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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
13 Oct 2017 Leith Community Crops in Pots

Leith Community Crops in Pots

£40,414 Big Lottery Fund
28 Sep 2017 Ravelrig RDA

New Indoor Riding Arena

£100,000 Sport Scotland
28 Sep 2017 Murrayfield Curling Ltd

Curl Edinburgh 2018

£200,000 Sport Scotland
27 Sep 2017 Pakistan Society Advice and InformationServices Ltd

Pakistan Society Advice and InformationServices Ltd

£8,552 Big Lottery Fund
25 Sep 2017 North Edinburgh Drug and Alcohol Centre

North Edinburgh Drug and Alcohol Centre

£437,208 Big Lottery Fund
25 Sep 2017 Children in Scotland

A child-led heritage project: What does Scotland‘«÷s local and national cultural heritage mean to me?

£78,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
18 Sep 2017 Gordon Napier

1745: An Untold Story of Slavery

£750 Creative Scotland
11 Sep 2017 Positive Help

This funding will be used to provide a home support service for people living with HIV or Hepatitis C, in Edinburgh and the Lothians. The organisation will provide practical and social assistance that will be tailored towards an individual?s needs and requirements. The support work will be delivered by volunteers, and overseen by the Volunteer Coordinator.

£138,305 Big Lottery Fund
7 Sep 2017 Scottish PEN

PEN International Congress in Lviv

£2,000 Creative Scotland
4 Sep 2017 Holdings Ecosse Ltd t/a SellOutPictures

TIFF 2017 attendance

£1,500 Creative Scotland
4 Sep 2017 LeithLate

Leith Late in Denmark: Go ? See ? Learn - Share

£1,000 Creative Scotland
1 Sep 2017 The Junction - Young People, Health & Wellbeing

This group will use the funding to employ a Community Counsellor to work with young people aged 12-21 who have experienced adverse childhoods and have poor mental health. The Counsellor role will involve project work to ensure they can engage effectively with young people on the streets, in schools and with youth groups. The project will be based on their ?nested provision? model which follows the young people?s own pathways.

£149,765 Big Lottery Fund
1 Sep 2017 Leith?Rugby?Club

Employment cost

£32,000 Sport Scotland
1 Sep 2017 Murrayfield Memorial Table Tennis Club

Employment cost

£34,000 Sport Scotland
1 Sep 2017 Harmeny Athletics Club

Employment cost

£15,750 Sport Scotland
1 Sep 2017 Edinburgh South Community Football Club

Employment cost

£40,000 Sport Scotland
30 Aug 2017 Floris Books Trust Ltd

Publication of books in 2018 in the Kelpies imprint of Scottish children?s books

£30,225 Creative Scotland
28 Aug 2017 The Green Team

Discover, Learn, Connect: Young people and their local natural heritage

£53,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Aug 2017 YouthLink Scotland

Youngwummin ‘«Ű Young heritage researchers exploring the impact of WW1 on young women in Scotland

£66,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Aug 2017 Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre

This grant will be used to provide a specialist trauma support service for women and members of the transgender community living in Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian who have experienced sexual violence and abuse. The grant will enable ERCC to increase its staff allowing them to meet the demand for this frontline service and reduce waiting list times from three months to one month. ERCC will also provide long-term support to help the survivors cope with issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

£499,999 Big Lottery Fund
23 Aug 2017 Elizabeth Scriven

First atelier for young festival and cultural managers in Shanghai, China.

£2,300 Creative Scotland
23 Aug 2017 Lorna Fraser

Attending the Cheongju International Craft Biennale

£2,029 Creative Scotland
21 Aug 2017 Inverleith Swifts Junior Netball Club

This grant will fund the set up costs for the club to develop two U13s girls teams to play in local competitions.

£4,000 Sport Scotland
16 Aug 2017 Mr Mcfalls Chamber

At Home in a Foreign Land

£64,115 Creative Scotland
16 Aug 2017 Tamsyn Russell

Choreographic professional development

£1,462 Creative Scotland
15 Aug 2017 Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust

This group will create a new community space for residents in the Canongate which will include a space to meet, work, learn and hold events. The project aims to encourage and sustain local participation, build capacity and provide the community with a sustainable services and a base for the group.

£122,039 Big Lottery Fund
14 Aug 2017 Craigmillar Literacy Trust

This trust will use the funding to deliver their early literacy support programme in the greater Craigmillar area of Edinburgh, supporting parents and carers in giving children facing challenging circumstances the best start in life. Over the past five years the trust have supported more than 2000 families through their existing programmes, such as Rhymetime, and plan to both continue that support and to build on their success.

