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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
10 Jan 2017 'Out and About' With Highway Farm C.I.C

This project will build a round house shelter for the local and rural community. This will build capacity for community engagement and activities.

£8,500 Big Lottery Fund
6 Jan 2017 'The IF Project' 'IF'

This is a project by a charity in Hackney serving beneficiaries across London. The group will deliver study sessions aimed at 18-30 year olds in subjects such as philosophy, history and literature. This will provide stimulating and engaging activities, fostering personal development and giving them better chances in life.

£9,600 Big Lottery Fund
17 May 2017 111 Collectiff

St Leonards Arts Festival 2017

£8,550 Arts Council England
11 Feb 2017 11th Southgate Scout Group

This project will use funding to remove and replace the broken asbestos roof and refurbish the storage building. This will ensure that the scout group building is a safe environment.

£8,083 Big Lottery Fund
28 Mar 2017 12?

12? Programme 2017

£8,500 Arts Council England
5 Apr 2017 14/48 UK

14/48 Takeover International

£6,470 Arts Council England
7 Feb 2017 17th Hamilton Senior Section Unit

17th Hamilton Senior Section Unit

£8,037 Big Lottery Fund
14 Mar 2017 1927


£49,940 Arts Council England
1 Feb 2017 1st Banchory Guides

1st Banchory Guides

£1,018 Big Lottery Fund
16 Feb 2017 1st Colwick Scout Group

The project will purchase camping equipment for their scouts and beavers so the children can experience camping outdoors and put the skills they have learnt to use.

£7,441 Big Lottery Fund
14 Jan 2017 1st Conwy Scout Group

REC First Aid Qualification

£1,350 Sport Wales
9 Feb 2017 1st Cwmbwrla Brownies

Brownies Multi-sports (TI)

£863 Sport Wales
29 Jan 2017 1st Forest Hall Guides

The project will deliver social enterprise training and activities for young women from their unit, including workshops, support from mentors and trips to workplaces. This will help young women to develop entrepreneurial, business and employability skills, and engage them in creating social enterprises to address issues within their communities.

£6,950 Big Lottery Fund
4 Jan 2017 1st Hindley All Saints Scout Group

new equipment for archery and shooting within scouting

£5,930 Sport England
18 Jan 2017 1st Llanelli Scout Group

1st Llanelli Scout Group will use the grant to replace the floor of their building to increase the number of activities they can hold and increase accessibility to people with disabilities. This grant for ?5,000 will fund mesh reinforcement, insulation, damp proof membrane, and ready mix-concrete.

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 Mar 2017 1st Neath Scout Group

1st Neath Scout Group will use the grant to ensure the security and safety of their building, used by scouts and the local community. This grant for ?2,711 will fund new doors, lighting, replacement blinds, and fitting costs.

£2,711 Big Lottery Fund
26 Feb 2017 1st Newtown Llantwit Scout Group

1st Newtown Llantwit Scout Group in Rhondda Cynon Taf will use the grant to take their members on trips away to help expand their skills. This grant for ?3,690 will fund coach hire and food.

£3,690 Big Lottery Fund
18 Jan 2017 1st North Ashton Guides

The funding will be used by a voluntary organisation to purchase camping and IT equipment. The project aims to continue to provide adventurous outdoor activities and source volunteering opportunities for its members.

£2,332 Big Lottery Fund
18 Jan 2017 1Up

This project will deliver mentoring sessions for young people aged 11-14, which will help improve their academic attainment. This will create new opportunities for educational development and increase life chances in the community.

£9,700 Big Lottery Fund
19 Jan 2017 2-Tone Central Ltd

This project will deliver an expansion of the organisation's support activities that will focus upon improving levels of self-confidence for people who are experiencing the effects of social isolation. This will enhance the mental wellbeing for people who access the project.

£9,960 Big Lottery Fund
15 Mar 2017 201 Dance Company

Smother: audience and organisational development programme

£14,984 Arts Council England
9 Mar 2017 20TwentyProductions CIC

Iron Age meets the App age

£37,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Mar 2017 24Th Nottingham Cavendish Blackwoods Scout Group

Blackwood Cavendish Scouts Archery Centre

£1,314 Sport England
31 Jan 2017 267(Twickenham) Squadron Air Training Corps

This project will use funding to improve IT equipment at its base.

£6,848 Big Lottery Fund
7 Mar 2017 290 Squadron Air Training Corps

Initial Archery set up for the cadets of Somerset

£2,840 Sport England
31 Jan 2017 29th Cardiff Scout Group

Paddling for success

£800 Sport Wales
10 May 2017 2Funky Arts

Project: LIVE

£48,664 Arts Council England
21 Feb 2017 2nd Holyhead Guide Unit

2nd Holyhead Guide Unit will use the grant to fund attendance to a UK-wide Girlguiding event for 24 members who would otherwise not be able to attend. This grant for ?3,320 will fund transport and camp costs.

