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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
19 Dec 2014 Development Coll Ltd

This group is developing an application for the Scottish Land Fund to purchase a site for a community housing project. The group plans to build between 2 and 6 properties which will be available for rent by the local community. The grant will be used to fund an options appraisal, a community consultation and a feasibility study.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
16 May 2012 The Coll Recycling Group - Recycoll

The group exists to deliver a sustainable recycling programme on the island of Coll. It will use the grant to purchase equipment which will increase its capacity to process a greater variety and quantity of waste. The grant will pay for a shredder, a wood

£6,073 Big Lottery Fund
18 May 2010 Parent Council of Arinagour Primary School

Parent Council of Arinagour Primary School will make improvements to the school's playground area to provide better outdoor facilities for the pupils. The grant will fund an adventure trail, sandpit game markings, plants, shrubs and containers and large

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2010 The Coll Recycling Group - Recycoll

The group will use the grant to purchase and install a glass imploder in order to allow them to produce their own aggregate.

£4,900 Big Lottery Fund
16 Apr 2009 Development Coll Ltd

The project will increase the viability of the island community through improved provision of amenities and services and increased business opportunities. Development will be demonstrated through renewable energy technology, sustainable build techniques a

£923,929 Big Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2008 Development Coll Ltd

The group promote for the public benefit, rural regeneration following the principles of sustainable development. The grant will be used to purchase play equipment

£7,500 Big Lottery Fund
7 Dec 2007 The Coll Sailing Club

This group provides an opportunity for children from the Isle of Coll to take part in sailing. The grant will provide eight topper boats.

£10,000 Sport Scotland
27 Apr 2007 Development Coll Ltd

Development Coll Ltd's idea is to build a multifunctional community centre which will help improve the quality of life for the local population. The grant will fund a feasibility study; business plan; site valuation and architects fees

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
6 Dec 2004 Friends of Coll Playpark

This group provides recreational opportunities for the local children and visitors within a designated play area. The grant will allow the group to further enhance the playing facilities in this rural location. The grant will be used to purchase a roundab

£2,000 New Opportunities Fund
1 Apr 2003 Coll Community Learning Forum

This group based on the Isle of Coll promotes lifelong learning activities through a programme of courses and workshops. The award will be used to hold a three day community education event centred around both traditional and modern crafts and some worksh

£4,053 New Opportunities Fund
28 Sep 2001 Tamara Hedderwick

Towards the cost of undertaking training in specialist mouldmaking techniques at Glasgow School of Art

£1,060 Scottish Arts Council
26 Sep 2000 Coll Music Society

This group provides opportunities for local people to study and practice music and the arts. The grant will be used to purchase drums and percussion instruments and fund workshop costs.

£1,200 Scottish Arts Council
13 Dec 1999 Hebridean Trust

Treshnish Isles - acquisition

£213,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Feb 1999 Island Craft Enterprises

This group promotes participation in crafts and arts activities, organises events and provides studio space for artists. The grant will be used to fund the costs of a studio conversion and to purchase lights and electrical equipment.

£1,346 Scottish Arts Council