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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
16 Aug 2017 Red Bridge Arts CIC

Red Bridge Arts - Producing Hub Development

£99,849 Creative Scotland
10 May 2017 Andy Cannon

Space Ape ? the story of Yorick

£49,330 Creative Scotland
13 Mar 2017 Red Bridge Arts CIC

Creative Learning events and networking, Creative Scotland

£30,000 Creative Scotland
19 Jan 2017 Inverkeithing Community Council

Inverkeithing Community Council

£8,000 Big Lottery Fund
25 Nov 2016 North Queensferry Community Centre

North Queensferry Community Centre

£3,500 Big Lottery Fund
11 Feb 2016 Red Bridge Arts CIC

Black Beauty

£64,744 Creative Scotland
14 Jan 2016 Andy Cannon

Tales of a Grandson

£26,772 Creative Scotland
21 Dec 2015 Red Bridge Arts CIC

ITAC 3 conference budget

£47,502 Creative Scotland
21 Sep 2015 Taywood Woodturning Club

Taywood Woodturning Club

£6,300 Big Lottery Fund
21 Sep 2015 Taywood Woodturning Club

This group will use the funding for replacement lathes and display equipment.

£6,300 Big Lottery Fund
29 Jul 2015 Alice McGrath

Professional Development programme

£8,500 Creative Scotland
16 Mar 2015 Alice McGrath

Artists Connect in Conversation: ArtWorks Scotland open space events

£7,500 Creative Scotland
9 Feb 2015 Alice McGrath and Elspeth Murray

Open Space: participatory arts, practitioners and people

£2,488 Creative Scotland
10 Nov 2014 Alice McGrath

Artist Bursaries August 2014

£5,000 Creative Scotland
8 Apr 2014 Inverkeithing Community Initiative (ICI)

Inverkeithing Community Initiative will give residents a platform to have their voices heard on their experiences of the Welfare Reforms. Workshops will explore issues surrounding the reforms and the information collaborated into a docudrama that will be

£5,158 Creative Scotland
5 Mar 2014 North Queensferry Primary School

The project will deliver a number of arts and heritage activities in the lead up to a celebratory tea party for pupils past and present. Activities will include a Commonwealth food day, the creation of a bank of commonwealth games, songs and activities, a

£5,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
5 Mar 2014 North Queensferry Primary School

The project will deliver a number of arts and heritage activities in the lead up to a celebratory tea party for pupils past and present. Activities will include a Commonwealth food day, the creation of a bank of commonwealth games, songs and activities, an assembly focussed on Commonwealth literature and the addition of international authors to the school library. On top of this there will be a large scale art project to create an outdoor mosaic, with pupils and alumni designing individual tiles.

£5,600 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Aug 2013 Fife Cultural Trust

WW1 exhibition and animation project, centred around Fife‘«÷s mobile museum and additional special event weeks

£45,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 Jul 2013 The Hyper Club

The group will launch a new activity club running monthly in the local village hall 6pm - 8pm for children age 5 - 12.

£980 Big Lottery Fund
7 Feb 2013 Inverkeithing Nursery School

The school will use the grant to further develop the nursery grounds to provide a safe and stimulating outdoor environment.

£3,841 Big Lottery Fund
13 Dec 2011 The Friary Community Garden

This group will carry out the non-ground-based activities required to progress Phase 2 of the Community Garden and Orchard project. The grant will fund landscape architect's fees, marketing, publicity, educational events, sessional fees for a Development

£7,300 Big Lottery Fund
5 May 2011 Fife Highland Games Association

The association will run 18 days of workshops for schools. The organisation will target three schools and will focus on teaching them traditional Scottish sports played at highland games such as the caber toss, the shot put and the tug of war. This grant

£1,500 Big Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2010 Fife Highland Games Association

The association provides opportunities for people to participate in traditional Highland Games activities. The project based in Inverkeithing focuses on running, shot put, tug o' war and caber tossing. This grant will be used to pay for coaching costs fo

£1,000 Big Lottery Fund
13 May 2009 North Queensferry Heritage Trust

This group will undertake two feasibility studies to determine the current condition of the town pier and to explore the potential for redevelopment for public use. The money will be used to pay for the feasibility studies and underwater diving requiremen

£8,400 Big Lottery Fund
15 Apr 2009 Inverkeithing Highland Games

This group promote and encourage participation in traditional Highland Games activities. This grant will fund shots, cabers, tug o' war ropes and coaching.

