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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
17 Dec 2013 Newground Together

Rhyddings Park, Oswaldtwistle

£1,461,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Nov 1997 Lancashire County Council

A project to provide new community leisure and education facilities in a -+one stop shop-+ voluntary service together with public advice and support facilities.

£1,381,829 Millennium Commission
23 Aug 2006 HARV Outreach Team

An independent domestic violence advocacy service will provide individual professional support, crisis intervention and short-term casework focusing on safety and covering improved physical security to the users as well as their children. Advice about tak

£605,297 Big Lottery Fund
22 Aug 2012 Hyndburn Homes Limited

Hyndburn Homes is receiving ?513,734 to also help young people with the establishment of a drop in centre and website. Accrington and Rosendale College will develop a project with non-for-profit organisation Shontal 1705 which specialises in debt awarenes

£513,734 Big Lottery Fund
18 Jun 2013 Hyndburn BC

Haworth Stables and Motor House

£503,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Mar 2009 Lancashire Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Pact

The aim of this project is to increase capacity and provide support to BME VCFS organisations across Lancashire. Ultimately the project will increase representation of these groups across the region through the establishment of a dedicated communications

£502,965 Big Lottery Fund
14 Aug 2012 HARV Outreach Team

This project aims to increase the safety of domestic violence victims across East Lancashire.This funding would enable HARV to continue to provide frontline workers that address the safety of women and children who are at risk of serious harm. This projec

£499,989 Big Lottery Fund
8 Nov 2007 Hyndburn And Ribble Valley Council For Voluntary Service

This project will offer infrastructure support to the voluntary, community and faith sector through three main areas of work. The first area will be to support expanding or larger VCFS organisations by helping them build their skills, develop a sustainabl

£498,751 Big Lottery Fund
6 Dec 2016 Community Solutions North West Ltd

The project aims to prevent crisis for around 400 adults in Burnley and Hyndburn during periods of significant transition, change or loss in their life. A wide range of activities will build resilience, promote health and wellbeing, and provide personal development opportunities. Practical help in the form of debt management, budgeting and parenting skills will also be available. Previous participants are encouraged to become mentors, using their lived experience to help others in similar situations.

£493,123 Big Lottery Fund
25 Oct 2006 Carers Link, Hyndburn & Ribble Valley

This project will continue and expand upon the current work of the organisation giving advice, support and information to carers, helping them access benefits, bursaries and breaks from caring. Additionally the project will run joint activities with both

£476,170 Big Lottery Fund
23 Aug 2017 HARV Outreach Team

This group works with people who are experiencing domestic abuse in Hyndburn and Ribble Valley, Lancashire. People will be identified, supported and protected irrespective of their assessed level of risk at the point of referral. Support will include assessment and management of risk, safety planning, one to one sessions and recovery support in a group environment. It will cover a range of individual issues identified that could include education, housing, employment and court support.

£420,778 Big Lottery Fund
20 Sep 2011 YNOT Aspire Limited

A project to provide support for local young people aged to improve their social well-being, life skills, achievements and employability. The scheme will provide recreational and leisure time activities, including sports, drama, arts and music, and will s

£385,292 Big Lottery Fund
16 Mar 2017 Lancashire Cricket League

The Lancashire League Experience: Celebrating 125 Years of the Lancashire Cricket League

£366,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Nov 2014 Accrington & Rossendale College

Sports Centre

£361,168 Sport England
23 Apr 2001 Hyndburn Borough Council

New Association Football & Cricket Pavilion

£357,238 Sport England
24 Nov 2015 Scaitcliffe Community Centre

A project to provide a neighbourhood management service to local residents to identify and set up mini projects which tackle local issues such as improving youth provision, tackling anti social behaviour, supporting unemployed residents to find employment and providing activities which reduce isolation for older people.