£138,185 Big Lottery Fund
9 Aug 2017 Emma Jayne Park

Here Before Now (Living Room Performances)

£7,996 Creative Scotland
9 Aug 2017 Lucy Askew

Clore Leadership Programme: Short Course

£2,700 Creative Scotland
2 Aug 2017 Jabuti Theatre

Paper Memories

£72,000 Creative Scotland
31 Jul 2017 Age Scotland

Speaking Up for Our Age: Celebrating 75 years of older people's groups in Scotland, 1943-2018

£54,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Jul 2017 Newhaven Heritage Centre

Newhaven heritage handling resources

£9,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Jul 2017 Heaton Pictures Limited

Melbourne International Film Festival attendance

£1,500 Creative Scotland
24 Jul 2017 Graeme Maley

Melbourne International Film Festival Attendance

£1,500 Creative Scotland
24 Jul 2017 Scottish Edge CIC

Creative EDGE

£25,000 Creative Scotland
19 Jul 2017 Traditional Music & Song Association Scotland (TMSA)

TMSA Young Trad Tour (2017 & 2018) Project

£35,410 Creative Scotland
19 Jul 2017 Janis Claxton Dance

vPOP-UP Duets (fragments of love) 2018 TOUR

£72,913 Creative Scotland
14 Jul 2017 Multi-Cultural Family Base

This group will provide practical and therapeutic support to asylum, refugee and migrant children and their parents. The aim is that children integrate better into mainstream schools and make a successful transition from nursery to primary school. They will be able to communicate their needs and contribute in class more effectively, as well as making friends more easily. There will also be one-to-one support for children, and support and advocacy for their parents.

£204,660 Big Lottery Fund
12 Jul 2017 Ryan Van Winkle

Georgian Poetry Translation Project

£2,604 Creative Scotland
10 Jul 2017 City of Edinburgh Council

Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards

£14,344 Creative Scotland
6 Jul 2017 Simon Whatley


£14,948 Creative Scotland
5 Jul 2017 Artlink Edinburgh and the Lothians


£120,000 Creative Scotland
5 Jul 2017 Birlinn Ltd

Muriel Spark ? The Centenary Editions, 2018

£45,000 Creative Scotland
2 Jul 2017 Kirkliston Village Hall Association

Kirkliston Village Hall Association

£12,174 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jun 2017 The Ripple Project

This group will use their funding to deliver and develop their existing Ripple Buddies Project. This child peer mentoring project helps build positive relationships between children and young people who are experiencing challenging situations at home or school. The project assigns children a Buddy as a mentor and?someone to trust and talk to, together with a range of activities based on the children?s interests.

£140,676 Big Lottery Fund
28 Jun 2017 Historic Environment Scotland

Heritage and Literature: Building Scotland?s Stories

£14,894 Creative Scotland
28 Jun 2017 The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh

?50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship ? Elements 3 Exhibition?

£14,800 Creative Scotland
28 Jun 2017 National Museums Scotland

Scotland 365

£776,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jun 2017 Vocal - Voice of Carers Across Lothian

This group will expand on an existing pilot ('Wee Breaks Midlothian'), providing short breaks and other respite opportunities to carers in Edinburgh and the Lothians. It will establish a 'Short Breaks and Respitality Hub', which will be an online resource accessible to carers, professionals and projects supporting carers in the Lothians. It will work with around 3,000 people over five years.

£358,838 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jun 2017 Media Education Ltd

NYAAG Youth Advocacy Project

£8,000 Creative Scotland
22 Jun 2017 Balerno Village Trust

Harlaw Visitors Centre

£8,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Jun 2017 Vision Mechanics

Little Light

£59,635 Creative Scotland
21 Jun 2017 Polish Cultural Festival Association

?KITE AND TRUMPET? Festival of Polish Art for Children

£13,000 Creative Scotland
21 Jun 2017 Ian Waugh

S?M Residency, Reykjav?k

£5,945 Creative Scotland
14 Jun 2017 Summerhall Management Ltd

Summerhall Artist Development Programme

£14,795 Creative Scotland
13 Jun 2017 Caring In Craigmillar

This group will use the funding for series of activities and social events for older people living with dementia. The funding will also enable the group to offer a more dementia-friendly service for the older people it works with. CIC will employ specialist dementia workers who will design the programme of activities and person-centred support enabling CIC to both better understand the needs of people with dementia and meet the demand for the service within Craigmillar and some surrounding communities.

£145,274 Big Lottery Fund
9 Jun 2017 Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival Limited

2017 Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

£70,000 Creative Scotland
9 Jun 2017 Tamsyn Russell

Scene Stealer creation

£22,900 Creative Scotland
7 Jun 2017 University of Edinburgh, The

Fourth Edition Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival

£8,971 Creative Scotland
6 Jun 2017 The Health Agency

This funding will be used to continue the groups support project for people with a diagnosis of cancer or other life limiting illness, and their families. The project provides practical, emotional and social support, complementary therapies and a befriending service. Those with a diagnosis, undergoing treatment, in recovery, or receiving palliative care will have access to 8 or 16 specialist counselling sessions.