£3,320 Big Lottery Fund
5 Jan 2017 2nd Lauder Brownies

2nd Lauder Brownies

£3,450 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jan 2017 309 (Sawbridgeworth) Squadron Air Training Corps

This project will provide a flight simulator package so that cadets are provided with enhanced training facilities. This will encourage young people to engage in a positive activity which provides training and skill development.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
4 Feb 2017 31st Sutton Coldfield West Scout Group

The funding will be used by this group to improve the environment around their new headquarters. A drive way and lighting will be installed, enabling the group and local community to make use of the venue for events and activities.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 Jan 2017 334 Neath Squadron

Improving the variety of sports to increase membership and opportunities

£1,500 Sport Wales
6 Feb 2017 4 The Community CIC

The funding will be used to extend an outreach services working with people from South Asian communities in areas of deprivation and poverty. The project aims to provide a network of support and resources to help people living in poverty access social activities and services, improve their resilience and help them tackle issues linked to poverty and social isolation.

£9,875 Big Lottery Fund
14 Feb 2017 4 The Community CIC

4 The Community CIC, in Rhyl, will provide a drop-in service and group sessions for parents who are disadvantaged and socially excluded to be better informed and more knowledgeable of the range of services available to them. The grant, of ?5,000, will fund sessional worker fees, volunteer expenses, and stationery.

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
9 Feb 2017 42F Kings Lynn Air Training Corps

Commemorating and Remembering 100 years of the Royal Air Force in conjunction with Norfolk Airfields

£29,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Feb 2017 4SLC For Stocksbridge Leisure Centre Trust

The funding will be used to run summer camps and multi-sports sessions for young people to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The project will also include a community open day for participants to come together. The project aims to help young people get active and improve their health and wellbeing.

£9,236 Big Lottery Fund
6 Mar 2017 4SX Limited

The funding will be used to provide intensive and on-going practical employment support for carers to move into sustainable volunteering, education or employment.

£250,001 Big Lottery Fund
8 Feb 2017 4th Barnehurst Rainbow Unit

This project will use funding to organise a series of challenging events for young girls to celebrate 30 years of the Rainbows. This events will help the young girls to develop life skills and build confidence.

£5,890 Big Lottery Fund
29 Jan 2017 4th Mansfield Woodhouse (St Edmunds) Scout Group

The project will install energy efficient lighting and heating in the hall and deliver energy awareness sessions. This will improve the comfort of people who use the hall, including community groups.

£7,086 Big Lottery Fund
15 Mar 2017 509ArtsLtd

Landlines and Watermarks

£145,000 Arts Council England
5 Jan 2017 54th Kingswood Scout Group

This project will replace aging kitchen facilities. This will enable a wider community use and bring it in line with health and safety standards.

£8,488 Big Lottery Fund
16 Feb 2017 5th Worcester Sea Scout Group

The funding will be used by this charity to landscape part of the grounds at their headquarters which serves Scouts and other community groups. This will improve the facility, making it safer and allowing it to be used by more people.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 Jan 2016 85th Birmingham St. Margaret's Guide Unit

The group will use the funding to support 20 girl guides to attend an international residential camp. This will enable beneficiaries to develop life skills, improving their confidence and wellbeing.

£6,325 Big Lottery Fund
17 Feb 2017 89up

Writers of the World Unite

£28,886 Arts Council England
18 Jan 2017 97C Well for Life (WFL)

The project aims to assist those affected by HIV to make positive, informed choices about their future and offer support to raise awareness about HIV and reduce discrimination many people face in everyday life. This will be done through information, advice, guidance and advocacy. Healthy eating workshops will also be offered to help improve people's physical and mental health. Various activities will be delivered on an outreach basis to ensure a wider range of access.

£291,032 Big Lottery Fund
13 Mar 2017 A Heart for Duns

This project will further develop the Volunteer Hall in the centre of the town, building on the existing programme of activities and events in response to the wishes of the community and generating income streams to provide sustainable services for the people of the town and its surrounds.

£88,660 Big Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2017 A Moment's Peace Theatre Company

SSB Sites, Stories and Female Heritage

£9,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Feb 2017 A Way Out

The project aims to support sexually exploited women involved in opportunistic and survival sex work/prostitution. The group will focus on addressing the immediate need for safety and inclusion and will lead on to empowering women to exit exploitative situations. Weekly drop-ins will be offered to give people the confidence to share their feelings and get advice on various topics. Individual counselling and group therapeutic sessions will address the personal trauma and unresolved complex needs of women.

