Lottery grants awarded to East Ayrshire, Scotland

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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
17 Oct 2006 East Ayrshire Council

Kilmarnock John Finnie Street & Bank Street Heritage Initiative

£2,015,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Dec 1997 Landmark Trust

Auchinleck House - Acquisition & Refurbishment

£1,702,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Sep 1998 Newmilns Townscape Heritage Initiative Partnership

Newmilns THI

£1,700,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Jun 2015 East Ayrshire Council

Dean Castle restoration and modernisation

£1,581,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
10 Jun 2015 East Ayrshire Council

Dean Castle restoration and modernisation

£1,574,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Mar 2003 East Ayrshire Council

East Ayrshire Council will provide out of school hours sporting, outdoor and cultural activities to 15,000 school pupils over the next 3 years through innovative Learning Partnerships. Young people will be involved in activities as diverse as rugby, kaya

£974,553 New Opportunities Fund
18 Jul 2017 Ochiltree Community Hub

This group will develop the now cleared site of a former community centre and public library to create a new build centre for the local community of Ochiltree. The centre will include an office, multipurpose hall, caf? , kitchen, space for a range of play, recreation and sporting activities, and will offer opportunities for volunteering and local employment.

£958,800 Big Lottery Fund
3 Sep 2009 Catrine Environmental Heritage Partnership

Catrine Environmental Heritage Project

£750,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Sep 2000 Diocese of Galloway

St Sophia's, Galston

£702,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
28 Nov 2001 Cumnock & District Leisure Group

New Swimming and Fitness Centre

£700,000 Sport Scotland
6 May 2016 Centrestage Communities Ltd

This project will provide pre and post release support for individuals serving sentences of four years or less. It will provide a three-stage programme to enable a successful transition to community life.

£692,080 Big Lottery Fund
20 Oct 2004 East Ayrshire Council

The grant will be used to build a synthetic turf pitch and to improve changing rooms at Cumnock Academy. The project will improve the health of 2082 pupils from local schools through increased levels of activity during and after school hours. 700 communi

£640,740 New Opportunities Fund
24 Feb 2012 East Ayrshire Council

The project aims to support disadvantaged families helping them develop closer family and community relationships. The projects will also encouraging the development of confident and resourceful children. This will be achieved through the provision of a

£551,200 Big Lottery Fund
1 Sep 1999 East Ayrshire Council

East Ayrshire Council

£534,690 New Opportunities Fund
22 Jan 2013 The Lighthouse Foundation

This organisation through the continuation of their existing provision and development of a new outreach strand, seek to assist families in coping with the significant impact that having a family member misusing substances has on the family unit Foundatio

£528,464 Big Lottery Fund
9 Sep 2003 East Ayrshire Council

East Ayrshire Coalfield SIP Outdoor Access Project

£500,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Nov 2011 East Ayrhshire Council

Queens Drive Athletics Facility

£500,000 Sport Scotland
7 Mar 2006 Barony 'A' Frame Trust

Barony 'A' Frame

£484,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
20 Oct 2004 East Ayrshire Council

East Ayrshire Council

£483,954 New Opportunities Fund
22 Apr 2010 Catrine Community Trust

This group will develop a community fund over 20 years through their `Community Renewables' project. Funded through Growing Community Assets the project will enable the community to repair and reinstate the infrastructure of an existing hydro-electric pow

£434,000 Big Lottery Fund
14 Aug 2015 Auchinleck Community Development Initiative

Auchinleck Community Development Initiative

£417,187 Big Lottery Fund
3 Nov 2000 East Ayrshire Council

A mobile health project that will take a new health related service into 17 regeneration areas in East Ayrshire.

£393,207 New Opportunities Fund
4 Sep 2017 East Ayrshire Council - Safer Communities

This project will focus on and develop specific activities previously delivered and part-funded by a previous award. It will empower vulnerable families by using play to increase confidence, skills and bonding. The proposal will also provide opportunities for local people to volunteer in delivering community activities.

