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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
17 Jan 2013 Duror Primary School

The school will improve an existing climbing wall by installing an enhanced range of hand holds to enable younger pupils to utilise the facility.

£646 Big Lottery Fund
20 Sep 2012 Kentallen and Duror Community Centre

The group will use the grant to purchase and install natural play equipment for children aged up to 14 in grounds adjacent to the community centre. The grant will be used to fund natural play equipment.

£2,425 Big Lottery Fund
23 May 2011 Kentallen and Duror Community Centre

The group will use the grant to create an outdoor seating area and community garden on land adjacent to the centre.

£8,000 Big Lottery Fund
8 Sep 2009 Kentallen and Duror Community Centre

The organisation will replace the floor of the main hall within the community centre. This grant will fund materials and labour.

£9,950 Big Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2008 Highland Council

This group provide support into employment for people who are recovering from drug or alcohol misuse. The grant will funf room rental, tables, chairs, lights and soft furnishings.

£7,544 Big Lottery Fund
18 Aug 2006 Heart Smart Lochaber

This group provide heart rehabilitation and support for heart disease sufferers and their families. The grant is for a contribution towards the purchase of hi fi equipment, personal heart monitors, relaxation mats and CPR dummies.

£3,800 New Opportunities Fund
3 Apr 2006 DOVE (Duror Outreach Voluntary Enterprise)

This new group provide facilities and training in an outreach resource centre within a rural community. The grant is for office equipment, PC, laptop, computer equipment and contribution to start up costs for postage, printing, photocopying, advertising,

£5,000 Community Fund
31 Mar 2006 Glencoe Boat Club

This group provide facilities and opportunities for its members to participate in boating activities. The grant is for contribution to foundations, walls, roof, doors and services of shore based storage facility.

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
6 Jun 2002 North Lorne Civic Society

This Group Stimulates Public Interest In, And Care For, The Beauty, History , Character And Economy Of The Surrounding Area. Grant Will Be Used For Interpretative Panels, Outreach Materials, Design And Digital Projector.

£4,800 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Dec 2001 Heart Smart Lochaber

This group provides practical support, exercise and social activities for people suffering from heart disease and their families. The grant will be used to fund coach hire and a weekend break.

£4,800 Community Fund
18 Jul 1998 Heart Smart Lochaber

This group provides help in the rehabilitation of people with heart conditions through physical, psychological and educational support. The grant will be used to purchase exercise equipment, a sound system and dummy models and to fund information material

£4,100 Community Fund