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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
17 Feb 2015 Caledon Womens Institute

The group work for the improvement of homes and rural and urban life in the Gosford area, County Armagh. They will use the grant to hold a celebration dinner.

£1,880 Big Lottery Fund
17 Feb 2015 Caledon Womens Institute

The group work for the improvement of homes and rural and urban life in the Gosford area, County Armagh. They will use the grant to hold a celebration dinner.

£1,880 Big Lottery Fund
12 Dec 2012 Caledon Regeneration Partnership Limited

The group is a social economy enterprise which provides accommodation for both business and community use. The project will use their grant to replace existing single glazed windows to double glazed units making the building more comfortable for those who

£7,560 Big Lottery Fund
24 Oct 2012 Afasic

Afasic provides help and support for children and young people affected by speech, language and communication needs. The grant will allow the organisation to re-engage professional help to develop a three to five year business strategy.

£8,100 Big Lottery Fund
13 Aug 2012 Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council

Blackwater River & Ulster Canal Living Heritage Project

£70,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Dec 2011 Afasic

The grant will be used to improve the lives of young people across NI who've speech, language & communication needs. The project will run a range of activities & services to improve confidence, self-esteem & social skills of the young people. The project

£382,021 Big Lottery Fund
7 Oct 2008 Killylea Womens Institute

The group aims to enable women to take a more effective part in local community life and development. The project will deliver a selection of community based classes.

£3,545 Big Lottery Fund
3 May 2006 St. Joseph's Primary School

'Caledon - Our Village'

£10,016 Arts Council of Northern Ireland
9 Aug 2005 Tynan & District Diabetes UK Voluntary Group

An award has been made to the Tynan & District Diabetes UK Voluntary Group to allow them to hold a presentation evening regarding WW2 and American GI's. A exhibition of photographs, memorabilia and army uniforms will also be displayed.

£550 New Opportunities Fund
20 Jul 2005 Tynan & District Diabetes UK Voluntary Group

The branch offers guidance, support and counselling to diabetics who are newly diagnosed or longer term sufferers. The project will provide social and educational activities for sufferers and their carers to improve awareness and self esteem.

£2,820 New Opportunities Fund
24 Feb 2005 Caledon Womens Institute

The group provides educational and recreational activities for local women. The project will assist increase community activity be encouraging new group members through the provision of additional activities to celebrate its 50 anniversary.

£2,616 Community Fund
8 Sep 2000 Caledon Development Association

This Group Provides Social And Cultural Activities In The Local Community. Marquee And Electrical Costs. Publicity, Trophies, Prizes.

£2,334 Millennium Commission
1 Jun 2000 Armagh Home Accident Prevention Group

This group provides awareness of home safety issues. The grant will help produce a booklet, to be distributed to 500 families, giving practical advice on home safety awareness for adults with children. Safety and presentation equipment will be purchased t

£3,630 Community Fund
12 Nov 1999 Dungannon and Armagh Ramblers and Bowlers

This group provides a social outlet for visually impaired people. The grant will enable this group, which works to socially include visually impaired people, to provide extended activities and events over the next six months. The group is the only social

£4,973 Community Fund
3 Sep 1999 Armagh Carers Group

The grant will pay for carers' expenses and training expenses for volunteers/committee.

£3,287 Community Fund
21 Jan 1999 Caledon Playgroup

This cross-community playgroup will use the grant to purchase playschool equipment and assist with running costs.

£4,666 Community Fund
14 Sep 1998 Caledon Regeneration Partnership Ltd

Caledon Conservation and Enhancement Programme

£760,000 Heritage Lottery Fund