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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
24 Apr 2017 Lanercost CofE Primary School

The funding will be used by a primary school to extend their existing playground. The project aims to to provide children with more outdoor play space, and provide equipment and activities to aid their personal, social and emotional development.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
4 Jan 2017 Hayton CE Primary School

Hayton 200 - Same but Different

£3,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Sep 2016 Brampton Primary School

The school will use the funding to purchase and install outdoor play equipment to update the play area. This will enable the school to provide a fit for purpose outdoor play area with safe resources that are accessible to all and the wider community, aiming to reduce obesity and support children to be physically active.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
14 Aug 2015 My Way Code CIC

The organisation will use the funding to carry out research to develop their existing personal programme which supports good mental health. This will help local people to address their mental health issues and discourage unhealthy strategies used to combat stress which impact health levels.

£9,593 Big Lottery Fund
6 Jul 2015 Low Row Community Park

The funding will be used to create a community park within their rurally isolated village. This will enable people of all ages and groups to socialise and play, as well as improving an unused piece of land.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 2014 Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club

Rowing for everybody

£10,000 Sport England
24 May 2013 Gilsland Agricultural Society

Gilsland Agricultural Show - 100 years of rural life in Hadrian's Wall country

£9,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Mar 2013 Lanercost CofE Primary School

This is a project by a primary school in Cumbria. The organisation will use funding to create a family garden, including a growing area and wildlife patch, within the school grounds. This will enable the school to provide after school activities for famil

£9,950 Big Lottery Fund
7 Nov 2012 Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club

Rowing for Students

£9,120 Sport England
30 May 2012 Lanercost Priory (St Mary Magdalene)

Conservation of the William Morris Lanercost Dossal

£48,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Apr 2011 Hallbankgate Village School

This is a project by a school in Cumbria. They will use funding to develop the school grounds with a wildlife area, vegetable garden and play area for the benefit of the local community. They will also run after school activities such as sports and cooker

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jul 2010 The Watson Hall

This village hall group will use funding to re-roof and insulate the hall. This will allow the group to offer a safe and warm facility to meet the needs of the whole community.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
17 Feb 2010 William Howard School

This school will use funding to create a community bike hub. Pupils and members of the community will be encouraged to take part in various bike activities, including indoor cycling for the over 60s and juniors. Also, students from the school will researc

£9,995 Big Lottery Fund
19 Jan 2009 Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club

This rowing club will use an award to purchase a set of new indoor and outdoor training equipment. The new equipment will allow the group to be able to carry on training during the winter months and extend their training during the rest of the year.

£4,963 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Nov 2008 Donald Wilkinson

Stains of light

£4,700 Arts Council England
14 Jul 2008 Farlam Parish Council

This Parish Council has recently installed a new play ground in the village of Hallbankgate and will use the award to install a ramp to the playground from the road and a sign advertising the play area. The new ramp will ensure the area is accessible to a

£5,927 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
9 Jun 2008 Brampton Film Club

Brampton Film Club was established in November 2007 to encourage interest in films by showing British and World cinema at the local community centre, and expanding the project into rural areas via village halls. They will use the award to purchase audio

£10,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
12 May 2008 County Durham Equal Access Forum

The group will use a grant to teach British Sign Language to people with varying levels of hearing impairment and their families. This will improve communication for these families and lead to improved self confidence.

£10,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Sep 2007 Lanercost Parent Teachers Association

This primary school will install a traversing wall to utilise its limited playground space.

£1,700 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
27 Mar 2007 Hayton C of E Primary School

Hayton C E Primary School will use an award to lead an after school sports project in conjunction with four other local schools. Each school will host a particular sport, and the project will culminate in a tournament at the end of the twelve months. This

£9,675 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
27 Mar 2007 Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club

This rowing club will use an award to purchase a convertible coxed double-scull training boat, and two sets of sculling blades.

£4,965 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
23 Aug 2006 Prism Arts

D.A.R.T- Disability Arts Conference

£4,944 Arts Council England
20 Mar 2006 Brampton Baby Social

The Project Is To Enable The Group To Increase Numbers Of People Able To Benefit From Their Social Group. This Will Provide Weekly Meetings And Purchase New Toys And Equipment.

