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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
27 Mar 2017 Couple Counselling Lothian

SSB Bright Light - Capturing and celebrating 70 years of counselling in the community

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Jan 2017 Courthouse Football Club

New club session

£1,092 Sport Wales
1 Feb 2017 Cousland Majority

Cousland Majority

£760 Big Lottery Fund
13 Mar 2017 Cove Burgh Hall

Cove Burgh Hall

£2,700 Big Lottery Fund
24 Mar 2017 Coventry City Council

CSP Funding 2014-17

£408,785 Sport England
8 Mar 2017 Coventry City of Culture Trust

GREAT PLACE SCHEME: Coventry - Place, heritage and diversity in a modern UK city

£1,489,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Mar 2017 Cowbridge Food Festival Limited

Forgotten Foods

£9,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Feb 2017 Cowbridge Netball Club (Cowbridge Comets)

Shooting Chance

£1,469 Sport Wales
10 Apr 2017 Cowley Road Works

Springboard- using Carnival to inspire year round cultural outreach

£90,216 Arts Council England
5 Jan 2017 CPF Counselling Croydon

This project will enhance the group's capacity and infrastructure, enabling it to support people who are experiencing the effects of mental ill health. This will enhance the way in which it meets the needs of people with a range of complex needs.

£9,130 Big Lottery Fund
13 Feb 2017 Cradley Heath Creative

Cradley Heath Creative Oss Box

£6,000 Arts Council England
16 Feb 2017 Craig Cefn Parc Senior Citizens Association

Craig Cefn Parc OAP Association in Swansea will use the grant to provide a series of activities for older members at risk of social isolation and with mobility issues. This grant for ?3,400 will fund travel, theatre trips, and film outings.

£3,400 Big Lottery Fund
13 Feb 2017 Craig Vear

Hope Sanctuary and Place - Digital Operatic Stories of Refugees in Leicester (R and D) - resubmission

£10,342 Arts Council England
2 Feb 2017 Craigentinny Primary School

Craigentinny Primary School

£3,360 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jan 2017 Craigsfarm Community Development Project Limited

Craigsfarm Community Development Project Limited

£7,699 Big Lottery Fund
9 Feb 2017 Cranleigh Sub Aqua Club

More members better diving

£800 Sport England
21 Feb 2017 Cranmer Call

The funding will be used to run a series of holiday activities for children, including dance, informal sport and leadership. The project will provide children with things to do out of school hours, with the aim of reducing anti-social behaviour.

£9,956 Big Lottery Fund
14 Mar 2017 Cransley Sailing Club


£10,000 Sport England
28 Mar 2017 Craven College

The aim of this project is to support individuals and families who are at risk of isolation from society, increasing their resilience and ability to support themselves and their families. Participants will benefit from improved skills, confidence and resilience. The project will allow them to gain work experience with local employers, apprenticeships and education providers, moving participants into employment, training or job seeking.

£252,534 Big Lottery Fund
8 Mar 2017 Craven District Council

GREAT PLACE SCHEME: Crossing the Watersheds

£1,340,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Feb 2017 Craven Primary Academy

The funding will be used to run a series of after school health activities, focussing on physical exercise and nutrition for pupils and their families. The project will encourage people to participate in physical activities out of school hours and adopt a healthy lifestyle, with the aim of reducing childhood obesity and health inequalities across the school community.

£9,590 Big Lottery Fund
2 Mar 2017 Crayford Reminiscence and Youth

2nd Lt Wilfred Salmon and the First Blitz

£49,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Feb 2017 Crazies Hill CofE Primary School

The funding will be used by a primary school to install all-weather surfacing and a tyre park for pupils. The project aims to provide children with access to a safe and stimulating outdoor space in order to encourage physical activity and positive behaviour.

£8,650 Big Lottery Fund
17 May 2017 CRC Music

Mt. Wolf UK tour June 17 #2

£7,850 Arts Council England
27 Apr 2017 Cre8te Opportunities Limited

Cre8te Opportunities Limited

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2017 Create Arts Development Ltd.

Festivals North - Yorkshire Electric

£80,000 Arts Council England
28 Feb 2017 Create Gloucestershire

Catalyse Arts Every Day

£67,870 Arts Council England
5 Feb 2017 Create Hope

This project will run emotional support workshops and courses for parents affected by a range of issues including domestic abuse, family separation and loss. This will enable parents to work through their issues using a therapeutic approach with the aim of building their self-esteem and increasing their confidence, to help them feel more equipped in themselves as parents.

