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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
22 Aug 2016 Thornhill Primary School

The school will use the funding to install all weather surfacing and a new playground for pupils. This will provide an enhanced outdoor space for beneficiaries and will encourage them to become more active with the aim of reducing obesity, inactivity and improving behaviour.

£9,800 Big Lottery Fund
10 Jun 2015 Egremont Rugby Football Club Limited

Floodlight Replacement

£51,793 Sport England
26 May 2015 Egremont and Area Regeneration Partnership Ltd

Growing arts development & engagement in Copeland

£75,000 Arts Council England
30 Aug 2013 Egremont Rugby League Club

Floodlights for Egremont?s Sporting Future

£49,680 Sport England
7 Jan 2013 Egremont and Area Regeneration Partnership Ltd

Florence Mine Development Phase

£98,820 Arts Council England
2 Apr 2009 Egremont and Area Regeneration Partnership Ltd

Lorence Mine Cultural Centre

£90,000 Arts Council England
19 Jan 2009 West Cumbria Branch (Branch No.94) of The British Sub-Aqua C

This sub-aqua club will use an award to upgrade their current rigid-hull inflatable boat which is no longer financially viable and becoming unsafe through poor reliability. This will enable the club to continue to provide safe and varied sea diving and sa

£10,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
15 Sep 2008 Egremont Cricket Club

This cricket club will use an award to purchase new practice equipment to cope with the club's increasing junior membership. With the new equipment the club will be able to run more practice sessions throughout the summer and winter months. The club will

£9,651 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
15 Sep 2008 Egremont RF Club Ltd (Copeland CSN)

Development Co-ordinator

£30,000 Sport England
31 May 2007 Haile Village Hall Play Area Committee

This project will open up access to an existing woodland area. The group will be removing fencing that was put up to stop people entering a dangerous and neglected area and replacing these with gentle slopes and pathways. The group will carry out plantin

£9,975 Big Lottery Fund
24 May 2007 Thornhill Amateur Football Club

Thornhill Football Club will use an award to rebuild the changing room facilities and once these are completed the junior football team will be restarted as they had to disband due to the poor facilities. Thornhill Junior School have requested to use the

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
26 Sep 2006 Egremont And Area Regeneration Partnership

Creative Egremont

£120,000 Arts Council England
9 May 2006 Thornhill Tenants and Residents Association

This Is A Project To Replace Some Of The Play Equipment On The Village Green As It Is No Longer Safe For Children To Play On. A New Slide, Swing Bars And Log Cabin Will Be Put Onto The Green For Children To Play, And Learn On. The Grant Will Pay Towards A

£4,115 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
5 May 2006 Thornhill Amateur Football Club

This Is A Project To Redevelop An Area Of The Playground To Enhance The Physical And Social Activities Of Children Of The School, Parish, And Wider Community.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
25 Oct 2005 Egremont Rugby Club

New Paviliion & Changing Area

£324,800 Sport England
6 Oct 2005 Crab Fair Archive Committee

Egremont Crab Fair Archive

£22,440 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Jul 2005 Royal British Legion (Egremont Branch)

The Egremont Branch of the Royal British Legion will use their award to hold a VJ Day Parade and service of remembrance followed by a reception.

£1,350 New Opportunities Fund
10 May 2005 Whitehaven Male Voice Choir

The Chior Will Host A Mass Male Voice Chior Concert In Whitehaven Which Will Involve Other Chiors Taking Part. This Will Be A Much Bigger Concert Than The Chior Have Previously Taken Part In And Hope That Through The Concert They Will Encourage More Peop

£3,700 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
10 May 2005 West Cumbria Mines Research Group

The Group Record And Maintain The Mining Heritage Of Cumbria, This Includes Maintaining The Centre As A Heritage Site. It Will Use The Grant To Improve The It And Heritage Resource Centre Which Is Open To The Public Who Have Limited Access To These Facili

£4,961 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme


£103,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Jul 2004 Copeland Athletic Club

The Club Will Use The Grant To Develop A National Programme Called Star: Track, Which Will Be Open To Local Schools, Establishing And Developing Links With The Club And Schools.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
12 Apr 2004 St Bridget's Catholic Primary School

The School Will Set Up A Music Based After School Club. It Will Set Aside A Room With Staging Instruments And Sound Equipment To Enable Those Pupils And Their Parents Who Cannot Afford Private Instrumental Tuition To Access More Musical Opportunities.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
13 Jun 2003 The Nursery (Egremont) Ltd

The project will create a further 26 pre-school childcare places in Egremont.

£38,205 New Opportunities Fund
29 May 2003 Egremont Rangers (Youth Committee) A.R.L.C.

This Group Wish To Work In Partnership With Local Schools To Give The Children The Opportunity To Take Part In Rugby League, Improving And Developing Their Skills In A Structured And Safe Manner.

£4,270 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
17 Mar 2003 Egremont Cricket Club

The Club Wish To Purchase A Single Bay Practice Facility In Order To Extend Training And Coaching Sessions For All Age Groups. This Practice Bay Will Enable The Members To Train Irrespective Of Whether The Field Is Being Used Or Not And Will Increase Par

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
24 Jan 2003 Windscale Football Club

This Football Club Wishes To Extend Participation, Particularly By Girls, And Is Seeking Funding To Support Coach Development And Additional Equipment To Meet This Increase.

