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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
28 Sep 2016 South Lochaber Thistle Amateur Football Club

This group are a newly formed football team who have been accepted into the West of Scotland Amateur Football League. Funding will be used for costs relating to the staging of group?s football matches.

£3,600 Sport Scotland
31 Mar 2016 Friends of Abbeyfield Fundraising Committee

Friends of Abbeyfield Fundraising Committee

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2016 Friends of Abbeyfield Fundraising Committee

This group support residents of Abbeyfield House Care Home. The group will use the funding for a range of recreational activities that will promote mental and physical wellbeing amongst residents.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
21 Mar 2016 Kinlochleven POW Camp Centenary Commemoration Group

Kinlochleven prisoner of war camp Centenary commemoration

£10,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
3 Jun 2014 Friends of Abbeyfield Fundraising Committee

The group will offer entertainment for older people from rural areas for 48 weeks over the year.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2014 Kinlochleven High School

The school will deliver four days of extracurricular snow sports activities for pupils at weekends. It will be run in conjunction with Nevis Range ski centre. The costs will cover lift passes, equipment, transport and instruction.

£366 Big Lottery Fund
1 Aug 2013 South Lochaber Bowmen

The club will use the grant to improve their archery range to competition standard as well as improving provision for disabled archers.

£5,000 Sport Scotland
21 Jun 2013 Kinlochleven Primary School Parent Council

The group, will organise a programme of summer activity sessions to engage more young people in physical activity.

£2,000 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jan 2012 Lochaber Fisheries Trust

River Leven Community Heritage Project

£20,700 Heritage Lottery Fund
15 Oct 2010 South Lochaber Bowmen

This group will provide coaching sessions to people with disabilities and train volunteers to coach disabled people. This award will fund 3 junior compound bows, an outdoor net, 2 medium outdoor bosses, 2 senior compound bows, 6 bow sites, 1 bow weight sc

£1,829 Big Lottery Fund
15 Oct 2010 Kinlochleven Community and Sports Centre

The centre will offer weekly exercise and fitness sessions to local people with disabilities or long term medical conditions. The project will also bring participants together with local senior citizens for swimming and hydrotherapy activities. This grant

£1,802 Big Lottery Fund
25 Feb 2010 Kinlochleven High School

The school will run an extra-curricular film project for young people to write, direct, produce, film and edit a film to be shown at the 2010 Fort William Mountain Film Festival. The grant will fund sessional worker costs, generator hire, boom hire, DAT h

£1,033 Big Lottery Fund
15 Jan 2010 Kinlochleven Junior Shinty Club

The club based in Kinlochleven provides primary aged children with opportunities to participate in the sport of shinty. The grant will fund a contribution towards transport costs, 12 shinty sticks and 12 shinty helmets.

£1,000 Big Lottery Fund
8 Jan 2010 Nether Lochaber Amateur Boxing Club

The club provides boxing facilities for people of all ages in the Kinlochleven area. This award will fund a boxing ring, gloves, head guards, protection, punch bags and training sessions to increase the number of participants.

£1,000 Big Lottery Fund
30 Jul 2009 Kinlochleven Community Trust

This group wish to regenerate the village centre which is currently derelict into a green space that welcomes both community members and visitors. This grant will fund a contribution towards a landscape contractor.

£5,000 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jul 2009 Kinlochleven Community and Sports Centre

This group provide a range of community and sporting activities. The project is based in Kinlochleven, Highland and will focus on canoeing and climbing. This grant will fund climbing sessions and canoeing sessions.

£1,000 Big Lottery Fund
9 Jul 2009 The Hub @ Kinlochleven Youth Cafe

This group provide activities in sport, art and culture for young people. This project focuses on canoeing and horse riding. The grant will fund horse riding, canoeing equipment, an instructor and minibus hire.

£1,000 Big Lottery Fund
6 May 2009 Kinlochleven Primary School

The school hope to provide after school gymnastics activities for pre-school and P1-3's using qualified NGB affiliated coaches supported by volunteer parents. This grant will fund a balance beam, a springboard, jumps, cones, ribbons, a ladder and a play t

£930 Big Lottery Fund
7 Jul 2008 Kinlochleven Community and Sports Centre

The group offer support and provide social, recreational and educational opportunities for people in the Kinlochleven area. The grant will be used to cover transport costs, photo costs, publicity costs, entertainment costs, a bouncy castle, PA hire, websi

£9,980 Big Lottery Fund
31 Mar 2008 The Hub @ Kinlochleven Youth Cafe

This group aims to provide leisure and educational activities for young people from South Lochaber. The grant will contribute towards a sailing experience for 12 young people.

£2,760 Big Lottery Fund
28 May 2004 Phoenix Art Club

This Group Provides Opportunities For Older People To Develop Their Interest In Art. The Grant Will Give Members The Opportunity To Expand Their Repertoire By Studying New Areas Of Art Under The Instruction Of A Professional Artist, And Will Enable The G

£1,818 Scottish Arts Council
19 Apr 2004 Lochleven Community Minibus Association

This new group from Kinlochleven provide community transport to local people. Grant will enable group to start up and publicise their service. Grant will fund office equipment, training, recruitment, travel, publicity and insurance.

£4,320 Community Fund
27 Nov 2002 Kinlochleven Land Development Trust

Carbon Bunker Development 'The Ice Factory'

£275,000 Sport Scotland
6 Jun 2002 Kinlochleven High School Parents Teachers and Friends Associ

This Group Promotes Cooperation Between Parents And Teachers In Matters Relating To The Welfare And Education Of The Children. The Grant Will Be Used To Purchase Display Stands, Display Materials, And Fund Copying Costs, Venue Hire, And Transport.

£1,000 Heritage Lottery Fund
11 Jul 2000 Phoenix Art Club

This group provides opportunities for people to further their artistic skills through encouraging the study and practice of visual arts. The grant will be used to purchase art materials, paints and frames and fund tutor fees.

£3,325 Scottish Arts Council
30 Jun 1999 Kinlochleven Community & Sports Centre Limited

Kinlochleven Community Sports Hall

£344,157 Sport Scotland
28 Apr 1998 Kinlochleven Playgroup

This playgroup provides pre-school education and play opportunities for children. The grant will be used to fund the upgrading of premises, play equipment and transport costs.

£2,880 Community Fund
27 Aug 1997 Croileagan Dinnsear

This playgroup provides opportunities for children to play, learn and develop, while also encouraging use of the gaelic language. The grant will be used to purchase toys and play equipment, books, and fund training and outing costs.

£1,505 Community Fund
11 Jun 1996 Kinlochleven Gingerbread

This one year grant will be used to purchase a minibus. This will be used to provide parents and other community groups with greater access to local services. .

£29,260 Community Fund