£337,768 Big Lottery Fund
13 Feb 2003 Hyndburn Borough Council

This project aims to create a cleaner, safer environment by proposing to install between 80 to 90 alley gates. The initiative hopes to increase community leisure provision for young people in Great Hawood and proposes to improve access to and the environ

£317,332 New Opportunities Fund
11 May 2000 Lancashire Wide Network for Minority Ethnic Women

This project will provide advice, information, capacity building, training and support to Black and Asian women workers in the voluntary sector in Lancashire. It will also encourage and support work with women from minority ethnic communities and help th

£316,940 Community Fund
8 Apr 2008 AAWAZ

This project is providing Asian women from the Accrington area with access to workshops and classes in training, self-development, confidence building, English language classes, lifestyle tips and techniques and advice drop-in sessions.

£309,464 Big Lottery Fund
11 Apr 2016 'Maundy Relief' (Pastoral Care in the Community)

A project to provide support for hard to reach local people with complex mental health needs. It will include specialist advice, management and coordination with NHS and other agencies, group and one to one psychotherapies, sessions on anger management, substance abuse, low employment and educational attainment. It will also provide support to address issues such as employment, low education and housing.

£306,218 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jan 2004 Carers Link, Hyndburn & Ribble Valley

The Project Is To Create A Carers Support And Activities Project, Which Will Enable Carers Link To Make The Transition From A Group Of Small Diverse Carers Projects To An Active And Accessible Focal Point For Carers. Information Provided Both In The Centr

£300,000 Community Fund
12 Oct 2010 Scaitcliffe Community Centre

This project provides a neighbourhood management service to residents living in the Scaitcliffe and Springhill wards of Accrington. Scaitcliffe Community Centre provides a safe space for young people, older people and families to access a range of communi

£296,874 Big Lottery Fund
26 Aug 2009 AAWAZ

This project is an extension of work currently carried out by Aawaz. The five-year project will enable young Asian women aged 14 to 20 years to develop and manage activities, enabling them to develop their life skills and engage them in the local communit

£271,000 Big Lottery Fund
6 Apr 2017 Aawaz

This project will improve the confidence, skills and self-esteem of around 300 South Asian women living in Hyndburn. Sessions will take place on Monday to Thursday, and activities will focus on English language, confidence building, arts and crafts, yoga and cooking. Women will be introduced to mainstream organisations for volunteering placements and opportunities that can enhance and broaden their scope for future employment. They will develop the confidence to better integrate into the community.

£264,326 Big Lottery Fund
29 Nov 2001 The PROSPECTS Foundation

The project aims to help a diverse range of communities identify their quality of life issues and to develop meaningful solutions that can be put into practice. Under-represented groups are to be targeted in particular. This grant, over three years, is fo

£255,425 Community Fund
14 Oct 1999 Hyndburn Borough Council

The Haworth, Much More than Meets the Eye

£245,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 May 2008 Hyndburn Borough Council

The 'Hyndburn Improving Play (HIP)' portfolio consists of two projects that will offer challenging adventure style play spaces. The play projects will benefit 6,056 children and young people in the Accrington and Oswaldtwistle areas of Hyndburn borough.

£240,000 Big Lottery Fund
15 Jan 2008 Lancashire Wide Network for Minority Ethnic Women

This project will be delivered in Preston, Great Harwood, Accrington and Pendle. It aims to raise the skill level of minority ethnic women to enable them to enter or return to employment and to improve their life skills. The targeted women suffer from mul

£232,404 Big Lottery Fund
4 Oct 2005 The PROSPECTS Foundation

The project assists people from communities who experience long term disadvantage and social exclusion to develop projects that meet their needs, based upon the principles of Sustainable Development and Environmental Awareness.

