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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
7 Sep 2017 Coniston Institute

Just For Fun

£14,700 Arts Council England
27 Oct 2016 Coniston Institute


£14,950 Arts Council England
7 Sep 2016 Coniston CofE Primary School

The organisation will use the funding to remove the outdoor play equipment which has been condemned as not fit for use, and install new equipment and surfacing to create a safe supervised facility for all of the children in the local community. This will enable the organisation to offer an all year round outdoor play facility, which will be better suited to include younger children and those with disabilities.

£9,500 Big Lottery Fund
27 Jul 2016 Coniston Sailing Club

Additional Safety Boat

£10,000 Sport England
26 Aug 2015 The Coniston Institute and Ruskin Museum Trust

Art of Food (working title)

£14,950 Arts Council England
11 Aug 2015 Coniston Sailing Club

New Changing Rooms

£75,000 Sport England
15 Jul 2015 Karen Guthrie

House of Ferment - Development Phase

£14,000 Arts Council England
29 Jun 2015 Coniston Sailing Club

New Changing Rooms

£1,000 Sport England
24 Apr 2014 South Tyneside Council

"Thurston Outdoor Education Centre, Climate Impact Project"

£243,750 Sport England
31 Jul 2013 Coniston Sailing Club

Junior Sailing

£10,000 Sport England
9 Apr 2013 Coniston C of E Primary School

This is a project by a primary school in Cumbria. The organisation will use the funding to install new all-weather surfacing on school grounds. This will enable the group to replace the existing unsafe and worn surfacing and offer outdoor play facilities

£8,450 Big Lottery Fund
1 Aug 2012 Midland Association of Mountaineers

Low Cottage refurbishment

£20,000 Sport England
11 Nov 2011 Grizedale Arts

Large Scale Touring Development

£40,000 Arts Council England
23 Nov 2009 Grizedale Arts

Sustain - Grizedale Arts

£264,500 Arts Council England
11 Nov 2009 Coniston Institute and Ruskin Museum

This project has been awarded development funding to develop their business proposal and to progress to the second stage of the Village SOS programme. Village SOS -+ an initiative by Big Lottery Fund and the BBC to inspire UK rural revival -+ aims to fund s

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jul 2008 Grizedale Arts

Balance of NW17742/2005045

£1,889 Arts Council England
20 Jul 2008 Grizedale Arts

Balance of NW20252/2129871

£1,000 Arts Council England
18 Mar 2008 Grizedale Arts

Grizedale Arts Lawson Park

£150,000 Arts Council England
30 May 2006 Creative Egremont

Creative Egremont (Folk) Art Fair & Conference

£4,999 Arts Council England
5 May 2006 Coniston Water Festival Committee

This Is A Project To Re-Instate The Coniston Water Festival Which Ran Annually From The 19th Century To 1998. The New Festival Will Involve Different Sports, Arts, Food, And Water Related Culture. The Festival Will Be Open To All, And Have Events/Activiti

£2,000 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
4 Apr 2006 Coniston Local History Group

'Coniston Old Man' Slate Heritage Project

£6,820 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2006 St Luke's Parochial Church Council

Church of St. Luke

£47,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Mar 2006 The National Trust

Tarn Hows and Monk Coniston Project

£450,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Mar 2006 Somewhere

Professional development trip/s & distribution network

£4,999 Arts Council England
24 Jan 2006 Coniston Youth Club

This Is A Project To Facilitate Day Trips, Sports Coaching With Replacement Of Sports Equipment And And Introduction Into Circus Skills. The Grant Is For A Glasgow Trip Using Public Transport, Sports Coach, Sports Equipment And Circus Skills Equipment.

£2,070 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
31 Aug 2005 Coniston Water Festival


£3,970 Arts Council England
23 Sep 2004 The Drop in Centre Coniston

The Group Will Develop And Equip A Drop-In Youth Facility Where It Will Assist In Providing Training For Young People And First Aid Training For Staff. The Various Recreational Facilities Will Combat Social Exclusion Among Young People In The Community. R

£3,850 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
6 Jul 2004 Coniston Sports and Social Centre

The Organisation Will Use The Money To Set Up A Gym/Fitness Room To Promote A Community Fitness Group. Volunteers Will Complete The Ymca Instructor Course Which Will Enable Them To Complete Inductions In The Gym. Coaching Level 1 Courses Will Also Be Co

£4,300 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
29 Sep 2003 Coniston Youth Club

This New Youth Club Will Provide A Structured Programme Of Outdoor Activities And Sports Coaching For Club Members. Equipment And Coaching/Instruction For Outdoor Activities, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, And Dry Slope Skiing/Snowboarding.

£4,240 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
19 Sep 2003 The National Trust

Renovate Yew Tree Tarn dam for aesthetic, cultural and nature conservation

£23,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
22 Aug 2003 Coniston Association Football Club

New Club House and Training Area

£275,366 Sport England
28 Jul 2003 The Park House Trust

The Group Will Fit Out The New Scout & Guide Pack Holiday House With Bunk Beds And New Flooring Which Will Be Used For Scouts, Guides And Other Community Groups, Enabling Them To Stay In The Lake District And Experience The Many Outdoor And Cultural Facil

£4,444 Awards For All (England) Joint Scheme
9 May 2003 Women'S Writes

Resedential writing course : July 2003

£1,250 Arts Council England
25 Mar 2003 Somewhere

Welcome To

£16,375 Arts Council England
25 May 2001 North Region Riding For The Disabled Association

This group provides opportunities for people with varying disabilities to ride or carriage drive. It seeks funds to take part in the Coast to Coast Challenge 2001. The money is for accommodation, food, insurance, diesel, overnight stabling for horses and

£3,763 Community Fund
9 Jan 2001 The Brantwood Trust

Brantwood Gardens: Access and Restoration

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
8 Sep 1999 Coniston Association Football Club

New Club House and Training Area

£254,050 Sport England
25 Jun 1996 Ruskin Museum

Ruskin Museum Development Scheme

£629,074 Heritage Lottery Fund