£1,100 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
20 Mar 2006 Prism Arts

The Award Will Fund A Theatre Group, Consisting Of Young People With Learning Disabilities, To Meet Once Per Week To Receive Administration Training And To Develop Organisation And Management Skills.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 Nov 2005 Castle Carrock Kid's Club

A Project To Provide Childcare In The Form Of 16 Place Holiday Club For All Primary School Parents With The Castle Carrock And Surrounding Area. The Grant Will Pay For Cushion Store And Cushions, Three Large Cushions, Lcd Tv, Aerial And Fitting, Samsung D

£2,340 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 Nov 2005 Lanercost Sports Club

The Club Will Carry Out Site Works To Level An Additional Area For Use As Playing Grounds. A Contribution Towards Site Engineering.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
11 Oct 2005 Cumbria Cultural Forum


£5,000 Arts Council England
15 Aug 2005 Castle Carrock Primary School

This School Used An Awards For All Grant Last Year To Complete A Playground Project, To Create A Performance Area, Playhouse And Quiet Area. It Wants To Develop An Adventure Trail And A Sandpit On The School Field. All Members Of The Local Community Wil

£4,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
8 Aug 2005 Stapleton Public Hall Committee

This Project Will Fund The Cost Of Remodelling And Refurbishing Stapleton Public Hall, Which Is A Traditional Victorian Building With A Porch, And Main Hall To Which A Flat Roofed Extension Was Added At A Lower Level, Which Precludes Disabled Access. The

£271,076 Community Fund
11 Jul 2005 Lanercost Hall Committee

Dacre Hall Wall Painting Preservation

£20,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Jun 2005 Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club

The Group Will Purchase An Inflatable Rescue Launch Which Will Give Much More Safety Cover To The Activities Of The Club And Will Eliminate The Club Having To Borrow One From Competing Clubs. Yam 300s Inflatable, Outboard Incl Wheel Kit, Launch Rescue Kit

£3,105 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
10 May 2005 Prism Arts

The project will support the delivery of arts and crafts workshops to older people throughout Cumbria.

£110,524 Community Fund
10 May 2005 Hallbankgate Village School

The school will use the grant to set up an after school gymnastics club. The club is aimed at beginners and links will be established with Carlisle Gymnastics Club, providing participants with exit routes. Existing coaches and volunteers will have the opp

£2,839 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme


£61,000 Heritage Lottery Fund


£44,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Feb 2005 Brampton Community Association

The Award Will Go Towards A Youth Club That Will Offer A Range Of Activities For Young People In The Area. The Project Will Employ A Youth Worker And Open 3 Evenings Per Week. Through Recent Consultation With Young People Who Live In The Area It Was Cle

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
12 Mar 2004 Greenhead pre-school and Rainbow Nursery

This Group Aims To Provide Registered Pre School Child Care For Children Living In A Rural Area. This Award Will Pay For Start Up Wages And Equipment. Start Up Wages, Age Appropriate Toys And Computer And Software.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
5 Jan 2004 Warwick Bridge School Parents Association

The Group Will Replace The Existing Nursery/Infant Climbing Frame, That Has Been Condemned Unsafe. Safety Surfacing Will Be Fitted Surrounding The Frame. An Adventure Trail Will Be Built For Junior Children In The Larger Playground. A Contribution Towards

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
26 Nov 2003 Stapleton Public Hall Committee

This Group Runs A Village Hall For The Parishioners Of Solport And Stapleton. With The Award It Will Employ Professionals To Carry Out A Feasibility Study So That It Can Redevelop And Extend Its Hall To Comply With Disability Regulations. Travel Expenses

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
22 Oct 2003 Castle Carrock Primary School

The School Will Develop The Playground To Comprise A Decked Performance Area, Raised Beds, Themed Wet Pour Area, Playhouse, Two Game Top Picnic Tables, A Quiet Seated Area, Bird Tables And Nesting Boxes. Providing A Play Area For Children To Enjoy Activit

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
22 Oct 2003 Heads Nook Short Matt Bowls Club

This Short Mat Bowling Club Will Be Able To Increase Its Membership Through The Provision Of Bowling Equipment. The Group Has A Waiting List For New Members But The Lack Facilities Prevents New Members Joining. Mats, Jacks, Score Boards, Centre Blocks An

£1,888 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
14 Oct 2003 Prism Arts


£13,077 Arts Council England
28 Jul 2003 Brampton Parish Council

The Group Will Produce A Leaflet And A Map Featuring Well-Known Footpaths, And Those That Are More Secluded And Little Known In Order To Encourage More People Out Into The Countryside. The Walks Will Be Colour Coded To Identify Short, Medium, Long And Al

£3,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 May 2003 Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club

This Previously Funded Rowing Club (2) Will Purchase A New Quad So That High Quality Training Can Be Provided For More Advanced Junior Members And So More People Can Join The Group.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Jan 2003 Hayton C of E Primary School

This school wishes to purchase a set of laptop computers to be used by the school and wider community.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
22 Nov 2002 Brampton and District First Response Team

This Group Has Been Set Up To Train Local Volunteers, Via The Cumbria Ambulance Service, To Enable Them To Attend Emergency 999 Calls Relating To Heart And Breathing Problems Until The Ambulance Arrives.