£373,061 Big Lottery Fund
21 Dec 2001 E. Ayrshire Library Service

The People-+s Network programme in all the 23 libraries in East Ayrshire Library Service has provided new computer and related equipment and upgraded the infrastructure. Now, approximately 94 computer terminals will be available to library users to access

£362,936 New Opportunities Fund
22 Feb 2017 Galston Community Development Trust

Galston Community Development Trust

£328,579 Big Lottery Fund
7 Apr 2009 The Lighthouse Foundation

The Lighthouse Foundation's three-year project aims to offer a combination of information, advice, guidance and support for families of illegal drug and substance misusers from North, South and East Ayrshire. The project will directly benefit 900 socially

£310,118 Big Lottery Fund
12 Jul 2017 The Sky Project

The funding will be used to continue the group's free after school activities for children in Shortlees but extend its after school provision to four days a week, as well as weekends. They will work side by side with the families involved to identify and support their wider needs.

£296,604 Big Lottery Fund
23 Apr 2015 Home-Start East Ayrshire

Home-Start East Ayrshire

£294,906 Big Lottery Fund
23 Apr 2015 Home-Start Ayrshire

Home-Start Ayrshire

£294,906 Big Lottery Fund
10 Jun 2016 Bonnyton Thistle FC

3G Pitch at Townholm

£250,000 Sport Scotland
9 Apr 2014 Auchinleck Community Development Initiative

This project will regenerate a 2-acre area of unused land to the rear of Auchinleck Community Resource Centre into a community vegetable garden with pathways, raised beds, geodesic greenhouses and a storage shed/office space. It will improve and make bett

£249,872 Big Lottery Fund
9 Jul 2007 East Ayrshire Council - Educational and Social Services

East Ayrshire Council's 'EA Positive Play' project will provide access to play opportunities for children aged 0-5 years and their parents who live in disadvantaged areas of East Ayrshire. The grant will part fund the salaries of existing and new staff. I

£247,785 Big Lottery Fund
24 Feb 2003 PEACE Childcare

The grant will be used to create 166 before school, 178 after school, 202 holiday places and 10 weekend places for children aged 3 - 14 years old in Ayrshire by creating 4 new & expanding 5 existing clubs.

£238,739 New Opportunities Fund
23 Mar 2000 Elephant Trust Limited

This development project aims to support individuals and families living with cancer. Service will be extended to include groups for people who have had recent bereavements, young people and women, and to enable access throughout Ayrshire with increased

£233,363 Community Fund
12 Dec 1996 Elephant Trust Limited

The project will provide advice, counselling and self help support groups for people suffering from cancer and their carers. The three year grant will pay for the purchase and refurbishment of two properties, four staff salaries, the lease of a car, trave

£227,528 Community Fund
25 May 2012 Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust

Galleon Ice Rink Replacement

£219,187 Sport Scotland
26 Jun 2007 Youth Advocacy (East Ayrshire)

Youth Advocacy Group (East Ayrshire)'s three year project will empower 90 young people, giving them the skills and confidence to have a say in decisions that affect them. This project will use trained advocates to work with young people who are experienci

£210,649 Big Lottery Fund
24 Aug 2017 East Ayrshire Carers Centre

This project will enhance and expand the current after school activity this organisation delivers. The grant will enable them to provide additional opportunities for young carers across East Ayrshire and help to close the attainment gap for those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Additionally the increased resources will allow a more co-ordinated approach within the school setting allowing them to take a preventative approach rather than engaging with the young carers at a crisis point.

£210,095 Big Lottery Fund
11 Jan 2014 Hillhouse SCIO

Hillhouse SCIO

£206,177 Big Lottery Fund
6 Sep 2005 East Ayrshire Council

Dick Institute - External Building Conservation Project

£203,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
24 Feb 2012 East Ayrshire Women's Aid

The project will work with existing GIRFEC and Violence Against Women's Partnerships to help children, young people and their mothers move on from with the consequence of domestic abuse. This 'Becoming a Survivor' intervention grant will fund staff costs,

£201,967 Big Lottery Fund
22 Jan 2013 ADDACTION

This project will support people with barriers to the labour market due to substance misuse helping them move towards employment. The project aims to improve confidence, basic skills and to provide experience that will enable clients to progress into empl

£200,629 Big Lottery Fund
28 Nov 2001 Cluarankwai Judo Club

West of Scotland Regional Judo Training Centre

£200,000 Sport Scotland
28 Nov 2001 Sustrans Scotland

Irvine to Kilmarnock Cycle Route

£200,000 Sport Scotland
15 Feb 2001 PEACE Childcare

The grant will be used to create 145 before-school places, 188 after-school places and 189 holiday places by creating 2 new projects and extending 4 existing schemes. The places will cater for children aged 4 - 16 years old. 12 local schools will be serve