£229,330 Community Fund
15 Jan 2008 Saheli Connection

This project will encourage 9 to 16 year old Asian girls from the Hyndburn area of Accrington to access and participate in sports and other leisure activities such as netball, hockey, swimming and aerobics. The project will involve employing a female deve

£229,300 Big Lottery Fund
19 Sep 2003 Hyndburn and Ribble Valley CVS

The Project Will Consolidate And Build Upon The Existing Development Of The Small Groups Project, Building The Capacity Of Local Voluntary And Community Organisations By Providing A Programme Of Regular And Comprehensive Training In Response To The Needs

£213,724 Community Fund
11 Jul 2006 Norden High School & Sports College

This project is made up of 5 well targeted activities, that will offer pupils within the Partnership a new and exciting range of activities to participate in. Activities include Outdoor Adventurous Activities for girls and fitness sessions in a local gym

£208,890 New Opportunities Fund
16 Mar 2010 Hyndburn Cultural Association

Hyndburn Cultural Association (HCA) seeks to address low academic achievement, future unemployment and limited career development for young Asian people by delivering a volunteer-based mentoring programme for young people identified via the partnership wi

£206,105 Big Lottery Fund
26 Mar 1998 Lords House Farm Special Needs Centre

The project is to create an indoor facility to enable year round access for riding and animal therapy activities for disabled people. The one year grant will be used to refurbish a building.

£184,792 Community Fund
19 Dec 1995 Blackburn And District Well Women Centre

Enabling Disadvantaged Women To Obtain/ Sustain Employment Through Support/train

£181,615 Community Fund
9 Sep 2014 Hyndburn Borough Council

Hyndburn Lesiure Centre AGP Improvement

£165,656 Sport England
24 Nov 2010 HARV Outreach Team

"Fit, Free and Fabulous"

£154,509 Sport England
14 May 2013 Hyndburn Citizens Advice Bureau

The aim of this new project will see Hyndburn CAB (HCAB) the lead of a partnership of 6 organisations develop a collaboration of the main not for profit advice providers in Hyndburn to create a development plan, a bespoke website, provide specialist tele

£153,070 Big Lottery Fund
5 Aug 2013 AAWAZ

This is a new project by AAWAZ based on consultation, research and past work. Working in the Hyndburn and Pendle areas of Lancashire, it aims to reduce isolation and remove the stigmatism for women from South Asian communities with mental health issues wh

£150,912 Big Lottery Fund
25 Jan 2012 Hyndburn Borough Council (Hyndburn CSN)

Highams Playing Fields (HPF) Regeneration

£150,000 Sport England
13 Jul 2000 Hyndburn And Ribble Valley Council For Voluntary Service

The project will provide support, information, advice and development to small and new voluntary groups. The grant, over three years, is for the salary of a new full-time Development Worker and Administrative Assistant, associated running costs and purcha

£144,727 Community Fund
8 Feb 2006 Youth Action @ Hyndburn

Youth Action @ Hyndburn will develop and train young people through a stepping stone programme from basic engagement to an applied peer education programme and assisting in running the organisation. Through various accredited training opportunities inclu

£144,542 Big Lottery Fund
4 Oct 2005 Hyndburn Cultural Association

The project will provide a week long programme of activities in each year of the grant. The events will be based around International Women's Day and will include arts and crafts workshops, guest speakers, physical activities and a healthy eating luncheon

£139,579 Community Fund
11 Mar 2016 St Bartholomew's Church, Great Harwood

Hyndburn - St Bartholomew's Church, Great Harwood

£130,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Dec 1996 Primetime Community Association

This project will enable people with learning difficulties to access healthcare facilities. The grant, over three years, is for staff salaries and general running costs.

