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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
13 Jun 2013 Carnlough Community Association

The group will use the grant to run a three-day carnival to coincide with the All Ireland Coastal Rowing Club Championships taking place in Carnlough in August 2013.

£2,250 Big Lottery Fund
13 Jun 2013 Carnlough Community Development Group

The grant will be used to deliver a summer scheme for young people.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
23 Jan 2013 Carnlough Community Association

The grant will be used to run a luncheon club in their community centre for isolated older people living in the Glenarm, Broughshane & Braid areas of Ballymena, the Carnlough & Glenarm areas of Larne, & the Cushendall area of Moyle. Older people attendin

£74,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Jul 2012 Carnlough Community Association

The grant will be used to provide a summer scheme, which will also include a health & well-being programme for older people. .

£4,500 Big Lottery Fund
20 Mar 2012 Glenarm Buildings Preservation Trust

Glenarm Heritage Activity Project

£49,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Feb 2011 Carnlough Community Association

The group will use the grant to run a series of events for people of all ages in the local community.

£7,810 Big Lottery Fund
16 Dec 2010 Carnlough Community Association

The group will use the grant to run the Carnlough C.A. Health & Wellbeing Luncheon Club which will improve and extend the luncheon club for local members by running activities such as alternative therapies and outings.

£4,020 Big Lottery Fund
26 Mar 2009 Carnlough and Glenarm Parent and Toddler Group

The group aims to enhance the development and education of children between the ages of 0 and 14 by encouraging parents/guardians to understand and provide for the needs of their children. The project will create a safe play environment for the children.

£1,384 Big Lottery Fund
16 Sep 2008 Glenarm Old Presbyterian Church Committee

Glenarm (N.S) Presbyterian Church

£100,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
9 Apr 2008 Glenarm Youth Club

The young promotes activities for younger people living in the Glenarm area of co Antrim. The project will create further opportunities for younger and older people, through a range of trips and various activities.

£8,805 Big Lottery Fund
5 Sep 2007 The Select Vestry of St Patrick's, Tickmacrevan, Glenarm

St Patrick's Church, Glenarm II

£58,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
9 Aug 2006 Forest Glen Housing Committee

The group provides supported housing for older people, people with dementia, disabled people and those suffering from physical disabilities. The project will encourage interaction amongst residents, by equipping the group's common room.

£1,250 Community Fund
14 Jun 2006 Glenarm Rowing Club

The Club Provides Rowing Facilities And Takes Part In Rowing Competitions. The Project Is To Purchase New Equipment.

£5,000 Sport Northern Ireland
21 Dec 2005 Glenarm Youth Club

The group offers sporting and recreational activities for children and young people, living in the Glenarm area of Co. Antrim. The project will encourage community participation, through offering young people an alternative social activity.

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
20 Jul 2005 St John's Camogie Club, Carnlough

The Club Promotes And Develops The Game Of Camogie. The Project Will Provide Start Up Costs Including The Purchase Of Training Equipment, Training Costs For Coaches And Kits, To Establish The Club In Carnlough.

£3,041 Sport Northern Ireland
22 Jun 2005 Carnlough Football Club

The Group (July 2002) Encourages Participation And Development In Football. The Grant Will Fund An Under 12 Football Tournament And Five-A-Side Competition For Young People.

£1,632 Sport Northern Ireland
10 May 2005 Glenarm Village Committee Ltd

The group operates a tourist information service and community resource centre. The grant will allow the group to carry out a feasibility study.

£2,500 Community Fund
24 Feb 2005 Carnlough Rowing Club

The Club Encourages, Promotes And Preserves The Traditional Antrim Coast Sport Of Gig-Rowing And Racing With Particular Emphasis On Young People. The Grant Will Pay For Fitness Equipment To Raise The Fitness Levels Of Members Who Compete Or Enjoy The Spo

£5,000 Sport Northern Ireland
11 Nov 2004 Glenlough Multi Sports Play Group

Upgrading of an existing all-weather play area into a floodlit multi-use games area

£76,957 Sport Northern Ireland
31 Aug 2004 Glenarm Rowing Club

The Group Provides Training And Competitive Opportunities In The Traditional Sport Of Coastal Rowing. The Award Will Allow The Club To Increase Participation And Improve Training Facilities For Current Club Members Through The Purchase Of Equipment.