£5,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
22 Nov 2002 Wyndham School

This School Seeks Funding For An Extra Curricular Rugby Union Project.

£3,287 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
14 Oct 2002 Thornhill Tenants & Residents Association (2)

The scheme is an ongoing project to regenerate the village green designed to create a cleaner, safer environment, involving the wider community through consultation, use of local skills, knowledge and the participation of all sectors of the community, thu

£6,494 New Opportunities Fund
4 Oct 2002 Haile Village Hall


£10,360 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Sep 2002 Copeland Netball League

Sports League Uses Award To Attract And Train More Coaches And Umpires To Improve Standards In Their Sport

£4,519 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
27 Sep 2002 West Cumbria Mines Research Group

This Group Promote And Foster An Awareness And Appreciation Of Cumbrian Mining Heritage And Operate A Heritage Centre. It Wishes To Run A Pilot Scheme To Develop Mining Heritage Records Using A New Deal Work Experience Scheme. The Money Will Fund Wages

£4,957 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
13 Sep 2002 The Nursery (Egremont) Ltd

An extension will be added onto the current facility to create new nursery places.

£2,246 New Opportunities Fund
7 May 2002 Cumbria County Council (Copeland Partnership)

A range of physical activities will be targeted at pupils living in isolated villages to bring physical opportunities to familiar settings. Activities will include Girls rugby, netball, hockey, net games, dance and walking.

£113,936 New Opportunities Fund
9 Apr 2002 Egremont Medieval Committee II


£11,481 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Feb 2002 Wyndham School

"This School Provides A Safe Up To Date Facility Where Children Can Receive A Quality Learning Experience. They Wish To Provide A Place Where Students Can Express Themselves Through A Variety Of After School Activities. They Seek Funds For Equipment And F

£1,713 Sport England
29 Nov 2001 Egremont St Mary & St Michael Parochial Church Council

The project will improve storage and disabled access aspects of a community facility, strengthen the fabric of the building, upgrade the kitchen and renew the approach and car park surface. The grant, over one year, will pay for construction, refurbishmen

£215,660 Community Fund
25 May 2001 Egremont Rugby Union Club

"This Rugby Union Club Wishes To Organise A New Coaching Clinic For Young People In The School Summer Holidays And To Start An Under 17'S Team. The Money Is For Coaching, Video Player, Balls, Carry Sack, Training Cones & Carrier, Water Bottle Set, Public

£2,790 Sport England
29 Mar 2001 Wyndham School

"This School Will Establish A New After School Basketball Facility For The Community Providing Coaching, Equipment And Venue. It Hopes To Host The First Mini Basketball Competition In The Area. The Money Is For 20 Basketballs And Storage Bags, 2 Kits An

£1,666 Sport England
22 Jun 2000 Wyndham School PTA

This group provides fundraising to support the development of after school activities for benefit of local community. The project is to stage an astronomical event for the local community.. The grant will fund hire charge for Stardrome, services of Direc

£975 Community Fund
22 Jun 2000 Copeland Netball League

This netball club wishes to develop new teams a summer league and new coaching and training opportunities. The grant will fund training courses for umpires and coaches coaching fees and the development of a winter league.

£3,821 Sport England
19 Apr 2000 Haile Village Hall

This Village Hall located in an isolated rural community offers a facility for meetings, classes and forms of recreation and leisure. The group wish to refurbish the hall and carpark as well as comply with current and forthcoming legislation relating to h

£5,000 Community Fund
19 Apr 2000 Children's Holiday/Playscheme for Learning Disabilities

This group runs a summer playscheme for children with educational difficulties and mobility impairments.The group wishes to give children the opportunity to take part in a range of sporting activities including horseriding, archery, climbing, canoeing, cy

£4,888 Community Fund
10 Feb 2000 Egremont 2000 Project

This new group has been set up to organise events to commemorate the Millennium in Egremont. The group wish to hold a community event in May 2000. The grant will fund the expenses of a history enactment group, a falconer, a storyteller, a band, a radio ro

£4,525 Millennium Commission
2 Sep 1999 West Cumbria Mines Research Group

This group provides facility to research, document, and display mining heritage of West Cumbria. It operates the Florence Mine Heritage Centre for this purpose and involves local educational establishments to promote mining heritage. The grant will fund t

£2,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Apr 1999 Haile Village Hall

This is a project to make improvements to the Village Hall providing disabled access, disabled toilets and storage facilities for play group equipment. The one year grant is to pay for the refurbishment costs.

£10,940 Community Fund
20 Apr 1999 Children's Holiday/Playscheme for Learning Disabilities

This group runs a summer playscheme for children with educational and physical difficulties. The grant will pay for the hire of three coaches for 20 days.

£2,800 Community Fund
17 Dec 1996 Headway Cumbria

This project will provide training and respite programmes for people suffering from the results of severe head injuries. The three year grant is a contribution towards running costs and to buy office equipment.

£32,406 Community Fund
13 Nov 1996 Egremont Town Band

To purchase instruments

£36,866 Arts Council England