£150,000 Big Lottery Fund
1 Jun 2017 Ben Chatwin

The Hum Cycle

£9,373 Creative Scotland
31 May 2017 Royal Blind Asylum & School

Royal Blind Asylum & School

£9,145 Big Lottery Fund
29 May 2017 Air Training Corps No 2466 Loanhead Squadron Non-Public Spor

Air Training Corps No 2466 Loanhead Squadron Non-Public Spor

£1,250 Big Lottery Fund
29 May 2017 YMCA Scotland

"Give us something nippy, miss"

£9,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 May 2017 The 1745 Association

Falkirk Muir Battlefield Commemoration

£5,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 May 2017 Edinburgh & Lothians Greenscape Trust

Magical Woodland Walks

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 May 2017 Badac Theatre Company

The Journey

£14,994 Arts Council England
24 May 2017 Susanna Beaumont


£24,380 Creative Scotland
24 May 2017 Rick Conte

HG Wells? The Time Machine (Making & Touring)

£53,695 Creative Scotland
24 May 2017 Martyn Garside

A Seagulls Swan Song

£2,050 Creative Scotland
24 May 2017 Apphia Campbell


£7,503 Creative Scotland
24 May 2017 Matthew Leonard Hall

My Name Is Irrelevant

£4,573 Creative Scotland
24 May 2017 Caroline Bowditch

The Adventures of Snigel

£9,883 Creative Scotland
22 May 2017 Young Scot


£70,000 Creative Scotland
17 May 2017 Scottish PEN

Attendance at ?In Other Words? 12th PEN International Writers in Prison Committee Conference

£1,961 Creative Scotland
15 May 2017 WHALE, Arts Agency

This grant will be used by the group to offer an array of creative activities, using a local approach, for people living in the Wester Hailes area. The organisational will undertake a programme of outreach work within the seven neighbourhoods of Wester Hailes so the community can shape and then build on arts-based ideas for the spaces they live in. This initiative will lead towards the delivery of a year of local events and activities in 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Wester Hailes.

£148,766 Big Lottery Fund
15 May 2017 Festivals Edinburgh

Momentum ? The Edinburgh Festivals International Delegate Programme

£80,000 Creative Scotland
12 May 2017 Tortoise in a Nutshell


£12,000 Creative Scotland
12 May 2017 Andrea Walsh

Solo exhibition at The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

£12,353 Creative Scotland
1 May 2017 City of Edinburgh Council

To develop the Community Sport Hub concept

£110,000 Sport Scotland
1 May 2017 City of Edinburgh Council

Delivery of Coaching and Volunteering Programmes

£1,000 Sport Scotland
1 May 2017 City of Edinburgh Council

School Sport Competition

£24,474 Sport Scotland
27 Apr 2017 Shona Thomson

Following the Fleet: DRIFTERS

£10,000 Arts Council England
27 Apr 2017 Cre8te Opportunities Limited

Cre8te Opportunities Limited

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
26 Apr 2017 Edward Ross

Gamish: A Graphic History of Gaming

£16,934 Creative Scotland
26 Apr 2017 Alasdair Gray (through Canongate Books)

Dante?s Sublime Comedy: A Paraphrase in Prosaic English Rhyme ? Illustrated and translated by Alasdair Gray

£24,000 Creative Scotland
25 Apr 2017 The Sorted Project

This project will build on the group?s current once-weekly canal boat based activity for people in recovery with addiction history and associated mental health problems. The activity will be delivered in Edinburgh, Falkirk and other locations in West Lothian and the Forth Valley. The grant will enable the purchase of a custom equipped wide beam, accessible, canal boat capable of serving 35 people at a time that will be used on a daily basis to meet a need for 'post-treatment' recovery support.

£496,543 Big Lottery Fund
24 Apr 2017 Bridgend Inspiring Growth

Bridgend Farm: Place, Work and Folk

£47,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2017 Cherise Saywell


£4,000 Creative Scotland
19 Apr 2017 Ben Winger

Empty Pockets

£12,877 Creative Scotland
17 Apr 2017 City of Edinburgh Council

Creative Spaces Edinburgh Project

£10,000 Creative Scotland
12 Apr 2017 Take One Action Films Festivals

Take One Action Film Festivals

£60,000 Creative Scotland
12 Apr 2017 Plutot la Vie

Clown Cabaret Scratch Night

£21,758 Creative Scotland
11 Apr 2017 Federation of Scottish Theatre

Sector Development 2017-18

£210,000 Creative Scotland
11 Apr 2017 Creative Carbon Scotland

Sector Development 2017-18

£150,000 Creative Scotland
11 Apr 2017 Arts & Business Scotland

Sector Development 2017-18

£200,000 Creative Scotland
7 Apr 2017 The Welcoming Association

The Welcoming Association

£6,640 Big Lottery Fund
7 Apr 2017 The Welcoming Association

This organisation provides support and activities for migrant and refugee communities in Edinburgh. This project will provide weekly creative workshops and monthly specialist creative workshops.

£6,640 Big Lottery Fund
6 Apr 2017 Health All Round

This group will use the funding to employ a Befriending/Development Worker to support older people in South West Edinburgh so that they can participate more with community life. The group aims for its work to be intergenerational and to address issues of isolation and loneliness through the promotion of positive contact between people from different generations. The Worker will be responsible for developing the core activities and managing a group of volunteer befrienders.

£53,353 Big Lottery Fund
5 Apr 2017 Farah Saleh

Gesturing Refugees

£5,746 Creative Scotland