£196,606 New Opportunities Fund
27 Jan 2006 East Ayrshire Carers Centre

The project aims to increase self-esteem and confidence and empower 500 young carers in the East Ayrshire area to develop coping skills and make positive life choices. Services offered will include one-to-one support, counselling, advocacy, mentoring, pe

£188,800 Community Fund
15 Mar 2006 Kuloc Chinese Community Association

This project aims to improve access to services whilst increasing confidence, motivation and self-esteem in a bid to empower 200 people from the Chinese community living in East Ayrshire to integrate into the community and deal with issues important to th

£186,520 Community Fund
12 Sep 1996 Ayr Town Centre:environmtl

Towards the cost of arts-led environmental improvement of Loudoun Hall forecourt, Ayr

£177,200 Scottish Arts Council
3 May 2002 East Ayrshire Council Educational & Social Services Communit

To establish a learning centre in Onthank, Northwest Kilmarnock and to give four community areas a life-long learning access point to promote life-long learning and the opportunity to take the first steps to employment.

£172,455 New Opportunities Fund
29 Jan 2014 Council of Voluntary Organisations (East Ayrshire) Limited

Council of Voluntary Organisations (East Ayrshire) Limited

£166,875 Big Lottery Fund
27 Nov 2002 Cumnock Rugby Football Club

Cumnock Rugby Football Club - Facilities Development Upgrade.

£158,960 Sport Scotland
15 Jun 2001 Riccarton Parish Church

Riccarton Parish Church Restoration

£158,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Nov 2004 The Lighthouse Foundation

The Lighthouse project aims to offer a support service for family members affected by drug and alcohol misuse. This will be achieved by offering counselling, advice,relaxtion therapies and information services. This three year project will part fund the s

£155,185 Community Fund
26 Oct 2005 Dunlop and District Community Company

The project will improve access to services and reduce the social and rural isolation of at least 500 people in the community of Dunlop and surrounding areas. The existing village hall will be extended and refurbished to accommodate a weekly programme of

£151,500 Community Fund
15 Nov 2007 Newmilns Snow and Sports Complex Limited

Newmilns Snow and Sports Complex Limited (NSASC) seek to further their proposal to construct a community clubhouse and refurbish the facilities at the Snow and Sports complex situated in the village of Newmilns, East Ayrshire.The overall aim is to provide

£150,000 Big Lottery Fund
12 Feb 2013 East Ayrshire Council

Creative Kilmarnock will help drive the regeneration of Kilmarnock by joining up our significant cultural offer through the development and promotion of a flagship programme of high profile, cross artform events.

£150,000 Creative Scotland
5 May 2016 Kilmarnock Station Railway Heritage Trust

This group will use the funding to deliver activities that address loss, isolation and loneliness issues that are currently preventing people from connecting with their community. It will create a robust peer mentoring model within the ?station village? setting of Kilmarnock railway station.

£149,385 Big Lottery Fund
19 Apr 2017 Partners For Inclusion

Partners for Inclusion?s four year ?dM2 Ayrshire? initiative seeks to increase social opportunities offered to people with disabilities by delivering a series of events within South, North and East Ayrshire. dM2 is an organisation currently delivered by people with disabilities for people with disabilities, which aims to encourage more members to build their own peer/social groups through recreational and educational activities, with a long term view of becoming a mentor to others.

£148,872 Big Lottery Fund
25 May 2005 Bellsbank Adventure Playground

This Project Will Offer Services In 'The Zone', A Community Facility Based In Dalmellington, In The Rurally Isolated Area Of Doon Valley In East Ayrshire. It Aims To Divert 750 Young People From Anti Social Activities, Encourage Healthier Lifestyles, And

£146,096 Community Fund
21 Jul 2000 Cumnock Parent and Family Support Group

The 24 hour drop in centre will support drug addicts and their families with professional counselling, support and job training. This three year grant will fund staff salaries, recruitment costs, general running expenses, production of information, travel

£144,748 Community Fund
9 Dec 2016 Catrine Community Trust

This project will enable the organisation to run a range of activities that will be open to everyone within this village in East Ayrshire. These sessions will be delivered in the newly refurbished Catrine Community Education and Visitor Interpretation Centre (CEVIC). Part of this is to encourage people within the community to use the centre, and help with setting up and running of the different activities. The group will host sessions focused around health and wellbeing, and bringing the community together.

