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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
27 Sep 2001 Clifton Monday Club

This club provides regular activities, including weekly meetings, for older people. They are seeking funding for equipment to enhance their meetings. The money is for a portable sound systems, and a slide projector, table and holders.

£3,549 Community Fund
27 Sep 2001 Winton Wanderers Junior Football Club

"This Junior Football Club Is Seeking Funds To Provide Equipment With The Aim Of Setting Up Girls Teams. The Money Is For Travel, Strips, Bibs, Balls, Cones, Balls, 3 Sets Of Goals And Small Items Of Equipment."

£4,816 Sport England
12 Sep 2001 The Centre for Specialist Educational Assistance

Binoh Music Time

£16,000 Arts Council England
5 Sep 2001 The Lowry Centre Limited

Gateway to the Commonwealth

£20,040 Arts Council England
5 Sep 2001 Walk The Plank

Crossing Seas, Building Bridges

£25,000 Arts Council England
5 Sep 2001 Oakwood Youth Club

'So Many Words' Arts Programme

£51,030 Arts Council England
6 Aug 2001 Salford Council For Voluntary Service

The project is to enable Salford Volunteer Bureau to continue to develop and promote volunteering in Salford through the Active Citizens Project. The grant, over three years, is towards office equipment, the salaries of an existing full time Administrativ

£286,624 Community Fund
6 Aug 2001 The ADD Action Project

To provide a range of services for parents and carers of children with Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Hyperactivity Disorder and related syndromes. This will include training, drop-in sessions a 24 hour helpline, self-help groups counselling and a

£235,347 Community Fund
21 Jul 2001 Salford Library Service

Salford Library Service

£486,125 New Opportunities Fund
20 Jul 2001 Salford Library Service

The award has provided Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training for public librarians on basic and technical information handling competencies required by staff for their own use and to assist library users.

£60,965 New Opportunities Fund
19 Jul 2001 Beech Court Tenants Association

This association runs a community laundrette, and they are seeking funding to promote and expand the facilities available. The money is for steam press, pro-express iron, computer, printer and CD's.

£1,618 Community Fund
19 Jul 2001 Irlam Old Age Pensioners Association

This group provides social and recreational activities for older people. It has a lease on a building which needs essential repairs to the roof so that the group can continue to meet in a safe and comfortable environment. Money is for a contribution tow

£5,000 Community Fund
19 Jul 2001 319 (City of Salford) Squadron Air Training Corps

This organisation runs various activities for it's members. They are seeking funding to purchase climbing and camping equipment to extend their Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme activities. The money is for climbing helmets, harnesses and ropes, karabiners

£4,335 Community Fund
19 Jul 2001 Salford Junior Table Tennis Club

"This Recently Established Club Is Based In A High School And Offers Coaching And Training Opportunities To Junior Players. It Wishes To Extend Its Current Facilities To Increase The Number Of Players And Improve Standards In Coaching. Money Is For Tabl

£4,810 Sport England
25 Jun 2001 Salford LEA

The grant will be used to create 200 before school, 115 after school and 120 holiday places for children aged 3 - 14 years old in the Salford area of Manchester. At least 7 local schools will be served. 2 new clubs will be created and 8 existing clubs c

£77,639 New Opportunities Fund
18 Jun 2001 Eccles RUFC

"Changing Rooms,Disabled Toilets,Training Lights & Car Park-Eccles R.F.C.-Salford City Council"

£191,629 Sport England
25 May 2001 Ellenbrook and Boothstown Brass Band

This Brass Band Has Both A Senior And A Junior Section. They Are Seeking Funding For Instruments And Uniforms Suitable For The Junior Section. The Money Is For Four Cornets, A Tenor Horn, A Euphonium, A Trombone And Sheet Music.

£3,700 Arts Council England
25 May 2001 Brookhouse Residents Association

This group provides advice, recreational and social activities for the local community. It would like to provide a variety of new recreational activities for both young and old people. Money is forPA system, bingo machine, snooker table, football game t

£3,372 Community Fund
25 May 2001 Hornbeam Court Tenants Association

This tenants and residents association is seeking funds to commence teaching computer skills to participants and to subsidise outings. The money is for tables, chairs, transport, a computer package and C.D.'s.

