnership

Kielder Millennium Arts Festival

£20,000 Arts Council England
7 Jan 1999 Bellingham Community Trust

The project will provide affordable transport for rural communities, where public transport is limited. This one year grant will contribute toward the purchase of a fully accessible minibus and associated running costs.

£12,150 Community Fund
7 Jan 1999 The Fawside Foundation

The project will work with the local community to undertake practical conservation work, encourage volunteering and promote ecologically friendly, energy efficient and sustainable practices in the area. This three year grant will pay for office equipment

£123,564 Community Fund