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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
24 Mar 2017 Anfield Amateur Boxing Club

Box On Project - Round 2

£14,086 Sport England
2 Feb 2017 Angel Exit Theatre

Creation and Pilot Tour of The Drive

£39,659 Arts Council England
15 Jan 2017 Angel of Youths

This project will engage young people in conversations about the issues that matter to them, such as mental health, race, identity and abuse and will include workshops, education talks and videos, to bring young people together in an environment where they face no judgement or expectation.

£9,996 Big Lottery Fund
13 Feb 2017 Angela Clerkin

The Secret Keeper Tour

£40,000 Arts Council England
11 May 2017 Angelica Burrill

Form Blackpool performance and development

£13,970 Arts Council England
18 Jan 2017 Anglesey Disability Sport Forum

Junior MultiSkills Sessions (TI)

£1,402 Sport Wales
18 Jan 2017 Anglesey Hawks Wheelchair Basketball Club

Anglesey Hawks Coach Education and Development (TI)

£1,500 Sport Wales
22 Mar 2017 Animate Projects

WORK: R and D touring exhibitions of new commissions

£15,000 Arts Council England
13 Apr 2017 Anjali Dance Company


£72,868 Arts Council England
12 Apr 2017 Anna Brett

Flying Shop of Imagination

£9,194 Arts Council England
21 Feb 2017 Anna Jefferson

You can take her home now...

£4,080 Arts Council England
21 Mar 2017 Anna Oliver

Playlist Music Events 2017

£7,781 Arts Council England
8 Mar 2017 Anna Saunders

Ghosting for Beginners

£2,400 Arts Council England
27 Mar 2017 Annan Harbour Action Group

SSB Ebb and Flow: the Fisheries of Annan

£4,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Mar 2017 Anne Frank Trust UK

This funding will be used to deliver a programme to young people, which will address community divisions, social isolation and a lack of opportunities. The project will bring together school pupils, aged 10 to 18, and Youth Action Groups made up of disadvantaged 16 to 25-year-olds. Participants will be empowered with the knowledge and skills to raise awareness of the issues within their communities and build community relationships in disadvantaged areas.

£315,354 Big Lottery Fund
17 May 2017 Anne Marie Lagram

Medgel-portrait of a witch

£16,796 Arts Council England
12 Apr 2017 Anne-Marie Fyfe

Coastal Margins: New Writing #2

£9,750 Arts Council England
1 Mar 2017 Annfield Plain Infant School

This project will develop the outdoor play area of their school grounds, including installing two play towers with climbing nets and bridges, den building equipment and balls skill panel. This will provide physical, challenging and imaginative activities encouraging the pupils? and children in the wider community to become more active.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
28 Mar 2017 Annie Kirby

Writing Edward King: Cityscapes of Portsmouth

£12,774 Arts Council England
5 Apr 2017 Annie Siddons

Dennis of Penge phase 2

£15,000 Arts Council England
23 Mar 2017 Another Fine Fest

Another Fine Fest

£10,000 Arts Council England
13 Mar 2017 Ansbury

This project will build on the abilities of the hardest to reach young people across Dorset. The aim of the project is to enhance the participants? confidence and grow their abilities to understand their aptitudes, interests and potential routes to engaging in learning, work and other positive outcomes.

£1,400,120 Big Lottery Fund
3 Mar 2017 Anson Cabin Project

This project aims to empower 1,000 young people aged 8 ? 21 within the Anson Estate in Manchester through a programme of support and personal development activities. A new youth curriculum, delivered with support from young people, will address issues such as personal safety, relationships, bulling, substance use and discrimination, and young people not in education, employment or training will have support with CV writing and developing professional skills.

