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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
14 Sep 2016 John Askew

Three Sisters

£9,420 Arts Council England
13 Sep 2016 St George's Church Mickley

Roof replacement, rainwater disposal, toilet, freshwater supply and community facility

£84,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Sep 2015 Rachel Cochrane

Culture Bites@ Podcasts inspired by North Tyneside

£8,949 Arts Council England
5 Aug 2015 Elizabeth Klotz

Research and Development of TO SUIT

£6,570 Arts Council England
29 Jul 2015 Morag Iles

Professional Development and Training of Morag Iles

£6,065 Arts Council England
17 Mar 2015 Broomley First School

Broomley First School Staff Health & Well Being Initiative

£3,850 Sport England
18 Feb 2015 Kathryn Beaumont

National Tour of I Told You This Would Happen

£5,255 Arts Council England
16 Jul 2014 Mickley First School

Primary Spaces

£29,850 Sport England
10 Apr 2014 Stocksfield Golf Club Limited

Rejuventation of a Clubhouse - A Foundation for the Future

£49,965 Sport England
19 Mar 2014 Kathryn Beaumont

I Told You This Would Happen

£12,092 Arts Council England
3 Feb 2014 Elizabeth Klotz

KCDC Dance Journey Training Programme

£4,000 Arts Council England
4 Jun 2013 North East Fly Casting Club

"Get Involved, Improve your Casting Skills"

£9,320 Sport England
3 Dec 2012 Newton and Bywell Connects Ltd

This is a project from the village of Stocksfield, Northumberland. The group will use the funding to provide high speed broadband reception in this rural area. The project will enhance local home based businesses via the improved broadband facility. The o

£10,019 Big Lottery Fund
17 Jul 2012 West Tyne Senior Cricket League

West Tyne Senior Cricket League Twenty20 Competition

£4,000 Sport England
18 Oct 2011 Stocksfield Cricket Club

Stocksfield Cricket Club

£8,095 Sport England
7 Jun 2011 Mickley First School

This primary school in Northumberland will use funding to develop their outdoor facilities by building an outdoor classroom to include an area for growing fruit and vegetables. This will provide additional learning opportunities for pupils and local resid

£8,370 Big Lottery Fund
13 Oct 2008 Stocksfield Junior Netball Club

This Netball club will purchase new equipment and kit to cater for the increased number of girls playing netball at the club

£327 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
23 Jan 2008 Tyne Valley Cycling Club

This group will organise a series of taster sessions for members of the local community to increase club membership and introduce new members to cycling in a safe environment.

£10,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
14 May 2007 Stocksfield Local History Society

Stocksfield Local History Society arrange talks, organise guided tours and research projects regarding local history. They will purchase IT equipment to enhance educational presentations and to store archive photographs for future generations. The present

£1,250 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
22 Dec 2006 Northumberland Care Trust

This Project Will Provide Practical Resources, Such As Books, Games, Puppets And Activities Using The Storysacks Loan Scheme.

£3,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
27 Jun 2006 Schmazz At The Cluny

SCHMAZZ @ The Cluny

£7,500 Arts Council England
22 Mar 2006 Stocksfield Cricket Club

This Group Provides Facilities For Playing And Learning The Skills Of Cricket And Other Sports. The Award Will Pay For A Tractor For Ground Care.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
18 Jan 2006 Tyneside Adult Dyslexia Group

The Aim Of This Group Is To Support And Inform Adults Who Have Dyslexia Through It And Providing Advice And Information. This Award Will Enable The Group To Create A Website, Produce Publicity Information And Book Guest Speakers.

£2,250 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
14 Sep 2005 Branch End Play Area Stocksfield Regeneration Group

This group is working towards the provision of a play area for the local community. This award will be used towards the cost of play equipment. contribution towards the cost of play equipment.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
3 May 2005 Schmazz At The Cluny

Schmazz at The Cluny

£4,558 Arts Council England
11 May 2004 Newton and Bywell Community Hall Trust

This Group Provide A Local Facility For Use By Local Community Groups And Residents. The Award Will Allow The Group To Commission A Feasibility Study To Determine The Options For The Future Development Of The Hall. Substantial Community Consultation Will

£3,266 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Apr 2004 Schmazz At The Cluny

Schmazz at The Cluny

£5,500 Arts Council England
12 Mar 2004 Kates' Plain Playarea

This Is A Local Community Action Group Set Up To Provide A Playground For The Local Area. The Award Will Be Used For Play Equipment. Play Equipment

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
30 Oct 2003 Multiple Sclerosis Society Of Britain & Northern Ireland

This group aims to support sufferers of MS and their carers and to organise social and therapeutic activities to benefit these people. The funding will be used for a new programme of physiotherapy and fitness using the facilities at a local leisure centre

£3,915 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
18 Jan 2002 English Nature (Northumbria)

Pastures for People

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
9 Jun 2001 Gateshead Senators Youth

Est. Jan 2000. This group promote the sport of American Football in Gateshead through providing training, matches and competitions. The award will allow them to purchase youth starter kits and training for coaches.

£4,960 Sport England
2 Feb 2001 Stocksfield Junior Netball Club

The group would like to provide additional equipment, kit for a new team, transport to matches and training for older members to become netball coaches.netball equipment, team kit for U16 squad, transportation to matches, coaching courses for older member

£1,224 Sport England
22 Aug 2000 Hedley Millennium Association

This group was set up to organise and manage community based activitites celebrating the millennium year. The grant will be used to produce a history of the village of Hedley.

£610 Millennium Commission
3 Jul 2000 Stocksfield Institute Community Association

This group provides social, recreational and educational activities for the local community. The grant will be used to hold a parish open day, produce information and maps and provide transport, as well as purchase sports and arts equipment so that they c

£1,135 Community Fund
17 Apr 2000 Stocksfield Cricket Club

New Cricket Nets

£7,175 Sport England
16 Jun 1999 Branch End Play Area Stocksfield Regeneration Group

The group raises funds & carries out work to improve the facilities & safety of the local play area. The grant is a contribution towards a climbing frame & safety tiles and special needs picnic table.

£5,000 Community Fund
27 Oct 1998 Stocksfield Institute Community Association

A project to refurbish the community centre and provide improved disabled access and toilet facilities. The one-year grant will contribute toward the building conversion work.

£45,300 Community Fund
5 Jun 1998 Parent Network North East

Group aims to educate people in better standards of child care and good sound relations between parents and children. Grant is for a computer, fax, copier, answer-machine, child care costs for attending courses, book, publicity and promotion costs.

£4,376 Community Fund
8 Jan 1998 Broomley Pre-school

Based in Stocksfield First School, the group serves children in the village and the surrounding area. The grant is to purchase tables and chairs suitable for under 5's.

£1,931 Community Fund
7 Nov 1997 Stocksfield Youth Project

A youth project promoting facilities for education, recreation and to identify and work together on issues and needs affecting young people in the Stocksfield area. The money is for a computer, audio-visual equipment, camping & sports equipment.

£3,980 Community Fund
13 Nov 1995 Stocksfield Cricket Club

Upgrade changing rooms and clubhouse

£63,703 Sport England