£2,500 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
28 Jun 2002 Swifts Junior Golf Club

This Club Enables Children, Aged 8 Onwards, To Learn To Play Golf, And Compete Against Other Members. The Club Now Wishes To Work With Younger Children, Providing Coaching In Schools, And So Creating Additional Section Of The Club. The Money Is For Tr

£2,345 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 Apr 2002 Tynedale Agricultural Society

This Group Organise An Annual Show 'Northumberland County Show'. Last Year'S Show Was Cancelled Due To Foot And Mouth And The Organisers Would Like To Relaunch The Show This Year. They Have Requested Funds Towards Increased Publicity Costs

£3,739 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
26 Apr 2002 Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club

This Is The Only Rowing Club In Cumbria, And It Is Seeking Funding To Purchase Additional Equipment. The Money Is For 14 Pairs Ultra Lighweight Sculls And Transport Costs.

£4,969 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
13 Mar 2002 The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Acquisition of Tarn House Farm - Geltsdale RSPB (1)

£133,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Mar 2002 The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Acquisition of Tarn House Farm - Geltsdale RSPB Nature Reserve (2)

£130,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Feb 2002 Stringtheory Limited

Cumbria FMD Documentation Project

£44,888 Arts Council England
23 Nov 2000 Cumbria County Council

Birdoswald Roman Fort: Access and Presentation

£30,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Sep 2000 The Guide Association - Cumbria North County

This guide association seeks funds to purchase starter packs relating to the new guide programme. starter packs for the new guide programme.

£1,000 Community Fund
29 Sep 2000 Heads Nook Village Hall Management Committee

This group provides social and recreational activities for the community and management of the Village Hall. The group now seek funds to commence work on its new play area. outdoor cushion floor surfacing and play equipment.

£4,920 Community Fund
10 Aug 2000 Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club

This rowing club wishes to upgrade its trailer. The money is a trailer and accessories.

£3,732 Sport England
19 Apr 2000 Carlisle Branch Cumbria Beekeepers Association

This group runs an apiary, promotes beekeeping as an activity and offers educational meetings and school tours. The group now wishes to improve its facilities to offer its facilities to the wider community. The grant will fund beehives, beekeeping tools a

£4,038 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Dec 1999 Bewcastle Community Association

This is a project to construct a safe play area for children in an isolated, rural community. The one year grant will fund the construction costs, fees and land purchase.

£21,112 Community Fund
2 Sep 1999 St Martins Association of Residents and Tenants

This group aims to improve housing and services in the local community and provides social welfare and recreational training activities for local residents. The money will pay for basketball equipment, and a swing and climbing frame.

£4,902 Community Fund
2 Sep 1999 Lanercost 2000

This group aims to organise and execute the celebration and commemoration of the Millennium within Lanercost. The project consists of recording of the history of the area over last 100 years. The grant will fund photographic, audio and visual materials.

£1,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Sep 1999 Brampton Dragons Netball Club

This group provides netball coaching for male and female players with ages ranging from twelve to fifty plus. The grant is to fund sports hall court and facility rental professional coaches fees umpires fees balls printing advertising scorecards an

£596 Sport England
29 Mar 1999 Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club

New Equipment

£22,260 Sport England
11 Mar 1999 Roadhead Public Hall Committee

This project will refurbish the public hall, improving insulation and re-roofing the building. Computer equipment will also be provided for community use. The one year grant will pay for the refurbishment work on the hall, computer equipment, producing

£127,521 Community Fund
3 Feb 1998 Cumbria County Council

Stabilisation Of Old Lanercost Bridge

£263,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Jun 1997 Brampton Players

Youth Involvement Initiative

£3,129 Arts Council England
19 Mar 1997 Carlisle Writers

Carlisle Writers

£1,570 Arts Council England
25 Feb 1997 Cumbria County Council

Hadrians Wall Study Centre

£861,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Jan 1997 William Howard School And Centre

To purchase staging

£11,052 Arts Council England
11 Jun 1996 Brampton Community Association

Provision of a multi-use community centre and development of a youth project. The grant, over three years, is for the salary of a full-time Youth Worker, refurbishments, and the purchase of equipment.

£188,257 Community Fund
19 Feb 1996 Carlisle City Council (Brampton Community Centre)

Brampton Community Resource Centre - Health and Fitness Suite.

£41,051 Sport England
17 Jul 1995 Brampton Bowling Club

New Pavilion

£48,067 Sport England