£3,860 Community Fund
25 May 2001 St Peter's Pumas

"This New After School Sports Club Currently Provides 5 On 5 Flag Football And Seeks Funds For Start Up Costs Of Providing 5 On 5 American Football For Its Members Who Are 16 And Above. The Money Is For Contact Kit, Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Jersey, Pants,

£5,000 Sport England
21 May 2001 Little Hulton Cricket And Bowling Club

Purchase of land (with existing sports facilities)

£63,000 Sport England
21 May 2001 Clifton Cricket Club

New Changing Rooms

£82,685 Sport England
18 May 2001 Outset Ltd

Outset will purchase and refit a vehicle that can be used as a mobile resource for providing information and communications technology (ICT). The mobile unit will aim to engage individuals who would not otherwise attend a learning centre. Based in centr

£17,500 New Opportunities Fund
2 May 2001 The Annual Programme

Programme 3

£48,700 Arts Council England
10 Apr 2001 Salford Community and Voluntary Services

Information and communications technology (ICT) centres will be established in Eccles and Pendleton by this project as part of a city-wide network which is to be created over the next seven years. Up to five hundred people are likely to benefit from ICT t

£130,000 New Opportunities Fund
6 Apr 2001 Salford Unemployed & Community Resource Centre

The project has been set up to represent unemployed and low waged people at appeals and tribunals in the area of welfare rights and employment. The grant, over three years, will pay for office equipment, four new full-time posts and associated project c

£239,188 Community Fund
31 Mar 2001 British Amateur Wrestling Association

World Class Programme

£29,815 Sport England
29 Mar 2001 Manchester Bosnian Community Association

This Association promotes the culture, language, education and tradition of the Bosnian Comunity and seeks funds for computer equipment to develop IT skills and communication. The money is for a computer, hardware, software, printer, fax, telephone, desk

£4,333 Community Fund
29 Mar 2001 The Aguda Fitness Club

The group provides weekly exercise classes for women and girls. They wish to add frre post-natal and ante-natal exercises classes to their weekly programme and are seeking funding to support this and the provision of free creche facilities for participan

£3,175 Community Fund
22 Mar 2001 British Amateur Wrestling Association

World Class Programme

£116,028 Sport England
1 Mar 2001 Oakwood High Youth Club

This youth club works with young people with special needs and wishes to extend its range of activities to include new sports and arts activities. ski-ing and canoeing instruction and transport, arts activities, health and beauty residential costs, volunt

£4,500 Community Fund
15 Feb 2001 Salford LEA

The grant will be used to create 88 before-school places, 64 after-school places and 64 holiday places by extending 1 existing club and creating 3 new schemes in the Salford area. The places will cater for children aged 3 - 14 years old. 8 local schools w

£57,328 New Opportunities Fund
7 Feb 2001 Walk The Plank

Flagship For The Arts

£70,216 Arts Council England
18 Dec 2000 Urban Eye

This Group Provides Opportunities For Members Of The Community To Take Part In The Production Of Videos That Focus On The Problems Young People Face In Society. The Award Will Enable The Group To Become Self Sufficient And Provide New Activities Such As T

£4,890 Arts Council England
18 Dec 2000 Manchester Netball Development Group

This netball development group plans a create a new netball squad consisting of an under 11'S, under 13'S and under 15'S teams who will participate in training and various tournaments. Award is for 3 sets of kit, bibs, balls

£1,640 Sport England
15 Dec 2000 British Amateur Wrestling Association

World Class Programme

£91,079 Sport England
29 Nov 2000 Base Chorus Ltd

Base Chorus Development

£29,500 Arts Council England
14 Nov 2000 Lowry Centre Trust

Paul Housley: new work

£22,937 Arts Council England
9 Nov 2000 Salford Charter Players

the Ring of Stones Project

£20,205 Arts Council England
2 Nov 2000 Salford Council For Voluntary Service

A project to provide a comprehensive range of support services to local voluntary and community groups. The project will include advice training and intensive developmental support for a range of organisations working in the local area. The grant over t

£409,349 Community Fund
25 Oct 2000 Salford LEA

The grant will be used to provide 268 before school places, 297 after school places and 118 holiday places for children aged 3-14 years in Salford. The places will serve 35 local schools.

£216,541 New Opportunities Fund
1 Oct 2000 After Adoption

The project provides support services to people whose lives are affected by adoption. The grant provides funding for office equipment, the salaries of five part-time posts and associated running costs.