£305,637 Big Lottery Fund
28 Mar 2017 Anthea Kennedy

Four Parts of a Folding Screen

£15,000 Arts Council England
13 Feb 2017 Antonio Roberts

New Media Histories

£8,067 Arts Council England
31 Jan 2017 Antur Waunfawr Cyf

Rebound Therapy Sessions for Adults with Severe Learning Disabilaties (TI)

£638 Sport Wales
1 Feb 2017 AoC Sport Ltd

Active Colleges Training and Development Programme

£122,774 Sport England
21 Feb 2017 APE Project CIC

This group will use the funding to deliver a public event which will celebrate and raise awareness of this organisation?s activities. The event will support a community that is experiencing the effects of social disadvantage, as well as enhance community relationships and engagement.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
2 Feb 2017 Apna Arts Association

The Rossendale Kettha ΤΗτ a Bangladeshi textile technique revitalised and relearned

£9,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Jan 2017 Apna Ghar Minority Ethnic Women's Centre

The project will provide a combined programme of basic literacy skills, B1 exam and Life in The UK preparation training for black and minority ethnic (BME) women who attend their centre. This will develop the confidence and English skills of participants, to help them deal with everyday situations, build social networks and learn about the English culture to help aid their integration.

£8,623 Big Lottery Fund
17 May 2017 April Young

The Anvil Residency

£14,927 Arts Council England
15 Feb 2017 APUK Abingdon

The organisation will use the funding to provide equipment to continue to run the parenting group to help people care for their children. This will enable the organisation to continue to provide support and information to parents.

£7,390 Big Lottery Fund
28 Feb 2017 Arachnoiditis Support Group

The funding will be used to run support meetings, health and wellbeing sessions, outdoor activities and social events for people living with chronic pain. The organisation will also develop its website and social media presence. The projects aims is to attract new members, reduce isolation and improve physical and psychological wellbeing.

£7,180 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jan 2017 Arbury Community Association

This project will refurbish the caf? in their community centre. This will improve the facilities available for wider community use which will reduce isolation and bring the community together.

£9,935 Big Lottery Fund
24 Mar 2017 Arc


£18,950 Arts Council England
21 Mar 2017 Arch Promotions LTD

Arch Promotions LTD

£8,688 Big Lottery Fund
26 Apr 2017 Arch-Way Project

Arch-Way Project

£40,550 Big Lottery Fund
21 Mar 2017 Archery

17789507 Athlete Personal Award

£2,875 UK Sport
21 Mar 2017 Archery

17789519 Athlete Personal Award

£2,875 UK Sport
21 Mar 2017 Archery

17789531 Athlete Personal Award

£2,875 UK Sport
21 Mar 2017 Archery

17789543 Athlete Personal Award

£2,250 UK Sport
21 Mar 2017 Archery

17789555 Athlete Personal Award

£1,625 UK Sport
28 Jan 2017 Arcville Playgroup and Toddlers

Arcville Playgroup and Toddlers in Rhyl will use the grant to improve the services and facilities they can offer to members aged five months to three years. This grant for ?1,469 will fund puzzles, room dividers, health eating and market toys, outdoor cushions, and assorted workbench toys.

£1,469 Big Lottery Fund
22 Feb 2017 Ardrossan Community Association

This group will upgrade the kitchen and caf? at Whitlees Community Centre. This will lead to new activities such as coffee mornings, tea dances and cooking classes for members of the local community.

£2,000 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jan 2017 Ardrossan Music Experience

Ardrossan Music Experience

£98,950 Big Lottery Fund
29 Mar 2017 Arhan Branch


£8,485 Arts Council England
4 Feb 2017 Armadale Academy

Armadale Academy

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
16 Jan 2017 Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council

Lurgan Townscape Heritage Project

£1,998,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Mar 2017 Armagh Public Library

Safeguarding and sharing the treasures of the past for the enjoyment and enlightenment of everyone

£1,091,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Mar 2017 Armagh Public Library

Completing and Embedding Transition

£184,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Mar 2017 Arnside Sailing Club

Arnside Sailing Club - Expanding our youth programme

£9,840 Sport England
15 Mar 2017 Aros (Isle of Skye)