£129,480 Community Fund
30 Jan 2007 Scaitcliffe Community Centre

The nutrition and health of children and families in the area will be raised by activities including after-school cooking and gardening clubs, cooking workshops, healthy lifestyle instruction and exercise classes. Community food workers and exercise instr

£129,165 Big Lottery Fund
11 Mar 2016 St Bartholomew's Church, Great Harwood

Hyndburn - St Bartholomew's Church, Great Harwood

£126,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Nov 2001 Hyndburn Crossroads Ltd

The project will provide a counselling service offering emotional support for carers, in the Hyndburn area and respite care for their dependents. The grant, over three years, will pay for office equipment, the salaries of a new part-time Project manager

£125,320 Community Fund
11 Mar 1999 Hyndburn Homewise Society Limited

This is a community based skills share project which focuses on assisting residents particularly people with disabilities older people and people from minority ethnic groups who are located in areas of poor housing. The project will help them to develo

£122,362 Community Fund
13 Mar 2012 AAWAZ

The project will help economically inactive South Asian and Eastern European women, living in the Hyndburn borough of Lancashire, to become motivated, develop self confidence and gain practical experience in the world of work. The project seeks to address

£112,450 Big Lottery Fund
10 May 2005 Hyndburn And Ribble Valley Council For Voluntary Service

The project is to employ a Walking Project Co-ordinator to continue to develop the existing 'Stepping Out' project and in particular to promote the project to older people and members of the BME communities in East Lancashire. The project aims to improve

£105,970 Community Fund
12 Nov 2013 Hyndburn Leisure

Active Hyndburn

£97,785 Sport England
20 Dec 2002 Hyndburn Borough Council, Leisure Services

Grading, levelling and drainage works to football pitches and cricket square.

£90,817 New Opportunities Fund
27 May 2003 Hyndburn BC

Memorial Playing Fields

£90,817 Sport England
19 Nov 2010 Hyndburn Borough Council (Hyndburn CSN)

L.A.D.I.E.S. Get Active Community Project

£89,550 Sport England
29 Feb 2016 The Prospects Foundation

Connecting People to Hyndburn's Natural Heritage

£89,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Feb 2000 Hyndburn Bangladesh Welfare Association

To Continue To Provide A Base For Community Facilities That Will Benefit The Bangladeshi Community In Accrington, Lancashire. The Activities Will Include Basic It Skills, Education, Language Courses, Advice Services, Self Help Projects And Social And Cul

£87,053 Community Fund
31 Oct 2008 Lancashire Economic Partnership

Lancashire Sports Economy Project

£84,000 Sport England
11 Jun 1996 Burnley Duke Of Edinburgh Award District Forum

This organisation aims to provide an information and training centre to attract young people aged between 11 and 25 to participate in the Duke Of Edinburgh award scheme. The grant, over three years, is for the purchase and refurbishment of the existing bu

£82,829 Community Fund
23 Jul 2008 Hyndburn Borough Council (Hyndburn CSN)

Active People

£70,602 Sport England
1 Feb 2002 Care 4 Kids Limited

The project aims to renovate and convert a large Victorian building, to provide childcare facilities within Mill Hill and the surrounding area. The Neighbourhood Nursery Initiative provision will aid lone parents and those wishing to return to education.

£70,000 New Opportunities Fund
21 Feb 2003 Hyndburn Bangladesh Welfare Association

The Project Is To Part Fund The Employment Of A Part-Time Women'S Worker And Part-Time Admin Worker In Order To Improve Skills And Job Prospects For Members Of The Bangladeshi Community. The Project Will Provide Sewing Classes For Women, Teach English An

£66,213 Community Fund
7 Jan 2014 Great Harwood Cricket Club

Improvements to the drainage of the outfield

£60,500 Sport England
14 May 2013 Accrington and Rossendale College

Sport @ Accross

£60,062 Sport England
10 May 2005 East Lancs ME/CFS Support Group

The project will provide support and advice to people with ME.

