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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
21 Aug 2017 Benbecula Golf Club

This group will use the funding to construct a practice facility which will be used to coach juniors and learner adults.

£3,000 Sport Scotland
2 Jun 2017 Balivanich School

This project will introduce extracurricular archery, mountain biking, basketball and athletics in order to get more pupils involved in physical activity.

£5,306 Big Lottery Fund
17 May 2017 Eilean Dorcha Festival Ltd

Eilean Dorcha Festival Family Programme 2017

£13,500 Creative Scotland
29 Apr 2016 Eilean Dorcha Festival Ltd

This group formed to establish an annual music and cultural festival, they will use the funding for their inaugural event.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
8 Dec 2015 Benbecula Community Association

This group will use the funding to improve the internal facilities within Balivanich Hall. The grant will be used to purchase of kitchen equipment, tables and chairs.

£3,056 Big Lottery Fund
23 Apr 2015 Uist & Barra Sports Council

Uist & Barra Sports Council

£4,609 Sport Scotland
23 Apr 2015 Uist & Barra Sports Council

Uist & Barra Sports Council

£4,609 Sport Scotland
14 Jun 2014 Uist Utd Junior Football Club

The group will purchase equipment and team kit to prepare for a football tournament in October 2014.

£500 Sport Scotland
22 Feb 2013 CnES

Uist Community Sports Hub

£112,200 Sport Scotland
7 Feb 2013 Uist Radio Ltd

The grant will be used to establish a radio station which will broadcast to people living in Uist via a radio transmitter as well as further afield via the internet.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
17 Dec 2012 Sustainable Uist

This group received development funding for their project which aims to purchase an existing post office business and premises on the Isle of Benbecula.

£2,927 Big Lottery Fund
23 Nov 2012 Benbecula Golf Club

Clubhouse Development

£40,000 Sport Scotland
29 Aug 2012 Benbecula Golf Club

This group will provide training for new volunteer coaches and will purchase junior golfing equipment in order to enable younger children, aged from 7 years up, to participate in golf coaching sessions.

£1,345 Big Lottery Fund
16 May 2012 Uist Association of Dancing

This group will use the grant to purchase new equipment, organise displays and enter Highland Dancing competitions. This grant will fund 12 sets Highland Dancing Swords, a sound system, 4 displays, sessional tutor fees, accommodation, travel costs and ven

£9,100 Creative Scotland
16 May 2012 East Camp Trust

The trust will create a new dedicated music venue within the CRP building, a former nuclear bunker located within the East Camp Community Enterprise Park. The project will provide a small intimate venue where local musicians and groups can rehearse. The g

£8,375 Big Lottery Fund
13 Dec 2011 Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar

This group will run a programme of extracurricular music classes, Saturday workshops and three evening showcase events focussing on ensemble activities for young musicians. The grant will fund instrumental music teachers costs, Saturday workshops tutor co

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
7 Nov 2011 Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

Daliburgh Footbakll Pitch and Changing rooms

£140,000 Sport Scotland
16 Aug 2011 South Uist and Benbecula Agricultural Society

This group will use the grant to purchase pens for farm animals and a marquee. These items will ensure their yearly event can run smoothly in all weather without any health and safety issues cause by loose livestock.

£9,500 Big Lottery Fund
23 May 2011 Tagsa Uibhist

This group will create a new outdoor garden area to facilitate horticultural activities. The aim of the project is to offer a supportive environment for those experiencing mental health issues. The project will also provide an accessible greenhouse for pe

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
17 May 2011 Sustainable Uist

This group will carry out a feasibility study to investigate developing an off-grid renewable energy project in the township of Howmore in South Uist. The aim is to create a supply of fixed price electricity to alleviate the high cost of energy in the loc

£3,489 Big Lottery Fund
5 Mar 2010 Uist & Barra Schools Football Association

The association wish to develop a player pathway for under 13's and hold open days. This grant will be used to pay for venue hire, coaching hours for the development squad and transport costs.