£398,250 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jan 2017 A wayforward Foundation

This project will deliver a programme of training sessions that will focus upon supporting young people who are at risk of engaging in gang related activities. This will improve levels of confidence and self-esteem.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
14 Mar 2017 A Younger Theatre

Incoming Festival 2017

£15,000 Arts Council England
29 Jan 2017 A.C.E.S.S. (Abertillery Community Empathetic Social Society)

A.C.E.S.S. (Abertillery Community Empathetic Social Society) will use the grant to establish a series of trips and wellbeing activities for 15 members, to encourage social inclusion and increase membership. This grant for ?2,260 will fund arts and crafts sessions, exercise sessions, travel, and entrance fees.

£2,260 Big Lottery Fund
12 Apr 2017 AA2A Limited

Artists Access to Art Colleges and Collections

£35,000 Arts Council England
25 Jan 2017 AandE Comedy Limited

Enter the Dragons

£15,000 Arts Council England
3 May 2017 Aaron Williamson

Inspirational Archives

£12,060 Arts Council England
6 Apr 2017 Aawaz

This project will improve the confidence, skills and self-esteem of around 300 South Asian women living in Hyndburn. Sessions will take place on Monday to Thursday, and activities will focus on English language, confidence building, arts and crafts, yoga and cooking. Women will be introduced to mainstream organisations for volunteering placements and opportunities that can enhance and broaden their scope for future employment. They will develop the confidence to better integrate into the community.

£264,326 Big Lottery Fund
22 Mar 2017 Abandon Normal Devices Ltd.

AND Festival on Tour 17

£280,000 Arts Council England
24 Apr 2017 Abbey Community Association Limited

This project will be aimed at women, with the majority expected to be from Muslim and Arabic-speaking backgrounds. In addition to improving people skills, confidence and work experience, the group will also explore the barriers to seeking work or training faced by women from Muslim communities. The group will also provide support with any mental or physical health concerns, as women from these communities have often experienced trauma before coming to the UK.

£270,584 Big Lottery Fund
21 Feb 2017 Abbey Grange Church of England Academy

The funding will be used by an academy to run extracurricular activity sessions including zumba, yoga, street dance and martial arts for students. The project aims to improve students? physical health by providing physical activities for them to take part in.

£7,840 Big Lottery Fund
10 Jan 2017 Abdullah Quilliam Society

The funding will be used to deliver training that will support people where English is their second language. The project aims to tackle to issues of unemployment, low self-esteem and poverty as well as providing opportunities to develop skills for integration into the wider community.

£8,974 Big Lottery Fund
1 Feb 2017 Aberbargoed Buds Association Football Club

Growing our club

£1,500 Sport Wales
27 Mar 2017 Aberdeen Action on Disability

SSB Disability History In The Granite City

£5,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2017 Aberdeen International Youth Festival

SSB What's in a placename! Identity, history, stories and songs explored across the generations

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Feb 2017 Aberdeen Performing Arts

is this the best it can be?

£1,500 Creative Scotland
21 Mar 2017 Aberdeen Sinfonietta

Orchestral Concert

£3,000 Creative Scotland
6 Feb 2017 Abergavenny Canoe Club

Club Development

£1,482 Sport Wales
4 Jan 2017 Abergavenny Community Enterprise

Abergavenny Community Association will run three educational trips to places of interest in Wales in order to engage with new communities and potential users of their centre. The grant, of ?1,168, will fund transport cost and entry fees.

£1,168 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jan 2017 Abergele Boccia Club (ABC)

Abergele Boccia Club (TI)

£1,495 Sport Wales
22 Feb 2017 Aberjazz

The 14th Annual Jazz and Blues festival in Fishguard, held over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

£12,500 Arts Council of Wales
31 Jan 2017 Abersoch Golf Club

Netted Practice Facilities

£1,500 Sport Wales
12 Apr 2017 Abigail Hood


£14,859 Arts Council England
27 Jan 2017 Ability Bow

This project will provide a health and wellbeing programme, including exercise sessions, events providing healthy living advice, outreach visits and a social club, for people with hearing impairment.

£9,958 Big Lottery Fund
2 Feb 2017 Absolute Fitness

New Olympic Weightling Club

£1,500 Sport Wales
1 Mar 2017 Ac? Theatre

Better Together Touring 2017

£11,009 Arts Council England
25 Apr 2017 Acacia Family Support

This is the continuation and development of a project which aims to improve the lives of families affected by antenatal and postnatal depression. The project will be expanded into Northfield, South Birmingham after securing a new centre there, which will further improve access. Practical and befriending support will also be offered in people?s homes for those who feel unable/not yet ready to access the centre.

£445,070 Big Lottery Fund
28 Feb 2017 Acacia Radio Association

The project will provide radio presentation, production and DJ workshops for young people to help them learn a range of transferable skills and build confidence and self-esteem.

