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Date Recipient Amount Distributing Body
12 May 2015 Caithness KLICS

Caithness KLICS

£7,216 Big Lottery Fund
28 Aug 2016 Caithness KLICS

This project will support young carers across Caithness in developing their confidence, self-esteem and resilience, helping them overcome barriers they face every day due to their caring responsibilities. The young people will typically be caring for a parent or grandparent with a long-term illness, a disabled sibling, or will be supporting someone with an addiction. Participants will typically be able to access one-to-one support, group sessions, workshops, training courses and family support sessions.

£126,661 Big Lottery Fund
25 Oct 2004 Clyth Community Association

This Group Run A Community Hall For The Benefit Of Local People. The Grant Will Allow The Group To Publish A Book About The Heritage Of The Clyth District, Providing Residents And Visitors With A Better Understanding Of The History Of The Area. The Grant

£2,150 Heritage Lottery Fund
26 May 2006 Clyth Community Association

This group maintain and manage the community hall providing facilities and activities for local groups. The grant is for tables, soft furnishings and boiler.

£4,390 Community Fund
7 Oct 2005 Latheron Agricultural Society

This group stage an annual agricultural show for the benefit of the local community, businesses and tourists. The grant is for secure storage container, portacabin, folding tables and chairs, generator, PA speakers and cable, wood, safety signs and fire e

£5,000 New Opportunities Fund
12 Jul 2007 Latheron Agricultural Society

This group holds annual agricultural shows for the benefit of the local community. The grant will be used to purcahse marquees and sheep gates.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
4 Apr 2002 Latheron Hall Committee

This group from Latheron manages and maintains a hall for the benefit of the local community. The grant will be used to purchase radiant heating, curtains and drapes, crockery/catering equipment, sound system.

£5,000 Community Fund
31 Mar 2008 Lybster Daycare Association

The group promote the welfare of the elderly and disabled inhabitants of Lybster. The grant will contribute towards a new minibus.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
20 Aug 2004 Lybster Golf Club

This Group Provides Opportunities For People Of All Ages To Participate In The Game Of Golf. Grant Will Allow The Group To Provide A Practice Area With Nets To Encourage New Members. At Present There Is No Practice Area On The Course.

£5,000 Sport Scotland
27 Jan 2011 Lybster Golf Club

Youth and Communtiy Project

£15,215 Sport Scotland
19 Oct 1998 Lybster Heritage Trust

Lybster Harbour Project

£173,500 Heritage Lottery Fund
30 Sep 2011 Lybster Junior Football Club

The club will provide opportunities for young people to take part in football. This grant will fund SFA courses, goalposts, nets, footballs and training kit.

£2,000 Big Lottery Fund
7 Feb 2006 Lybster Outdoor Bowling Club

This Group Provide Facilities And Opportunities For Its Members To Participate In The Sport Of Bowling. The Grant Is For Replacement Heating System, Rewiring And Loft Insulation.

£3,788 Sport Scotland
25 Jun 1999 Lybster Playgroup and Mother and Toddler Group

This group provides pre-school education and play opportunities for children. The grant will be used to purchase play equipment.

£1,547 Community Fund
30 Jul 2010 Lybster Primary School Parent Council

This group will use the grant to purchase and install a stimulating outdoor play area in the school grounds to increase opportunities for physical activity.

£8,833 Big Lottery Fund
4 Mar 1998 Lybster Youth Club

This youth group provides social and recreational activities for young people. The grant will be used to purchase indoor games equipment, computer games and compact discs.

£1,453 Community Fund
19 Dec 2008 Lydia Popowich

Towards the cost of Disability Pursuits, an interactive visual arts installation based on a traditional style board game

£8,118 Scottish Arts Council
18 Jul 2005 Merchant Navy Association (Caithness Branch)

The Caithness branch of the Merchant Navy Association will use their award to travel to Orkney where many of the members have seafaring connections. A reunion lunch will be held for veterans to renew old acquaintances.

£3,750 New Opportunities Fund
18 Aug 2006 Merchant Navy Association (Caithness Branch)

This group aims to provide companionship to serving and retired seafarers. The grant is for coach hire, ferry charges and accommodation.

£4,760 New Opportunities Fund
13 Nov 2009 Merchant Navy Association (Caithness Branch)

The association will purchase a Standard which will enable them to rally support for Merchant Navy Day, Remembrance Day and to hold a dedication service. The grant will fund a standard, gauntlet, carrier bucket, bag, pole and a light buffet following the

£900 Big Lottery Fund
24 Jun 1997 North Lands Creative Glass

Towards the cost of equipping glass workshop for lampworking and provision of equipment for glassblowing classes

£8,833 Scottish Arts Council
14 Aug 1997 North Lands Creative Glass

Towards the cost of bringing internationally led masterclasses, 2 x 4 week scholarships and 2 x 1 week introductory glass courses

£59,700 Scottish Arts Council
30 Jul 1998 North Lands Creative Glass

Towards the cost of purchase of equipment for master classes combining sculpture with creative glass making

£4,800 Scottish Arts Council
19 Oct 2000 North Lands Creative Glass

Towards the cost of developing masterclasses and courses in glass making

£95,235 Scottish Arts Council
19 Oct 2000 North Lands Creative Glass

Towards the cost of refurbishing and fitting out the Old School Building as a hot and cold glass studio with other related facilitie

£100,000 Scottish Arts Council
16 Dec 2002 North Lands Creative Glass

Towards the cost of strengthening NLCG's ability to deliver masterclasses, workshops and conferences

£34,843 Scottish Arts Council
26 May 2003 North Lands Creative Glass

Towards the cost of acquiring and refurbishing the Old School House to provide a study centre and residence for artists

£31,211 Scottish Arts Council
20 Dec 2003 North Lands Creative Glass

Towards a 6 week residency for 4 glass artists to develop both their studio practice and experience of working in schools

£6,300 Scottish Arts Council
14 Dec 2011 North Lands Creative Glass

Towards of purchasing and refurbishing the Old School House for course leaders and artists in residence.

£90,000 Creative Scotland
17 Apr 2012 North Lands Creative Glass

The project is an exhibition in partnership with Caithness Horizons showcasing objects from the North Lands Creative Glass (NLCG) Collection of Contemporary Glass. The Collection includes work produced at NLCG that has been influenced by the landscape and

£11,139 Creative Scotland
4 Jun 2013 North Lands Creative Glass

North Lands Creative Glass and The Borgie Forest Cabin Project bring artists out of the studio, into the North Highland countryside to work with glass inspired by the unique landscape.

£31,060 Creative Scotland
5 Jul 2011 Tannach & District Community Council

This group will install outdoor play equipment in a local park. This grant will fund a playpod incorporating climbing frame and slide.

£10,000 Big Lottery Fund
8 May 1997 Youth Club Lybster

This youth club provides social activities for teenagers and they wish to purchase a television and video equipment and a pool table. This grant will be used to purchase a television, a video, some video tapes and a pool table.

£780 Community Fund