£143,950 Big Lottery Fund
26 Oct 2005 East Ayrshire Citizens Advice Bureau

This project will continue and develop existing outreach CAB services and expand home visiting for 600 people in East Ayrshire. It aims to improve the living standards, reduce poverty, increase independence and confidence, and reduce stress of service us

£141,485 Community Fund
4 Mar 1998 Helping Hands Kilmarnock

This project will provide practical assistance to older people, the housebound and disabled, by providing low cost repairs, maintenance and cleaning services. The three year grant will fund three full-time salaries, running costs, training, travel costs,

£141,111 Community Fund
25 Feb 2005 Northwest Kilmarnock Lone Parent Resource Project

The project is relocating to bright, freshly refurbished premises. The cr+¿che, Parent Support Group and sitter service will benefit from ground floor access and outdoor play facilities, both as a direct result of the scheme in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Furth

£137,000 New Opportunities Fund
25 Aug 2003 East Ayrshire Council

Towards the Phase 1 cost of up-grading the Grade A listed Palace Theatre and Grand Hall building, Kilmarnock

£136,667 Scottish Arts Council
17 Jun 1999 Muirkirk Enterprise Group

This project will provide two play areas for young people. As a result of the project, children from toddlers upwards will have access to a range of safe, adventurous and challenging play experiences which will develop their social, communication and co

£134,194 Community Fund
20 Sep 2002 East Ayrshire Citizens Advice Bureau

The aim of the project is to provide an outreach and home visiting debt management and money advice service in the Coalfields area of East Ayrshire.This three year grant will fully fund the salaries of a new part-time Project Worker, a new full-time Proje

£133,197 Community Fund
9 Apr 2003 East Ayrshire Carers Centre

The Project Will Expand And Develop Support Provision For Young Carers In The North Of East Ayrshire To Ensure That The Support Is Targetted To Their Individual Needs Through The Provision Of A Personal Development Plan And Related Activities To Meet This

£129,476 Community Fund
28 Mar 2000 East Ayrshire Council

Towards the cost of increasing the level of participation in high quality arts activity by people living in East Ayrshire

£120,000 Scottish Arts Council
10 Mar 2015 Mauchline Parish Church

Repairs or replacement of external components to keep the building wind and watertight

£118,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Dec 2000 East Ayrshire Council

To run a variety of information and communication technologies sessions, 7 days a week, including family activities, taster sessions, SVQ tuition, homework access for school children and youth and community group access.

£115,465 New Opportunities Fund
11 Sep 1996 East Ayrshire Council

Dick Institute: Works For Pride And Passion, Kilmarnock

£111,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
2 Jul 2004 East Ayrshire Council For Voluntary Organisations

This Project Will Establish A Targeted Training Programme For Voluntary Organisations, That Will Develop The Capacity Of Organisations And Volunteers To More Effectively Deliver Services. The Project Will Provide Additional Support Through The Provision

£111,702 Community Fund
12 Dec 2016 Bellsbank Project

This group will use the funding to enable the continued provision of a range of social and physical activities for adults in the Doon Valley (including the communities of Bellsbank, Dalmellington and Patna) to improve their mental and physical health, reduce isolation, and improve their social connections. Cr?che facilities will also be provided for 10 under-threes enabling low-paid local families to access activities to improve their life chances and that of their children.

£109,776 Big Lottery Fund
29 Nov 2016 Galston Parish Church

Fabric repairs to tower, windows, historical plasterwork and refurbishment of facilities

£108,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jul 2017 Centrestage Communities Ltd

This group will use the funding to build on their existing activities in Shortlees, including nursery play, song and storytelling 'Sing and Smile' sessions, musical theatre classes and its dignified food programme. It will also introduce 'Musical Generations', providing older people in Shortlees with the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of music.

£107,148 Big Lottery Fund
21 Mar 2017 Council of Voluntary Organisations

This group will acquire and refurbish an empty shop unit in Shortlees. This will be run as a community hub, informal meeting space and local information point, and later be managed by trained members of the local community.

