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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
22 Jun 2017 Urras Achadh an Droighinn/the Auchindrain Trust

A Ruamhar aig Achamh an Droighinn: Dig It! 2017 at Auchindrain

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Oct 2012 Friends of Auchindrain

The Auchindrain Township Community

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jul 2012 Argyll Fisheries Trust

Southern Hebrides Communities & Rivers Project 2012-13

£6,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Jul 2012 Minard Community Trust

This group will carry out improvements to their community hall. The project will lead to increased usage of the hall by local people. This grant will fund flooring, insulation, a replacement entrance door, a replacement fire door and replacement toilet wi

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
19 Jun 2012 Argyll Fisheries Trust

The trust based in Inveraray will introduce children living on Jura, Islay and Colonsay to the habitats and ecosystems of different fish species found on these islands. This is part of the group's overall Rivers project to undertake rivers surveys on thes

£5,996 Big Lottery Fund
1 Mar 2011 Argyll Fisheries Trust

Argyll Fisheries Trust will purchase equipment to aid the research and management of freshwater rivers throughout Argyle and Bute and the Isle of Arran. This will help preserve biodiversity of fish species. The grant will fund two electro fishing backpack

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Mar 2011 Glenaray and Inveraray Parish Church

Glenaray and Inveraray Parish Church, Inveraray

£56,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Apr 2009 Mid Argyll Pipe Band

The band will use the grant to buy two sets of Scottish small pipes, seven kilts, seven waistcoats, five jackets, accessories (garters, socks, capes) and fleeces. This will enable young musicians that have recently joined the band to take part in parades

£3,000 Scottish Arts Council
31 Mar 2009 Soil Association

Crofting Connections [In pre-application called Planting to Plate]

£47,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2008 Inveraray Primary School

This school will use its award to purchase 3 composters, gardening equipment and science equipment, and to fund labour costs, management fees and maintenance and education workshop costs.

£6,670 Big Lottery Fund
26 Sep 2007 Inveraray History Workshop

This new group preserve and archive manuscripts, photographs and other historic items relating to the Inveraray district. The grant will pay for computers, a printer, a scanner, maps, stationery and a laminator for the group.

£1,933 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Jul 2006 Furnace Amenity Association

This group manage the Village Hall and provide a base and support for many community groups within the local area. The grant is for survey costs.

£5,000 Community Fund
4 Nov 2005 Inveraray & District Pipe Band

This group provides opportunities for young people to learn and perform band music. The grant is for kilts, jackets and shoes.

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
30 Jun 2005 Lochfynside Junior Gaelic Choir

This Group Provides Opportunities For Children And Young People To Learn And Perform Traditional Gaelic Music.This Grant Will Fund Travel, Accomodation And Subsistance For Attending The National Mod.

£2,000 Scottish Arts Council
2 Sep 2004 The National Trust for Scotland

Crarae Gardens - Restored for the Nation

£297,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Mar 2003 Minard Community Woodland Trust

Brainport Heritage Trail

£8,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Feb 2003 Minard Community Association

This group from Minard provides a public hall facility for the benefit of the local community. Grant will enable the group to establish an office base and provide training allowing volunteers to advance and develop a new and improved hall facility for th

£886 Community Fund
4 Feb 2003 Inveraray Womens Shinty Club

This New Group Provides Opportunites For Women And Girls To Train And Take Part In The Sport Of Shinty. The Grant Will Enable The Group To Purchase Their Own Equipment, Attend Coacing Courses And Have A Recruitment Drive For Members And Volunteers Improv

£2,517 Sport Scotland
28 Nov 2001 Inverary Shinty Club

Proposed Changing Facilities

£61,500 Sport Scotland
25 Jun 1999 Argyll and Bute Regional Envrionmental Education Forum

This group provides opportunities for local people to participate in educational activities. The grant will be used to fund venue hire and transport, exhibitor costs, marketing and promotional materials.

£4,330 Community Fund
25 Jun 1999 Tincan Arts Limited

This group provides opportunities for public access and participation in the arts. The grant will be used to fund artists' fees, expenses, publicity and venue hire and to purchase arts materials.

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
4 Dec 1998 Furnace Amenity Association

This group provides social and recreational opportunities for the local community. The grant will be used to install a modern heating system.

£4,441 Community Fund
4 Dec 1998 Inveraray Shinty Club

This group provides local people with opportunities to play shinty at a competitive level. The grant will be used to purchase shinty sticks and balls.

£600 Sport Scotland
4 Dec 1998 The Neil Munro Society

This group promotes and encourages the works of Neil Munro, the Inveraray born author. The grant will be used to fund printing costs.

£1,000 Scottish Arts Council
18 Jul 1998 Lochfynside Junior Gaelic Choir

This group provides opportunities for young people to perform Scottish dancing and Gaelic singing. The grant will be used to fund travel and accommodation costs.

£762 Scottish Arts Council
10 Jul 1997 Minard School Board After School Care Project

This group provides afterschool care facilities. The grant will be used to fund equipment, materials and running costs.

£2,760 Community Fund