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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
10 Oct 2016 Helmsdale Heritage and Arts Society

Helmsdale Heritage and Arts Society

£2,100 Big Lottery Fund
25 Jul 2016 Timespan

Transforming Timespan's Archive

£55,400 Heritage Lottery Fund
17 Dec 2013 DFC

The group will host an all abilities 'Alternative Commonwealth Games Comes to East Sutherland' event in June 2014. They will also deliver three pre-event 'heats' for people who are unable or unfit to attend the alternative games (e.g. the elderly and thos

£9,867 Big Lottery Fund
18 Jul 2013 Timespan - Heritage and Arts Centre

Sea Change Commission: Glasgow based artist Stephen Hurrel will explore new ways of bringing the seascape of the North Sea into Timespan?s remote gallery.

£6,000 Creative Scotland
7 Mar 2013 Dementia Friendly Communities CIC

This newly established group will use the funding for start up costs.

£9,975 Big Lottery Fund
5 Oct 2012 Timespan

Translocation Excavation

£9,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
6 Sep 2012 Helmsdale & District Development Trust

This group wish to purchase premises in Helmsdale in Sutherland and convert them into business units. The units would be offered to the community for new start up businesses, for local business who wish to expand and also to support renewable energy devel

£4,200 Big Lottery Fund
16 May 2012 Timespan - Helmsdale Heritage Society

To build a company investment strand to contribute long-term to core costs and programme, and to complete a green energy plan.

£60,750 Creative Scotland
23 May 2011 Loth and Helmsdale Flower Show

Loth and Helmsdale Flower Show will purchase equipment so that it can run its community events more efficiently. The group is based in Sutherland and wants to both improve its shows, raise awareness of its activities, and increase membership. The grant wi

£6,464 Big Lottery Fund
29 Mar 2011 Timespan

Museum Without Walls

£45,900 Heritage Lottery Fund
14 Feb 2011 Helmsdale Heritage Society

Towards a digital media artist in residence to work with the older community on looking at Scottish Society through digital eyes.

£48,090 Creative Scotland
14 Feb 2011 Helmsdale Heritage Society

Towards the cost of new work by Dalziel and Scullion in response to the social and ecological issues of Sutherland.

£9,000 Creative Scotland
17 Jan 2011 Helmsdale Heritage Society

Towards the cost of an exhibition which investigates the history of pattern cutting in relation to individuality in clothing today.

£2,857 Creative Scotland
13 Nov 2009 Golspie Youth Action Project

Golspie Youth Action Project will provide recreational activities, and workshops on a range of issues that affect young people. Participants will increase confidence and self esteem. This grant will help pay for excursion and facilitator costs.

£2,246 Big Lottery Fund
16 Nov 2007 Helmsdale Heritage Society

Towards the cost of attendance at the engage annual conference in Bradford from 21-23 November 2007.

£250 Scottish Arts Council
24 Apr 2006 Timespan

Timespan Re-development

£50,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2006 East Sutherland Art Society

This Group Provide Opportunities For People To Participate In Visual Arts Activities. The Grant Is For Peg Boarding, Wood, Glue, Nails, Hinges And Paint.

£2,000 Scottish Arts Council
22 Dec 2004 Timespan

Timespan Community Programme and Archive

£43,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
15 Oct 2004 Timespan Heritage Centre and Art Gallery

Towards the cost of a research trip for the staff and board of Timespan to An Tuireann Arts centre and Taigh Chearsabhagh

£1,200 Scottish Arts Council
30 Aug 2004 Kildonan 2004

Baile An Or Research Project

£19,200 Heritage Lottery Fund
21 Jun 2004 Helmsdale Primary School PTA

This group from Helmsdale promote the co-operation between parents and teachers in everything pertaining to the well-being of the school and its pupils. Grant will be used to create a wildlife garden providing a focal point for the school and wider commu

£3,090 New Opportunities Fund
7 Jun 2004 Helmsdale Heritage Society

Towards a 2-year pilot outreach programme of artists in residence in Sutherland

£42,420 Scottish Arts Council
24 Feb 2004 Helmsdale Tennis Club

This group from Helmsdale aims to provide tennis court facilities for the community by upgrading and maintaining the village courts. The grant will enable the group to continue with their programme of upgrade and provide tennis facilities for the local c

£4,000 New Opportunities Fund
10 Dec 2003 Timespan Heritage Centre and Art Gallery

Towards commissioning research into a potential programme of visual arts residencies in Sutherland

£2,000 Scottish Arts Council
4 Feb 2003 Helmsdale Tennis Club

This New Group Fund Raise To Facilitate The Refurbishment And Maintenance Of The Public Tennis Court In Helmsdale. The Grant Will Allow The Group To Provide Adequate Fencing And Drainage For The Public Tennis Court. Repair Existing Fencing, Erect New Fe

£1,734 Sport Scotland
14 Sep 1999 Helmsdale and District Community Association

This group provides and manages a community centre for the benefit of local people. The grant will be used to purchase curtains and to fund the costs of redecoration and external paintwork.

£3,920 Community Fund
25 Jun 1999 Bettyhill and District Pipe Band Association

This group encourages and promotes pipe band music and Highland dancing. The grant will be used to purchase piping and drum equipment.

£2,622 Scottish Arts Council
4 Mar 1998 Portgower Public Hall Association

This group provides a community hall facility for local people. The grant will be used to fund refurbishments and fittings.

£2,286 Community Fund
10 Dec 1997 Brora Platoon,Ross Company Queens Own Highlands ACF

This group provides personal development opportunities for young people. The grant will be used to fund the purchase of lightweight tents and outdoor equipment.

£4,916 Community Fund
10 Jul 1997 Portgower Public Hall Association

This grant will be used to buy tables and chairs for the community hall .

£2,554 Community Fund
25 Apr 1996 Helmsdale Heritage Society

Towards the cost of extension of existing premises to house an art gallery.

£134,140 Scottish Arts Council
23 Oct 1995 Helmsdale Haddies Youth Club

To Provide Transport For All Groups In The Helmsdale Area

£30,000 Community Fund