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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
29 May 2017 Scottish Canals

Fort Augustus: Caledonian Canal Tales

£27,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
29 Sep 2015 Kilchuimen Academy

Kilchuimen Academy

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
29 Sep 2015 Kilchuimen Academy

This school will use the funding to send a small group of pupils with additional support needs to Abriachan Forest School out with curriculum time. This will considerably aid their transition from the school environment into education, employment or training.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
3 Aug 2015 Friends of Kilchuimen Academy

Friends of Kilchuimen Academy

£2,395 Big Lottery Fund
14 Oct 2014 F?is Gleann Albainn

F?is Gleann Albainn

£7,913 Big Lottery Fund
26 Jul 2013 Kilchuimen Academy

The group will buy gym equipment.

£2,160 Big Lottery Fund
22 Nov 2012 Kilchuimen Academy

The school will develop new extra-curricular sports clubs to engage more young people in the sports of golf and football.

£1,057 Big Lottery Fund
4 Oct 2012 Fort Augustus & Glenmoriston Community Company

This group will purchase furniture and equipment for use in their community hall. The project will allow the group to increase usage of the hall by local people. The grant will fund chairs, a fridge larder, a dishwasher, a microwave, crockery, cutlery, sm

£9,808 Big Lottery Fund
26 Feb 2009 Kilchuimen Academy

This school project will focus on handball. This grant will be used to pay for handball gloves, handball balls, hall hire and transport costs.

£628 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jul 2008 Cill Chuimein Heritage Fort Augustus & Area Heritage Group

This group promote the enjoyment and discussion of Scotland's heritage to members of the Fort Augustus community. The grant will be used to purchase a digital projector, stand for projector, digital camera, PA system and a laptop.

£1,161 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 May 2006 Fort Augustus and Glenmoriston Business Initiative

This group of local business people work towards improving the lives of local community members. The grant is for contribution towards the costs of hiring Ceilidh musicians.

£1,500 New Opportunities Fund
9 Dec 2005 Kilchuimen PTA

This group supports the staff and children of Kilchuimen Academy by fundraising for extra resources for the school and working in partnership with the local community to develop school projects. The grant is for fitness and circuit equipment and coaching

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
26 Jul 2004 Glengarry and District Community Association

The project aims to recreate a successful focal point for community activity which has been lost since the previous hall collapsed in August 2003. As well as social and recreational activity, the hall will house a range of projects designed to meet the n

£300,000 Community Fund
21 Jun 2004 Fort Augustus Skate Team

This new group from Fort Augustus works to provide a free wheeled area for people in the local community. The grant will establish a safe and dedicated skate park, allowing young people to use skateboards, scooters and bikes in safety away from the main

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund