Lottery grants awarded to Rochdale, North West in 2001

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
21 Dec 2001 Rochdale Library Service

Rochdale Library Service

£370,144 New Opportunities Fund
20 Dec 2001 Rais Academy

Asian Vision

£24,430 Arts Council England
29 Nov 2001 The Phoenix Club

This group provides social support for local disabled people. It wishes to provide day trips and projects. The money will fund three day trips, a computer and software, board games, tutor fees, arts and crafts materials and publicity.

£5,000 Community Fund
29 Nov 2001 Friends of Great Howarth

This new group offers advice, support and activities for homeless families. The money is for transport, recreational activities, general sports equipment, publicity and leisure passes.

£4,705 Community Fund
29 Nov 2001 Friends of St Edwards C E School

This group wishes to establish a range of after school sports clubs to provide coaching and to be linked directly with local clubs. The money will fund playground markings, hire of coaches, assorted balls, football and netball posts, nets, storage bags,

£4,998 New Opportunities Fund
29 Nov 2001 Radio Langley

This new group wishes to provide a training programme in radio production techniques, personal development and interpersonal skills as a focus for unemployed people. The money will fund equipment hire, room hire, publicity, broadcast licences, volunteer

£4,800 New Opportunities Fund
29 Nov 2001 Crimble Croft Community Centre Junior Sports Club

"This New Group Is Setting Up A Sports Night, Every Wednesday, For Children Aged 10 - 13 And Is Seeking Funding To Support This New Activity. The Money Is For Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Rounders, Football, Netball And Basketball Equipment, Coaching, Ren

£2,233 Sport England
29 Nov 2001 Middleton Dynamos Junior Football Club

"This New Club Wishes To Encourage Young People To Participate In Playing Football And Requires Start Up Costs To Enable The Project To Operate Effectively. Money Is For Kit, Goal Posts, Nets, Corner Flags, Line Marking, Coaching Equipment, Assorted Ball

£1,752 Sport England
29 Nov 2001 Deeplish Community Primary School

"This Primary School Is Seeking Funds To Set Up An After School Rounders Club. The Money Is For Soft Touch Rounders Sets, Balls, Bibs, Baskets, Publicity, Training, Coaching And Travel."

£1,928 Sport England
29 Nov 2001 Muslim Women Social and Study Group

"This New Group Is Seeking Funding To Establish A Regular Swimming Session For Muslim Women In Rochdale. The Money Is For A Lifeguard Course, Pool Hire, Lifeguard Hire, Pool Equipment And Publicity."

£4,567 Sport England
29 Nov 2001 Wardle High School

This Secondary School Intends To Provide A Series Of British Sports Trust Leadership And National Governing Body Coaching Awards. The Money Is For Training Courses And Workshops.

£4,945 Sport England
29 Nov 2001 Spotland Badminton Club

"This New Badminton Club Is Requesting Funds For Start Up Equipment And Associated Running Costs. The Money Is For Hire Of Venue For 42 Weeks, Shuttle Cocks, Nets And Advertising."

£2,300 Sport England
29 Nov 2001 Bangladesh Youth Association

The Bangladeshi Association and Community Project wish to create new opportunities for youths in sport. The money will fund hire of sports facilities, transport, publicity, coaching, a first aid kit,a football table, swimming bands, equipment for footbal

£4,350 Sport England
20 Nov 2001 The Back Door Youth Music Project

The Back Door Youth Music Project

£1,000 Arts Council England
6 Nov 2001 Deeplish Primary School History Group


£15,357 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Oct 2001 Cartwheel Community Arts

South Asian Arts 2002

£12,792 Arts Council England
5 Oct 2001 Granada Television (RochdaleFC)

Granada Media plc in partnership with the local lifelong learning partnership and Rochdale football club will use three sites in Rochdale to set up information and communications technology (ICT) learning centres. These will use state-of-the-art technolo

£110,000 New Opportunities Fund
27 Sep 2001 Heywood Arts Group Complex

This Group Educates The Public In Visual And Dramatic Arts. Mobile Light And Sound Equipment Will Enable The Group To Continue With Promotion Of Cultural Activities By Providing Road Shows As It Has Recently Lost Its Own Premises. Money Is For Mobile Li

£4,377 Arts Council England
27 Sep 2001 Complaints Authority

This group provides assistance to the local community in their dealings with various authorities. They are seeking funding to create a web site, and office improvements. The money is for web page design, internet connection, office flooring and security

£1,335 Community Fund
27 Sep 2001 Bangladesh Youth Society Rochdale

This new group wishes to offer a range of sporting activities for young people, primarily from the Bangladeshi community. Activities will include football, badminton, cricket, squash, tennis and basketball. The money is for venue hire, coaches fees, equ

£4,860 New Opportunities Fund
27 Sep 2001 Middleton and Heywood Bereavement Support Group

This group offers bereavement support for people in Middleton and Heywood. They wish to provide training for members in issues of learning disability, child loss, suicide, multi ethnicity and traumatic deaths.The money is for speakers fees, travelling exp

£2,000 New Opportunities Fund
27 Sep 2001 Rochdale Bangladeshi Professional Network

This new group aims to assist people from the Bangladeshi community in educational and career development matters. They are seeking funds for set up costs and an event to launch their service, and inform the community about their activities. The money i

£3,000 New Opportunities Fund
27 Sep 2001 Balderstone Community High School

"This Secondary School Is Seeking Funds To Set Up A Tennis Club. The Money Is For 4 Free-Standing Tennis Nets And Posts, Racquets, Balls, 200 Information Packs, Court Markings And Coach Fees."