£860 Big Lottery Fund
9 Sep 2008 North Queensferry Primary School

The group provide educational and recreational activities for children of primary age. The grant will be used to purchase 20 laptop computers.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
28 Aug 2008 North Queensferry Heritage Trust

Refurbishment of the Lantern Tower at North Queensferry

£40,300 Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Jul 2008 6th Dalkeith Guide Unit

This group promote social and recreational activities for youth members of the Dalkeith community. The grant will be used to purchase six patrol tents, two large tents, large water store, mess tent, portable toilets and toilet tents, fire shelter, tables

£5,520 Big Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2008 Dog Tag Productions

This new group provide training and support in video production to armed forces veterans. The grant wil be used to purchase a laptop with editing system, adobe editing software, camera, memory cards, lenses, microphone and tripod.

£8,471 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Dec 2007 Hold the Fort

The project aims to create opportunities for people of all ages and abilities in the North Edinburgh area to acquire new skills and to develop confidence through participation in exciting and innovative creative activities. The grant will pay the lead art

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
16 Apr 2007 North Queensferry Heritage Trust

The group aims to care for the beauty, history and character of North Queensferry and stimulate public interest. The grant will fund research costs, fees for all National Archive sources, research convenors costs, fees to web manager to extend and update

£8,050 Heritage Lottery Fund
23 Mar 2007 Rosyth Parish Church

Rosyth Parish Church's idea is the development of a central community hub in Rosyth through the regeneration of the Rosyth Parish Church building. The grant will fund a feasibility study.

£9,400 Big Lottery Fund
13 Mar 2007 Anim8s

Anim8s Project

£4,000 UK Film Council
20 Sep 2006 Save our Bay

Save Our Bay's idea is to develop the West Bay area of North Queensferry which is to be transferred into the control of the community. The project will encompass a range of activities including providing green space, community business and tourist facilit

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
7 Mar 2006 St Peter's Parish Church - Church of Scotland

St Peter's Parish Church, Inverkeithing

£14,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
25 Oct 2004 Pain Association Scotland Dunfermline Branch

This group provide support to people suffering from chronic pain. The grant will allow the group to expand its service and provide continuity of training and peer support programmes for suffers and carers. Grant will be used for a laptop, printer, scann

£2,095 New Opportunities Fund
28 Aug 2003 Viz Ltd

Maggie+Ús Centres: The Architecture of Compassion. Innovative cancer care centres in Scotland are being built by some of the world+Ús most celebrated architects which are at once challenging, spiritual and homely, inspired by Maggie Keswick Jencks.

£20,000 Scottish Screen
3 Jun 2003 Starlight Theatre Company

This Group Provides Professional Tuition In Musical Theatre And Produces Amateur Musicals In The Local Area. Grant Will Allow The Group To Organise A Tour Of The Musical Fame, Enabling Members To Develop Their Performance Skills And Gain The Experience O

£5,000 Scottish Arts Council
28 Jan 2003 Viz Ltd

The Crystal Ship. Artist George Wylie+Ús personal exploration of the many complications, engineering, political and corporate, that accompany the building of a Crystal Ship high above a bridge crossing the River Kelvin.

£6,250 Scottish Screen
10 Dec 2001 Viz Ltd

Is Mise an Teanga - The Language is Me. A documentary about contemporary Scottish and Irish connections through language and art.

£100,000 Scottish Screen
9 Aug 2001 PS Group

This group provides practical support, advice and information to young carers. The grant will be used to purchase computer equipment and fund a respite break.

£2,400 Community Fund
1 Feb 2001 Viz Ltd

Towards the cost of a short film, CD ROM and website to engage public and schoolchildren in contemporary architecture of the city

£18,750 Scottish Arts Council
28 Nov 2000 Forth Dimension Musical Productions

This group provides opportunities for local people to participate in musical productions. The grant will be used to purchase stage lighting and equipment, curtains and curtain rails.

£3,075 Scottish Arts Council
13 Jun 2000 Viz Ltd

Millennium Clock. A film to celebrate the creation of the Millennium Clock which struck its first frenzied chimes in the bird cage space of Edinburgh+Ús Museum of Scotland on January 1st 2000.

£24,500 Scottish Screen
23 Mar 2000 Fife Young Carers

This one year project is to employ a research agency to investigate the needs of young carers in an educational and job opportunities context, to collate and publish the findings and to distribute the results of the research to service providers. This gra

£8,382 Community Fund
17 Sep 1998 The 49th Fife Sea Scouts

This Group Provides Social, Recreational And Educational Development Opportunities For Young People By Means Of Water Activities. The Grant Will Be Used To Fund Leadership Training And Will Purchase A Canoe Trailer, Canoes, Paddles, Bouyancy Aids And Spra

£2,857 Sport Scotland
2 Apr 1998 Viz Ltd

Towards the production costs of film "Nineveh on the Clyde" Clyde"

£92,762 Scottish Arts Council