£3,768 Big Lottery Fund
14 Feb 2017 Create Studios Digital Media CIC

Transformational Digital Talent Development

£95,140 Arts Council England
28 Mar 2017 Created a Monster


£11,085 Arts Council England
23 Feb 2017 Creating Adventures

The funding will be used to run music composition sessions for adults with learning disabilities, communication difficulties and autism in the local community. The project aims to raise self-esteem levels and reduce anxieties and frustrations.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
9 Feb 2017 Creating Enterprise C.I.C.

Creating Enterprise C.I.C.

£245,295 Big Lottery Fund
20 Feb 2017 Creative & Cultural Skills (Wales)

Uchelgais Diwylliannol / Cultural Ambition: Diversifying the heritage workforce through collaboration, opportunity and skills

£709,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Mar 2017 Creative Collisions

Requiem - An Act of Remembrance

£24,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
1 Feb 2017 Creative Flare Yorkshire C.I.C

This project is the delivery of beauty therapy courses, culminating in a fun photo shoot, for young female members of the community who are not in employment, education or training. This will enable girls to learn new skills and prepare them for a working environment, with the aim of reducing unemployment.

£7,720 Big Lottery Fund
24 Mar 2017 Creative Kernow Ltd

Cultural Destinations

£150,000 Arts Council England
8 Mar 2017 Creative Quarter Nottingham Ltd

Creative Local Growth Fund

£500,000 Arts Council England
23 Feb 2017 Creative Start Arts In Health C.I.C.

The funding will be used to run a recovery programme, including weekly peer support groups, on-call support and long term aftercare for people recovering from addictive behaviours. The project aims to provide help and support for those seeking recovery to help manage and overcome the issues they currently face.

£7,720 Big Lottery Fund
28 Feb 2017 Creative Support Limited

The funding will be used to deliver arts and crafts activities for homeless people living in hostels and to hold a community event to exhibit their work, recruit additional volunteers. The project aims to change misconceptions about homeless people in order to strengthen the community and promote integration of hostel dweller into the community.

£3,720 Big Lottery Fund
21 Feb 2017 Creative Sustainability CIC

Nature based activities will be provided to hard to reach groups with this funding. This will allow participants to study nature and improve social skills.

£9,990 Big Lottery Fund
23 Feb 2017 Creative United

Business Support programme

£400,000 Arts Council England
2 Feb 2017 Creative Youth

Kingston RPM; Records, People and Music

£99,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Apr 2017 Creative Youth Network

Creative Futures 2017 - 2019

£74,012 Arts Council England
14 Mar 2017 Creighton Griffiths, Benjamin

Ben Creighton-Griffiths applied for funding to travel to the World Harp Congress in Hong Kong in July 2017, where he has been invited to perform.

£2,455 Arts Council of Wales
4 Jan 2017 Crescent Community Radio Ltd

The funding will be used to produce a weekly news discussion and youth group sessions for young adults, enabling them to produce radio content about issues that affect them. The aim of this project is to educate young people in the local community about intolerance and extremism.

£9,207 Big Lottery Fund
22 Feb 2017 Creu Cymru - The Development Agency for Theatres and Arts Ce

Project to develop Creu Cymru's presenting sector CPD work throughout 2017/18 for the benefit of its membership. The project aims to increase the skills and expertise of Welsh theatre and arts centre staff by enhancing the understanding of the skills involved with the presentation of high quality arts events. The programme of activity enables CPD and Research opportunities for programmers and marketeers presenting drama, dance, music, circus and cross-artform work.

£43,338 Arts Council of Wales
20 Feb 2017 Cricket Derbyshire Foundation

Reaching Out

£10,000 Sport England
27 Jan 2017 Crickhowell and District Community Partnership

Totally Tennis

£9,775 Sport Wales
2 Mar 2017 Crickhowell and District Players

Crickhowell and District Players will use the grant to fund the supply and installation of a new stage backdrop system for their amateur theatrical society. This grant for ?4,410 will fund drapes, tracks, covers for drapes, and the installation of the tracks.

£4,410 Big Lottery Fund
6 Feb 2017 Crigglestone St James C of E Primary Academy Trust

The school will install an outdoor shelter. This will provide opportunities for disadvantaged children to spend more time outdoors, with the aim of increasing confidence and self-esteem and reducing childhood obesity.