£4,872 Sport England
27 Sep 2001 Rochdale Womens Refuge

This group is seeking funding to provide activities which develop understanding of the diverse cultures of the women and children who use the refuge. The money is for books, toys and play equipment, visits to cultural events, and celebrations within the

£3,000 Community Fund
25 Sep 2001 Castleton Water Actvitiy Centre

Castleton Water Activity Centre are a non-profit making community organisation, established to provide water based sports provision for young people, with particular emphasis on developing informal outdoor education and training opportunities. The grant i

£53,249 New Opportunities Fund
11 Sep 2001 Castleton Water Actvitiy Centre

Castleton Water Actvitiy Centre

£137,059 New Opportunities Fund
11 Sep 2001 Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

£547,509 New Opportunities Fund
5 Sep 2001 Shademakers Carnival Club Ev

The Games Legacy

£23,750 Arts Council England
5 Sep 2001 Rais Academy

Tales of the Past

£9,600 Arts Council England
8 Aug 2001 Littleborough Civic Trust


£8,562 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Jul 2001 Rochdale Federation of Tenents & Residents Ass.'s (RofTRA)

Community Sports Worker & Development Fund

£136,250 Sport England
20 Jul 2001 Rochdale Library Service

The award has provided Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training for public librarians on basic and technical information handling competencies required by staff for their own use and to assist library users.

£13,417 New Opportunities Fund
19 Jul 2001 Roach Dynamos Junior Football Club

This Club Organises And Promotes Football Opportunities For Children Aged Between 10 And 16 Years. It Wishes To Develop Coaching Opportunities To Improve Training Techniques And Performance. Money Is For Coach Education Programme.

£3,360 Sport England
19 Jul 2001 Rochdale AFC Ladies

This new ladies football club provides opportunities for local women and girls to participate in this sport. They are seking funding for start up costs. The money is for kit and equipment, pitches and training, coach education, marketing and transport.

£4,806 Sport England
2 Jul 2001 Hopwood Hall College

The project will provide web-based digitised information for historians and students of humanities on the migration of communities into Rochdale/North Manchester. The project aims to promote an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity and to c

£6,618 New Opportunities Fund
2 Jul 2001 Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

The project will provide equipment and the expertise to set up a seed corn collection of local history material in digital format. The use of locally-digitised materials in educational and cultural resources will include representative material dealing wi

£10,740 New Opportunities Fund
25 Jun 2001 Childrens Services of Rochdale M.B.C.

The grant will be used to create 100 before-school, 38 after-school and 66 holiday places for children aged 3-11 years old by creating 8 new clubs in the Heywood, Rochdale and Penine townships of Rochdale. More than 14 local schools will be served.

£72,431 New Opportunities Fund
4 Jun 2001 Sure Start Rochdale

Sure Start Steps

£8,894 Arts Council England
25 May 2001 Doryoku Karate Club

"This Karate Club, Affiliated To The Ama Wishes To Promote The Sport To The Wider Community Through An Intense Publicity Scheme, Demonstrations And Courses For All Abilities.The Money Is For Publicity Production, Creche Facilities, Coaching, Insurance, Tr

£4,917 Sport England
25 May 2001 Stansfield and Summit Tenants and Residents Association

"This Association Aims To Represent And Improve The Quality Of Life Of The Whole Community. They Are Seeking Funding For A Programme Of Sporting Activities For Young People. The Money Is For Sports Equipment, Coaching, Hire Of Sports Hall, Transport, An

£4,108 Sport England
25 May 2001 Hillside Rugby Club

"This Club Promotes Girls' Rugby From 11 To 16 Years. It Wishes To Develop An Earlier Pilot Initiative By Offering Rugby Opportunities To Additional Local Schools Who Do Not Currently Offer This Sport To Girls. Money Is For Running Costs For Schools' Pr

£4,996 Sport England
25 May 2001 Bangladesh Welfare and Training Centre Association

"This Group Promotes The Interests Of People Of Bangladeshi Origin By Providing Various Activities. They Are Seeking Funding For A Football Project. The Money Is For Coaching, Publicity, Administration, Kit, Equipment, Venue Hire And Transport."

£4,735 Sport England
4 May 2001 Rochdale LEA/Siddal Moor Sports College

School Sport Co-ordinators

£348,878 Sport England
2 May 2001 Multi Asian Arts

Access to Asian Music Training

£32,287 Arts Council England
10 Apr 2001 Hopwood Hall College

The project will develop 6 community centres in existing community venues. Funding will contribute towards staffing the centres which will target ethnic communities, lone parents, those with disabilities, women returners, those over 60 not involved in lea

£125,000 New Opportunities Fund
29 Mar 2001 Connextions The School Mag

This New Group Is Requesting Start Up Costs To Produce Magazines For Young People By Young People. The Money Is For Printing 2 Editions, Computer, Software, Training, Volunteer Costs And Distribution

£4,400 Arts Council England
29 Mar 2001 BETRA

This association represents the community and aims to improve it's quality of life. They seek funding to establish a sports action team. The money is for coaching, sports equipment, publicity, information packs, and training for volunteers.

£3,349 Sport England
1 Mar 2001 Rochdale A.F.C. Football and Community Scheme

"This Group Encourages More People To Become Involved With The Game Of Football And Now Seeks Funds Provide Coaching For Young Minority Ethnic People. Coaching, Venue Hire, Publicity, Administration, Kit And Equipment."

£4,886 Sport England
13 Feb 2001 P.C.C. of St James, Calderbrook

St James the Great, Calderbrook

£53,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Jan 2001 Multi Asian Arts Centre

Asian Music Fusion

£56,912 Arts Council England