£102,075 Community Fund
29 Sep 2000 The Shiloh Trust

This Christian group plans to set up a children's activity club. play equipment, publicity and art and craft materials

£4,180 Community Fund
29 Sep 2000 The Yuvani Association

This group provides educational and social activities for Asian women. The group requests funds to improve administration and to increase its arts and physical activities programmes exercise equipment, arts and crafts materials, a computer, workstation, a

£3,233 Community Fund
29 Sep 2000 The Midlands International Buddhist Association in the UK

This Manchester Branch of the Buddist Association in the UK wishes to hold a social day for the Buddist community of Greater Manchester. hall hire, artists fees, costumes, children's entertainment, transport for older people and those with disabilities to

£4,850 Community Fund
29 Sep 2000 Eccles Over 50 Social Club

This group provides social activities and outings for members. The money is for music equipment, bingo machine, cd's and a microphone.

£790 Community Fund
29 Sep 2000 Kenyon Way Playgroup

This organisation is a pre-school playgroup requesting funds for additional play equipment to enable more children to attend. play equipment

£1,968 Community Fund
29 Sep 2000 Kenyon Social Over 55 Club

This group provides social and recreational activities for older people. The group requests funds towards transport costs to take its members on memorable trips transport costs for 3 trips

£600 Community Fund
29 Sep 2000 Broughton and Blackfriars Play Development Group

This group sustains a network of groups who are working or wish to work with children within the Broughton and Blackfriars area of Salford. Funds are sought to take children to outdoor sports facilities. visits to outdoor sports centres, transport, volun

£5,000 Community Fund
29 Sep 2000 Boothstown and District Local History Group

This group encourages the participation of the local community to explore their cultural and historical heritage by providing a series of lectures, visits and walks. The project is to create a historical document of the local area. the printing of a loca

£2,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Sep 2000 Ordsall Community Arts

This group aims to promote arts within the community through workshops and training. The group wishes to develop a series of workshops in September and October culminating in an event on 31st October. artists fees, PA system, lighting and art materials

£5,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Sep 2000 Merseyside Heraldry Group

This recently formed group wishes to produce a booklet containing heraldic colouring sheets representing shields known in the area from the past 500 years. production and distribution costs of 600 copies of a 16 page heraldry booklet.

£1,050 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Sep 2000 Beechfarm Boys Football Club

This new football club aims to provide footballing activities for young people and requests funding for start-up costs and equipment. kit balls bibs cones and posts league ground referees and affiliation fees insurance and start up costs.

£1,920 Sport England
29 Sep 2000 Wigan Gymnastics Club

This group provides gymnastics coaching for people aged 6-15 and is affiliated to the British Gymnastics Association. The project is to enable coaches to become involved with attracting gymnasts at junior level and to create a development squad. coaching

£2,858 Sport England
29 Sep 2000 Salford Lacrosse Development Group

This new group aims to provide lacrosse training for young people through school and after school sessions. coaching fees field equipment sports hall hire and publicity.

£4,795 Sport England
29 Sep 2000 Tyldesley Tennis Club

This tennis club wishes to extend opportunities to participate in tennis coaching to children aged 6-11. short tennis racquets and nets balls throw down lines and coaching

£3,415 Sport England
29 Sep 2000 Eccles Amateur Rugby League Football Club

This rugby league club seeks funds to purchase new kits equipment and provide coaching courses to cater for increased membership and use additional equipment and kit as a recruitment campaign to encourage interest in the group's activities. kits for unde

£5,000 Sport England
25 Sep 2000 Ordsall Community Arts

The Bigger Picture - how it really is....

£51,770 Arts Council England
10 Aug 2000 Manchester Graphic Club

This Group Runs An Art Club And Wishes To Encourage More People To Join The Group And Develop Artistic Skills. The Grant Will Fund Lighting, Stands And Platform, Storage, Publicity, Publication Costs, Workshops, Tutors Fees And Videos And Books.

£3,456 Arts Council England
10 Aug 2000 Start in Salford

This group provides arts based activities for who people with mental health problems. The project is to rellocate to new premises to offer extended and enhanced services. The money is for a feasability study.

£4,994 Community Fund
10 Aug 2000 Pendlebury Taekwondo

This group provides facilities for training in Taekwondo and is affiliated to the British Taekwondo Council. They wish to extend the number of coaches and provide an improved training area. The money is for floor improvements to matting area and coaching

£560 Sport England
10 Aug 2000 Mitchell Shackleton Football Club

This football club wishes to encourage more juniors and women to join in its acitivities by purchasing the appropriate equipment. The money is for goalposts a dry field marker coaching sets first aid haversacks and FA coaching courses.