£9,950 Big Lottery Fund
24 Mar 2017 Crisis

The funding will be used to provide a personalised coaching methodology to improve the skills, resilience and employment prospects of 600 single homeless people aged 25 and over who are experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage (SMD). Through targeted outreach and established referral routes, participants will access personalised progression pathways managed and supported by coaches and peer mentors.

£739,017 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jan 2017 Cristina MacKerron

Development of The Hiccup Projects dance theatre work Its okay Im dealing with it

£14,971 Arts Council England
8 Mar 2017 CROPS (Community Regeneration Outreach Projects)

Forrest Fix 2

£9,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Jan 2017 Crosby Ravensworth CofE School

The funding will be used by a primary school to install multi-use goal ends with court markings and all weather surfacing in the school grounds for the local community to access before, during and after school. The project aims to increase access to play facilities in the local community.

£9,995 Big Lottery Fund
2 Mar 2017 Crossness Engines Trust

Governance Review and Business Planning to ensure a sustainable future for Crossness

£88,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 May 2017 Crossover Festival Limited

Crossover Festival

£7,000 Arts Council England
27 Jan 2017 Crowborough Festival Association

This is a project to organise a month long community festival and will include family fun days, street performers and open air events. This will bring the local community together with the aim of improving integration and reducing social isolation.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
21 Feb 2017 Crowborough Festival Association

Crowborough's Lost World: rocks, fossils, dinosaurs and reptile fun

£9,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Jan 2017 Crown Green Zone Community Group

The funding will be used to deliver a programme of activity to educate young people about the importance of a healthy heart, and will create resources to share with the wider community. The project aims to raise awareness and understanding of heart disease and how it can be addressed.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
31 Jan 2017 Crownbridge Gateway Club

Developing new sporting opportunities (TI)

£1,496 Sport Wales
7 Feb 2017 Croxteth Gems Community Association

The group encourages children and young people in Liverpool to work with their community to improve their quality of life. Many of them, ranging from ages 8 to 19, have low self-esteem and limited expectations of what they can achieve. The Junior Youth Club will offer a range of sessions include performing arts and homework support groups. The Senior Youth Club will run courses in sports leadership and youth work qualifications, as well as topics including cultural awareness and sexual health.

£331,346 Big Lottery Fund
8 Feb 2017 Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland

Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland

£80,000 Big Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2017 Crystal Stewart

Rehearsed reading of Mashallah

£4,875 Arts Council England
7 Feb 2017 CS Functional Training

CrossFit Kids

£1,500 Sport Wales
7 Mar 2017 CSW Group Limited

This project will work with the most socially excluded people, aged between 15 and 18, in the Heart of the South West. 490 young people will be supported towards employment, education and training.

£766,686 Big Lottery Fund
20 Apr 2017 Cubitt Artists Ltd

Celebrating Age

£91,000 Arts Council England
28 Mar 2017 Cucumber Writers


£14,270 Arts Council England
3 Jan 2017 Culcheth Community Primary School

The funding will be used by a primary school in Cheshire to install outdoor play equipment that can be accessed outside of school hours. This project aims to address poor speech and language skills by bringing children together to interact and communicate with each other.

£9,985 Big Lottery Fund
15 Feb 2017 Cullompton Community Association

Play equipment for toddlers will be installed on community fields with this funding. This improve play facilities for younger aged children in the area.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Feb 2017 Cultural Co-operation

The New Museum School

£727,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
27 Feb 2017 Cultural Enterprise Office

Screen Portal Proposal

£18,400 Creative Scotland
25 Apr 2017 Cultural Roots Carnival Troupe

Cultural Routes Carnival Troupe

£13,250 Arts Council England
4 Apr 2017 Culture Coventry

Cultural Destinations

£200,000 Arts Council England
25 Apr 2017 Culture Coventry

Art Cars

£15,000 Arts Council England
27 Mar 2017 Culture Coventry Trust

Melody Makers

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Jan 2017 Culture Learning and Libraries (Midlands) - Libra

Inspire Poetry Festival

£14,999 Arts Council England
29 Mar 2017 Culture Learning and Libraries (Midlands) - Libra

Smile ? Theatrical Chamber Music for Children (Libraries Fund)

£24,545 Arts Council England
25 Apr 2017 Culture Learning and Libraries (Midlands) - Libra

Visual Literacy The Summer Reading Challenge Arts Award and Library Links

£14,912 Arts Council England
30 Jan 2017 Culture24


£15,000 Arts Council England
9 Jan 2017 Cumberland Market Residents Association

This project will establish a community garden and train residents in sustainable food production. This will enhance community space and improve residents' skills and health.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Feb 2017 Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Care

Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Care

£5,600 Big Lottery Fund
3 Jan 2017 Cumbernauld Sailing Club

Cumbernauld Sailing Club

£10,000 Sport Scotland
3 Jan 2017 Cumbria Advice Network

The funding will be used to deliver a training programme for specialist staff, volunteers and other workers of a charitable organisation in Cumbria. This will develop their knowledge about welfare, legislation and people?s rights, and provide a space for advice and support.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
3 Mar 2017 Cumbria CVS

Activities will be provided by this project to remove barriers, engage, assess and offer ongoing specialist and niche support. The project will use key workers based in organisations with specialist knowledge and with links to local communities, to provide support to participants.

£566,654 Big Lottery Fund
24 Mar 2017 Cumbria CVS

The project will provide local community activists the opportunity to get involved in community based services, identify suitable partnerships, increase provision, find more effective ways of working and reduce duplication. The group will support and train individuals to increase their confidence and skills which will enhance existing community based services, increasing the capacity to develop new ways to meet the growing local need.

£126,992 Big Lottery Fund
19 Jan 2017 Cunninghame North District Explorer Scouts

Cunninghame North District Explorer Scouts

£1,000 Big Lottery Fund
27 Mar 2017 Cunningsburgh History Group

Royl Field WW2 Mosquito Memorial

£9,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
13 Feb 2017 Curious Directive

Frogman UK tour

£35,700 Arts Council England
26 Apr 2017 Cutting Edge Theatre Productions

Cutting Edge Theatre Productions

£48,880 Big Lottery Fund
2 Feb 2017 Cuxton Allotment Association

This project will resurface and improve the entrance to the allotment. This will enable the organisation to ensure the safety of plot holders and allow for continued access to the allotment, which is currently restricted due to the dangerous condition of the entrance.

£2,256 Big Lottery Fund
7 Feb 2017 CV Gymnastics

Club Development

£1,082 Sport Wales
3 Feb 2017 CVS Inverclyde

CVS Inverclyde

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
15 Mar 2017 Cwm Harry Land Trust Ltd

Cwm Harry Land Trust Ltd

£47,500 Big Lottery Fund
31 Jan 2017 Cwmbran Amateur Swimming Club

Training Coaches

£1,500 Sport Wales
15 Feb 2017 Cwmbran and District Ex-Services Association

Cwmbran and District Ex-Services Association will use the grant to take members on a four day break to the Veterans Military Festival and Parade in Weymouth. This grant for ?5,000 will part-fund accommodation and transport.

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Mar 2017 Cwmbran Workman's Retirement Association

Cwmbran Workman's Retirement Association will use the grant to provide activities and opportunities for socialising for up to 53 older members, some of whom have disabilities. This grant for ?4,500 will fund coach travel, a boat ride, entrance fees, and meals.

£4,500 Big Lottery Fund
27 Jan 2017 Cwmgwrach AFC

Cwmgwrach AFC

£1,083 Sport Wales
17 Mar 2017 Cwmni Mega Cyf/ Ltd

Mabinogi themed Welsh language pantomime National Tour of Wales from November to December 2017, based on the story of Culwch ac Olwen.The show consist of around 36 performances and will tour to:The Lyric, CarmarthenBrynaman HallBarry MemoGwyn Hall, NeathAberystwyth Arts CentreRhyl PavilionStiwt, RhosllanerchaeronY ffwrnes, LlanelliTheatr Ardudwy, HarlechCricciethPontioAberdyfiWyseide Theatre, Builth WellsMuni, Pontypridd

£55,000 Arts Council of Wales
1 Mar 2017 Cwmni Pluen Company

An application for support towards the research and development of Cwmni Pluen's new bilingual theatre project, Mam. The project will take place at Sherman Theatre in spring 2017. It will explore the relationship between motherhood (not gender based) and child in contemporary Wales.

£14,873 Arts Council of Wales
13 Mar 2017 Cwmni'r Fr?n Wen

BRAIN is Fran Wen's participation activity for children and young people (12-25 yrs old) and supports one of the five priorities of the company which is to deliver exciting, ambitious and inclusive participation opportunities nurturing new talent in the creative industries with the emphasis on young people to learn by doing and to be inspired by working alongside professional artists and arts organisations. A yearlong project from April 2017.

£50,000 Arts Council of Wales