Ealain an Eilean - Arts Programming across Skye & Lochalsh

£100,000 Creative Scotland
13 Feb 2017 Arran United FC

Arran United FC

£4,800 Sport Scotland
5 Apr 2017 Art Licks

On the heights

£14,900 Arts Council England
16 May 2017 Art Licks

House Work

£7,200 Arts Council England
2 Mar 2017 Art Night

Art Night

£50,000 Arts Council England
28 Feb 2017 Art with Heart CIC

Declaration National Tour

£49,935 Arts Council England
27 Mar 2017 Artcore

Celebrating Age

£100,000 Arts Council England
24 Mar 2017 Artful Codgers of Winton Court

Re Submission - Portraits of people through the popular folklore of The Blaydon Races

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Feb 2017 Arthritis Care

Arthritis Care will use the grant to run workshops designed to increase the confidence of younger people living with juvenile arthritis, giving them the tools they need to confidently manage their condition. This grant for ?3,441 will fund venue hire, refreshments, volunteer and staff expenses, publicity materials, administration and evaluation costs, activity costs, and IT equipment.

£3,441 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jan 2016 Artic ART In Communities

The group will use the funding to provide classes for older members of the community to teach them how to use tablet computers effectively and to improve their drawing skills. This will reduce the isolation beneficiaries feel from family members and the community, enabling them to be more self-reliant and meet more people locally.

£8,930 Big Lottery Fund
15 Mar 2017 Articulate

New Lives Project

£10,321 Arts Council England
1 Mar 2017 Arts & Business Cymru

Funding to support year 5 of the Creative Internships created by Arts & Business Cymru. The programme was established to meet the lack of arts fundraisers within the arts sector in Wales.

£30,000 Arts Council of Wales
28 Feb 2017 Arts Active Trust

A two year long programme to deliver Criw Celf across the Central South region.

£182,130 Arts Council of Wales
18 Jan 2017 Arts Alive

This 7 month project will enable Arts Alive to develop a new brand and aesthetic that reflects its ambition, confidence and vision. The aim is to create a cohesive and inclusive 'voice' which brings the four strands of its activity together and better communicates with its beneficiaries at a regional level and with the wider public and arts sector on national and international levels.

£5,000 Arts Council of Wales
13 Mar 2017 Arts Connection - Cyswllt Celf

Community based multimedia arts projects that engage children, young people, adults and families. (1) "Ruby Adventures" celebrates 20 years of "The Venture", Caia Park Wrexham; (2) "Street Spec-Actors" explores community response to Hate Crime in collaboration with FRESh, and (3) "Indian Legends" working with Oldford Estate, in partnership with National Trust exploring India/Wales/UK and Clive of India though the artefacts held at Powis Castle. April 2017 to March 2018

£15,000 Arts Council of Wales
29 Mar 2017 Arts LaOlam

Story Seekers (working title)

£23,145 Arts Council England
16 Mar 2017 Arts Melbourne Limited

For the Love of Lettuce - a celebration of Melbourne's Market Gardening Heritage

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Jan 2017 Arun Sunshine Group

This project will provide a range of IT equipment, including laptops and tablets, and update their website for the benefit of adults with learning difficulties and volunteers. This will provide them with access to IT equipment suitable for their needs and enable the organisation to develop their current website and activities.

£8,425 Big Lottery Fund
20 Mar 2017 Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford

Royalist Art in Civil War Oxford: under-told stories about Oxford in the Civil War

£90,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Mar 2017 Asif Khan

Combustion by Asif Khan

£46,000 Arts Council England
23 Jan 2017 Askam Village School

The funding will be used by a primary school to install outdoor play equipment for very young children in the school grounds which will enable the school to develop parenting support activities. The project aims to improve the children's communication skills and increase the confidence of parents.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
14 Feb 2017 Asking4It Productions

Peacekeeping is a composition exploring mysogenies from different ethnic perspectives through operatic arias; an ensemble of oboe, trumpet flute and harp with an electronic score. The work is set in a conflict zone where peacekeeping troops are stationed. It has global relevance and is extremely current. It will be performed by students from RWCMD with help from Cardiff university. Peter Reynolds was a big supporter of this project.

