Lottery grants awarded to Burnley in 2015

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
14 Dec 2015 Fraser Street Project Limited

The organisation will use the funding to deliver a series of job club and employment support sessions together with parenting skills development sessions for teen parents and young adults. This will improve the life chances of participants by increasing their access to employment opporrtunities and raise the aspirations and competences of young parents.

£9,975 Big Lottery Fund
24 Nov 2015 Training Retreat

The organisation will use the funding to educate and empower South Asian Women to tackle domestic violence and emotional abuse. This will enable the beneficiaries to recognise abuse, seek help from the appropriate authorities and received their entitled settlements in instances of divorce or separation.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
17 Nov 2015 The Butterfly Family CIC

The organisation will use the funding to work with women from the local BME community who are suffering from domestic violence to offer social opportunities and skills based training in language skills, IT and arts. This will reduce isolation, provide support, build confidence and provide opportunities for participants to improve skills.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
9 Nov 2015 Burnley Enterprise of Sport & Training CIC

The organisation will use the funding to deliver activities such as ICT skills training, home, cooking, health workshops and social activities to people aged over 50. This will enable the organisation to provide resources to develop social skills, increase confidence and encourage learning amongst the targeted beneficiaries with an aim of returning them to employment.

£9,890 Big Lottery Fund
6 Nov 2015 Burnley Municipal College Mountaineering Club

The Giant Leap

£9,878 Sport England
14 Oct 2015 St Mary Magdalene's Roman Catholic Primary School

The organisation will use the funding to create a covered outdoor space for children to enjoy throughout the year. This will enable the organisation to provide exercise opportunities and social interaction in all-weather conditions, thereby addressing concerns regarding obesity amongst the pupils and poor communication and social skills evidenced in children as they enter the school.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 Oct 2015 East Lancashire People First

The organisation will use the funding to open a workshop as a one stop shop people with learning disabilities in the local community to access to receive training and the skills required to refurnish items of furniture and go on a trip to a local zoo. This will improve employment opportunities through work experience and practical skills and enable participants to go out on a supported trip.

£9,900 Big Lottery Fund

Crossing Cultures

£11,700 Arts Council England
2 Oct 2015 Hearts And Minds Challenge

The organisation will use the funding to set up ?Siblings Youth Groups? for siblings of children with special needs at two local community special schools. This will provide a support network and respite for beneficiaries involving fun and educational activities and sessions to help improve their emotional wellbeing, and enhance the family bond.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
22 Sep 2015 Shiva Trust

The organisation will use funding to deliver a series of workshops, to include yoga, healthy eating and entrepreneur training, for disengaged adults in the community, including those who are unemployed, have mental health issues or are recovering from substance misuse. This will provide beneficiaries with structured and supported activities, with the aim of developing confidence and promoting wellbeing.

£6,910 Big Lottery Fund
10 Sep 2015 Step2It Project Group

The organisation will use the funding to run a series of activity sessions for women in the area, with some focus on BME groups and those who are socially isolated. This will enable the organisation to provide health and fitness activities to reduce the effects of low physical activity, such as social isolation and poor physical health.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
8 Sep 2015 Access Alpha Ltd

The organisation will use the funding to deliver confidence building and mindfulness workshops, and provide coffee mornings for BME women from the local community. This will also provide volunteering opportunities to help deliver the culturally sensitive activities for beneficiaries many who have language barriers, and enable them access local services to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

£9,754 Big Lottery Fund
25 Aug 2015 Calico Enterprise Limited

Girls Up & Active

£164,220 Sport England
10 Aug 2015 Clearwater Community Development Association

The organisation will use the funding to deliver workshops and sessions including, domestic abuse, budgeting, basic English, IT, art and cookery for local BME women. This will provide a safe environment, mentoring and peer support, access to support services, and positive activities to help develop the skills of beneficiaries, improve their confidence and reduce their isolation.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
31 Jul 2015 Burnley Gymnastics Club

The funding will be used for a project for pre-school age children and their parents with sessions and workshops using gentle exercise, massage and other techniques to support their child?s physical and early development. This will give parents the skills and knowledge to support their child?s development, confidence and self esteem, as well as help parents who may be isolated to develop support networks with social interaction for their children.