£60,000 Community Fund
19 Nov 2007 Regenerate Pennine Lancashire

Creative Community Engagement

£60,000 Arts Council England
31 Oct 2012 AAWAZ

Women of Achievement

£57,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Jan 2002 Rishton Primetime Community Association

The project will setup and run a local disability information and advice service mainly through a telephone helpline. The grant, over, three years, will pay for the existing part-time salaries of a Co-ordinator and Finance/Admin Officer, running expenses

£56,678 Community Fund
10 Oct 2014 Hyndburn Leisure

Mercer Hall Pool Hall Refurbishment

£56,190 Sport England
3 May 2007 Leisure in Hyndburn Trust

Hyndburn arts for Health LIFT Project

£50,000 Arts Council England
17 Jan 2012 Accrington Cricket & Tennis Club

Refurbishment of Tennis Courts

£50,000 Sport England
9 Feb 2012 Leisure in Hyndburn

Mercer Hall Changing Room modernisation

£50,000 Sport England
27 Nov 2013 Rishton United Football Club

Primetime Community Playing Fields

£50,000 Sport England
20 Sep 2006 Hyndburn Borough Council

Rhyddings Park

£49,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Feb 2011 Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Burnley Office

Coal and cloth

£49,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Feb 1996 Church & Oswaldtwistle Cricket Club

Improvement and extension to changing rooms and showers. Security fencing. Machinery store

£48,859 Sport England
10 Sep 2013 Rowbot Street

Pals for Life

£48,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Jun 2007 Accrington Stanley Supporters Club

Accrington Stanley - the club that wouldn't die

£48,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2008 Church of St John the Evangelist, Accrington

Church of St John the Evangelist

£48,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Dec 1995 Accrington And District Convalescent Home For Children

The Chaigeley Manor Appeal For Improved Transport For Children

£47,881 Community Fund
4 Jan 2007 Hyndburn Borough Council

Memorial Park, Great Harwood

£46,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Jul 2016 AAWAZ

Central Ward Heritage Project

£46,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Dec 2006 St James Church Kirk


£46,041 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Oct 2000 Oscar Bears Ltd

The grant will be used to create 35 after school, 35 before school and 35 holiday places for children aged 3-11 years old in Accrington. Schools served will be Peel Park School, St Anne's & St Joseph's, St Andrew's and Hippings Methodist.

£44,100 New Opportunities Fund
23 Dec 2005 Parish of St. Hubert's Church

Our Lady & St. Hubert

£40,212 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Sep 2013 Lancashire Women's Network

Yaadein: capturing, preserving, celebrating and sharing the cultural heritage of 1st generation South-Asian migrant women

£38,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Jun 2000 Springhill Out of School Care Club

The grant will be used to provide 30 before-school, 15 after-school and 30 holiday places for children aged 5-11 years old in Accrington. Schools served will be St Mary's RC Primary, Springhill Primary, Hannah St Infants, St Peters and St Oswalds Primary

£37,104 New Opportunities Fund
27 Oct 1998 Haslingden And Helmshore Band

Purchase of new instruments

£33,543 Arts Council England
3 May 2017 Hyndburn Leisure

Active Hyndburn

£32,595 Sport England
30 Jun 2015 Stanhill Village Residents and Fete Committee

Stanhill Village Heritage project

£32,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Jan 2015 Hyndburn Leisure

Active Mums

£31,681 Sport England
13 Jan 1999 Hyndburn Borough Council

A community-wide project to include a Community Pageant Family History workshops Sound & Vision - 50 individuals record their everyday lives and Millennium celebrations a Photography Competition and Disability Awareness Days.

£30,000 Millennium Commission
16 Jul 2014 Benjamin Hargreaves CE Primary School

Primary Spaces

£29,950 Sport England
27 Feb 2013 Hyndburn BC

Great Harwood Mercer Memorial Clock Tower

£27,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Feb 2010 Regenerate Pennine Lancashire

Sound Investment

£25,000 Arts Council England
26 Sep 2012 Hyndburn Arts Trust


£25,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Mar 2013 Phoenix

Blackburn Phoenix Project

£24,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 May 2008 East Lancashire PCT (Hyndburn CSN)

Physical Activity Referral

£22,258 Sport England
24 Jun 2008 Norden High School (Hyndburn CSN)

5 Hour Offer Officer

£21,300 Sport England
12 Jul 2011 Rowbot Street

Mill Life

£20,800 Heritage Lottery Fund