£101,971 Big Lottery Fund
6 Mar 2003 East Ayrshire Council

Towards a residential programme 'Elements of Change' for innovative arts education and studio provision

£100,000 Scottish Arts Council
23 May 2014 Cumnock Juniors Community Enterprise

IRB & FIFA Compliant 3G STP in Cumnock

£99,600 Sport Scotland
10 Mar 2015 Mauchline Parish Church

Repairs or replacement of external components to keep the building wind and watertight

£99,100 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Dec 1996 Crossroads Care

To provide a community based respite care service for children with physical and learning disabilities and their carers. The two year grant will be used to employ a part time Driver, to purchase a vehicle, to provide respite care and for office expenses.

£98,827 Community Fund
28 Sep 1999 Dunlop Parish Church

Dunlop Church Restoration

£98,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
4 Jul 2016 Crossroads Community Hub Ltd

Crossroads Community Hub Ltd

£96,633 Big Lottery Fund
4 Jul 2016 Crossroads Community Hub Ltd

This project aims to bring together the community in Crossroads, Ayrshire through the provision of an outreach service to develop networks and deliver activities across the community. An outreach worker will be recruited and taster events will be run in village halls covering topics including lost crafts, arts, gardening, growing, farming, healthy eating, food poverty and one pot cooking. Also a social enterprise community food delivery van will sell ?veg boxes? from local suppliers to the community.

£96,633 Big Lottery Fund
26 Nov 2001 East Ayrshire Council

Towards the cost of two-year project which will increase access for excluded people over 16 years to professional drama activity

£96,000 Scottish Arts Council
24 Aug 2006 Bonnyton Thistle Youth Football Club

All Weather Training & Playing Surface & Floodlighting.

£95,000 Sport Scotland
1 Dec 2000 Bellsbank Adventure Playground

The project will allow the development of the existing facility which provides a range of child care, youth and adult recreation activities in a rural area of high unemployment, low income and social deprivation. This three-year grant will fund the refurb

£93,853 Community Fund
27 Jul 2001 East Ayrshire Council

To offer a range of arts related activities to benefit pupils from 44 primary and 3 secondary. 30 primary will participate in string workshops, 140 pupils in choral workshops and 90 pupils in drama and dance activities. 200 secondary school pupils will be

£92,235 New Opportunities Fund
7 May 2016 The Zone Initiative Limited

This group will use the grant to improve the environment of the village of Dalmellington with the aim of encouraging community pride and engagement. The project will establish and maintain a community garden, create allotment areas throughout the village, and clear snow and ice from pathways in winter to allow access.

£90,402 Big Lottery Fund
25 Jul 2001 Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust

Galleon Centre Disabled Access Project (Phase 1)

£90,157 Sport Scotland
24 Nov 2000 East Ayrshire Council

To raise the educational achievement of pupils across East Ayrshire through participation in the arts oriented summer schools. Activities will include music, dance, video, art, design and drama.

£84,537 New Opportunities Fund
2 Sep 2004 Church of Scotland

Old High Kirk, Kilmarnock

£84,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
12 Dec 2007 Barony 'A' Frame Trust

This project will provide interpretative materials and recruit and train volunteer heritage guides at the site of the Barony 'A' Frame which was retained and listed after the Barony pit closed in 1989. This one year grant will part fund the design, devel

£84,250 Big Lottery Fund
7 Aug 2007 East Ayrshire Council

Funded by the 'Young People's Fund' this four year project based at St Joseph's Academy in East Ayrshire will offer S5 & S6 pupils volunteering opportunities such as running after school clubs and befriending S1 & S2 pupils. A pupil led communication net

£81,300 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jan 2017 Shortlees Primary School and Early Childhood Centre

Shortlees Primary School

£81,104 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jan 2017 Shortlees School & Early Childhood Centre

Shortlees Primary School and Early Childhood Centre

£81,104 Big Lottery Fund
21 Jun 2016 Andrew M Pinkerton

Andrew M Pinkerton

£80,000 Big Lottery Fund
4 Mar 1998 Bells Bank Adventure Playground

This project will provide staffing for a safe and secure adventure play area for children and young people who currently have little access to recreational facilities. The three year grant will fund one full-time and four part-time salaries, travel, train

£75,358 Community Fund
3 Mar 2000 Loudoun Kirk Preservation Trust

Loudoun Kirk Preservation

£74,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Sep 1997 East Ayrshire Council

Towards the cost of development of Palace Youth Theatre and the creation of four outreach drama groups throughout East Ayrshire

£73,320 Scottish Arts Council