£9,882 Big Lottery Fund
27 Jul 2015 VAUK

The funding will be used for an exhibition trailer to attach to the group?s mobile office, supporting veterans across the East Lancashire region and providing a suitable space for one to one conversations with counsellors or psychotherapists. This will mean the group can support people in a larger local area, including older and disabled veterans who are unable to travel.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
8 Jul 2015 Herd House R D A Group

The funding will be used to run a course of six horse riding and pony care lessons to groups of children with learning and or physical disabilities, and social or emotional problems. This will improve core strength, balance, coordination, muscle tone and stimulation and also develop language, communication and concentration skills.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
3 Jul 2015 St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School, Burnley

The organisation will use the funding to support the social and emotional development of pupils at the school through extracurricular performing arts in an outdoor stage and seating area. This will develop self-awareness, self-discipline, commitment and confidence with the aim of raising aspirations and offer diversionary activities to deter from involvement in gangs and crime.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
29 Jun 2015 Whitegate Nursery School and Children's Centre

The organisation will use the funding to develop a mud kitchen in the nursery grounds and provide equipment and resources for the children using it. This will improve the development of vulnerable children in preparation of starting school, with a focus on improving communication and language skills through imaginative play.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 Jun 2015 Burnley Borough Council

Thompson Park Burnley: restoring, interpreting and celebrating its heritage and protecting it for future generations

£860,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Jun 2015 Clarets in the Community Ltd

Active Clarets - Walking Football

£8,920 Sport England
27 May 2015 Burnley Leisure

Get in 2 golf

£9,470 Sport England
26 May 2015 Bangladesh Welfare Association Burnley and Pendle

This funding will deliver ICT workshops, for young people and adult learners, to include sessions on using email, job searching and social network building. This will enable them to develop their skills and make them more confident using digital technology, with the aim of reducing unemployment and raising educational attainment.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 May 2015 Burnley Rounders Club

Rounders Development Project

£9,570 Sport England
13 May 2015 East Lancs. Support Group

This projects aims to provide practical and helpful support and activities to cancer victims and their families, which will include social support and respite families and carers with the aim of facilitating rest and recovery and alternate, positive activities away from normal clinical care.

£6,200 Big Lottery Fund
20 Apr 2015 Padiham Sports Club

This organisation will use the funding to deliver a two-week festival celebrating the town and publicising services and opportunities available to the local community, with various activities, a fun run and a community exhibition. This will enable the groups to provide local residents with positive, healthy activities to encourage greater community cohesion, as well as encourage engagement with physical activity and local community groups to improve health and wellbeing.

£9,850 Big Lottery Fund
14 Apr 2015 Burnley Play Partnership

The organisation will use the funding to deliver free holiday play activities and a family play day event to children who are in the care of other family members due to difficulties at home. This will enable the group to reach children and young people who may be unable to attend play activities due to financial or social barriers, and provide respite support for family members experiencing stress during school holidays.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
14 Apr 2015 Burnley Leisure Trust

Mechanics Arts Programme (MAP)

£86,050 Arts Council England
1 Apr 2015 Mid Pennine Arts

Songs From The Singing Ringing Tree

£59,780 Arts Council England
31 Mar 2015 Salute Limited

The organisation will use the funding to purchase additional IT equipment and recruit additional volunteers to support Service personnel returning to civilian life and unemployed adults to access employment opportunities. This will improve the life chances of participants by providing access to practical and emotional support to help them gain employment.

£9,060 Big Lottery Fund
30 Mar 2015 Mid Pennine Arts

50 Years of MPA

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Mar 2015 Burnley Wood Community Centre

The organisation will use the funding to run a breakfast club and activities outside of term time for local children. This will improve the health and wellbeing of young people in the local area and address the issue of children being underweight.

£9,986 Big Lottery Fund
9 Mar 2015 Burnley Stoneyholme Community Primary School

The organisation will use funding to pay for sessional workers to train parents in running an extended community cafe. This will enable them to acquire employability skills, self-esteem and confidence, leading to improved aspirations for the community.

£8,700 Big Lottery Fund
6 Mar 2015 Burnley St James' Lanehead Church of England Primary School

The organisation will use funding to create an area in the school grounds to promote creative play and imagination for children and their families. This will help to improve confidence and respect for others leading to improvements in social and behavioural skills.

£9,954 Big Lottery Fund
26 Feb 2015 Deaf Children North West

The Burnley, Lancashire organisation will use funding to continue to run a homework club and summer activities for deaf children in the area. This will help to support children with their learning, improving their self esteem and confidence.

£9,590 Big Lottery Fund
25 Feb 2015 Burnley Brunshaw Primary School

This is a project by a school in Burnley. The organisation will use funding to create an outdoor play area for children at the school. This will help to increase health and fitness, reducing obesity levels for children in the area.

£9,979 Big Lottery Fund
18 Feb 2015 Mid Pennine Arts

The Scenic Route - A Lancashire Pilot Programme

£14,300 Arts Council England
2 Feb 2015 Old Laund Booth Parish Council

The parish council in Burnley will use the funding to provide a safe and secure outdoor play area for local children and families. This will enable children to take part in fun activities using an environmentally friendly play area.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
19 Jan 2015 Burnley Leisure Trust

Burnley, a place called Home

£80,000 Arts Council England
12 Jan 2015 Burnley Leisure

Thompson Park Young Roots: Our Park, Our Town, Our Time

£13,600 Heritage Lottery Fund