£8,898 Big Lottery Fund
4 Jan 2017 ACCEPT

ACCEPT Community Sport

£9,815 Sport England
1 Feb 2017 Access Dorset

This charity will use the funding to deliver a social job club for disabled people within the community - building their confidence, developing their learning and skills and removing barriers to employment.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
8 Mar 2017 Access Theatre

I am the Song - sharing Charles Causley's legacy

£8,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
15 Feb 2017 Accrington Girls & Ladies FC

AGSA Girls & Ladies Development Project

£7,485 Sport England
2 Mar 2017 Acland Burghley Secondary School

This project will use the funding to deliver a programme of extra-curricular confidence building activities. This will improve the social development for young people who are not realising their full potential.

£9,800 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jan 2017 Aconite Productions

Attending Berlinale 2017

£1,500 Creative Scotland
17 Jan 2017 Acrojou


£15,000 Arts Council England
20 Apr 2017 Acrojou

Vagabond Matter RandD

£15,000 Arts Council England
30 Jan 2017 Actif kidz

Actif Kidz (TI)

£1,500 Sport Wales
1 Mar 2017 Action 4 Bullying

The funding will be used to provide a holiday scheme for young people to take part in social activities, where they will befriend other young people who are experiencing the effects of bullying. This will promote confidence building, increase self-esteem and give young people the skills they need to engage in their community.

£9,400 Big Lottery Fund
17 Mar 2017 Action for Arts Trust Ltd

Action for Arts Trust Ltd in Conwy will use the grant to run a homework caf? for young people where they can study in a comfortable, stimulating and nurturing environment. This grant for ?4,850 will fund tutor fees and venue hire.

£4,850 Big Lottery Fund
16 Mar 2017 Action for Carers (Oxfordshire) Ltd

This project aims to enhance outreach support to carers within their own local communities and across the entire life course of caring. The project has been designed by carers and former carers and will focus on four areas of need spanning different stages in their caring journey. It will support carers who are often lonely and isolated and cut off from society due to their caring responsibilities which, without appropriate intervention, can impact on their own social, physical and mental well-being.

£407,677 Big Lottery Fund
28 Mar 2017 Action Hero

Oh Europa R and D

£9,968 Arts Council England
11 Jan 2017 Action Space London Events Limited

Culture on the Move: a heritage project for young people with severe learning disabilities

£12,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
9 Mar 2017 Activate Learning

The funding will be used to provide support and advice for young people in years 11 and 12 who are at risk of not being in education, training or employment (NEET), as well as young people in years 12 and 13 who have recently become NEET. The project aims to prevent people from becoming NEET and support those who have recently become NEET to move into education, apprenticeships, employment or training.

£379,970 Big Lottery Fund
11 Mar 2017 Active Angel's Superfoods Ltd

Active Angel's Superfoods Ltd in Newport will use the grant to offer nutrition workshops, accredited training, and practical work experience to marginalised and unemployed people in the local area. This grant for ?4,586 will fund workshops, coaching fees, DVD, office furniture, electronic equipment, accredited course materials, expenses, and publicity materials.

£4,586 Big Lottery Fund
3 Jan 2017 Active Cheshire Ltd.

CSP Funding 2014-17

£133,411 Sport England
16 Jan 2017 Active Communities Network Limited

The four year GOALS project (Generating Opportunities and Learning through Sport) is supporting at-risk young people aged 12 to 21 in the Shankill, Falls and Springfield areas. The project focuses on personal development, employment and learning, using sport as a tool to get young people involved and help them improve their lives. The project is working on the street to address problems and provide alternative activities including team building, sport and dance.

£577,428 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jan 2016 Active Gloucestershire

Project Summary :This is a project by a community organisation in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The group will use the funding to run multi-activity exercise sessions for inactive children and young people with physical and learning difficulties at risk of poor health. This will enable beneficiaries to increase their mobility and improve their physical and mental health.What Money is for :lead coach, assistant coach , celebration, transport, publicity, equipment, project management

£9,857 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jan 2017 Active Gloucestershire

CSP Funding 2014-17

£302,628 Sport England
7 Feb 2017 Active Gloucestershire

Active for Life Community Project

£9,735 Sport England
20 Jan 2017 Active Lifestylers

This project is the delivery of a series of activities, including exercise and trips, for older people in the community. This will encourage older people out of their homes to participate in physical activities, with the aim of reducing social isolation and promoting wellbeing.

£2,780 Big Lottery Fund
21 Feb 2017 Active Luton

CSP Funding 2014-17

£239,853 Sport England
7 Mar 2017 Active Luton

Active Women - Active Luton

£72,970 Sport England
3 Jan 2017 Active Northumberland

CSP Funding 2014-17

£238,349 Sport England