£800 Big Lottery Fund
5 Dec 2008 Uist Camanachd

This group promote the sport of shinty. The grant will be used to pay for shinty kits-seniors, shinty kits-juniors, balls, shin guards, ankle guards, protective gloves, first aid kits, ice packs, helmets, shinty goals-seniors, shinty goals-juniors, transp

£5,525 Sport Scotland
31 Dec 2007 Rowan Tree Childcare Centre

The group provide all day care for children aged 1 - 5 years of age. The grant will pay for a maxi bubble tube, carpet, harness, light source, projector and a selection of wheels, glow in the dark wands, UV light, wall panels, giant bean bag, a vibration

£4,999 Big Lottery Fund
21 Dec 2007 Caraidean Uibhist

This project will support vulnerable and isolated adults living in Uist. The project will benefit adults in need of support due to mental ill health, physical disabilities, substance misuse, learning disabilities or isolation in this rural community. The

£53,948 Big Lottery Fund
26 Sep 2007 Gaidhlig san Dachaigh (Uibhist)

This new group promote the education of the language of Gaelic. The grant will pay for sessional staff costs, venue hire, training costs, publicity costs, travel costs and volunteer expenses.

£9,680 Big Lottery Fund
6 Aug 2007 Western Athletic Junior Football Club

This new group provide opportunities for young people to participate in the sport of football. The grant will fund accommodation, transport and refreshments.

£3,500 Sport Scotland
29 May 2007 Small Islands Film Trust Ltd

Small Islands Film Festival 2007. Feis Film nan Eileanan Beaga, the inaugural Small Island film festival, Eriskay, Outer Hebrides, 15 to 17 June 2007. A film festival exclusively devoted to films relating to small island communities.

£5,152 Scottish Screen
31 Mar 2006 Sgoil Lionacleit Pipe Band Association

This New Group Aims To Promote Pipe Band Piping And Drumming In Liniclate. The Grant Is For Contribution Towards Uniforms And Instruments.

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
27 May 2005 Uist Utd Junior Football Club

This New Group Provides The Facilities And Opportunities For It'S Members To Participate And Train In The Sport Of Football. The Grant Will Be Used Equip The Group With Strips And Footballs And Allow The Group To Attend A National Competition In Ayr Which

£3,760 Sport Scotland
14 Dec 2004 Benbecula Promotions

Towards the cost of workshops to introduce children to ballet

£7,300 Scottish Arts Council
18 Oct 2004 Balivanich Youth Group

This group provide social, recreational and educational opportunities for children and young people. The grant will be used to furnish a 'Youth Caf+' where local young people can get together socially and become involved in planning community activities.

£3,500 New Opportunities Fund
28 May 2004 Rowan Tree Childcare Centre

This group from Benbecula provides pre-school education and play opportunities for children. Grant will allow the group to acquire equipment and create a more stimulating and diverse play environment for children. The grant will be used to purchase play

£2,250 New Opportunities Fund
19 Apr 2004 Uist and Barra Football Association

This Group Promotes The Intersts Of The Uist And Barra Community In Relation To Sporting Activitives By Arranging Football Tournaments Throughout The Southern Isles. The Grant Will Enable The Group To Host A Football Tournament By Providing Accomodatio

£3,600 Sport Scotland
26 Sep 2003 Caraidean Uibhist

This is a befriending project which will develop confidence and self esteem of vulnerable and isolated individuals in Uist to enable them to become more active members of the community and be less dependent on carers and community care services. This thre

£29,148 Community Fund
6 May 2003 Youth Clubs Uist & Barra Association

This group provides opportunites for young people to take part in a range of activites and encourages social interaction between different groups in the area. The grant will enable the group to purchase a set of football strips allowing the members to en

£600 Sport Scotland
1 Apr 2003 Benbecula Thistle Football Club

This Group Provide Facilities And Opportunities For Members To Play The Game Of Football. The Grant Will Enable The Group To Provide Accomodation And Travel Costs For 24 Members To Attend A Football Festival In Ayr And To Purchase New Strips To Be Held C

£4,450 Sport Scotland
20 Feb 2003 Benbecula Promotions

Towards the cost of a programme of high quality acts covering theatre, dance and a range of musical expression

£2,250 Scottish Arts Council
5 Nov 2002 Balivanich PTA

This group from Benbecula promotes after school activities for children. The grant will be used to purchase art, craft, musical, sports and leisure equipment and furniture.

