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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
3 Mar 2015 MacDuff Primary School

The school will use the funding to enhance their grounds through the creation of an adventure play area which will be accessible to the whole community.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
28 Mar 2014 Royal Tarlair Golf Club

The Royal Tarlair Golf Club will refurbish the club's existing rundown toilet provision and install a dedicated disabled access facility within the organisation's club house.

£9,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Nov 2012 Grampian Family Support Forum

This group will provide information, support and advice to families that have been affected by drug misuse. The group will both raise its profile and recruit new members to join the forum. The grant will fund publicity/communication costs, venue hire, cat

£8,000 Big Lottery Fund
30 Apr 2012 Aberdeenshire Council

The Hard Vrocht Grun

£23,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Jul 2011 The Banff Community Small Schools Sailing Initiative

The project will support young people from local schools to build their own boats. The grant will fund boat builder & adult supervision, venue hire, buoyancy bangs & metal fittings , sailing instructor from SRYA and transport costs.

£7,000 Sport Scotland
31 Dec 2010 Macduff Old Folks Association

The project will enable the group to carry out improvements to the current facilities available that will attract new groups and encourage a wider range of the community to utilise the hall. At present,the hall is underused by the local community due to t

£50,000 Big Lottery Fund
31 Aug 2010 Banff Rock Challenge Group

This dance group based in Aberdeenshire will use the award to purchase costumes and design a performance for the Global Rock Challenge in Aberdeen on February 2011. This award will fund 70 costumes, competition entry fees, 70 t-shirts, scenery costs and s

£100 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jan 2010 Banff & MacDuff Christmas Lights Association

This group will buy Christmas street lighting and fittings in order to provide a festive ambience in the local area. This grant will pay for lights, posts and braces.

£9,200 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jul 2009 The Banff Community Small Schools Sailing Initiative

The group will arrange introductory sailing lessons for primary school children from the local area. The grant will pay for hire fees for the Royal Yachting Association of Scotland, team towing costs, subsistence, accommodation and transport costs.

£4,779 Big Lottery Fund
5 Dec 2008 The Banffshire Visual Arts Festival

This group organise and manage an annual art festival for members of the Banffshire community. The grant will fund sessional artist fees, travel expenses, workshop materials, marketing costs and exhibition costs..

£2,000 Scottish Arts Council
5 Dec 2008 Banff Rugby Football Club

The group provide opportunities to participate in the sport of rugby. The grant will fund transport costs, training courses and coaching costs. The grant will be used to purchase, balls, a rugby kit, tackle shields, tag belts, pump, adaptors, corner poles

£10,000 Sport Scotland
31 Mar 2008 Princess Royal Sports & Community Trust

This group provide the opportunity to take part in a variety of sports. The grant will fund coaching expenses, travel expenses, facility hire and sports day costs.

£7,709 Big Lottery Fund
26 Sep 2007 MacDuff Primary School Support Group

This group engage in activities which support and enhance the educational and social facilities of pupils attending MacDuff primary school. The grant will pay for a traverse climbing wall.

£3,610 Big Lottery Fund
11 Dec 2006 Ordiquhill After School Club

This new group aim to provide a range of activities which are fun and enjoyable for children in primary 4-7. instructors fees, craft and cookery equipment, day trip costs, photocopying and stationery, start up insurance and volunteers training (first aid

£2,969 Big Lottery Fund
31 Oct 2006 Princess Royal Sports & Community Trust

This group provide the opportunities and facilities for the local community to participate in sport. coaching costs, travel expenses, admin and health day costs.

£8,120 Big Lottery Fund
8 Sep 2006 Scottish Communities Against Drugs Banff MacDuff Support Gro

This group provides a support and information service for people who use drugs and their families. The money is for a drum kit, 2 x electric guitars, keyboard, pool table, board games, therapy table and advertising.

£1,968 Big Lottery Fund
28 Jul 2006 The Deveron Singers

This Group Perform At A Range Of Community Events. The Grant Is For Recording Equipment And Production Costs.

£1,044 Scottish Arts Council
10 Jun 2005 MacDuff Primary School Support Group

This group provide support and assist in the provision of facilities for a local primary school. The grant is for basketballs, indoor basketball stands, coaches development training, coaching fees, events/travel costs/administration costs.

£4,073 New Opportunities Fund
27 May 2005 Scottish Communities Against Drugs Banff MacDuff Support Gro

This group provides a confidential service giving advice and support to drug users and their families. The grant will enable the group to extend their services to include a computer skills workshop and workshops on various other topics including healthy e

£4,666 New Opportunities Fund
4 Feb 2003 The Deveron Singers

This Group Provide Opportunities For People To Perform In A Mixed Voice Choir. The Grant Will Allow The Group To Improve The Standard Of Their Concerts, Enabling Them To Extend And Enhance Their Repertoire And Perform At A Wider Range Of Venues. The Gran

£1,959 Scottish Arts Council
17 Dec 2001 Sara Schena

Towards the cost of attending Facets 2002, International Choreography Laboratory, Bangalore, India

£1,094 Scottish Arts Council
6 Dec 2001 Deveron Gymnastics Club

This Group Provides Young People With Opportunities To Participate In Gymnastics. The Grant Will Be Used To Purchase An Airtrack, Partition Walls, Anti-Slip Base And Borders.

£2,885 Sport Scotland
26 Sep 2000 Deveron Youth Theatre

This group provides opportunities for young people to take part in the performing arts. The grant will be used to purchase make up kits and materials, and fund workshops, residential and educational trip costs.

£4,093 Scottish Arts Council
28 Mar 2000 Macduff Primary School Millennium Project

This group aims to hold a picnic for the whole community with sporting competitions craft displays and entertainment for all age groups to celebrate the millennium. The grant will be used to fund marquee entertainment band and fancy dress hire adverti

£4,050 Millennium Commission
14 Sep 1999 MAC Writers

This group provides encouragement and opportunities for local people to develop their literary skills. The grant will be used to fund travel, accommodation, administration, advertising, professional fees and venue hire.

£1,150 Scottish Arts Council
30 Mar 1999 Carnival of Youth

This group develops events to bring together young people and tackle issues affecting them. The grant will be used to fund carnival materials, transport costs, expenses and training.

£4,310 Scottish Arts Council