£2,000 Arts Council of Wales
16 Mar 2017 Aslacton Parochial Church Council

Aslacton Church repairs

£60,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Jan 2017 Aspatria Dreamscheme Limited

The funding will be used to organise a variety of sessions and activities aimed at women in the local community including, swimming, fashion, cooking, crafts and a residential workshop. The project aims to address depression and anxiety experienced by women with caring responsibilities by creating the opportunity to take part in social activities.

£8,120 Big Lottery Fund
21 Mar 2017 Aspire Amateur Boxing Club

Box On Project - Round 2

£19,476 Sport England
23 Jan 2017 Aspire in Arts Ltd

Enjoyable, educational project, exploring local cultural heritage through a variety of creative arts

£36,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Jan 2017 Aspiring 2 CIC

This project is the delivery of self-employment workshops for young people not in education, employment or training. This will raise confidence and self-esteem, as well as reducing unemployment.

£7,900 Big Lottery Fund
23 Jan 2017 Aspull Evergreens

The funding will be used to run weekly courses and a walking group for people with dementia in the local area. The project aims to reduce loneliness and social isolation.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
9 Feb 2017 Assemble Fest

Our Street Our Stage

£17,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Feb 2017 Assemble Fest

Assemble Fest 2017

£57,000 Arts Council England
14 Feb 2017 Asshaki Association For The Disabled

This project will use funding to provide information and support to people who have recently arrived in the UK. This will reduce isolation and help people to integrate with their new communities.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
11 Jan 2017 Association of Chairs

This is a project by a charity in Southwark, serving beneficiaries across the UK. The group will purchase a new database and improve communications for their service which supports chairs of charities, in order to cater for increased demand.

£9,969 Big Lottery Fund
19 Feb 2017 Association of Friends of Cannock Chase

The New Zealand Rifle Brigade & Cannock Chase 1917-19

£8,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Jan 2017 Aswad Arts

This project is the provision of tutoring and mentoring to young boys aged 13 to 21 who are not in education, training or employment and are at a greater risk of getting involved into a life of crime. This will encourage the boys to build on their personal resilience, self-confidence, decision making and general wellbeing.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
10 May 2017 Athena Contemporary Dance Trust


£46,090 Arts Council England
3 Jan 2017 Athletics

17602327 Athlete Personal Award

£66 UK Sport
6 Jan 2017 Athletics

17664148 Athlete Personal Award

£7,000 UK Sport
17 Jan 2017 Athletics

17702077 Athlete Personal Award

£21,500 UK Sport
18 Jan 2017 Athletics

17707813 Athlete Personal Award

£6,969 UK Sport
19 Jan 2017 Athletics

17707753 Athlete Personal Award

£9,000 UK Sport
23 Jan 2017 Athletics

17710078 Athlete Personal Award

£15,000 UK Sport
31 Jan 2017 Athletics

17711467 Athlete Personal Award

£5,507 UK Sport
1 Feb 2017 Athletics

17711675 Athlete Personal Award

£750 UK Sport
7 Feb 2017 Athletics

17712666 Athlete Personal Award

£21,500 UK Sport
7 Feb 2017 Athletics

17712680 Athlete Personal Award

£500 UK Sport
15 Feb 2017 Athletics

17745617 Athlete Personal Award

£21,500 UK Sport
21 Mar 2017 Athletics

17789171 Athlete Personal Award

£750 UK Sport
27 Feb 2017 Auchinleck Highhouse Horralls Association

Highhouse Pit Winding Gear Learning and Celebration

£9,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Feb 2017 August 012 Limited

A production of 'Of Mice and Men' in association with Hijinx theatre company. A piece of theatre with 5 actors who have complementary strengths in music, voice and physical theatre. One of our actor playing one of the main role, will have learning disability and will be from Hijinx theatre company.

£30,000 Arts Council of Wales