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
24 May 2002 Uist Council of Voluntary Organisations

This A Development Reapplication Of Cf Grant Mf217720, And Aims To Provide A Comprehensive And Integrated Support System For Community And Voluntary Groups In Uists In Order To Increase Their Effectiveness. The Group Wish To Consolidate The Achievements

£58,140 Community Fund
17 Dec 2001 Uist Traditional Music And Gaelic Arts Association, The

Towards the cost of professional tuition and music making sessions in Scottish fiddle for children and young people in the Uists

£20,865 Scottish Arts Council
6 Dec 2001 Balivanich Drum Majorettes

This Newly Formed Group Encourage And Organise Activities For Girls To Promote Physical Activities, Fitness, Creative Dance And Music Within A Majorette Group. The Grant Will Be Used To Purchase Batons, Pom-Poms, Maces, Flags, Gloves, Uniforms, Cd Player

£3,820 Scottish Arts Council
25 Sep 2001 UIST Traditional Music and Gaelic Arts Association

To set up an after school club offering tuition, participation and performance. Activities will focus on traditional music and dance with classes in the chanter, piping, percussion and dance.

£8,804 New Opportunities Fund
12 Dec 2000 Dicuil Foundation

To create a website bringing together the social and cultural heritage of the Western Isles, developing learning materials on island studies and responding to the lifelong learning needs of remote island communities. Materials will be available in both Ga

£50,000 New Opportunities Fund
29 Nov 2000 Western Isles Council-Liniclate Community School

New Community School Fitness Suite

£122,500 Sport Scotland
28 Nov 2000 Uist Traditional Music and Gaelic Arts Association

This group provides opportunities for young people to learn about and participate in Gaelic music and arts. The grant will be used to fund professional tutor, travel and material costs.

£3,965 Scottish Arts Council
11 Jul 2000 Uist and Benbecula Accordian and Fiddle Club

This group provides opportunities for people to learn and participate in performing accordion and fiddle music. The group will be used to fund book production, advertising, printing, distribution, musician fees, venue hire, travel and accommodation costs.

£4,285 Scottish Arts Council
15 Sep 1999 Proiseact Uibhist 2000

This project will enable the organisation to progress the community's priorities and increase its community involvement. The three key areas that have been identified involve projects in: tourism and marketing; language and culture and land and natural r

£164,622 Community Fund
11 May 1999 Uist 2000 Ltd

Towards the cost of study into feasibility of creating a dedicated centre for Traditional Music and the Gaelic Arts on South Uist

£12,925 Scottish Arts Council
23 Feb 1999 Uist Council of Voluntary Organisations

In Collaboration With Cothrom And Urachadh-Uibhist, This Project Will Improve The Quality And Range Of Services Provided By The Voluntary Sector Through The Provision Of Training, Sharing Of Best Practice And By Improving Networking And Co-Ordination Amon

£79,574 Community Fund
12 Feb 1999 Uist Association of Dancing

This group provides opportunities for local people to participate in traditional Highland dancing. The grant will be used to fund workshop tutor fees, dancing festival costs and expenses.

£4,000 Scottish Arts Council
10 Feb 1999 UIST 2000 Ltd

Photographers artists and local school children will work together documenting everyday life to increase awareness of the industrial cultural and artistic heritage of the Western Isles. A unique exhibition will be created showcasing the work created.

£13,500 Millennium Commission
18 Jul 1998 Uist & Barra Piping Society

This group provides opportunities for local people to listen to and perform bagpipe music. The grant will be used to fund fees for professional pipers and the purchase of musical instruments.

£3,083 Scottish Arts Council
28 Apr 1998 Benbecula Thistle Football Club

This group provides social and recreational activities for young people. The grant will fund transport costs.

£900 Community Fund
8 Dec 1997 Uist Building Preservation Trust

Nunton Steadings, Benbecula - Restoration

£164,035 Heritage Lottery Fund
16 Jan 1996 Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist A Deas

Towards the cost of extension of Kildonan Museum to provide craft gallery, rehearsal studio/workshop and multi-use hall.

£50,000 Scottish Arts Council