£2,420 Sport England
21 Jul 2000 City of Salford LEA

Salford LEA will run a Salford Young People-+s Summer University to raise achievement, motivation, self-confidence and to develop emotional intelligence for pupils in 110 schools in Salford.

£250,000 New Opportunities Fund
13 Jul 2000 Salford Link Project

The project will provide a range of training courses and set up a new youth work project for people aged 14-25. The project is particularly designed for people from minority ethnic communities. The three year grant will pay for building repairs, office

£174,035 Community Fund
13 Jul 2000 Spurgeons

This project will provide a range of services for families with young children in Salford. The grant, over three years, will fund the salaries of two full-time and two part-time staff, sessional Crhche Workers, equipment and running costs.

£157,512 Community Fund
5 Jul 2000 Red Rose Forest


£17,565 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Jun 2000 Greenhouse Northwest Theatre Company

This New Group Provides Opportunities For People To Participate In Drama. The Project Is To Provide Drama Workshops And Performances, Focussing On H.I.V., For Young People And Community Groups. The Money Is For Performers Fees, Workshops, Insurance, Prop

£5,000 Arts Council England
22 Jun 2000 Hope Hospital Citizens Advice Bureau

This CAB runs a hospital- based service for patients and hospital staff. The group now wishes to train three workers in advanced welfare rights. The grant will fund training.

£600 Community Fund
22 Jun 2000 British Sub Aqua Club Bolton Branch

This sub-aqua club wishes to offer taster sessions to school children and young people for which smaller sized equipment is required. The group is affiliated to the British Sub Aqua Club which is the recognised governing body. The grant will fund junior s

£4,863 Sport England
16 Jun 2000 Salford LEA

The grant will be used to create 248 before school places, 299 after school places and 155 holiday places. The places will be created by expanding the services offered by existing providers and establishing a number of new childcare schemes. The places wi

£163,793 New Opportunities Fund
25 May 2000 St John's PCC

St John the Evangelist, Broughton

£123,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Apr 2000 Start In Salford Arts Project

The Start in Salford Arts Project

£3,200 Arts Council England
26 Apr 2000 Lowry Centre Trust

The Lowry Centre Project

£4,500 Arts Council England
26 Apr 2000 Medway, Jim

Jim Medway Project

£6,000 Arts Council England
26 Apr 2000 Graham, Robin J E

The Robin Graham Project

£4,320 Arts Council England
20 Apr 2000 Salford LEA

To create a comprehensive out of school hours programme with a wide range of partners. The broad range of activities will include homework clubs, study centres, mentoring programmes, literacy, numeracy, arts and sports.

£1,191,825 New Opportunities Fund
19 Apr 2000 Tynesbank Allotment

This recently established group provides horticultural activities for local community members. The grant will fund the purchase of a shredder, rotovator, strimmer, hand gardening tools and wheelbarrows.

£4,537 Community Fund
19 Apr 2000 Listening People Community Counselling Service

This group provides a free, confidential counselling service at a variety of venues for people in Salford. The group now wishes to extend its counselling service by training more volunteers. The grant will fund therapy materials, volunteer expenses, telev

£5,000 Community Fund
19 Apr 2000 Drop-In Centre for Older People in Salford

This new group aims to provide social activities and advice for older people. The group now wishes to undertake a feasibility study to ascertain the need for a drop-in centre. The grant will fund volunteers expenses, architects fees and report preparation

£3,000 Community Fund
19 Apr 2000 59th Salford Scouts

This group provides scouting activities. The group wishes to reinforce team building by enabling young people from low income families to access a week of adventure activities at a venture centre. The grant will contribute towards the costs of venture cen

£2,925 Community Fund
19 Apr 2000 Education, Training, Help, Opportunity & Support (ETHOS) Ltd

This recently established group provides education, training , help, opportunities and support for young people living in the Merseyside area. The group requests funding for a pilot scheme to introduce its offered activities to the community. The grant wi

£3,445 Community Fund
19 Apr 2000 Broughton International Friendship Day Group

This group provides training and support to minority ethnic people to enable them to organise events, festivals and children's activities. The award will enable the group to organise a Millennium festival. The money is for a contributution towards the hi