£5,000 Sport Northern Ireland
12 Mar 2004 Select Vestry of Parish of Tickmacrevan (Glenarm)

St Patrick's Church, Glenarm

£92,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Jan 2004 Larne Musical Festival Association

The Group Encourages Participation In Music. The Award Will Allow The Group To Increase Participation In Music Through A Music Festival.

£1,020 Arts Council of Northern Ireland
6 Oct 2003 St. Kevin's Independent Accordion Band

This Group Provides Tuition In Accordian And Coaches Members To Take Part In Competitions. The Award Will Allow The Group To Provide Professional Music Tuition For Members.

£2,000 Arts Council of Northern Ireland
2 Sep 2003 The Irish Landmark Trust

Barbican at Glenarm Castle

£160,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
18 Jul 2003 James Connolly Flute Band, Carnlough

This Group Trains Young People To Play Musical Instruments And Enters Them In Competitions. The Project Is To Run Flute And Drum Classes For 50 Weeks In Glenlough Community Centre.

£3,750 Arts Council of Northern Ireland
18 Jul 2003 Shane O'Neills GAA Club

The Club Provides Sporting Activities For Young People In The Glenarm Area Of Ballymena. The Project Is To Publish A Book To Celebrate The Club'S Centenary Year.

£2,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Mar 2003 Ardclinis Parish Church Select Vestry

Ardclinis Parish Church, Carnlough

£75,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Aug 2002 The Altmore Ensemble Musical Group

Group Teach And Provide Young People With Learning Teachniques And Building Teamwork As Well As Holding 2 Concerts Per Year. The Group Wants To Commission Special Musical Arrangement For Future Concerts And Purchase Suitable Banner Stands.

£4,677 Arts Council of Northern Ireland
14 Aug 2002 Carnlough Vintage Society

The Group Organise A Vintage Rally To Capture The Essence Of A Bygone Era. The Project Is To Allow The Group To Demonstrate Traditional Crafts And Machinery, Including Horse Shoeing, Sheep Shearing And Spinning Wool.

£1,150 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Apr 2002 Glenarm Community Playgroup

The project is to continue with the provision of playgroup sessions to cater for up to 25 children including those with special needs. The grant, over 3 years, will contribute to the salaries of 3 part time posts (Playgroup Leader, Playgroup Assistant Le

£40,500 Community Fund
2 Jan 2002 Civil Service Retirement Fellowship NI Branch

The group organises social and educational events for retired civil servants and their partners to help prevent loneliness and isolation. The project will enable the group to hold a function for members to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee.

£3,265 Community Fund
11 Jul 2001 Carnlough Vintage Society

This Group Organises The Carnlough Vintage Street Fair Which Provides Education And Entertainment For All Age Groups Based On Local Rural Heritage.They Will Pay For Street Fair Events, Publicity, Administration And Plaques With Their Award.

£1,280 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Apr 2001 Glenlough Community Centre Management Committee

This group serves the two villages of Carnlough and Glenarm by providing and running the local community centre and helping community groups in their area. The grant will pay for office equipment including a computer, printer, display units, photocopier

£4,829 Community Fund
25 Jul 2000 Carnlough FC

Installation of drainage and re-surfacing of pitch

£8,420 Sport Northern Ireland
22 Sep 1999 Carnlough Community Development Group

Carnlough THI

£310,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Jul 1999 Carnlough and District Senior Citizens' Club

This group works for the benefit of senior citizens. The grant will pay for musical equipment, recreational items as well as entertainment and outings.

£5,000 Community Fund
1 Jul 1999 Carnlough Rowing Club

Millennium Community Awards Scheme

£2,000 Sport Northern Ireland
17 Jun 1999 The Brothers Dimm Ltd

The Furry Story

£29,169 Arts Council of Northern Ireland
20 May 1999 Glenarm Community Playgroup

This group provides pre-school education. The grant will pay for play and musical equipment.

£4,170 Community Fund
19 Mar 1999 Carnlough Community Development Group

The project is to expand an existing community development project which aims to improve the environmental, social and economic conditions for the people of Carnlough and surrounding area. The grant, over three years, is for refurbishment, office equipmen

£123,041 Community Fund
27 Jan 1999 Larne Borough Council

Glenarm Harbour - Restoration

£2,400,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jun 1996 Carnlough Rowing Club

Purchase of equipment

£8,836 Sport Northern Ireland
11 Jun 1996 Carnlough Pre-School Playgroup

The one year grant is for the purchase of new equipment. The one year grant is for the purchase of new equipment.

£1,800 Community Fund