£5,000 Community Fund
19 Apr 2000 Boothstown Festival Committee

This group organises an annual community festival. The group wish to celebrate the Millennium by producing a booklet recording people's memories and the changes in village life during the last century. The grant will fund the production and publication of

£4,661 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2000 Monton Village Community Association

This group aims to improve facilities for local people and organises social events. The group now wishes to organise a water pageant to celebrate the Millennium. The grant will fund publicity costs and materials, volunteer expenses, performers fees, marqu

£5,000 Millennium Commission
19 Apr 2000 Lancashire Wolverines American Football Club

This American Football club coaches young people aged 15 to 19 years old. The group seeks funds to further develop the sport within the community through the provision of coaching to staff and volunteers and providing new additional equipment. The money w

£5,000 Sport England
19 Apr 2000 Arrow Amateur Boxing Club

This group provides boxing and keep-fit training facilities and is affiliated to the Amateur Boxing Association of England Ltd. The grant will fund the purchase of a treadmill magnetic cycle protective kit and headguards for juniors and body protectors.

£3,951 Sport England
19 Apr 2000 Genuine Residents of the Whole of the Langworthy Area

This group promotes the needs of local residents and organises social and recreational events. The grant will fund a social event, a sporting event, stationery, a computer and printer and telephone and petrol costs.

£1,500 Community Fund
14 Feb 2000 Salford LEA

The project will provide 144 new childcare places for children aged 5 to 14 years. The places will be available before school, after school and during school holidays. The project will be delivered in the urban area of Salford and will serve 9 local scho

£76,178 New Opportunities Fund
10 Feb 2000 College Croft Tenants Association

This is a new group providing social, recreational and welfare facilities for older people. The group wishes to improve the quality of life of its members, many of whom are disabled, by enabling them to participate in community activities. The grant will

£2,080 Community Fund
10 Feb 2000 Clifton Green P H A B Club

This group aims to create opportunities where physically disabled people can integrate with the wider community. The group is organising a trip to London to visit the Millennium Dome. The grant will fund transport, accommodation, subsistence, and carers'

£3,700 Community Fund
10 Feb 2000 Quintessential Quilters

This group provides lectures, demonstrations and workshop tuition in the art of making quilted and patchwork articles. The group wishes to expand its knowledge and skills of the craft by visiting museums of different cultures, holding workshops and produc

£2,204 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Feb 2000 The New Barracks Tenants Management Co Operative Limited

This group provides community recreational activities and assists in welfare and housing matters for its members. The group wishes to run professionally-led community arts activities with historical and Millennium themes. It combines workshops in photogra

£5,000 Millennium Commission
10 Feb 2000 Barrhill Junior Football Club

This group provides training in football for girls and boys aged 6 to 15. The group seeks funds to purchase equipment which will enable evening training and matches and also allow the group to cater for the full number of members who attend. The money wil

£2,006 Sport England
10 Feb 2000 Salford Youth Cricket Association

This group provides cricket coaching and facilities for young people. The award will enable the group to improve pre-season training. The money is for hiring of indoor cricket nets coaches and equipment.

£1,240 Sport England
7 Feb 2000 Salford City Council

To provide public art

£95,000 Arts Council England
27 Jan 2000 T P A S

TPAS are an advisory and training service for tenant participation between social housing landlords and tenants. The project is to establish an interactive web site providing a library and publications database and an electronic bulletin board and discuss

£99,901 Community Fund
12 Jan 2000 Walk The Plank

Moby Dick

£33,852 Arts Council England
6 Jan 2000 Eccles Studio Club

This Group Provides A Weekly Meeting Place For People To Participate In Painting Activities.The Group Wishes To Encourage More Members To Participate In Arts Activities By Means Of Exhibitions And Open Days With Models And Professional Tutors. The Grant W

£3,830 Arts Council England
6 Jan 2000 Oakwood High Youth Club

This group provides activities to help in the social and educational development of young people with learning difficulties. Based on consultation with members the project will document sporting activities using drama and photography. The money will be us

£4,350 Community Fund
6 Jan 2000 Parents With Power

This new group is a self-help group for parents providing advice, support and training in parenting skills and family literacy. The group wishes to purchase start-up equipment and basic training to establish itself. The grant will fund a computer, printer

£4,764 Community Fund